Title: Partners

Author: Kyoko Godaikun

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Disclaimer: I donít own Domoto Koichi or Domoto Tsuyoshi. They own each other.

Warning: This story contains Bishonnen Ai. Do not read if you are offended by Male/male love

Warning two: This story discusses non-consensual sexual abuse and violence. Do not read if you are offended by this

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Time: May 1997


Koichi sat in the dressing room. He didn't even bother to look to his partner. His fellow Kinki Kid was appearing on his music show as a guest. Tsuyoshi had once been his room mate, his boyfriend. Now Koichi and Tsuyoshi were only partners. It had been eleven months since Koichi had left the dorms. Now his life was a constant trial. Everything he did was scrutinized by his handlers.They reported every action to management. Then if necessary, he would be punished.


Koichi pretended to read his script. He glanced at Tsuyoshi in the mirror. Tsuyoshi took off the shirt he was wearing, and put on the one the assistant handed him. As he did, he looked into the mirror.For a brief moment his eyes met Koichi's.It reminded him how much he missed his friend.


*Have you waited for me?* Koichi thought. *Do you miss me?*


"That looks nice." A staff member told Tsuyoshi.


"What do you think, Koichi-kun?" Tsuyoshi asked.


Koichi pretended to be cold. He looked up to his partner."It's passable."


That made Tsuyoshi smile. He had been smiling a lot more often. "Don't worry about my partner. He starts a new drama tomorrow. He has a lot of lines to learn."


"Is it a love story?" She asked.


"It's a horror series." Tsuyoshi told her.


"Who does it star?"


Koichi named the actress. The woman began to gush about that being her favorite actress. Koichi's eyes met Tsuyoshi's for a brief second. Then he looked away.


*Do you know that I still love you?* Koichi thought. *You've seen so happy lately. Have you found someone else?*


"Koichi-Kun, Time for you to change." the staff member told him.


He tried to repress a bit of fear. Koichi had been beaten severely the night before. He had bruises on his back. "I'll change in the rest room."


"You just have to take off your shirt." The staff member encouraged.


"We contacted you this morning. Koichi will be wearing what he is wearing now." Koichi's handler told her.


"Of course," The woman gave Koichi an odd look, then left.


"The two of you need to act more friendly towards each other." The handler said."People are beginning to suspect."


"We act friendly enough on stage." Koichi tried to pretend coldness. "That's all that matters."


Just then, Koichi's co-host came into the room.He was out of breath. Okada Junichi paused for a moment, trying to breathe. "I'm sorry I'm late. They forgot to pick me up."


"How did you get here?" Tsuyoshi asked.


"Sakamoto-kun gave me a ride." he turned to Koichi. "Hey Koichi!"


Koichi smiled again. "Hello Okada-kun."


A staff member went to Okada, carrying a shirt. "You're supposed to wear this today."


"Of course." Okada took off his shirt; he tossed the shirt he had been wearing onto Koichi's lap.


Koichi slip a piece of paper out of the pocket. It was a note Tsuyoshi had written. It was the only way the two could communicate. Koichi then tossed the shirt on a chair.


The director's assistant came into the room. "We have five minutes before the start of the show."




After the television program there was a rehearsal. The Kinki Kids were scheduled to debut in a few months. There would be concerts and television appearances to prepare for.


They were rehearsing with the Juniors. It seemed as if there had been fifty assigned to dance with them. Koichi had always tried to be kind to the younger boys. He considered several of them friends. Since Koichi had moved in with the Manager, everything had changed. He had been run into at least eight times since they had started rehearsal. He was still technically a Junior. He knew exactly what their behavior meant. Koichi wasn't wanted.


Koichi's dance step was cut short as a Junior accidentally ran into him.The Junior suppressed a sneer as he looked at Koichi. "Stay out of my way spy!"


"Gomen." Koichi told him.


"Let's start again." The chorographer said.


The group started again. This time two Juniors ran into Koichi as they walked by. Another hit him in the face.


"Okay, stop!" the chorographer said.The group stopped. "If anyone else runs into Koichi-kun or accidentally hits him. I will report you to the Manager!"


"It's his fault!" Tsubusa said. "He isn't staying in step."


"I've watched Koichi-kun. His steps have been perfect." the man continued. "You might not like Koichi-kun, but as Juniors you must work with him. Do you understand?"


There was a murmur of dissent among the Juniors.


Koichi acted as if it didn't bother him, though in reality it did. He smiled. "Let's do our best."


"Yes, we must all work hard." Tsuyoshi agreed.


"Take your places." The chorographer ordered.


They all did. They began to rehearse again, and for the first time that day, no one ran into him.


Koichi worked hard at what he was doing. There was even more handlers in the rehearsal room. He couldn't slack off one bit. Any hesitancy or mistake would be reported to the manager.


"That's good Koichi-kun." The choreographer told him. "Why don't you take a break for a minute while I work with Tsuyoshi-kun?"


"Thank you." Koichi went to the back of the room and sat down.


His handler handed him a bottle of water. "I'll report to the manager you're hard work today."


"If you wish." He took a drink. Then he looked into the mirror at Tsuyoshi.


*We have to debut.* Koichi thought. *We'll have more freedom if we debut.*


The handler's ketai rang. Koichi ignored her as she talked on it. Then she put up the ketai. "The manager would like to conference with the Kinki Kids as soon as the rehearsal is completed."


"Of course." His mind began to race as he thought of reasons why the manager would like to talk to them.


*I can't worry about it now.* he looked back to his partner.





The Kinki Kids had been called the management office after the program. Tsuyoshi sat in the waiting room. Two seats down, Koichi sat. He didn't look at his friend.He had been even colder then usual the past few weeks. Koichi's behavior was cold that Tsuyoshi wondered if their pretending to hate each other had crossed the line into reality.



His friend had refused to dress in front of people again. It was another reminder that his friend was going through. Koichi's giving himself up to their manager had freed Tsuyoshi from being abused.


The secretary answered a phone call. She put the phone down. "The Manager is ready to see you."


Koichi glanced at Tsuyoshi. His face had turned into a mask, showing no emotion."Are you ready?"


"Of course." Tsuyoshi got to his feet.


They followed the secretary into the manger's office. Then she turned and left. The manager looked them over. He gave Koichi a look that made Tsuyoshi sick inside.†† "Sit down boys."


"Yes sir." Tsuyoshi sat down. Koichi sat in the chair beside him.


"The two of you have followed to the letter the no fraternization rule." he lit a cigar and took a puff. "I've been very proud how you have reformed yourselves."


"Yes sir." Koichi said.


"You are a group. You have to get along."


"We have a business relationship." Koichi looks at Tsuyoshi."We promised we would keep it on a business level."


"You have done magnificently. But I think we need to change the orders." He set the cigar in an ashtray."Koichi will move back into the dorms. The two of you need to friends."


"Of course sir." Koichi said.


"My pet's been very well behaved since he returned to me." the Manager said."But I cannot trust him fully. Tomorrow morning security devices will be installed through out the dorms. Every movement of Koichiís will be watched and recorded. Any one who breaks a rule will be punished harshly."


"Thank you for letting me move back in the dorms Sir." Koichi told him.


"Just because you'll be living in the dorms, doesn't mean you'll stop being mine." The Manager gave him another long leering look."Do you understand me?"


"Yes sir,"


"I want the two of you to stand up." the Manager ordered.They did as they where told."Turn to each other." Koichi turned. "Now kiss each other!"


Koichi put his hands on Tsuyoshi's shoulders, and kissed him very lightly.


"Now kiss him again. You know how!" they were ordered.


This time, Koichi hesitated."I canít."


Tsuyoshi could remember when Okada had been ordered to kiss Tsuyoshi.He could still remember how his friend had refused. Okada had been beaten then thrown into the closet until he had agreed to cooperate.


"Do as your told!" the Manager thundered.


Tsuyoshi reached up, touching Koichi's cheek. "We must do as we're ordered."


"Tsu-chan." Koichi gasped.


Tsuyoshi was the one who took the lead, pulling Koichi close to him. He kissed him with pent up passion. Koichi hesitated for a second, and then kissed him back. They stood there for several minutes kissing. It was almost if they where alone in the room.


"That's enough!"


Tsuyoshi pulled away from his friend. For a brief instant he saw the real Koichi, and then his face turned back into the unfeeling mask.


"How did you feel?"


"Nothing, I feel nothing." His friend said in a monotone.


"Tsuyoshi, what kind of feelings do you have for Koichi?"


"He is my partner, nothing else." Tsuyoshi said.


"There are no sexual feelings between the two of you anymore?"


"None at all." He tried to ignore his bodies cry to make love to his friend.


"I all ready have the best lover." Koichi said. "I don't need another."


"Great." the Manager picked up the phone, and called for the car to be brought around. Then he put down the phone. "Tsuyoshi, you'll be going back to the dorm." He gave Koichi another look. "You'll stay with me tonight."


"I would like that sir." Koichi lied. Tsuyoshi knew his partner well enough to know he was lying.


The manager looked at Tsuyoshi. "Wait outside the door. Tell Joshima that Koichi will be moving back tomorrow evening."


"Of course sir." Tsuyoshi left the room. He sat on the chair beside the door.


He could hear the Manager through the door. "The two of you are hot together. It was almost like you had feelings for him."


"Thank you sir."


"Tsuyoshi's a good lay. I had him and Junichi perform for me before.He was hot with Junichi, but he was on fire right now with you.I would like to see it again. This time a private show."


Tsuyoshi felt a bit of panic.His manager wanted him back. *Don't panic, don't panic.*


*If it's with Koichi, it will be okay.*


"I promised myself only to you." Koichi said.


"You've entertained my business associates. What would be the difference with someone like Tsuyoshi? Of course, after you get done. I'll take my turn with him."


"Sir, you promised if I went with you, you would leave Tsuyoshi alone!"Suddenly the emotion was back in Koichi's voice. "I won't do that! I won't give you a private show! I'll kill myself if you make me!'


Tsuyoshi heard the unmistakable sound of a punch, and then a thud as something fell on the floor."If you don't do as I say, I will make your life hell!"


"I can't make love to him while youíre watching.I'll do anything you want." His partner said firmly. "Give me to anyone you want, beat me, lock me in the closet. I don't care what you do to me, as long as you leave Tsuyoshi alone!"


"So you still love him." the Manager said."Don't worry. I won't hurt your little boyfriend. As long as you follow the rules, and remain my pet."


"Of course Master." Koichi promised.


"You will be punished tonight. Do you understand me?"The Manager said. "Tell me you want it."


"I crave it." he said. "I look forward to it. Please Master, beat me tonight."


"Go tell Tsuyoshi to go home."


"Yes sir."


The door opened. Koichi came out. No longer was his face a mask.He looked ashamed."He wants you to go home."


"I'll wait for the car downstairs." Tsuyoshi looked into Koichi's eyes. He mouthed. "I love you."


Koichi gave a brief nod. "See you tomorrow." With that, his friend went back into the office.