Title: Random Acts of Kindness
Group/pairing: Akame

Author: Kyoko_godaikun
Rating: PG
Summary: Jin decides that even after Kame’s broken up with him, that perhaps giving his former lover gifts will make him happy.
Word count: 1716

Part of the jexchange postings


It had been a year since Kame and Jin’s relationship had gone from being lovers to being just friends. Kame knew that Jin wasn't serious about their relationship. Jin had another lover, and that fact had hurt Kame even though they had never had a real commitment.

Jin considered their relationship to be a friendship with benefits. That fact bothered Kame. It really bothered him. It bothered him so much that Kame broke up with him. Kame thought that if he let Jin go for awhile that perhaps Jin would change. But Jin hadn’t changed. Instead all that had changed was the date on the calendar.

It was the anniversary of their break up, and it still bothered Kame. Never in their relationship had Jin given Kame anything nice. The nice things were reserved for Jin’s real lover.

One day Kame went into his dressing room. There was a little stuffed bear on the table. Kame knew it had to come from a girl. He knew a guy wouldn’t give another guy a stuffed animal. The rest of the group had laughed, and Koki suggested throwing it away.

Instead, Kame had shoved the little bear into his bag. He wasn’t the self centered type of idol who would throw away their gifts. He would give the animal to charity later.

That had been the beginning. Almost every day Kat-Tun worked together, someone was left for him. This time it was a bag of chips with a type written note. "You're all that and a bag of chips."

"What's that?" Maru came into the dressing room.

"Someone left me a gift." He showed his friend the chips. "All that and a bag of chips. What does that mean?"

"It's an American term." Maru tried to explain. "It means that the person who gave you the chips thinks you’re hot."

"An American term...." Kame mused. "Jin was in America." He smiled to himself as he imagined Jin putting the bag on his table.

"Do you really think Jin would give anyone anything?" Maru asked. "He's very self centered. You of all people should know that."

"I suppose he wouldn't." Kame realized. "Then who could it be?"

"Ueda knows some English." Maru suggested. "Do you think it's him?"

"Why would it be him?"

"He knows English.”

“So does Koki,” Kame pointed out. “Perhaps I should ask Koki out!”

“No! You can’t go out with him! Koki’s mine!” Maru said quickly. "Why don't you ask Ueda out?"

"I don't know..."

"You need to move on." Maru tried to encourage. “You’ll feel better if you get out.”

A PM came in and told Maru he was needed again. Maru left, and Jin and Ueda came into the room.

"Whatcha got?" Jin asked.

"Someone gave me chips." Kame looked at Ueda. "How much English do you know?"

"Enough," Ueda shrugged.

Kame opened the bag of chips and began to munch on them. It was his favorite flavor.

“Can I have some?” Jin smiled.

“Sure,” He handed the bag to Jin. That was the one good thing about the break up, Kame could now consider Jin a real friend.

His ex-boy friend took a couple of chips and passed them back. “Thanks.”

Kame knew he should move on. That it would be better in the long run if got on with his life. But he couldn't. There was still a part of him that loved Jin very much.


Jin was a man with a mission. He had been apart from Kame for a year. That year he had a change of heart about being with Kame. He had always considered what they had casual. It wasn’t real love. Besides, Jin had a boy friend.

Soon after Kame broke up with Jin, His other lover had also broken up with him. Pi had someone else, someone that he really loved.

Jin had been very lonely in America. He had really, really missed Kame. But talking to his former lover on the phone hadn’t helped. Kame just wanted to be friends.

Jin didn’t blame him. He decided that he would have to pay back Kame. He would give to Kame as much as Kame gave to him. Not to win his former lover back, instead he wanted to thank him.

Jin had heard on an American TV show about random acts of kindness. He would give to Kame without any thoughts of getting back in return. Every day he brought Kame a present. He had never given Kame presents in their relationship. This was different. This was him just giving. He liked it.

Somehow Kame had gotten it into his head that it was Ueda giving the gifts. That didn't matter to Jin. He would pick every gift especially for Kame. Every time making sure it was something that Kame would like.

Jin arrived early at rehearsal. He slipped the present out of his bag and put it on Kame's table.

"So you're the mysterious gift giver." Ueda said as he came into the room.

"Don't tell Kame." Jin said quickly.

"Why shouldn't I tell Kame?" Ueda asked. "You're doing this so you can get him back."

"No, I'm not." Jin insisted. "I'm doing this so that Kame can have something nice."

"That makes no sense." Ueda told him.

"I know, it probably doesn't." Jin said. "I don't deserve to have Kame back. But I want him to be happy."

Just then the rest of the members arrived. The conversation turned to other things. Jin couldn’t help but notice that Kame smiled when he saw the present. It was the special smile that Jin had missed. The smile that Jin would give up everything to see one more time. The smile that had left Kame’s lips the day that he had found out that he wasn’t the only one in Jin’s heart.


"I found who your stalker is." Ueda had texted to Kame. "Come early to work tomorrow and you will find out."

Kame didn't know why he was doing what Ueda wanted. Still, he came in early. What he saw surprised him. Jin was all ready in the dressing room; he took something out of his bag and set it on Kame's dressing room table. He then kissed his fingers and ran his fingers over the present.

Kame couldn't believe it. Jin was the one that had given him the gifts? He stepped forwards a step, and made a small noise.

Jin looked at him; suddenly he looked very, very guilty. "Hi Kame."

Hey Jin, what are you doing?" Kame asked coming into the room.

"Nothing." Jin moved to leave. “I just thought I would come to work early.”

Kame grabbed Jin’s arm as he passed him. "Don't you want to see me open the gift?"

"No," Jin looked terrified.

"Then why give it to me?" Kame demanded.

"You wouldn't understand." Jin said softly.

"What if I told you I still love you?" Kame asked him. “That I think we should get back together.”

"No," Jin suddenly looked very sad. "You told me that you would never take me back."

"Then why give me the presents?"

"I just want you to be happy." He confessed. "I wanted to give to you without expecting anything in return."

Looking into Jin's eyes, Kame realized that Jin was telling the truth. Kame smiled. "What you gave me was everything I wanted. How did you know?"

"I listened to you talking to others. I learned a lot about you that way." Jin admitted. "So I would get you want you desired."

"It was wonderful, thank you." Kame tried to get Jin to smile, but Jin just looked sad. "Jin, why are you acting like this?"

"I just want your happiness." Jin told him. "I no longer care about me. The only thing that matters is you."

“What about you’re other boy friends?” Kame asked. “Do they know you’re giving me presents?”

“I’m alone,” Jin admitted. “I deserve to be alone, after what I did to you. I will always regret hurting you.”

That was when Kame realized just how much Jin had changed. Jin the self-centered baka might still be a baka, but he had matured. Jin had changed so much that Kame knew that he would have to be the one to take the first step.

"There's one more thing I want." Kame told him. "If I ask you for it, will you give it to me?"

"I'll give you anything." Jin said seriously. “Just name it; if I can afford it, I give it to you.”

"Promise you'll give it to me."

"I promise." Jin looked away from him.

"I want to take you back." Kame finally said.

"We will never get back together." Jin reminded him. "I hurt you too much."

"You changed when we were apart. You became mature, you think of others." Kame told him. "I fell in love with this Jin."

Still, Jin hesitated. "Are you sure?"

Kame put his arms around the taller man, resting his head on Jin's broad shoulder. "You promised to give me anything I wanted." He squeezed Jin. "This is what I want."

How can you trust me after what I did to you?”

“Because you’ve changed.”
Kame kissed Jin’s neck. “I think that this time it might be different.”

“I’ll never cheat on you again,” Jin vowed.

“I know,”

Jin stood there for a moment, unmoving. Then Kame felt Jin's arms go around him. One hand stroking his hair. "I never thought I would feel your arms around me again."

"I love you too much to let you go this time." Kame looked up. He grabbed Jin behind the head and pulled his lips down to his. Then he kissed Jin's lips. Jin paused for a moment, and kissed Kame back.

Jin pulled away from him just a bit. “I do love you Kazuya.”

“I know,” Kame smiled at him. Jin smiled the special smile that he had only given Kame. Then they were kissing again. This time they knew they would never let the other go.