Title: The Onsen Trip Part Two

Author: Kyoko Godaikun

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Time: June 2002



Part Two:


Nagano went into the main room. Inocchi sat at the open door leading outside. His shoulders were shaking. Inocchi, his beautiful Inocchi was crying.  Nagano realized he had made a horrible mistake by rejecting his friend.


Nagano went to his side, before he could say anything, Inocchi said. "Leave me alone,"


Nagano sat down beside him.  "We need to talk."


"There's nothing to talk about." He whispered. "Go back to the room."


"I won't go without you." He vowed.


"We can still be friends, just give me time to get over you." Inocchi wiped the tears from his face. "I've never had luck with love. I don't know why I thought you would be different."




"I want to love you. I have to get over those feelings." Again he wiped his face.  "I made such a fool of myself. I thought you loved me. I thought we had a chance together. But we'll never have one." his tears turned to sobs. "Why does it have to hurt so much?"


Watching his friend's tears Nagano realized that he had broken his heart. His love of Inocchi overcame everything. He found himself putting his arms around him.  "Please, let me hold you."


Inocchi moved into his arms. Nagano held him as he sobbed. If only he hadn't pushed Inocchi away. They would have been lovers. Instead he had brought his friend pain.


"I love you," Nagano chanted like a mantra. "I'm sorry, I'm so sorry."


When Inocchi was finished crying, he pulled away from his friend and wiped his eyes.


Nagano reached out to the younger man, who shrugged his hand away. Inocchi turned from him.  "Please don't tell me you love me. We both know it's a lie."


"I do love you, I love you more then I ever loved Sakamoto.” Nagano's own tears rolled down his cheeks.


"Then why did you push me away from you?" Inocchi asked. "Why can't we be lovers?"


"I'm afraid." Nagano confessed.  "Cheating destroyed my last relationship.  I'm terrified it will happen again."


"I wouldn't betray you." Inocchi reached out, touching his cheek.


"I'm not afraid of you betraying me," Nagano put his hand on top of Inocchi's. "I'm afraid I'll betray you."


"I trust you," Inocchi forced himself to smile. "I know you'll never betray me."


"My wonderful Yoshi, how  can you trust me?" he asked helpless. "You know how I am."


"You only cheated on Sakamoto once." Inocchi wiped the tears from Nagano's face. "It wasn't your fault. It was mine. I took advantage of you when you were drunk."


"Now do you understand why we can't be together?" Nagano asked.  "Even then I loved you. I fell in love with you when I was with Sakamoto. I hurt him. I  can't hurt you."


Inocchi got up. He went to Sakamoto's door  and tapped on it.


"What are you doing?" Nagano asked.


Inocchi turned to him. He gave him a half-smile. "I'm going to ask Sakamoto if I can date you."




It had been another round of lovemaking. Sakamoto's new lover had fallen asleep in his arms soon after they where finished. He reached out, tracing Okada's face with one finger. He hoped that Nagano would find happiness soon. He wasn't too sure he could keep his love for Okada secret for much longer.


There was a tap at the door. Sakamoto got off of the futon, put on his robe and answered it.  He looked over Inocchi with curiosity. "Why aren't you in bed?"


"We needed to talk to you." Inocchi told him.


"We?" he looked into the main room, at Nagano. "Do you mind if we talk out there?"


"That's fine."


Sakamoto went into the main room and shut the door to his room. He hoped that all of this wouldn't take too long. He wanted to be with Okada.   Sakamoto sat down at the table.  "So what's wrong?"


Nagano went to the table and sat down. He looked terrified.  Inocchi sat down next to him, close but not touching.


"What's wrong?" Sakamoto repeated.  "Hiroshi?"


"Yoshi," Nagano glanced at his friend.


"I know what we did to you was unforgivable."  Inocchi began. "Because of me, the relationship you had with Hiroshi was destroyed."


"That was two years ago." Sakamoto said. "We're friends now. I forgave both of you."


"How can you forgive us so easily?" Nagano asked.


"Because your my friend." Sakamoto looked them over. "Why are we talking about things that happened in the past?"


"Hiro and I are in love." Inocchi said. "We wanted to ask your permission before we became involved."


Sakamoto couldn't believe his ears. "My permission? Why do you have to ask my permission?"


"You're our leader." Inocchi said. "Hiroshi wants to make sure our relationship wouldn't destroy the group."


"I don't believe this!" Sakamoto began to laugh harder. He fell back on the ground.


The door between the rooms opened and Okada came out, wearing a robe. He looked at the three men. "Is something wrong?"


"Jun-chan, they want permission to be involved." Sakamoto sat up on his elbows. "They won't be lovers unless I consent."


Okada looked very serious.. "You better give it to them."


Sakamoto  stopped laughing. He looked over the pair. "You really want my permission?"


"Please Marsa," Nagano asked. "I won't be involved with him if you won't let me."


Sakamoto gave them another look. Then he nodded. "You have my permission."






Okada followed his lover back to their room. Sakamoto was so angry he was shaking. Okada couldn't understand why he was so upset. He hadn't given away their relationships.


"You shouldn't have gone disturbed us." Sakamoto said as soon as they got back into their own room. "I was having a private  conversation with Hiroshi."


"I didn't realize there was a line I couldn't cross."  He said wearily.


"Hiroshi's my friend."  Sakamoto said calmly. "You might have made him feel bad."


"We have to be careful for your precious Hiroshi's feelings." Okada couldn't keep the sarcasm out of his voice. "He might be hurt to know you found someone else. It doesn't matter how your lover feels does it? Just Hiroshi!"


Sakamoto slapped Okada hard across the face. "Leave Hiroshi out of this!"


"How can I? You're the one that always brings him up!" Okada was trying as hard as he could not to loose his temper. "You still love him, don't you?"


Sakamoto looked away from him. "I can't give you an answer to that."


"Do you still love Nagano?" The younger man demanded.


"Yes, I do." Sakamoto admitted.


"So pick. Which one do you want?" he exploded. "Your precious Hiroshi, or me?"


"You're kidding, right?"


 "You shouldn't have become involved with me." Okada screamed.


"Junichi, the whole hotel is going to hear you!" Sakamoto tried to hush. "Be quiet!"


"I don't care if they hear me!" he told him. "I mean it! You love Nagano. You should have gotten back with him."


"There will always be a part of me that loves Hiroshi." he admitted. "But my love is friendship now. The one I want to spend my life is with you."


"Then why must we hide? Why can't we be out among our friends?"


"I'm not ready for that."


 "I can't be with you this way. I can't live being a secret lover." Okada decided. "If Hiroshi came back to you, you would leave me."




"I'm serious." Okada interrupted. "I hate this life."


Sakamoto looked heartbroken. "Your breaking up with me."


"We were never really together. I'm just a substitute for Hiroshi." Okada went to the door that led outside. He turned back to Sakamoto.  "When I'm the only one in your heart. Come to me, I'll be waiting."


With that, Okada left. He walked deep into the surrounding woods and sat down on a bench.  The tears that he had been holding in came out. He could feel his heart breaking.




The minutes stretched to an hour. As the time passed, Okada had time to think. He realized that the break up was his fault. He had been so jealous of Nagano that he hadn't thought of Sakamoto's feelings.  He would have to apologize to Sakamoto. He knew they would never be lovers, but perhaps he could savage some of their friendship.


It took a few minutes for Okada to realize that Sakamoto was standing behind him. The older man's face was streaked with tears. Sakamoto the man who never cried was crying. What ever anger he felt vanished when he saw his lover.


Finally Sakamoto spoke. "Can I join you?"


"If you want." He tried to sound non-committal.


Sakamoto sat down beside him on the bench. "I wanted to tell you that I'm sorry. I should have thought of your feelings more. I should have been open about our relationship." Sakamoto's voice cracked. He reached up wiping the tears from his face.


 "Marsa," Okada began before he was interrupted by his lover.


I just wanted you to know that I'm very sorry."  He got off the bench, and walked towards the hotel. 


Okada realized that if Sakamoto left, he would never get him back. He ran towards the older man. Okada gave Sakamoto a hug from behind. "Please don't go."


"If I had to do it over again, I would make you first in my life. I wouldn't hide you away from everyone." Sakamoto touched his arm. "My behavior isn't your fault. It's mine. Hiroshi's cheating took away my trust."


"I should have been more understanding."


"I'm sorry I punished you for Hiroshi's behavior." Sakamoto's began to shake against Okada. He sank to the ground.  "I should have trusted you."


 Okada took the older man into his arms. "This is my fault too."


"My worst fears came true. I only had you for a few days." Sakamoto's crying turned to sobs. 


"You still have me." Okada stroked his hair. "I love you, I love you so much."


Sakamoto held onto Okada tightly as he cried. His crying seemed to last forever. The older man always held in his emotions, now they where flooding out. Okada couldn't help it, he too began to cry.


"Please take me back." Sakamoto sobbed. "I can't live my life without you. I promise, it will be different this time."


Okada kissed his lips gently. Sakamoto sighed and kissed him back.  Okada could feel  Sakamoto's tears raining down onto his face.


"You're the only one in my heart." Sakamoto confessed. "You're all I need. I want everyone to know your mine."


A thrill went through Okada as he heard the words that he longed to hear. He kissed his lover again. The younger man's hands went to Sakamoto's obi and unfastened it. Then he pushed his obi over his shoulders. Sakamoto let it fall to the ground.


"Not here, someone might see." Sakamoto breathed. "Let's go into the bushes."


Okada took his hand and pulled him into a bush. They laid down beneath one, not caring to look at the fauna they laid on. Making love for the first time all over again.



"We have no luck." Nagano told Inocchi as soon as Sakamoto had left. Their first time had been interrupted by the fight between Okada and Sakamoto.


"It will be all right." Inocchi told his friend.


"I wonder if Marsa will get back together with Okada?" Nagano mused. "I couldn't believe Okada would be so jealous of me."


"It's hard competing with the memories of a former love." Inocchi said thinking of his own situation. "I think they'll get back together."


"I hope so." Nagano's voice was even quieter then usual.  He unfastened his obi and let it slip to their ground.


"Hiro," Inocchi gasped.


"I'm no longer afraid." Nagano breathed.


Inocchi went to Nagano.  He kissed his new lover very gently. His new lover's hands went to his obi and unfastened it. Then  Nagano pushed it over his shoulder. It fell to a heap on the ground.


Inocchi wanted to take it quickly, but knew that his lover needed time. He suddenly wanted to give to Nagano. It didn't matter to him what he received in return.  He sank to his knees. His hands began to work on the inside of Nagano's leg. His new lover sighed and moved forwards. Using his tongue, he began to lick up and down his new lover's hardness.


"Please, suck me." Nagano sighed.


Inocchi took his lover in his mouth. The older man arched back, his eyes shut. He let his fingers get lost in Inocchi's hair.  He concentrated on Nagano's need. As he loved him, he slipped a finger inside of him. That made Nagano gasp. So he let another finger join the first. He made love to him with his hand as he did with his mouth.


Nagano made little cries as he was loved. His body began to thrust into Inocchi’s mouth.  The thrusts became quicker. Inocchi felt his friend swell, and then he cried out his name as he did, he came.


Nagano sank to the ground; Inocchi took his new lover into his arms, holding him close. Inocchi tried to ignore his own need. He could take care of that later.


"That was great." Nagano finally said.


"I'm glad you liked it." Inocchi kissed him gently. As they kissed, Inocchi felt Nagano's hand on his hardness.


He got off of Inocchi, he lay on his stomach. "You're turn, I want to feel you inside of me."


Inocchi rolled onto his side. He kissed his new lover. Then he moved so he was sitting between Nagano's legs. Inocchi hadn't brought any lube, and he knew that his lover would need some. He bent down, licking Nagano's opening. Nagano moaned and moved back into his tongue.


As soon as he had luberated Nagano enough, Inocchi entered him. Nagano was tight for a moment, then opened himself to him. He very gently began to thrust. He was trying not to come too soon. Nagano began to gasp with every thrust of Inocchi. It spurned Inocchi on, and soon the lovemaking was frantic, passionate.


He was surprised to feel Nagano tighten and come again. That drove Inocchi over the edge and he too came. he didn't care about the neighbors, he screamed his new lover's name.


Inocchi pulled out of him, and then he felt his lover's hands on him, pulling him into his arms. Then Inocchi’s voice said roughly. "That was worth the wait."


"I love you." Nagano told him, putting his head on his shoulder.


"I love you too." Inocchi kissed him again.


"Can we still be friends?"


"Best friends." Inocchi’s arms around him tightened. "The very best of friends."





It had been a long time since they gotten together. Soon after  Miyake Ken joined the Juniors he had been involved with Morita. He had been an innocent fourteen year old then. Now he was twenty-two years old. A man whose heart hurt.



The Onsen trip had changed Ken. It wasn't that Okada had found another lover. That did hurt. The thing that had really made the difference was Morita, and the fact that Morita was still on the prowl for another relationship.


*I should have left when Junichi offered.* Ken thought. *He would have stayed loyal to me.*


He watched something he had watched countless times. Morita getting himself ready for that night's activities. They would do what they did too many times. Go to a club and pick someone up. Being on vacation meant little to Morita.


"Why can't I be enough for you?" Ken finally asked the question that had been bothering him. "What's wrong with having just  one lover?"


"Having one lover is boring." Morita brushed his hair.  "I haven't found what I'm looking for yet."


"What about us?"


"When I find the one, I'll break up with you." He put the brush down. "You've known that all along."


"Morita," Ken tried to fight back his anger. "What about your feelings for me?"


"I've never told you I loved you." Morita said truthfully. "I don't love you. You're just something to use until the right one comes along."


"I don't believe this!" Ken's voice rose. "Why do you want to hurt me?"


"Why are you acting this way?" Morita asked. "You like the rules."


"I don't! I hate them! I want to throw the rule book away!" Ken said. "I want only you. No one else."


"Fine, you don't have to sleep with anyone else." Morita said. "You can be my good, devoted little bitch."


"What about you?" Ken demanded.  "I want you to stop sleeping with others."


"I can do what ever I please." Morita sneered. "I won't stop dating simply because of you."


"Go," Ken breathed.


Morita punched him. "You're not allowed to call me Go!"


""Why can't I call you Go?" Ken demanded. "We're lovers!"


"Because I said you couldn't!" Morita hit him again. This time, Ken found himself falling.


As he picked himself off the ground, He realized Okada had been right. He would have to break up with Morita. He felt his heart breaking. Taking all his courage, he said. "I want to break up."


"You're not allowed to break up with me." Another hit. "You're with me until I get tired of you."


"I'm breaking up with you!" Ken pushed him back.


"Bullshit!" Morita pushed him backwards so hard that he found himself falling. He hit his head on the table, and everything went black.




Inocchi and Nagano laid together after yet another round of lovemaking. Nagano was lulled by Inocchi’s smooth steady heartbeat. His lover stroked his hair lazily. There was no need for words, they had each other.


Suddenly, Morita Go burst into the room. His yukata was covered in blood. He looked panicked. "Wake up!"


Inocchi pulled away from Nagano, and sat up. "What is it?"


"Ken-Chan’s had an accident."


"An accident?" Nagano repeated.


"He's fallen down. There's blood everywhere." For the first time, he looked at Nagano. "I'm really worried about Ken. I don't think he's breathing!"


Nagano  got off of the futon and put his yukata on. He tossed Inocchi's to him. Nagano put on his Yukata.



"Let's go." Inocchi went to Morita's room, followed by Nagano and Morita.


Miyake Ken lay on the floor in a pool of blood, which came from a wound on the back of his head. His face was bruised battered. There was a small piece of the edge of the table on the floor.


Nagano couldn't believe his eyes. What happened to Ken wasn't an accident. He knelt by Ken, and took his pulse. It was strong.


"Is he alive?" Inocchi asked.


"Go get Sakamoto." Nagano ordered.


"I don't know where he is,"


"He followed Junichi somewhere. You have to go find him." Nagano told him. "We'll have to call an ambulance."


"Right," Inocchi left the room.


"Ken-chan," Morita knelt down beside Ken. "Will he be okay?"


"You might have killed him this time." Nagano sneered. "Get away from him!"


Morita did as he was told. He sat down on the other side of the room. Nagano put his head to Ken's chest. His heart was still beating. He could hear Ken's breathing. It was very faint.


"Don’t' die." Morita began to cry.


Sakamoto ran into the room followed by Inocchi and Okada. He heard Sakamoto calling for an ambulance. As soon as he got off of the phone. Okada tackled Morita and began to punch him over and over again.



Sakamoto and Inocchi pulled Okada off of Morita. Sakamoto hissed. "This isn't the time to fight."


"He killed Ken!" Okada struggled to get away from the two mean.


"He's still alive." Nagano said.


Ken's eyes opened a bit. "Jun-chan?"


Okada went to his side. "I'm here."


"My head hurts."


"What happened?"


"He won't let me leave him." Ken gasped. "I'm so scared."


"I'll stay with you." Okada promised. "No one will hurt you."


Ken's eyes flickered shut. Sakamoto went to  Okada, he reached out touching him. "He'll pay for this."




Ken woke, he wasn't sure how much time had passed. His head was beyond hurting. It took him a little while to realize he was in a hospital room. He slowly opened his eyes. Okada was sitting beside the bed in a chair. He wore street clothes, jeans and one of Sakamoto's bowling shirts.


"Junichi?" Ken gasped.


"How do you feel?" Okada looked concerned.


"My head hurts," Ken gasped.


"Morita said you tripped and hit your head on the table." Okada tried to explain.


"So that's what it was." Ken reached up to touch his head, it was covered in a wide bandage.


"Did you really trip?" Okada asked. "Or did you have help?"


"I had help." Ken admitted, he looked to the other side of the room. Sakamoto was standing in the doorway. "Is Morita here?"


"Do you want to see him?" Sakamoto asked.


"No, I don't." Ken looked back to Okada. He couldn't tell Sakamoto what happened, but he knew he could trust Okada. "I finally left him."


"He did this to you, didn't he?" Okada looked angry.


"Please, don't let him in here." Ken said. "I'm so afraid."


Okada reached out and took his hand. "Don't be afraid Ken-chan. We're here."


 "I'll make sure he's sent back to Tokyo." Sakamoto promised. He took out his ketai and went into the hallway.


Ken decided to change the subject. "My head, how hurt am I?"


"You have a small skull fracture." Okada paused. "The doctors were able to patch you up. But their will be a scar."


"Oh no," Ken suddenly felt very helpless. "Not a scar. I'll be fired."


"The scars on the back of your head. You're hair will cover it." Okada got to his feet. He went to Ken's side and very gently kissed his lips. Ken kissed him back, knowing that Okada had moved on with his life. at the moment it didn't matter. Ken needed the touch of his friend.







Sakamoto went to the waiting room. Morita sat on a chair, his legs pulled up to his chest. He looked very concerned. He was dressed in Ken's jeans and T-shirt.  It angered the V6 leader that Morita couldn't even wear his own clothes.


"What did you do to Ken?" Sakamoto grabbed Morita by the shirt; he pulled him to the wall.


"I didn't do anything." Morita shrugged. "He simply tripped and fell."


"Ken says something else." He shook the smaller man.


"What happened?" Inocchi asked.


"Morita beat him up." Sakamoto said. "He probably said something Morita didn't like."


"Hurting Ken isn't the answer." Nagano told him.


"My bitch was getting strange ideas." Morita said. "He thought he had a right to break up with me."


 "So, you think it's right to beat up your lover?"


"I just disciplined him." Morita tried to get away from Sakamoto. "I want to talk to him."


"That wouldn't be a good idea." Sakamoto gripped him tighter. "I've called management. You're to go back to Tokyo on the next flight out."


"What did you tell them?"


"The truth." he turned to Nagano and Inocchi. "Take him back to the hotel and make sure he packs."


"of course leader." Nagano said.


"Don’t' fight this." Sakamoto shook him one last time . "You've been put on probation. Fight, and you'll be fired."


"This isn't over yet." With that, Morita left.




Okada sat with Ken. Even though his friend was hurt, he seemed more at peace. Several hours had passed. He had grown more and more lucid as the time went by. He realized he shouldn't have kissed Ken. That brought up more complications. He just wanted his friend to be comforted.


Okada also had a very strange, itchy rash on both of his arms. He wasn't quite sure what it was. He tried to push the itching out of his mind, and think of Ken. His ketai rang. he answered it. "Moshi, Moshi."


"It's me." Sakamoto said. "Tell Ken that Morita's on the way to Tokyo."


"All right, I will." Okada promised.


"I love you."


"I love you too." Okada couldn't help but smile. He turned off his ketai. He turned to Ken. "Morita's on the way back to Tokyo."


"Great." Ken looked down to his hands. 


"Have you thought of where you'll live?" Okada asked.


"I'll ask my PM if she can find me something," Again, Ken touched his head. "I'm afraid to go get my stuff."


"Just tell us when you're going to get your things." Okada told him. "We'll come with you."




"When we get back, I'm moving in with Sakamoto." Okada said. "You are more then welcome to stay in my apartment."


"Are you sure?" Ken asked.


"Of course I'm sure!" Okada smiled at him. "I'm so glad you finally left him."


"So am I,"


"I know I told you we could be together if you left Morita...."


"It's all right; I left to be with myself." Ken interrupted. " Anyway, you're with Sakamoto."


"How did you know about that?" The younger man asked surprised.


"The Onsen has thin walls."


*Oh no, he heard us!* Okada realized what kind of pain he put Ken through. "I'm sorry. I should have told you when we first got together."


"I'm glad you found some happiness." Ken reached up to his head.  "Why don't you go back to the Onsen?"


"Don't you need me here?"


"I'll be fine." for the first time, Ken smiled. "Morita's gone. I don't have to worry."


"Are you sure?" Okada asked.


"I'm positive. I would like some time alone." Ken paused. "There will be people here from the agency soon. You need a few hours of quality time with Sakamoto."




It was the last day of the Onsen trip. Twentieth century and Okada had returned to the hotel. Ken had insisted. He needed some time alone.


Inocchi and Nagano were the first to go to the springs that morning.  They held hands as they walked to the spring. Not caring who saw. In the cleaning room they had been all alone, and they had made love yet again.


"Sure you don't want to take a nap?" Inocchi asked his new lover.


"A good soak will wake me up." Nagano smiled at him.


Inocchi took off his yukata and slipped into the water. He was joined a few moments later by Nagano.


Okada came to the spring. he took off his robe and folded it up. Inocchi couldn't help but notice the strange rash on Okada's lower legs, forearms and hands.  He itched his arm, then he got into the water. He sighed as he lowered himself in the water.


"Allergies acting up?" Inocchi asked.


"I suppose so." Okada said mysteriously.


Just then ,Sakamoto came into the area.  He  took off his yukata. He had the same rash Okada had, but this time on his back. That could only mean one thing. Not only had Sakamoto made up with Okada, but they had made love outside.


 Sakamoto settled  beside his new lover. He kissed Okada's lips.  Okada put his head on Sakamoto's shoulder. Sakamoto put his arm around him.


Together, they were together. Inocchi couldn't help but notice the grin on his lovers face. His matchmaking had worked. Plus it had an added bonus. Inocchi had Nagano.


"I really don't want to interrupt this love fest." Nagano told them. "But I noticed your rashes."


"We must have ate something that made us sick." Sakamoto said.


"Well, next time be more careful with what you eat." Nagano grinned. "Poison ivy doesn't taste very good does it?"


Inocchi could feel Nagano lean against him. He put his arm around his lover. .



"Marsa, Marsa." Nagano shook his head. "I thought that after what happened three years ago, you would remember to watch for poison ivy."


"Three years ago?" Okada grinned. "This happened before?"


"Yeah, several times." Sakamoto admitted.




After a good soak, they returned to their room. This would be the last night of the trip. they would be leaving first thing in the morning. They were both exhausted from being up all night at the hospital.


Sakamoto laid nude on his stomach on the floor. He wasn't saying anything, but Okada could tell he was uncomfortable.


There was a tapping on his door. Okada went and answered it. Nagano stood in the doorway, holding a bottle of lotion and a bottle of medicine.


"Want to come in?" Okada asked.


"I think you're more then capable of taking care of Marsa yourself." Nagano smiled. "Besides, we're going to visit Ken."


"What do I do?"


"Just smooth on the lotion." Nagano said. "You might also give him a  benadryl for the itching."


"Thanks." He watched Nagano leave. Then shut the door. He turned to Sakamoto, who was watching him.


"Why didn't' you say anything about my tendency to get poison ivy?" Sakamoto said.


"What's there to say?"  Okada couldn't help but smile at him. "It's obvious that you like making love outside."


"It's exciting." Sakamoto confessed. "There's always a chance you'll get caught."


"What about apartment building roofs?"


"Like those too."


Okada took a couple of pills out o the bottle and gave it to Sakamoto. He then handed him a bottle of water. Sakamoto took the pills and drank some water. 


Okada poured some of the lotion on his hand. Then he knelt down beside his lover. Very gently he began to rub it onto Sakamoto's rash.


"I like to make love in strange places too." Okada admitted as he poured more lotion on his lover.


"What's the strangest place you've had sex at?"


"I can't decide between under the stage at Tokyo dome or the roof of the Agency's main building."


Sakamoto began to laugh. "You did it there?"


"Yep!"  Okada's fingers gently rubbed his back. "I did some really stupid stuff with Ken and Morita."


"That was in the past." he scratched his face. "I trust you."


"The very best place was with you last night."


"Actually, any place is a good place to make love, if you're there." Sakamoto told him. His eyes flickered shut.





Ken couldn't believe that the agency had sent so many people to care for him. There were security guards outside of his room. His Personal Manager was there, and a private nurse. His friends would be returning to Tokyo that day. Ken on the other hand had no idea when he was going home.


There was a taping on the door. Inocchi and Nagano came in. The PM got to her feet and went to them. "Ken-kun is resting."


"We just wanted to visit." Nagano told her.


"He's to have no visitors."


"Please, let them stay." Ken asked.


"The agencies worried about your safety." His PM told him.


"They won't hurt me." Ken said firmly. "Their my friends."


"One of your band mates attacked you,' she reminded him.”How can we be sure they won't?"


"I trust them."


"Okay, you have fifteen minutes." She looked them over. "I'll be right outside the door."


"I'll call if something happens." Ken promised.


They watched as the woman left. Inocchi turned back to Ken.


"She's only been here two hours and she's driving me insane." Ken sighed. "What's going to happen when the press gets wind of this?"


"They'll pass it off as an accident." Inocchi told him.


"What about my clothes?" Ken asked. "I was dressed as Ken-ko. It's only a matter of time until a staff member tells the press."


"You weren't dressed as Ken-ko." Nagano said. "You where nude."


"I wasn't nude." the younger man insisted. "I was wearing my yellow yukata with the pink flowers."


"Go must have undressed you."


"Morita was afraid ken was dying." Inocchi told him. "Why would he take the time to undress him?"


"He wanted to keep my secret." Ken guessed. "What's going to happen to Morita?"


"He's been put on probation." Nagano told him. "If he steps out of line one more time, he's out of the group."




While Sakamoto was sleeping, Okada decided to pack Ken's things. He opened the door. The room looked as if it had been totaled. Ken's things were in a heap on the floor. It looked as if someone had gone through his things.


Okada bent down beside the pile. He picked up a flowered yukata and began to fold it. He didn't know if the things were clean or dirty, but he knew that management would be here soon. If everything was packed, then there might not be so many questions about Ken's cross dressing.


A few minutes later, Nagano came into the room. "What are you doing?"


"I thought Ken would like me to pack for him." He tried to explain.


"He asked me to pack his things for him." Nagano joined him a the pile. He too began to fold clothes.


"How's he doing?"


"He's feeling better." Nagano paused. "His room is more like a prison. There's security everywhere. The agency's given instructions that he can't be seen."


"How long will he be in the hospital?"


"I don't know." There was a lapse of silence as they folded Ken's clothes. Then Nagano began to go through one of his bags. "Have you seen his yellow yukata?"


"No, I haven't. Why?"


"He told me he was wearing it when he was attacked."


"Morita must have hidden it." Okada guessed.


They went through the room. Okada opened the closet door. Inside where the futons were usually stored was a bag. Okada picked up  the bag and unzipped it. Inside was Ken's flowered yukata, covered in blood. He pulled it out.


"You found it!" Nagano took it from Okada and felt the pockets. He put his hand in one, and took out an envelope. He passed it to the younger man. "He wrote you a letter."




With shaking fingers, Okada opened the letter.


"Dear Junichi,

If you read this, you'll know that something happened to me. I am breaking up with Morita tonight. I'm tired of his cheating. We've been together since I was fourteen. Perhaps we were together too long.


I know you'll never forgave me for not leaving with you. The problem was that I  couldn't betray Morita. I didn't leave Morita to be with you, I left for myself.


You'll blame yourself for what happened to me ,but it wasn't your fault. You had a right to move on and find happiness. I've heard you through the wall being with Sakamoto. He really loves you. I hope your future together will be wonderful.


I regret that we were never really friends. All those times I tried to get you back wasn't really because I wanted you. Instead, it was because I missed my friend. We were always more friends then lovers.


Miyake Ken



Okada passed the letter to Nagano. "You finished cleaning, I'm going to go see Ken."





Miyake Ken was bored. He wanted to get out of this place. His fellow V6 members were going back to Tokyo, which mean that he would be alone.



He tried to follow the American soap opera that played. It was a favorite of his PM. He would have changed the channel, but the PM had moved the remote out of his reach.  Not only that, but for the first time his PM had left him alone. So there was no one to pass him the remote.


The door opened,  and Okada came in carrying a small package. He couldn't hide his surprise.  "What re you doing here?"


"I thought I'd visit before we left." He went to the bed. "Do you mind?"


"No, I don't mind." He looked at his hands. He felt very uncomfortable around his former lover.


"I brought you something." Okada handed him a package.


Ken opened it. Inside he found a book about Native American Indians. Before Ken  could say anything, Okada said. "I saw this, and thought you might like it."


"Thank you." He put it to one side. "I'll read it after you leave."


"We found your yellow yukata."


"Oh you did?" He pretended to be fascinated by his IV tube. Instead, his mind was racing. What was he going to do? "Can you wash it for me?"


"It's beyond saving."


"I must have bled a lot."


There was a long stretch of silence between them. Then Okada said softly. "I read the letter."


*So that's why he's here,* Ken didn't look at his friend.


"I'm sorry. I didn't think of your feelings when I left Morita." Okada told him. "You told me you regretted not being my friend. I wanted you to know that I regret that too."


"We can be friends if you want." Ken put his hand on the bed's railing. "I miss your friendship."


"I do too." Okada reached out to touch his hand, then he  looked down to his own hand. "I'm sorry, I can't touch you. I have poison ivy on my hands."


A strange rash, that could only mean one thing. "You didn't do it outside again, did you?"


"Yes, I did." He admitted.


"Let me see them." Ken couldn't help but smile .


Okada showed Ken his rash covered hands. The dam broke and Ken began to laugh. It felt so good to laugh. Soon, Okada was laughing along with him. The tension between them vanished.


Then Okada sat down on the edge of his bed. "Can we still be friends?"


"As long as you don't give me poison ivy!" Ken couldn't keep the grin off of his face. He had his old friend back. He decided that perhaps everything would be all right after all.