Title: The Onsen Trip

Author: Kyoko Godaikun

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Time: June 2002




It was very early in the morning. The members of V6 were in a bus, heading to an Onsen. It was one of their twice yearly holidays. Sakamoto loved hot springs.They were going by bus because Sakamoto had found a package deal that had included the bus trip.


Okada Junichi couldn't sleep. Even though it seemed as if the rest of the bus was sleeping. The lights had been dimmed in the bus, making a good sleeping environment. So he sat in the dark.


The only other two that were still awake was the two people in the seats directly in front of Okada. The two oldest members of the group, Nagano and Sakamoto were talking. Thinking of the oldest member of V6 always brought a lump to Okada's' throat. He was the big brother that Okada never had. He was a stern leader, who never quite approved of the younger man. He knew that the man couldn't stand him, but the youngest member had fallen in love with him.


The youngest member of V6 couldn't help but overhear the whispered conversation between the two older men.


"You have to stop acting so cold towards Okada." Nagano told Sakamoto.


"I treat him like everyone else in Coming Century." Sakamoto denied.


"You're driving him away from you."


"You're seeing things that aren't there." Sakamoto told him. "I promised to protect Junichi. All I am doing is trying to protect him."


"You could try telling him your feelings." Nagano suggested.


"Junichi must never know I love him."


The news hit Okada like a hammer. The oldest member of V6 loved him.


"Why? What's so wrong in becoming involved with him?" Nagano asked. "You know he loves you."


*He knows I love him?* Okada thought with surprise.


"What he feels for me isn't love." There was pain in the leader's voice. "All he has is a crush."


"His loyalty towards you goes beyond simply a crush." Nagano countered. "I do think he loves you."


"He's still a boy." There was pain in his voice. "I can't take advantage of him."


"You haven't noticed that Okada's grown up. He's a man."


"I must live a one sided love. I protect him, that's all I can do."His voice was so soft, Okada could barely hear him. "Why would someone as wonderful as Junichi love someone as old as I am?"


"You're not old." Nagano insisted. "You're in the prime of life."


"If I went to him, and told him my feelings, it could all go wrong." He said. "What would happen if it were only one night? I couldn't live with that."


"You have to take the risk."


"I don't want to talk about this." Sakamoto told him. "Someday Junichi will find someone to love. Until then, I'll protect him. Please don't tell him my feelings."


"I won't." Nagano promised.


The two men's conversation turned to other things. Okada's view of Sakamoto changed. No longer was he a cold monster in the younger man's eyes. He was simply a man who was hurting as badly as Okada was. A man that was cold and callous to hide his one-sided love.A man who had given up hope in being with the one he loved.


*Somehow, some way, we'll be together.* Okada promised himself.




Sakamoto had planned to stay with Inocchi. That was his roommate of choice since his break up with Nagano. This trip would be different. Inocchi and Nagano had been getting closer lately. He wasn't surprised when his friend told him he would stay in Inocchi's room.


They had rented three rooms plus a main room. Ken and Morita were staying in one that left Sakamoto staying with Okada.


Staying with Okada made him feel very nervous. There was something different in the way the youngest member of V6 looked at him.


"Don't worry about staying with me." Okada told him as soon as they arrived at their room. "I'll sleep in the main room."


"Why would I want you to do that?" Sakamoto set his bag in the corner.


"Well, you like to get up early. So I thought you might want your own room." He smiled at Sakamoto.


"You don't have to sleep in the other room." Sakamoto found himself smiling back.


"Thank you." Okada took a yukata out of his bag. He turned his back to Sakamoto and began to slowly take off his clothes.He moved as if he wanted Sakamoto to watch him. He pulled off his shirt, revealing the fine muscles of his back. Then he took off his pants, exposing his firm buttocks.


Sakamoto couldn't help but stare. Okada had a wonderful body. He felt himself harden. He had to remind himself that he was leader of V6, that he couldn't become involved with someone who was just a boy.


Okada picked up the yukata and put it on. Right before he tied his obi, Sakamoto turned away from him. He put on his own Yukata.


Sakamoto decided he had to talk. "Have you been dating anyone?"


"I haven't dated for over a year."


"Why not? Is it because of what happen with Ken and Go?" Sakamoto guessed.


"It has nothing to do with them." Okada said. "I've had a one sided love. Even though I was unsure of his feelings, I couldn't cheat on him."


"You've had a crush. You're too young to feel real love." Sakamoto turned to Okada. There was pain in the younger man's eyes.


"I'm twenty-one years old." Okada pointed out. "I'm no longer a child. My feelings aren't simply a crush."


Okada's words began to have an effect on Sakamoto. It took all of his willpower not to go to Okada and touch him. He wanted to kiss his lips, to hold him. Sakamoto knew he had to control himself. He went to the door and opened it. "You're right; you need to sleep in the main room."


Okada went to the door. He shut it."I'm not going to run from you."


He was very close, too close. Sakamoto stepped back a pace." I don't know what you mean."


"You know that I love you." Okada reached out touching his arm.


"This is a joke, isn't it?" He closed his eyes."You found out my feelings for you, and you've decided to play a joke on me. It's not funny."


"I'm not joking." his hands glided their way up his leader's arm, until his fingers found Sakamoto's shoulder, and began to caress it.


He couldn't help it; he moaned and moved back a step into Okada. He felt the younger man's other arm go around his waist. Sakamoto's body began to shake. His friend began to stroke his body. He could feel Okada's hardness press against his back. He untied Sakamoto's obi. He could feel Okada's cool fingers on his stomach. Sakamoto knew it was wrong, but the touches felt so good. He was finally able to gasp. "Please, Junichi."


"It's all right, I'm here for you." Okada's voice was deep, seductive. His fingers went lower, until they touched the area right above his penis. "Don't be afraid."


*Control, control* Sakamoto repeated to himself. He had to fight against himself to open the door. "Leave."


"If that's what you want." Okada let go of Sakamoto. "I love you enough to want to see you happy. Just tell me you don't want me, and I'll never mention my love for you again."


Sakamoto felt his will power wavering. He shut the door. He leaned his head against it. . "You're a boy. You're so young you'll soon change your feelings for me. You'll find someone else. I can't live with just being your friend."


"When we first met, I was a boy. You where so quiet, so unapproachable. You protected me, for years you made sure I had a good life. Your protection of me made me fall in love with you." Okada reached out touching his back."If you can't love me, just tell me. I'll never mention this conversation again."


"Are you sure?" Sakamoto couldn't keep the nervousness out of his voice.


""I mean it. Just tell me you don't want me. I'll leave with no regrets." Okada paused. "I love you."


His willpower began to crumble. Then he turned to Okada. He was surprised that Okada had tears on his cheeks.With shaking hands, he reached out touching his friend's cheek. "I never imagined I would hear those words from you."


"I love you." There was truth in Okada's eyes.


"I'm afraid." He admitted.


"It's all right to be afraid of something new." Okada put his hand on top of Sakamoto's."You protected me for years. This time, it's my turn to protect you. Let's face our fears together."


"Juichi," His remaining resistance collapsed. All he wanted to do was touch the younger man. He bent down, kissing his new lover's lips. Okada sighed and kissed him back. He felt Okada put his arms around him, and push him back against the door. As he did, their kiss intensified.






Afterwards, Okada lay in his new lover's arms. He could feel Sakamoto's lips caressing his forehead, his fingers stroked his hair.His lover hadn't spoken to him since they made love. That concerned the younger man. Had he been a bad lover? Sakamoto had been so afraid to become involved.Had Sakamoto changed his mind about the relationship?


"What are you thinking of?" Okada finally asked.


"I'm so lucky," Sakamoto whispered. "I have you."


"You made me the happiest man in the world, Sakamoto-kun."


"Marsa, call me Marsa." Sakamoto corrected.


"I thought that was a name that only your closest friends could call you."


"You're my lover." Another gentle kiss. "That's even closer then being a friend."


Okada made up his mind. "When we are alone together, I'll call you Marsa. When we're doing public things, you'll be Sakamoto-kun."


"Would you mind if we keep us a secret?" Sakamoto asked."I'm selfish. I want to keep you to myself for a while."


*No, not a secret.* Okada felt disappointed. He tried to put on a brave face."I won't tell anyone."




After making love, Sakamoto decided that they needed to go to the main room. They might be missed. Sakamoto went to the main room first. He wanted to shout from the mountain top that he was with Okada, but looking at Nagano made him realize that he had made the right choice.The break up between them had been bitter, but they were now friends again. He wanted his friend to be happy.


Nagano and Inocchi sat close to each other. Everyone knew they where in love, but they had never crossed the line between friend and lover. Sakamoto sat at the table across from them.


Ken and Morita sat at the other end of the table. They had an empty bottle of beer in front of them. Half-drunk Miyake Ken cuddled next to his lover. He wore a pink-flowered female yukata, his make up impeccable. The groupís trips alone were one of the few times that Ken felt comfortable enough to be himself.


Okada sat next to Sakamoto at the small table on the floor.He seemed very depressed.Even though he had agreed to keep their new love a secret, Sakamoto could tell he didn't like it.


"How's it like being Sakamoto's roommate?" Ken asked.


"We just got here." He didn't look at his new lover.


"I hope you told him you snore when you're drunk."


"I don't think he'll drink much this time." Sakamoto told them. "Will you Jun-chan?"


"Of course not leader." Okada didn't look at him.


"Junichi's a Baga." Morita smiled. "He's way too stubborn for his own good."


"Sakamoto-kun is our leader; I need to learn to listen to him more."Okada looked at his lover. "Isn't that right Leader?"


"You need to eat." Sakamoto tried to sound cold.


The younger man filled a bowl with rice, and handed it to Sakamoto. Then he filled one of his own."I'm glad there's still some food left, I'm starving."


"Is that all you think of?" Sakamoto couldn't keep the teasing out of his voice. He took a bowl of stir fried beef that Okada passed to him. Something that happened every trip. He realized that he had treated the younger man like a servant. "Thank you."


Okada started to get up to get the beer that was on the other side of Sakamoto.


"Sit down, I'll serve you this time."" he picked up the bottle, and then poured him a glass.He passed it to Okada.


The younger man smiled at him. "Thank you leader."



It was soon after dinner. Okada had come first to the Onsen; he was waiting for Sakamoto to join him. He was now with Sakamoto, but their relationship was a secret. He hated that. He wanted to tell the world that he was in love. It reminded him too much of his relationship with Ken and Morita. For five years they had a secret relationship.


"Jun-chan!" Ken's high voice called out. "I've been looking everywhere for you."


Okada looked up to him. "What do you want?"


"Come on, don't be that way." Ken dropped the towel he was wearing and crawled into the spring. "Can't we be friends?"


"Sorry, Morita doesn't want us to be friends." He closed his eyes, hoping that Ken would take the hint. Instead, he felt Ken's hands on him, trying to caress him. He could smell his ex-lovers breath. He was drunk. Ken came onto just about anyone when he was drunk.


"Stop it!" Okada swatted his hands away. "You know how Morita gets when he catches us together."


"But Morita said it was okay this time." ken moved closer to him, so that he was almost sitting on Okada's lap.


"Oh he did, did he?" Okada sighed. He had long ago grown very tired of this game. It was a game that had been played over and over since he had joined Coming Century."Let me guess, Morita's sick of you and wants to watch us having sex."


"Please Jun-chan; he's going to leave me if I don't find someone else."


"Morita's bad for you." Okada pointed out. "It would be a good thing if he leaves you."


Ken acted like he didn't hear Okada. "He wants us to be together."


"Tell him I'm not interested."


"Why aren't you interested?" Morita got into the spring. He too had drunk too much. That was the bad part about Ken and Morita; it didn't take much for them to get drunk."You've always been a good Baga, doing what youíre told."


"I won't have sex with Ken," He paused. "Or you."


"Why not?"


"You've had fun with us before." Ken encouraged.


"Yeah, but that was before." Okada told him.


"Before what?" Morita demanded. "I'm tired of this game. Now be a good boy and kiss Ken!"


Okada got out of the water; he put his yukata back on. "I told you. I'm not interested."


"Ken bought a new dress just for you." Morita tempted.


"I don't wear dresses."


"The dress is for Ken-chan." he told him. "He's so beautiful in a dress."


"Please, Junichi I need you." Ken pleaded.


"I broke up with both of you over a year ago!"


"What would your precious Sakamoto say if he knew you've had threesomes with us?" Morita threatened."If you don't sleep with us, I'll tell him."


"I would say that Okada's love life is none of my business." Sakamoto as he opened the door. Okada looked at Sakamoto in shock. His lover winked at him.


"Junichi's a hentai; he likes to have sex with two men!" Ken tattled.


"Oh really? What two men?" Sakamoto said. "All I see is a couple of little boys."


"He's been with both of us."


"That was in the past!" Okada growled.


"He likes to be tied up and beaten." Morita told Sakamoto. "He's better in bed after he's had a spanking."


"Come on Okada, I think I better discipline you." Sakamoto grabbed his arm. "I told you before, not to sleep with anyone in the group."


"Sakamoto-kun..." Okada couldn't help but notice the satisfied smirk on Morita's face. He didn't fight as his lover pulled him to his hotel room.


Sakamoto shut the door behind him.†† "So when was the last time you were with those bakas?"


"It was over a year ago." Okada cast his eyes down. "When I realized my feelings for you, I ended the relationship."


"About the time you and Morita started having fist fights?" Sakamoto guessed.


"Yes, leader." Okada admitted.


"Tell me, who is better in bed?" Sakamoto asked. "Me or them?"



The look in the older man's eyes both frightened and excited him. Okada still wasn't sure about Sakamoto's mood. So he quietly said. "You are leader."


"I want you to know that I expect total loyalty from my lovers." Sakamoto told him.


"I'll never betray you." Okada promised. "I regret every moment I was with those bakas. I'm sorry you had to hear about it."


"You're past doesn't matter to me. We've all made stupid mistakes." Sakamoto said as he unfastened Okada's obi."Yours was just a little stupider then most." Sakamoto grabbed Okada by the shoulders and shook him. "You're mine, do you understand that?"


"Yes, Marsa."


"Good," Sakamoto kissed his lips. Okada sighed and kissed his lover back.



They were together, but no one could know. Okada didn't like it. He wasn't ashamed of his love of Sakamoto.


Sakamoto went to his lover, he stood behind him. He reached out, wrapping him in a bear hug."I'm sorry I got jealous about Ken and Morita."


"There's nothing to be jealous of." He reached up, touching his arm. "I don't need them. I have you. I love you so much."


"I love you too." the arms tightened.


Suddenly Okada got the courage enough to ask Sakamoto the question that had been bothering him. "We're going to hide most of our relationship. Please let us be out here."


"It would be a risk." Sakamoto told him.


"I want to take that chance."


"I'm happy the way we are."


"I was involved in a relationship for five years. I had to keep it secret." Okada told him. "I hoped that our relationship with you would be different."


"This relationship will be different. I won't control you the way Morita did." Sakamoto reassured. "I'm thinking about Hiroshi's feelings. Our break up hurt him badly."


"That was in the past." Okada pointed out. "He's in love with Inocchi."


"I know." Sakamoto thought for a moment. "He hasn't gotten involved with Inocchi. I don't think he would if he found out about us."


"That doesn't make any sense."


"Just give it a few days." Sakamoto told him. "We won't be a secret forever. We'll wait until Hiroshi and Inocchi become lovers."


Okada realized that he wouldn't be able to convince Sakamoto to change his mind."We can wait until youíre ready."


"Are you sure?"


"You've taken the lead in our relationship," Okada turned in his arms. "You can take the lead in this too."


He could feel Sakamoto relax. He reached down, untying Okada's robe. "I'm selfish; I want you to myself for a little while."







They had been at the Onsen for two days. Inocchi sat on the futon, looking out at the scenery. Nagano and Sakamoto had gone to soak in the Onsen.So he sat, looking out at the scenery. He tried to fight the jealousy that he felt. Sakamoto and Nagano used to be lovers. If it hadn't been for one stupid night, they would still be lovers. Inocchi had destroyed all of that.


"It's a nice day outside." Okada said, sitting down beside him.


"Yeah, it is." he agreed."How's it going between Sakamoto and you?"


"It's going." he said mysteriously.


Inocchi couldn't help but notice the red marks on Okada's chest. Love bites. He knew that one something Sakamoto enjoyed giving. They used to be all over Nagano when he lived with Sakamoto. Inocchi tried to sound non-chalet. "Are you with him yet?"


"Why do you think I'd be with him?" he moved his yukata so they covered the marks."Are you with Hiroshi yet?"


"No, I don't think I'll ever be with him." Inocchi said glumly. "We're only sharing a room so that Sakamoto could get involved with you."


"Whose idea was that?"


"Hiroshi's." Inocchi admitted. "He wants Sakamoto to find happiness. Until that happens, we'll never be together."


"I don't understand. Why would that be so important?"


"What do you know about their break up?"


"I just know that Nagano had an affair...Ē Okada said. "I don't know any of the details."


"I was the one that Hiroshi was with." Inocchi told him.


"You?" Okada gasped. "You and Hiroshi?"


"Hiroshi and I went to a party. We got really drunk. When we got back to his apartment, we had sex." Inocchi explained. "Sakamoto caught us together. He didn't believe that it was only one night. He broke up with Hiroshi that morning."


"I see." Okada thought for a moment. "So if Hiroshi knew I was with Marsa, everything would be different?"


"Marsa?" Inocchi raised an eyebrow.


"I mean Sakamoto-kun of course." Okada looked away.


"So it's true, you are with him." Inocchi couldn't help but smile. "Why doesn't Sakamoto want anyone to know?"


"He's afraid it would hurt Hiroshi." Okada looked back at him. "Please, donít' tell anyone."


"I won't." he promised.


"Perhaps we're more alike then I realized." Okada said. "I think you'll have to be the one to approach Nagano."


"Hiroshi's older then me." Inocchi said softly. "Isn't the older one supposed to approach the younger one?"


"I know that." Okada smiled. "I approached Marsa, and found happiness. If you do the same, perhaps you're dreams will come true?"



Miyake Ken sat alone in the room he shared with Morita. Through the thin walls of the room he could hear the sounds of Okada being with Sakamoto. Tears rolled down his cheek. If only he had gone with Okada when he had asked, it would be the two of them together. Instead, he sat alone, waiting for his lover to return from his bar crawling.


His mind went back to his last time with Okada. It had been a warm summer day. By the rules of the game they where cheating on Morita. It was all a game. As all games, there were rules. Morita could make love to just Ken or to just Okada. But if Okada just made love to Ken without Morita being there it was considered cheating.



"Are you really going to leave?" Ken asked Okada. They lay in Ken's bed. "I can't live without you."


"Then come with me." Okada offered.


Ken looked away from his lover."I can't go."


"He beats us." Okada reminded him.


"He loves us." Ken's voice was small. "He only punishes us when we need it."


"I love you, and I've never hit you." he gently kissed Ken. "We could be happy together if we leave him."


"Morita was the first man to accept me how I am." Ken kissed him back. "It didn't matter to him that I wore dresses."


Okada reached out, stroking Ken's hair. "Can you at least think about it?"


"I can't leave him." Ken repeated.


"Then I will have to go alone."


"You'll leave me?" Ken couldn't believe his ears. "You love me, how can you leave me?"


"I'm not leaving you, I'm leaving Morita." He got out of bed and put his clothes back on.


Ken went to Okada, throwing his arms around him. "Don't leave me."


Okada held him for a moment, and then kissed his lips. "Come with me."


The cries of Okada's orgasm brought Ken back to the present. He had lost Okada forever.


The door to their room opened and Morita came in. He bent down kissing Ken. He smelled of beer and sex. "What's wrong?"


"Nothing," Ken wiped his eyes. "My allergies are acting up."


Morita sank onto the floor. "You should have come with me tonight. I had both a man and a woman. They where hot."


"I want only you," Ken reminded him.


"My good little bitch." Morita curled up on the floor and fell asleep. Soon Ken could hear the sound of Morita snoring.


He looked down to his sleeping lover. He realized how wrong he had been. He had picked the wrong lover to stay with. To Morita, Ken was only an object. He had hoped to get Okada back, but that would never happen. His former lover had gone on with his life. If Ken left Morita, he would be alone.


"I want to leave." He told the sleeping figure.




Inocchi looked at his friend, who had all ready fallen asleep. He had done this every night since they arrival, but still he was nervous. He could hear his heart thudding as he reached out and touched Nagano's cheek.Then he bent down and kissed him gently.



Nagano opened his eyes. "Yoshi,"


"I'm sorry," Inocchi said. "I just wanted to tell you good night."


The younger man was surprised to feel his friendís hands on him, pulling him down to the futon. Then the older man rolled towards him and kissed him.


He felt his arms going around Nagano. He moved his head up as his friend began to give him small love bites on his neck. His body reacted to the touch.


*He wants me.* Inocchi thought as Nagano untied his obi. He felt Nagano's hands slip beneath the yukata and caressed him.Then Nagano took off his own robe. He shoved Inocchi onto his back, and lay on top of him. He began to thrust against the younger man.


Inocchi put his arms around his new lover. It was a dream come true. This was good, but he wanted more. He wanted his new lover to make love to him.


"Hiroshi, take me," He whispered. "I need to feel you inside of me."


Nagano rolled off of Inocchi. He was breathing heavily. "Stop, this is wrong."


"We were about to make love." Inocchi said puzzled. "What's wrong with being together?"


"We can't." Nagano turned away from him. "I don't know what took me over. I don't like you that way. You're only a friend."


"Hiroshi," Inocchi reached out to him.


Nagano flinched as if hit. "You're only a friend."


"Take your stuff and leave." Nagano looked as if he was on the verge of tears.


Inocchi felt heartbroken. He picked up his futon and pulled it into the main room.He turned back to Nagano, his friend was crying. He shut the door between them. Then he went and turned off the lights.


Inocchi opened the screen that lead to the Onsen. He sat down, looking at the night sky. "I shouldn't have listened to Okada." he told the sky.