Title: Purebred

By: Kyoko_godaikun@yahoo.com


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Note: This story features Inherited Vampires. These type of vampires where

created by the fanfic author Katrinka. Her concept used with her

permission. The basic difference between Inherited vampires and regular

vampires is the fact that Inherited can have children, and go out during

the day. Their children will also be a vampire, crossing over in their teens.



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Time: Summer 2003



Ueda had a new room mate in the Johnny's dorms. It was Kamenashi Kazuya, who everyone called Kame. He didn't really mind. Kame had been his first friend in the Juniors. When Kat Tun had been picked by Domoto Koichi to back dance for him, Kame had taken the lonely teen under his wing.


He moved around the room trying to be as quiet as he could. Kame had a migraine, a serious one. He complained that his eyes hurt. He had put a night shade on, so that the light wouldn't touch him.


There was a pounding on the door. He knew that it must be some of Kame's friends. His friend groaned and turned towards the wall.


Ueda went to answer it. He stepped into the hallway. It was Akanashi Jin and Nishikido Ryo.


"Is Kame here?" Ryo asked.


"No, he's not." Ueda lied.


"I know he's in there!" Jin moved towards him. "I can feel his presence!"


"Yes, he's in." Ueda admitted. "But he doesn't want to see anyone."


"Of course not weirdo!" Junno gave him a little shove.


"I want to see my boyfriend!" Jin demanded.


"He's sick." Ueda told him.


"Move hentai." The vampire tried to shove him out of the way.


Ueda didn't like to use his vampire powers, but he grabbed Jin's hands in his, and then shoved him hard into the opposite wall. "I said he wanted to be left alone!"


“The weirdo thinks he's so strong!" Ryo hit Ueda.


Ueda countered and hit Ryo back. Then he picked Ryo up and threw him into the other wall.


Ueda had been bullied many times by the two friends, but he couldn't let Kame be disturbed.


Ryo looked at Jin; Ueda could tell his was telepathing. Jin nodded, and both friends charged at Ueda, both hitting him. The two vampires were able to overcome Ueda, Jin pounding him over and over. 


Just then, Nakamaru came around the corner, followed by Tanaka Koki. He did not look pleased. "What on earth is going on?"


"The weirdo won't let us see Kame." Jin gave Ueda one last punch, and then let him go.


Ueda sank to the ground. Nakamaru went to his side. Helping him up. As he did, he telepathed. *Why won't you let them see Kame?*


*He's going through the turning.*


*Then he's a purebred.*


*Jin can't get near him. He wouldn't understand.*


"Both of you have to stop picking on Ueda. He's our leader." Nakamaru told them.


"He's a self centered, weirdo!" Ryo snorted. "He's not my leader anyway; I'm not in Kat Tun."


"He's not a real leader." Jin agreed. "We didn't choose him."


"You keep picking on him; I'll call the enforcers myself." Nakamaru told the pair.


"Why would the enforcers care if we beat up a weirdo?" Ryo asked.


"I'm a descendant of Dracula!" Jin told them. "I can pick on who ever I want."


*You can't tell them!* Ueda telepathed to Nakamaru.


*I have to. It's the only way they'll leave you alone.* He looked at the Jin and Koki. "Most descendants of Dracula have the sense not to pick on a Purebred. They know that it's against the code to do so."


"The only purebred in the group is you." Jin said. "That's why you should have been leader. Not some weirdo crossed over at a gay bar."


"I have never told you my heritage, because I hate Purebreds who think their better then any other inherited." Ueda told them.


"What heritage is that?" Jin snorted.


"I am a Purebred. I belong to the same clan as Nakamaru."


"I don't believe this!" Ryo said. "I think you’re making it up."


. "You always thought my eyes were colored contacts. I do wear them, but they are dark." Ueda took is contact case out of his pocket. Then he opened it. He took the brown contacts out. Then he put them up. He looked at them, revealing his white-blue eyes. Both vampires stared at him in shock.


"Will you tell me when Kame's feeling better?" Jin asked.


"Of course, I will." Ueda promised.


"What about our leader being a Purebred? Nakamaru asked Jin. "Will you pick on him again?"


"I won't hit him ever again." Jin promised. "That doesn't mean I respect you, Ueda."


Ueda watched as Jin and Ryo walked away.


"Jin's a baka." Koki who has been standing there the entire time, finally said.


Ueda looked at Koki. "Tell me about it. He has this strange idea I'm going to steal Kame away from him...”


Koki looked at him, and it felt as if he was looking through Ueda's soul. "Someday you will."





There was a very loud pounding on the door. All Kame could do was to moan, and turn over in his bed. Ueda had gone to answer it. He had a new roommate Ueda. One of the strangest people he had ever met.  He could remember the day the Agency had granted his request to dye his hair. Since then he had golden hair. It emphased his dark skin and his full lips. It gave him an alien feel.


He seemed to know Kame better then he knew himself.


He had overheard Ueda's fight with Ryo and Jin. He was surprised by Jin's lack of respect for Ueda. When he was around Kame, he acted as if he was Ueda's friend. Now he realized that all that was a lie. Just like most of his relationship with Jin was a lie.


*Why do I have to have a boyfriend who cheats on me?* He asked himself. *Why can't I break away from him?*


Ueda finally came back into the room. He closed the door. Kame's eyes hurt, but he had to see Ueda. His friend’s face was bruised. His eyes black, his lip swollen. He had taken on both Jin and Koki to protect him.


"How's the head?" Ueda tried to sound as if nothing was bothering him.


"The light, it hurts." Kame finally gasped.


Ueda closed the window blinds. Then he turned off the lights.


"Thank you." Kame relaxed.


Ueda took a bottle of wine out of the refrigerator. He poured himself a mug, he drank it down. He then put the bottle up.



"Are you hungry?" Ueda asked him.


"I throw up every time I eat." Kame told him.


"I didn't mean for food. Is there anything else you hunger for?"


"You wouldn't believe me." Kame tried to hide his hunger. It was beginning to take over everything. A hunger for blood.


"Your parents didn't teach you about the turning?" Ueda guessed.


"The turning?" he pretended to be ignorant. "What do you know about the turning?"


"My turning was in November. I can remember my eyes hurt the way yours did." Ueda sat on the bed beside him.


"What are you talking about?" he suddenly was very frightened. What he overheard was true. Ueda was a vampire.

"Can I see your eyes?"


Kame moved his hands, he looked towards Ueda. "What color are they?"



"Your eyes are completely sapphire." he explained. "Your first hunger is beginning."


"Then I'm going through the turning." Kame guessed. "Why is it so early? I thought it was supposed to be in another year."


"I was the same age as you are when I went through the turning."  Ueda told him. "Let me teach you how to control your hunger."


"Why can't I do it myself?"


"If you try to feed your first hunger on your own, many people could die." he paused. "I was alone during my first hunger. I killed nine people. You don't know the pain it is to feel the deaths of people who died simply to feed a hunger."


"Are you sure you want to?" Kame finally asked.


 "You don't have to like me. But I can help you, if you will let me."


'Who says I don't like you?"


"Not very many people do." Ueda shrugged. "I'm too strange. I've never fit in anywhere."

"I hunger, what can I do?"


Kame watched with fascination as Ueda's fangs formed, and then he cut open his wrist with them. He held his wrist up. "You must drink from me."


Kame took hiss’s roommates wrist in his hand and drank. At first the blood seemed to be revolting. Then suddenly it became the most wonderful tasting thing on earth.


After a while, Ueda pulled his wrist away from him. "Rest now; it won't belong till the hunger returns."


Kame settled down on the bed. For the first time ever, Kame was able to feel someone. He felt Ueda's presence. He also felt a great loneliness from his friend.


 Ueda lit a few candles. No longer were the candles a flickering annoyance. Instead, they seemed to be warm and calming. Ueda's strangeness now no longer seemed strange to him. Kame could almost feel the world through his friend's eyes. He had always been alone, with very few friends. He had never cared what people thought of him, so he always acted as his real self.





Two hours passed. Ueda practiced the songs on his keyboard. It made Kame feel calmer. He had always enjoyed piano music. His friend was very gifted at the keyboards.  In the time, Ueda's bruises had faded to the point that they where almost gone.


Kame's mouth began to feel very strange.


"My mouth itches." Kame finally was able to say.


"It’s your fangs growing. Your hunger will begin to build again soon." He stopped playing. "Do the candles hurt your eyes?"


"No, they seem to make the room feel welcoming...” he paused.”The hunger is coming back."


"Then it's time to feed again," Ueda went back to him. "I must kiss you; it's the way of our kind before we feed."


"All right."


Ueda kissed Kame very gently. Kame could feel his fangs grow even more.  Ueda guided Kame's mouth to his neck. Then he heard inside of his mind. "When you bite me, it must be gentle. It hurts more if the bite is hard."


Kame bit down. He was surprised that Ueda gasped, and arched back in orgasm.


When he was finished, he pulled away from Ueda. "How did my biting you make you come?"


"It's a payoff. Your get food from someone, they get an orgasm in return." he edged Kame back down to the bed. "You must rest."


"What will happen next?"


"More feedings, or?" Ueda looked away, almost embarrassed.


"Or what?"


"Nothing," Ueda told him. He got back up and went to the keyboards. He picked up some sheet music and began to practice.



It had been several hours since Ueda had begun to teach Kame how to be a vampire. He had been taught how to deal with the cravings. How to feed himself without having to resort to killing.



Ueda stepped out for what he had planned to be a few moments to get some more bottles of blood. It had taken longer then he had planned. Almost two hours. He thought of Kame, he hoped his friend would be all right.


He returned to the dorm. As he unlocked the door, he could hear growling from Kame's bed. The room was almost pitch black, which made Ueda think his friend, was asleep. So he quickly put away the bottles, and then lit some candles to light the room.


He found Kame lying in his bed, his arm handcuffed to the bed frame. His wrist was bruised, bloody, from trying to struggle against it. .



*I want him.* He could hear Kame think, then he thought. *No, must fight this! I can't hurt him!*


Ueda glanced at Kame's midsection. His friend was hard, very hard. Ueda got a sinking sensation in the pit of his stomach. His friend was showing all the symptoms of blood lust. He would have to get relief from it soon, before he became too strong and hurt someone innocent.




"Kazuya, do you feel like you must have sex?"


"Yes, stay away from me. I could hurt you."


Ueda realized he should call Jin. But he knew that if Jin helped Kame through the bloodlust, it could destroy their relationship. There was nothing else Ueda could do. He had to help his friend. He had been attacked once by his cousin who was going through bloodlust.  He just hoped that it would be different because it was Kame.



"I can't hurt anyone." Kame moaned. "I have to stop myself."


"You won't hurt me." Ueda lied. He took off his clothes; he put them on his bed. Then he moved towards Kame.


"Stay away from me." He warned. “I’m having a hard time controlling myself."


"Where are the keys?"


"I can't tell you that."


"I promised to help you." He looked around the room. He saw the keys on the dresser top. He picked them up, and then turned back to Kame. "I need to unlock you."


"Leave me the way I am." Kame ordered. "I want to hurt you. I can't hurt you."


"You have to give into your cravings, or you'll die." Ueda bent down, kissing Kame's lips.


Kame's body responded to the touch. His tongue shoving itself roughly into his friend’s mouth. He arched up, trying to get his body closer to Ueda's.


"Let me unlock you." Ueda told him.


All Kame could do was nod. 


Ueda unlocked Kame. Then he settled onto the bed. He kissed Kame again, and then his friend pushed him onto his back.  Then the nightmare began of Kame's first bloodlust.



It was near dawn when Kame finally was finished with him. He hurt all over.


He decided he needed a shower. He put his robe on and got his bath things together. Then with a look back to the sleeping Kame, he left the room. He walked towards the bathroom. He pulled his robe around him. Hoping staff members who had come for other juniors wouldn't notice him.


In one shower stall he could hear little yips, almost like a small dog. Then someone's deeper groans. Someone had decided to make love in a shower. He gave a quick peek. It was Nakamaru and Koki. The two members who were madly in love, but tried to keep their relationship secret even from their friends.


Ueda decided to leave his friends in peace. He went to the stall farthest from theirs. Ueda took off his robe, and for the first time looked at himself in the mirror. His body was bruised, battered. His friend, his first ever friend had hurt him this way. He turned on the water and got under it. Letting the water wash away his pain.


He wasn't sure how much time had passed when he heard Nakamaru's voice. "Ueda, it's safe to come out."


Ueda didn't say anything. Nakamaru came into the stall and turned the water off. Then he took a good look at Ueda.


"It's not what you think." Ueda said quickly.


"Who did this to you?" Nakamaru demanded. "Tell me, I'll make sure he pays."


"Kame's in bloodlust." He picked up his robe and put it back on. "He can't help what he did to me."


"How can you forgive him so easily?"


"I just do." he gathered up his shower stuff.


"Does he know you love him?" Nakamaru asked softly.


"He's all ready involved with someone. He doesn't need my feelings complicating his life." Ueda said truthfully.


"Koki has premonitions." Nakamaru told him. "He's told me that he feels the two of you will someday be bonded."


"Koki's a baka."


That made Nakamaru smile. "He might be, but he is my baka."






Kame was the first to wake. He looked at his friend sleeping in the next bed.  His shoulders were bruised. There where handprints around his neck, where he had chocked him during the bloodlust. His friend had moved back to his own bed sometime after he had fallen asleep.


*So it wasn't a dream."


He could still hear in his mind the cries of pain as he had forced Ueda to fulfill his bloodlust. The attack had gone on for what seemed like hours. Then Ueda crying to himself after words.


 He hated himself for what he had done. Not only that, he hated himself for enjoying it.



"I love you, how can I have hurt you?" He asked the sleeping Ueda.


Finally after a few minutes, Ueda's eyes flickered open. He looked at the ceiling. He reached up, rubbing an eye. His wrist was bruised. He sensed from Ueda fear. His friend was terrified that it would happen again.


 "I'm sorry." Kame finally said. “I hurt you. I promised myself I would never hurt you."


"You only did what your body demanded." Ueda sounded sad. "Don't hate yourself."


"What happened to me? Why did I have to rape you?"


"It's called bloodlust. When we purebloods cross over, we usually go through it." Ueda tried to sound as if it didn't matter.


"Blood lust?"


"It's the term we use when the need for blood intermixes with the need to mate."


"Will this happen again?"


"It's like your first blood cravings. It will happen several times, until it starts tapering off." He explained. "Then, you'll wake and the bloodlust will be gone."



"I'll hurt you again."


"It would be worse on you to fight it."


"But you?"


"I'll be here for you, when the bloodlust comes again."  He promised.


"I can't live with myself knowing I abused you."


"I'm used to being abused."  He told him.


"Who hurt you?"


"My cousin, He lived with my family, and shared my bedroom. I was ten when it happened. He went through bloodlust." Ueda looked sad think about it. "After he was finished with bloodlust, he decided that he liked abusing me."


"I was abused too." Kame admitted. "My parents were trying for a girl. There aren't enough purebred girls. But instead they got me. Another boy, my father hates me."


"How old were you the first time it happened?"


"He came to my room the first time when I was eleven."


"What happened between us wasn't abuse." Ueda promised. "We both know how that feels."





Ueda played the keyboards. He tried to push the bloodlust out of his mind. It had been bad, very bad. His friend abusing his body again and again. He wasn't sure what was worse, the pain of the attack, or his friend's guilt.


Not only that, he knew that it would happen several more times. The only reason he stayed was the memories of the people that Ueda had killed during his own bloodlust. Letting Kame use him saved innocent people's lives.


He realized that Kame was watching him.  "It's beginning again."


*Oh goddess, not all ready.* Ueda turned off the keyboards.  "Did it just start?"


"Yes, it did." He admitted.


"Then we should love now." Ueda tried to hide his terror as he took off his robe.


"I can't hurt you again."


"If we love before it gets out of control, it will be all right." He lied. He kissed Kame very gently. He felt Kame sigh, and kiss him back.


"Why are you doing this for me?" He asked between kisses.


"You're my friend." Ueda told him simply. .*I can't let you know the truth.*


Kame eased him onto the bed, so that he was lying on his back. He felt Kame taking his hands, pulling them over his head. Then he was kissing him again. There was a hunger in the kisses, but this time, not the brute force.


Ueda spread his legs, and let Kame settle between them. Then he pushed his way into his friend. "Forgive me."




Ueda growled as Kame began to love him.  Kame let go of his hands, and he put his arms around him. This time it felt like love, not terror. He let his fingers rake his friend's back.


*I love you, I love you so much.* He heard Kame telepath to him.


Ueda knew that Kame's feelings were simply from taking his blood. This time, he didn't care. He let the feelings overcome him. Soon he was arching his body towards Ueda's. Matching every stroke of his, with his own stroke. It was going fast, too fast. His mouth began to make small groans with every thrust. It seemed to spurn on his lover.


Then suddenly everything exploded. He could hear his voice scream 'Kazuya."


Then Kame was biting his neck, and coming himself. Ueda wanted to take his lover's blood, but knew this was enough.


He pulled Kame into his arms. His friend's head settled on his shoulder.


"Did it hurt this time?" Kame asked


"No, it felt good, really good." Ueda told him. "The other time is gone. What I'll always remember is this time."


"Can I call you Tatsuya?" he asked.


"I would like that." Ueda kissed his forehead. "Go to sleep my love."


"I love you." Kame's eyes flickered shut.


He held his lover as he fell asleep. He reminded himself that Kame's words were a lie. That he didn't love him. That in a few days, he would be back with Jin. All Ueda would have was a memory. A wonderful memory of what might have been.  He remembered Koki’s words, that Ueda would take Kame away from Jin.


"If only they where true." He told his sleeping lover. "I wish I could be at your side forever."





Over the three days, Ueda helped Kame become a vampire. They had gone through bloodlust several times together. After the first time, the bloodlust seemed to be more like making love. There was no force in it; instead it was one friend helping the other. He was happy with Ueda, very happy. Every making love session made their first time more and more distant, until it felt like it was only a nightmare.


Taking Ueda's blood so many times made Kame get to know him. He could feel from the blood that his friend was in love with him. It gave Kame the hope that they might be together.


He woke to hear Ueda practicing his keyboards. He opened his eyes. He lover looked like an angel in the morning sun. As he watched him, Kame came to a decision. *I want to spend my life with you.*


"How was your sleep?" Ueda asked.


"I no longer hunger."


'That's good. You've totally turned."


"Come back to bed."


Ueda shook his head. : I don't think that would be a good idea."


"I love you, I know you love me. What's so wrong with us being together?"


"The problem is, you don't love me." Ueda looked very sad.


"I do, I know I do."


"The feelings you have are merely a reflection from my blood." he seemed to be on the verge of tears. "You feel my feelings for you, and are giving them back to me."


"So you won't come to bed."


"We can never be together again." he turned away from Kame. "You can never take my blood again."


"What about your feelings for me, don't they count?"


"You're my first friend since I joined Johnny’s It's natural for me to love you...” Ueda began to cry. "In a day, maybe two, you'll realize the truth."


"If a week passes, and I still feel this way for you. What then?"


"We can't be together. You all ready have a boyfriend." Ueda wiped his face. "You can never tell Jin about bloodlust. Even though he's a vampire, he won't understand."


Jin, in the past few days, Kame had forgotten about his boyfriend. "What can I tell him?"


"Get dressed and go to him. He's probably worried about you." He paused. "Tell him the truth about being a purebred."




Kame walked down the hallway of the dorm towards Jin's room. It felt as if he had been thrown out of his own room. He could feel the presence of vampires. He closed his eyes and concentrated. There were a total of nine in the dorms. Including his own boyfriend. He wore dark glasses, to hide his sapphire eyes.


He stopped for a moment and looked back at His dorm room door. He could feel Ueda. He thought of him. His room mate was sitting on his bed, sobbing heart broken. Kame could feel a pain deep in his heart. Ueda had given up his own happiness to make sure that Kame was happy. Jin had never done that. Jin was selfish, only thinking of his own pleasure.


 Kame wished that Ueda had taken his blood at least once. Perhaps he might have been able to understand how miserable Kame was with Jin.


Jin could feel the presence of Jin in his room, and someone else. Not his roommate Koki. But Ryo. Kame didn't like Ryo. It had nothing to do with the fact that he was carrying on an affair with Jin. His boyfriend had many lovers. Instead, it was the way Ryo had always picked on Ueda.


Kame went to the lounge and waited. He reached over and turned on the TV. He tried to busy himself with watching, though his mind was on what he knew he must do. He had felt a dark stirring from Jin. He could remember what his mother had told him about the stirring. A descendant of Dracula. Those vampires were the elite of the vampire world.


After about an hour, he could see Ryo walking down the hallway. Jin at his side. They held hands, that is, until Jin saw Kame. Then he let go of Ryo's hand. He said something to Ryo. Who went back to his dorm room on his own.


Jin went into the lounge. He sat down on the couch beside Kame. "How's the headache?"


"It's better."


"I've missed you."


"Sure you have." Kame took off his dark glasses, revealing his eyes. Then he lowered his barriers.


Jin looked startled. "Ueda give you some of his contacts?"


"These are my natural eyes." he told him.


"You're a purebred." Jin gasped. "Why didn't you ever tell me?"


"Same reason you didn't tell me you where a descendent of Dracula." Kame tried to sound cool. "At least I now understand why you constantly cheat on me."


"I don't cheat on you." He lied.


"Don't play me for a fool!" Kame snapped. "You've been cheating since almost the first day we've been together."


"What if I have?" Jin too tried to play cool, even though Kame could feel terror from his boyfriend.


"I deserve more then someone whose blood makes him want to stray constantly."


"You're breaking up with me." Jin guessed.


"I have to." He paused. "Besides, you have Ryo. Does he know you've been going with me? The truth Jin!"


"No, he thinks he's the only one."


"Then you won't be alone." Kame got to his feet. "Sayonara."


Without looking back once, Kame went back to his room.






Ueda looked at Kame's empty bed. He had only stayed in the juniors because of his friendship for Kame. Now his feelings of love for Kame were bringing to many complications to the group.  He knew that he would have to leave. He took out a suitcase, and opened it on his bed. Then opened up a drawer, and began to pack his things. He hoped he could be gone before his friend came back.


He could hear Kame unlock the door. Then his friend came in, he stared at Ueda. "What are you doing?"


"I'm quitting."


"Why would you do quit?"


"It's for the best if I leave."


'What about Kat Tun? You're the U."


"The agency will have to find another U." Ueda tried to sound like it didn't matter. But inside he hated having to leave the group. "If Maru became leader, it would help the group. They respect him. It would be for the good of the group."


"What would the other members say?"


"No one would care if I left. I don't have any friends in the group."


"You have me. I love you."


"No, I can no longer be your lover." He looked away from Kame. Tears stung his eyes. *Don't cry, don't cry.*


"Please stay with Kat Tun. Even if we'll never be together, I can't live without your friendship."



"You'll be satisfied with being only friends?"


"Yes, I would." he said truthfully. "You're the leader. The group needs you."


"You’ll put the good of the group above your feelings?" he sounded amazed.


"It would be better to have a one sided love, then not have you in Kat Tun."



"Are you sure?"


  He held out his wrist. "Take my blood. Read the truth from it."

Ueda took the offered wrist. He bit down gently. Then for the first time ever, he tasted Kame's blood. He realized with the first drop, that he should have taken it during the turning. He learned about Kame's unselfish love. A love he had before the turning. A love that put Ueda's happiness before his own.


 "You were telling the truth."


"Please don't leave."


 "I think it might be better if I stay." He told Kame. "Can you help me unpack?"


"Of course leader." Kame smiled that smile Ueda loved. The picked up a stack of clothes and went to the dresser. He opened the drawer and put them in.


"Why aren't you with Jin?" Ueda asked. "I thought the two of you would spend some quality time together."


"I broke up with him." He picked up more clothes. "I wasn't his only boyfriend. He cheated on me almost constantly. I think I'd rather be alone then cheated on."


*I'd never cheat on you.* Ueda thought as he watched Kame unpack. His friend would be happy to simply be his friend. But Ueda realized he wanted more then that.


"I have a problem," He finally said.


"What's that?" Kame asked.


"If I stay in Kat Tun, I can't live as just your leader, or your friend.” Ueda said softly. "I want to be your lover. I won't be like Jin. I'd never cheat on you."


He stood, waiting, afraid of what the response would be. Then Kame put the clothes he was holding down. He turned to Ueda. He reached out, touching Ueda's cheek. Then Kame was kissing his lips.




Afterwards they laid in bed, just holding each other. Neither wanted to pull away or be the first one to break the spell.


There was a knocking on the door. Kame pulled away from him. He looked annoyed.  "It's Jin."


"Are you going to answer it?"


Kame grabbed his pants and want to the door. He opened it. "What is it?"



"We have to talk." Jin pushed his way into the room. He barely glanced at the bed. "Can you leave us alone Ueda?"


"There's nothing you can't say to me, that you can't say to Tatsuya."


"Tatsuya?" Jin's voice was mocking. "Why are you calling the weirdo Tatsuya?"


"That's my name." Ueda gave a half smile. "Get rid of the baka, and come to back to bed."


Jin looked at Ueda, then at Kame. "You and the weirdo?"


"Stop calling him that. He's our leader."


"You and the weirdo?" Jin repeated in shock. "Why would you leave me for Ueda?"


"Tatsuya's everything I want in a man."


"Yeah, if you want a poor imitation of Gackt!" Jin snorted. "Ueda gives all vampires a bad name."


Kame punched Jin, hard in the face. "Don't you ever talk about my lover that way again!"


Jin countered and punched Kame back, in the mouth. Kame’s lip began to bleed.


“Get out!” Ueda ordered.


"All right, I'm leaving." Jin moved towards the door. "I'll never come back. You missed your chance. I'm going back to Ryo. He’s a much better lover then you are."


The news didn't seem to anger Kame. "Good bye Jin."


He locked the door behind Jin. He turned back to Ueda. "I'm sorry I punched Jin."


Ueda went to Kame, getting a cloth and wiping his bleeding mouth. "I'm not."


"I thought you didn't like violence."


"Well, this is different isn't it?" He put the cloth down, and then reached out, touching Kame's bruised cheek. "You're lucky you're a vampire."


"I don't look too good?"


That made Ueda smile. "Jin looks worse then you do."


"You going to punish me for fighting, Leader?" Kame teased.


"Yeah," Ueda kissed his battered lips. *I'm confining you to quarters.*


*Of course, Leader.* Kame said, kissing his new lover back.



Ueda pulled away from him. He lay down on his bed.  "Come back to bed, Kazuya."


Kame did as he was told, stopping only to take off his pants. Then Ueda slipped his arms around him, and kissed him again.