Title: Nakai

Time: Fall 2001

Authors email: Kyoko_godaikun@yahoo.com


Disclaimer: SMAP does not belong to me. Their bodies might belong to

Johnny's Jimusho talent agency. Their souls belong to themselves. Also, I

Really don't think the real Takuya Kimura is as evil as this in real life.

He just makes a great bad guy. Also, any wives etc are fictional and made

up by me. They are not meant to portray any real person.



Note: This story features Inherited Vampires. These type of vampires where

created by the fanfic author Katrinka. Her concept used with her

permission. The basic difference between inherited vampires and regular

vampires is the fact that Inherited can have children, and go out during

the day. Their children will also be a vampire, crossing over in their teens.



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"You will do as you are told!" Kimura yelled. The group was in their dressing room after filming a SMAP X SMAP episode.


"I'm the leader of SMAP, not you!" Nakai countered.


A fight, it was another fight. The two oldest members

had been quarreling almost constantly since Goro had been

fired from SMAP. There had been a hit and run accident that Goro had been arrested for.  Nakai knew that Kimura was upset by

the firing. Since Nakai had fought with Goro the day of the accident, Kimura blamed him for what had happened. Nakai was tired of being blamed for something that wasn't his fault.


"You have no right to lead." Kimura thundered. "You

are less then human!"


Less then human, that was what it had all boiled down to. No longer was Goro there to diffuse the situation. Now Kimura was going to make sure that the group wasn't lead by a mere werewolf.


"Fine, have the group vote. I'll stand by their

choice." He glanced at Shingo and Tsuyoshi who both

were pretending to read manga. Shingo's manga was

upside down.


"I don't need to ask their vote!" Kimura said. "I'm a

descendant of Dracula! You'll follow orders!"


Nakai sighed, he looked at the staff that had begun to

watch.  He had to stop the argument before someone called the enforcers. Kimura was getting dangerously close to breaking the code of the vampires. He decided to give in. "Fine, lead SMAP. I'm going home."


"Nakai, you can't give up your leadership." Tsuyoshi gasped.


"It's for the good of the group." Nakai lied. He picked up his bag and headed towards the door, his assistant following close behind. He didn't want to give up his leadership. SMAP was everything to Nakai, but he knew that without Goro, it was only a matter of time until the group broke up.




Nakai rode back to his apartment with his assistant in a taxi. He

closed his eyes. He wished that Goro was back. He

wasn't exactly friends with his co-member, but he was

the one that brought balance to the group. 


Nakai could hear the sound of a trucks horn beep. Then

he heard the crash before he felt it. Everything went



He woke, he wasn't sure how long it had been when he

woke. His whole body ached. He also hungered for

blood. He could hear sirens are the background. All of

his instincts told him to get out of there.


He climbed over his assistant. He barely noticed that she was

dead. He opened up her side of the door and got out of

the taxi. Then he began to run.


He stopped in an ally way and leaned against a wall. The cravings for blood were getting stronger. He reached up and touched his mouth. His canines had grown into fangs.

He pricked his finger on one.


*A vampire! How can I be a vampire?* Nakai thought.


Then it came to him. The memories of spending full moons with Tsuyoshi, Then exchanging blood over and over again at the time, Tsuyoshi had no idea he was a repressive vampire.  "His blood made me a repressive."


Thoughts of how he became a vampire left Nakai's mind as

the increasing need for blood took over.


A man staggered down the street drunk. He dunked into the ally. He began to unzip his fly. Nakai grabbed him, and with inhuman strength, he shoved him against the wall. Then he drank his first meal. His second meal was a prostitute, the third a street vendor.





Katori Shingo tried to interest himself in the video game he was playing. His lover, Kusanagi Tsuyoshi sat beside him on the couch, studying a Korean textbook. Almost everything had changed in the weeks since Goro had been fired, everything except for his relationship with Tsuyoshi.


"Tsuyopon, what are you doing?" Shingo asked.


"I'm studying." He said without looking up.


"I'm bored." he ran his finger down Tsuyoshi's arm.


"Find something else to do."


"I'm trying, except your too busy studying." Shingo teased. He kissed his lover on the cheek. "I know your studying is important. But you can't blame me for trying."


"We made love this morning." Tsuyoshi reminded him.


"That was *hours* ago." His lips went to his lover's neck.


"You're a nymphomaniac." Tsuyoshi put down his book.


"No, I'm not. I just like making love to you."


"Baka." Tsuyoshi turned, his lips found Shingo's. *My baka.*


Just then, the doorbell rang.


"Let's ignore it." he said between kisses.


Tsuyoshi pulled away from him. "It's Nakai."


"Get rid of him."


Tsuyoshi answered the door. His eyes got huge when he saw

Nakai. "What happened?"


"Please, help me." Nakai gasped.


"Of course, come in." Tsuyoshi ushered his friend into

the apartment.


Nakai's clothing was torn and covered with blood. He sank down onto a chair.


"What happened?" Shingo asked.


"I was in an accident. My car was hit by a truck." He paused. "My PM is dead."


"Why didn't you stay at the accident scene? You need to be checked out."


"I blacked out for a moment, and then when I woke, I craved blood." Nakai looked very pale for a moment. "I'm now a hybrid. Please, keep me from the enforcers."


"Of course we will." Tsuyoshi promised.


"Thank you." Nakai said before he passed out.




Nakai woke. He was in the guest bedroom of Shingo and Tsuyoshi's apartment. Tsuyoshi was sitting in a chair watching him.


Nakai rubbed his head. "So it wasn't a dream."


"Who crossed you over?" Tsuyoshi asked.


"I don't know." Nakai said. "The only vampire blood I ever took was yours. And that was before you crossed over, when we spent full moons together."


"I'm sorry Nakai." Tsuyoshi looked troubled. "My blood must have made you a repressive."


"Why are you sorry?" Nakai shrugged. "I wasn't ready to die."


"It's against the code." Tsuyoshi got up and went to the window. Nakai could feel guilt coming from Tsuyoshi. "You're going to have to be on your guard. If the enforcers found out, you would die."


"Who would turn me in?"


"Kimura." The younger man looked out the window. "He can't stand hybrids."


"He hasn't turned you and Shingo in." Nakai pointed out. "What would make me different?"


Then Nakai felt it, a presence of something dark, evil coming close to the apartment. Was it the enforcers?


"Kimura has no idea that we are werewolves." Suddenly Tsuyoshi turned. "He's coming; I've got to warn Shingo."


"I don't understand."


"I'm going to die, but Shingo doesn't have to!" Tsuyoshi looked panicked. "I have to save him!"


Tsuyoshi went into the living room. Nakai couldn't help but overhear the conversation between the two lovers.


"Shingo, you have to leave." Tsuyoshi told him. "Kimura's coming."


"I'm going no where." Shingo told him.


"When he finds out about how Nakai crossed over, he'll find out about me." Tsuyoshi tried to explain. "He won't know about you. I have to protect you. Please leave."


"No beloved." Shingo told him. "I promised to spend my life with you. If you are killed for being a hybrid, I will die too."


"Shingo, no! You must leave!"


Suddenly there was a pounding on the door. "I know he's in there! Open up!" Kimura's voice demanded.


"Let him in." Shingo told Tsuyoshi.


There was the sound of the door opening, and then Kimura yelled. "Where is he?"


"Where is who?" Tsuyoshi went towards the open bedroom door.


Kimura grabbed Tsuyoshi; he bent the younger man's head to the side and bit down on his neck. Tsuyoshi cried out in pain.


Shingo went to his lover's side. Using inhuman strength he pulled Tsuyoshi away from the enraged vampire. Kimura shoved Shingo against the wall, and took his blood.


"No, Kimura, NO!" Tsuyoshi pleaded. "Stop taking his blood! Even now it might not be too late!"


The only noise was Shingo's cries of pain.


"If you’re going to kill someone, kill me." Tsuyoshi had tears pouring down his cheeks. He kneeled, and then put his forehead on the ground.  "I'm the cause of all of this. Please, kill me. I'd willingly let you kill me if you just leave them alone."


Kimura pulled away from Shingo, who sank to the ground. "What do you mean?"


"I'm a hybrid." Tsuyoshi confessed. "Before I crossed over, Nakai took my blood many times. I made him a repressive like me. Shingo, my beloved Shingo choose to be like me. I'll take my punishment, I won't cry out. Please, let Shingo go free."


"You love Shingo that much?" Kimura asked.


"Yes, I do."


Nakai realized it had to end. Fighting down his terror he went to the bedroom door. He looked at Kimura. "You came here to kill me. You might as well get it over with."


"All three of you must die." Kimura said without emotion. "It is against the code for you to exist."


"Because we're hybrids."


"Hybrids are against the code." Kimura said harshly. "I will have to call the enforcers. I cannot kill one of my own line."


"Then tell the enforcers that there are four to kill." Nakai decided that Kimura needed to know the truth. "You'll have to turn yourself in too."


"I am not a hybrid!"


"It takes two takings to become a werewolf." Nakai tried to stay calm. "You took my blood when we were teens. Do you remember?"


"That was a very long time ago."


"You also took Tsuyoshi and Shingo's blood." Nakai continued. "You've taken the blood of three werewolves. That makes you too a hybrid."


"Your death will be at my own hands." Kimura grabbed Nakai and pulled him into the bedroom. He then slammed the door. "I am this way because of you!"


"Then excute me." Nakai moved his hair. He hoped by giving his life to Kimura that it would give Tsuyoshi and Shingo enough time to get away.


Kimura grabbed him by the shoulders. He bit down hard on his neck. It hurt, the tears poured down his cheeks as Kimura took his life. Then everything went black.




Nakai woke to the smell of cigarette smoke. He opened his eyes. He was lying on the guest bedroom's bed. Kimura was beside him, sitting up in bed smoking. For the first time, he could feel Kimura's thoughts. His friend blamed himself for everything that happened.


"I don't understand." Nakai gasped. "Shouldn't I be dead?"


"I changed my mind." Kimura paused. "Did you know that Tsuyoshi was a hybrid?"


"No, I didn't. If I did, I would never have taken his blood." Nakai paused. "I never wanted to be a vampire. I was happy just being a werewolf."


Kimura took a long drag on his cigarette. He didn't say anything. Kimura had a healing wound on his wrist. Nakai realized that Kimura must have given him his blood. But why? Why not let him die? Nakai had questions in his mind, questions that only Kimura could answer.


"When are the enforcers coming?" Nakai finally asked.


"Why would the enforcers come?" Kimura took a puff of his cigarette.


"To kill us." Nakai sat up.


 He put his cigarette in an ash tray. Then he reached out, touching Nakai's cheek. Then very softly he said. "You're on of my oldest friends, how can I kill you?"


"We're no longer friends." Nakai said sadly. "When I told you I was a werewolf, you stopped being my friend. I've always regretted betraying you."


"I was wrong, you didn't betray me." Kimura's fingers caressed his cheek. "You told me the truth because you loved me."


"Why the change?" Nakai asked.


"Your blood let me see what really happened." Then Kimura kissed him very, very gently.  "Hiro-chan, I'm very sorry."


Hiro-chan, the name Kimura called him when they where lovers. It took him a moment to compose his thoughts. By then, Kimura was kissing his lips again. The kiss grew more intense, Nakai could feel his fangs grow, and a hunger that he couldn't control. It wasn't just a hunger for blood, but for sex too. The beast that only came out at full moons was fighting its way to the surface. It took all of his willpower to pull away from Kimura. He tried to steady his racing mind.


"I hunger," he finally gasped. "You must leave.'




"I want you. I hear the beating of your heart. I feel your skin next to mine." Nakai tried to explain. "My body cries out to mate with you. I have to fight my beast. It wants to come out."


"Is the beast your werewolf side?"


Nakai nodded his head. "Please, Takuya, leave. I can't hurt you."


Kimura got off of the bed. Nakai watched with a mixed fascination and horror as Kimura pulled his shirt off. Then he unbuckled his belt, and unzipped his jeans. His manhood was exposed. He was hard. Kimura took off his jeans. Nude, his friend got back into bed.


"What are you doing?" He asked as his friend undressed him.


"You're in bloodlust." Kimura told him. "I feel the lust in your veins. It excites me. Give into your beast."


That was all the prompting Nakai needed. He pulled Kimura to him. They kissed savagely. Then Kimura rolled onto his back, and pulled his friend on top of him. Without any preparation, Nakai took Kimura. The sex was frantic. Kimura arched his body, trying to get Nakai inside him deeper. Kimura's head lolled back, his fangs grew. His nails raked Nakai's back.


Quickly, very quickly, Nakai's body went over the edge. He bit down on Kimura's neck, at the same time, Kimura bit him. Nakai's world exploded. Then everything went black.




Nakai woke. He was lying with his head on Kimura's chest. His friend had his arms around him. He could feel a deep loneliness from Kimura. The emptiness was heartbreaking. Alone, even though they had just made love, Kimura felt very alone.


Nakai wondered about his friend. Kimura was married. Why would he be so alone? Then he could feel the answer. Kimura no longer had Goro.


"We'll get him back." Nakai promised.


"What do you mean?" Kimura tried to sound cold.


"You miss Goro." Nakai explained. "You should go to him. Tell him how you feel."


"I can't. We broke up."


"If he knew how you felt, he would get back together with you."


"I hoped that someday he would come back to me. We would bond." His voice broke. "I know now that will never happen. I'm a hybrid. If we bonded, he would be like me. I can't do that to him."


"We'll still try to get him back." Nakai told him. "At least that way, the two of you will be able to be friends."


There was a long stretch of silence between them. Then Kimura said.  "I don't know how to be a werewolf."




An idea flashed into Nakai's mind. "We could work together. I could teach you how to be a werewolf; you could teach me how to be a vampire."


 "I see."


"Part of being a werewolf is learning to control your beast." Nakai said. "Part of the beast is sex."


"So we'll be lovers."


"Sex is different for werewolves. If we have sex after we've turned, it doesn't count."


"What if I want you when we're not turned?"



"I'll agree to it, if we have no ties."


"All right, you have a deal." Kimura decided.


Just then the door to the bedroom opened. Tsuyoshi stood, looking terrified. "When are the enforcers coming?"


Kimura got out of bed; he went to Tsuyoshi who edged away from him. Kimura reached out and took Tsuyoshi in his arms. "I'm sorry."


"Kimura?" Shingo who was standing in the hallway asked.


"Hiro-chan's going to teach me how to be a werewolf." He let go of Tsuyoshi. "I think that's much better then calling out some enforcers, don't you?"


Tsuyoshi went to Shingo who embraced him. Shingo kissed his forehead. "We're going to live."


Kimura turned back to Nakai. 'Well leader, what's the plan for today?"


"I'm SMAP's leader again?" Nakai asked.


"Sure, why not?" Kimura smiled. "You make a better leader then I do."