Title: The Return

Author: Kyoko Godaikun

Email: kyoko_godaikun@yahoo.com

Disclaimer: I donít own Domoto Koichi or Domoto Tsuyoshi. They own each other.

Warning: This story contains Bishonnen Ai. Do not read if you are offended by Male/male love

Warning two: This story discusses non-consensual sexual abuse and violence. Do not read if you are offended by this

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Time: May 1997


It had been a very long year since Domoto Koichi had left the dorms. He could still remember Tsuyoshi standing at the window watching him leave. Koichi had broken up with his best friend that day. He knew that giving himself up would take his friend from him. But knowing his friend was safe made it worth it.


Domoto Koichi was returning to the dorms. His friend Okada Junichi sat in the back of the car with him. He had come with Leader to pick him up.Two days after leaving the dorms Okada had slipped Koichi a note from Tsuyoshi.That had begun the passing of notes that had been the friendís only real communication.Okada had been indispensable in helping the two teenagers stay together.††


"Are you excited to see Tsuyoshi?" Okada asked.


"I see him all the time." He tried to sound blasť; Koichi fingered the ring that his best friend had given him. He thought of it as the tie that connected them.


"You know what I mean," Okada smiled."You'll be able to be alone with him without the handlers."


"I've missed Tsuyoshi." Koichi admitted. "What's strange is it's the little things I miss. Working on homework together, Sitting in the back area talking. I even miss doing chores with Tsuyoshi."


"You're no longer in charge of the rice." Okada held up his camera, taking a picture of Koichi. "You don't have chores anymore."


"Koichi's getting ready to debut." Leader said from the driverís seat. "He's been busy."


Leader parked, and then he got out. Koichi waited for a moment then remember there would be no more limo drivers for him.Koichi stepped out onto the pavement.He looked around; he noticed Tsuyoshi was standing inside the door of the dorms watching him. There eyes met for a moment.Then Tsuyoshi turned and walked away.


*He's waiting for me.*


Okada got out of the back seat.He raised his camera to his eyes, and took Koichi's picture.†† Leader reached over and whacked Okada on the head.

"We better go in." Leader said.


They went inside the dorms. He noticed that Tsuyoshi was standing with his new roommate Sakamoto on the other side of the main room.There where other dorm mates there.That meant that Koichi would have to pretend for a little while longer.


"Is the slut back?" Ken asked bitterly. He was sitting with Morita Go on a couch.


"It has to be Ko-chan. Look how Tsuyoshiís acting." Morita teased.


Koichi went to his locker. He opened it. Inside was a new pair of slippers. He slipped his shoes off, and put the slippers on. Then he put his shoes up. He then looked up. Tsuyoshi was standing near him.


"I'm home." Koichi said.


"Welcome back." Tsuyoshi told him. Their eyes met. For a brief few moments they looked into each other's eyes.Koichi wanted to run to his partner, to hold him. He looked around, at the others.Any one of them could be a spy for the Manager.


Koichi turned to Okada. "We better get up to our room."


"Hai." The younger man said.


Koichi, closely followed by Okada walked past his partner without saying another word.Tsuyoshi slipped a note into his hand.


Koichi turned to Leader.†† "Something is going to happen tomorrow.It's because of me, but you need to be warned."


"What?" Leader asked.


"Security devices are going to be installed in the dorms. We won't be able to go anywhere without being watched."


"Whose idea was that?" Okada asked.


"The Manager thinks if he has security devices in here, he can keep an eye on everyone." Koichi explained."If his people see any rules broken, especially the no sexual relationships, there will be hell to pay."


"Where will the security devices be placed?" Leader asked.


"The devices will be everywhere. It will be like inside the mansion." Koichi said."We need to warn everyone."


"Your right, we do." Leader looked at Okada. "You'll help me tell everyone the news."


"All right, but do I have to tell Mortia and Ken?" there was a look of distaste on younger teen's face.


"I'll put you in charge of telling them. If you forget, that isn't my fault."Leader smiled.




"Koichi's back." Tsuyoshi's roommate Sakamoto told him. He was standing at the mirror brushing his hair.


"Yes, I know." Tsuyoshi grabbed his sketch pad and lay down on his new bed. Tsuyoshi was still getting used to his new roommate. Sakamoto was a good roommate; he was just a cleanliness freak.


"You need to go visit him."


"If I had my own way, I would still be his roommate." Tsuyoshi reminded him. "I'm not allowed to be alone with Koichi."


"No one will tell on you." Sakamoto put the brush down. "The Manager's having security devices installed tomorrow. Tonight might be the last time in a long time for you to spend the night with Koichi."


"What if he turns me down?"


"If he does turn you down, do you mind finding somewhere else to sleep?" Sakamoto grabbed his shirt and put it on. "I'm going to have a guest."


"You'll be spending the night with Okada." Tsuyoshi guessed.


"We have one last night together." Sakamoto told Tsuyoshi. "After tonight, my relationship with Junichi will change."




"The Manager will call for Junichi if he found out that he broke the rules." Sakamoto said seriously. "I can't have him being hurt because of me. I have to protect him."


"Don't worry. If Koichi turns me down, I'll sleep on a couch in the main room." Tsuyoshi told him. He realized he was even more like Okada then he had thought. Both had lovers that protected him.Tsuyoshi put up his sketch pad and left the room.


Tsuyoshi walked the steps to Koichi's room. It was on the second floor, while his new room was on the third.

Tsuyoshi was nervous as he unlocked Koichi's bedroom door. Until Koichi had returned, it had been his room. He had never been asked to turn in his key. He stood for a moment, trying to gather his courage. Koichi had been so cold to him lately. Tsuyoshi was worried that Koichi's feelings for him had changed.


Tsuyoshi finally opened the door.He locked the door behind him.He found Koichi sitting on his bed, reading a script. Koichi had become more handsome in their separation. His broken nose now looked better then it did before it had been broken. Koichi's hair now brushed his shoulders.


His friend didn't look up. "Welcome back."


"Studying?" Tsuyoshi smiled.


"I have a new drama." Koichi told him. "I start rehearsing tomorrow."


"I see," Tsuyoshi went to Koichi; he reached out touching his cheek. Then he kissed him.


"What are you doing?" Koichi pulled away from him. "You think you can just walk in here and kiss me?"


"Gomen Na," Tsuyoshi let his hand drop.


"Why are you here?" Koichi demanded.


"Sakamoto asked me to find somewhere else to sleep tonight." Tsuyoshi tried to explain.


"So you decided to impose on me?" Koichi said harshly.


"I thought your behavior in the past was only an act. But I was wrong, you do hate me." Tsuyoshi turned to leave. "I'll go downstairs and study.When I get tired, I'll sleep on the couch. I'm sorry I bothered you."


"Tsu-chan, please don't go." Koichi's voice was suddenly soft, gentle.


Tsuyoshi stopped his hand on the lock."You're busy studying."


"Tsu-chan, I'm sorry." Koichi quickly got to his feet. He put his had on top of his friends.'I didn't mean to talk to you so harshly."


"It couldn't be helped." Tsuyoshi's hand began to tremble. "I assumed too much. Please let me go."


"I have had to wear a mask for a long time. Everything I did at the mansion is videotaped. I forgot to take my mask off when I got here." Koichi tried to explain.


"You wear a mask?"


"Anything I do wrong is punished. I am punished for having the wrong feelings." Koichi paused. "I learned to wear a mask. I have to keep the real me hidden."


"So your behavior towards me isn't real?"


"This past year has been hell." Koichi told him. "The only thing that kept me sane in all of this was looking at your ring.I knew it would be all right, because you where waiting for me."


"What would happen if I stayed?"


"I'd like it if we could talk. It's been hard not being your friend. Looking at you, never being allowed to tell you my feelings." he admitted. "I miss your friendship."


"What if the Manager calls for you?"


"He won't tonight, he has a business party." Koichi reached out, unlocking the door. "Go, you're free. I'll never mention my love for you again. I know that time has changed everything."


*Koichi feels as uncomfortable as I do.* Tsuyoshi realized. He locked the door. Then turned and he hugged his friend."I can't leave you."


He could feel his friend trembling. "Are you sure?"


"You're the other half of my soul."


"You overheard him asking me to perform with you." There was pain in Koichi's voice. "I betrayed you. The Manager knows my feelings for you!"


Tsuyoshi reached up, stroking Koichi's silky hair. "I would have hated you forever if you had agreed with his wishes."


"I'm so ashamed."


"You're back with me. That's all that matters."Tsuyoshi kissed his best friend gently.


Koichi returned the kiss.†† The kiss quickly became passionate, frenetic. The teen's tongues battling for control. Tsuyoshi felt a thrill go through him.†† Tsuyoshi realized his soul had healed enough to be with his friend. He wanted to make love to Koichi. He pulled Koichi's shirt out of his pants.


As they kissed, Koichi unbuttoned Tsuyoshi's shirt, pulling off over his shoulders. Tsuyoshi pulled Koichi's shirt off. They broke away for just a moment to pull it over his head.Koichi's lips went to his neck, sucking it.As he did the two teens took their pants off. Then Koichi pulled Tsuyoshi to the bed.


Koichi's lips went back to Tsuyoshi's neck. He gave Tsuyoshi small bites. Then Koichi's mouth found Tsuyoshi's ear lobe. Tsuyoshi gasped, he had never felt anything so erotic.


"Like that?" Koichi asked as his lips descended onto Tsuyoshi's other ear.


"Yes, oh god yes." Tsuyoshi gasped again. "Make love to me Ko-chan."


Koichi kissed Tsuyoshi, as he did rolled on top of his friend.He took Tsuyoshi's hands in his, pulling them over his head so they rested on the pillow. Then Koichi began to thrust against him. He began to kiss Tsuyoshi's neck. "I've missed you so much."


Suddenly a thing of pleasure turned to something of horror.Tsuyoshi was living his worst fear of being held down. It all came back to Tsuyoshi, The rapes, the beatings. Tsuyoshi felt as if he was being strangled.†† He struggled to get away from Koichi, but his friend wouldn't let him go.


"Yes, that's it." Koichi moaned as his thrusts grew harder. "Just move against me."


"Koichi, please...." Tsuyoshi's protest was stopped by Koichi kissing him.


Tsuyoshi couldn't move. He closed his eyes, hoping that all this would end soon. He felt as if he was no longer in control of his body. He could feel his body orgasm.


"I'm close, I'm really close." One more hard thrust and Koichi came. He sank down onto Tsuyoshi, putting his full body weight on him. "I love you so much."


The panic began to control everything. "Get off of me!" Tsuyoshi dug his nails into Koichi's shoulders, and then he scratched Koichi hard."Get your hands off of me!" He began to hit Koichi over and over.


"Tsu-chan." Koichi gasped in pain."Stop hitting me, and I'll get off of you."


Tsuyoshi did. He felt Koichi get off of him.†† Tsuyoshi pulled the blanket off the bed, wrapping himself in it. As he did, his legs gave out. He sank to the floor. Tsuyoshi closed his eyes, trying to fight back the memories that invaded everything.


Tsuyoshi could feel his heart racing. He couldn't stop the shaking that took over his body. His chest began to hurt. It was happening again, he was having a panic attack.


"You're still scared." Koichi said gently.


"I thought I was over it." He put a hand to his aching chest."Then you lay on top of me.It's all come back.I'm still scared of being pinned down."


"I'm sorry, I didn't know." Koichi told him.


I tried to get away from you. You wouldn't let me." He wiped a tear from his face. "You just told me to keep moving."


"I raped you."


"No, it wasn't rape." Tsuyoshi gasped. "Don't blame yourself. I should have taken smaller steps. It's just that I wanted you so badly."


"I'm sorry." Tsuyoshi could hear Koichi pulling his pants on. He then sat down on the floor close to him, but not touching.


"What if the Manager calls for me?" It was beginning to hurt to talk. "What am I going to do?"


"The Manager won't call for you. He has me."


"What if he changes his mind?" Tsuyoshi's breath became labored."He asked us to kiss!'


"What he did was a test for me, not you. He was trying to find out of I still loved you."Koichi tried to soothe. "He doesn't want you. Trust me, please."


"I do."


Tsuyoshi couldn't breathe.He clutched his chest.Dizziness took over everything.†† He could hear Koichi moving around in the room. Then there was the sound of drawers opening and shutting. "Didn't Okada keep some bags for you?"


"He keeps some in the closet." Tsuyoshi gasped.


Koichi opened the closet door. He began to go through boxes, not caring about the mess he was making. Tsuyoshi could hear a crash as one of Okada's storage boxes fell to the ground.


'Tsu-chan, breathe into this."Koichi handed him the paper bag he had prepared.


Tsuyoshi put his mouth and nose in the bag and began to breathe. He could feel Koichi's hand on his head; he moved his hand so that his arm was around Tsuyoshi's shoulders.Having Koichi touch him comforted Tsuyoshi.


"It's all right," Koichi said like a mantra."I'll protect you. You're safe, no one will hurt you."


Koichi held him until Tsuyoshi's breathing has stabilized. He leaned into Koichi, who put both arms around him. "I'm sorry. I didn't mean to hurt you."


He could feel Koichi's lips caress his forehead. "Donít' worry about that now."


He let Koichi hold him until the symptoms had left. He felt ashamed that Koichi had seen his attack, though his friend was used to seeing them.



Tsuyoshi was in a closet. It was dark in the closet. He tried to move his arms and legs, but he had been tied up. His mouth for some reason hadn't been tied.


He could hear voices coming from the other side of the closet door. One was Koichi's.


"Koichi! Koichi! Where are you?" Tsuyoshi screamed."I'm so scared. Help me, please!"


The door to the closet opened, and suddenly Tsuyoshi found himself untied. He tried to remove the blindfold on his eyes, but couldn't.


"Yes my pet." he could hear the Manager croon. "Come to bed, perform with Koichi."


He felt someone's hands on him. Then he could feel someone kissing him. Then Koichi told him. "I've been looking forward to performing with you."


"Koichi, I can't." Tsuyoshi told him.


"I'm here." He could hear another Koichi tell him. "I'll always protect you."


"Help me get away." Tsuyoshi pleaded.


"Open your eyes Tsu-chan. You'll be free if you open your eyes." the other Koichi told him.


Tsuyoshi opened his eyes. He was lying on Okada's bed. In the half-light of the room, he could see Koichi. The older teen was sitting on the bed with him.


"Ko-chan, I was in the closet." Tsuyoshi said confused.


"You were having a nightmare." Koichi told him. "You weren't in the closet. What you saw wasn't real."


"Your right it couldn't be real." Tsuyoshi enveloped Koichi in a hug.He began to sob.



Koichi stroked his hair. "It's okay, I'm here."


"Don't leave me, please don't leave me."


"I'll stay at your side forever." he promised.††


When Tsuyoshi was finished crying, he pulled away from his friend. "Can you stay with me tonight?"


"You mean in your bed? Are you sure that's a good idea?"


"Please," Tsuyoshi looked away from him. "In my dreams, I am always looking for you. Perhaps if you're beside me, I'll be able to sleep."


"Move over," Koichi told him. Tsuyoshi did, and Koichi stretched out beside him. He propped his head up with his hand.'What was your dream about?"


"I was in the closet. I could hear your voice. I called for you. The Manager was there. He wanted us to perform for him." Tsuyoshi paused."You said you wanted it too. Then there was another you. He told me to open my eyes."


"Two me's?" Koichi mused. "Do you dream a lot about the Manager?"


"All my dreams are about him. I hate the Manager. I hate when he calls for you. I hated that he made us kiss for him." the tears began again. "I hate that he took my innocence. My ability to love. He killed my soul."


"The Manager didn't kill your soul. If he had, you wouldn't be hurting." A tear rolled down Koichi's cheek. "You just have to give yourself time."


"Thank you for understanding." Tsuyoshi lay back down."You need to get to sleep.You have a drama to film."


"Still want me to stay?"


"Please," He moved so that his head was resting on Koichi's shoulder.After a moment, Koichi put his arm around him, pulling him close.


"Go to sleep my love." Koichi kissed his forehead.





Koichi woke up. He was sleeping in Okada's bed. Tsuyoshi was sleeping beside him, his head on Koichi's shoulder, his arm slung across Koichi's waist.Koichi put his arm around his sleeping friend's shoulders.

Koichi's lips kissed his friend's forehead, just enjoying the moment. He ignored what his body wanted. He could take care of that later.


His mind turned over the fact that his friend was still hurting.†† Their making love had triggered a panic attack in Tsuyoshi. Koichi felt guilty for what happened. He didn't realize Tsuyoshi was trying to get away from him. Instead, he thought his friend was simply returning his love.


It took several moments for Koichi to realize that Tsuyoshi was awake. Finally Tsuyoshi asked.†† 'How was your sleep?"


"Good." Koichi kissed Tsuyoshi's forehead."Did you have anymore dreams?"


"One, I looked for you. You where there. You took me away from the pain." Tsuyoshi tried to smile. "It was a good dream."


"Anytime you need me to sleep with you, just tell me." Koichi told him."I'm sorry for last night. I should have let you take the lead. It isn't like me to do what I did. I'm usually a bottom."


"I wanted you to know that you didn't rape me."Tsuyoshi told him. "I wanted you to make love to me."


"The next time we're together, I want you to be the top. You'll be in control of everything. I'll never pin you down again." Koichi paused. "That is when you're ready."


"What if I'm never ready?"


"What we have now is enough for me."Koichi reached out, touching Tsuyoshi's cheek. "I love you so much."


"I love you too." Tsuyoshi kissed him gently."Can we take our relationship in small steps?"


"Take your time." He said softly. "I'll wait for you. I won't mind if it's forever. I'll still be yours."


Another gentle kiss, Koichi held his passions back. Instead he simply enjoyed the kiss. Koichi could feel Tsuyoshi's hand on the back of his head, pulling him closer. Then Koichi's lips left Tsuyoshi's, and he began to concentrate on Tsuyoshi's neck. Koichi had always had a thing about necks; all the rest of his lovers had made fun of him for it.


Tsuyoshi's fingers became lost in Koichi's hair. "Ko-chan, that feels so good."


"You like this? You don't think I'm weird?"


"It's wonderful. Please don't stop." Tsuyoshi began to gently rock against Koichi's body.


Again Koichi began to concentrate on Tsuyoshi's neck. His friend moved his body against him. Koichi took his friend's earlobe in his mouth. He could feel Tsuyoshi arch back.Then he gasped, and cried Koichi's name.


"I'm sorry. I didnít mean to do that." Tsuyoshi said ashamed. "It's just that when you suck my ear, it drove me over the edge."


"It did?"


"I've never felt anything so erotic before." His friend snuggled against him. "When you touch my earlobe, I canít' control myself."


"You're the first one whoís ever told me that." Koichi confessed. "All my other lovers thought I was weird."


"I'm not them."


"I love you." Koichi kissed Tsuyoshi's lips.


Suddenly the door opened, and Okada came in."Ops, sorry!"


Koichi pulled away from Tsuyoshi. He got out of bed. "Don't worry about it. I'm going to have to leave in a little while."


"I better get ready for school." Tsuyoshi got out of bed. He picked up his shirt and put it on. Then he pulled the shirt down over the stain on his pants. He went to the door.


Koichi followed. He leaned forward, giving his friend a chaste kiss. "I'll see you later."


Tsuyoshi smiled at him. "Later."






Three days later, Koichi returned from the mansion at breakfast time. He was hungry, so he went to the dining room.†† The room was about half filled.Many of the boys wearing their casual clothes since it was Sunday. Someone had laid out some sweet rolls and fruit.


"Can you believe he had the nerve to show up here?" Ken said in a stage whisper.


"Manager's slut." Mabo spit.


"You'd think he would know better." Morita said.


Koichi pretended to ignore the group. There was no love between Mabo and Koichi. At one time Mabo had blackmailed Koichi. He went to the table he picked up a bowl, and then put some fruit in it.He then went to get a drink. He noticed the three teenagers had joined him at the table.


"Woops!" Mabo intentionally poured a glass of milk over Koichi's head.


"You going to tell on us, slut?" Morita said as he smeared jelly on Koichi's face.


"Want us to tell the Manager that his girl's a slut?" Ken gave Koichi a hard shove.


"Leave me alone." Koichi wanted to punch Ken, but he had promised that he wouldn't get into any fights.


"Can you believe that? The girl says to leave her alone!" Mabo said.


"All the nerve! It's her fault that security devices are all over the dorm!"


Mabo grabbed Koichi from behind. Morita punched him in the stomach and then the face.Koichi tried to fight back, that only made the drummer pick him up off the ground.They pulled Koichi into a back room. They where joined by four older juniors.


"What are you doing?" Koichi demanded as he was pinned to the ground by the Juniors.


"Get his pants!" The drummer ordered.


*Their going to rape me!* Koichi realized.


Morita and Ken unbuckled his pants and then unzipped them. Koichi fought against them as they pulled his pants down. Something was shoved under his bare bottom, raising him high enough to be used.


We're going to make you pay for betraying us!" Mabo hissed.


"I didn't betray you!' Koichi insisted. "What I've done is for the best reasons."


"Shut up!" Mabo punched him in the face."We'll all get a turn with you, slut!"


"I want him first." Mortia unbuckled his belt.


Koichi closed his eyes and tried to relax. He was going to be raped. If he didn't relax it would hurt worse.


"Leave him alone!" Tsuyoshi demanded.


Koichi turned his head; he could see Tsuyoshi standing inside the doorway. Friends of Tsuyoshi stood behind him. A Junior went towards his friend. Tsuyoshi punched him in the stomach.


"He's getting what he deserves!" Mabo insisted.


"Help me, please help me!" Koichi struggled against his captors. "I don't want this!"



Koichi watched as Nagase grabbed Mabo and punched him in the face.Inocchi grabbed another one, pulling him away.Yamaguchi and the Taichi took care of two others. Nagano pulled Ken away from them.†† That gave Tsuyoshi and Sakamoto enough room to pull Morita away from Koichi.


Morita lunged towards Tsuyoshi. The younger Kinki Kid grabbed his arm, and twisted it. Then he kicked him in the stomach.A Junior moved towards Tsuyoshi, who gave him a high kick to the head.Koichi was surprised that his friend knew how to fight.


Sakamoto helped him sit up. Koichi pulled his up his pants.



"What the hell is going on?" Leader demanded."Stop it all of you!"


"Koichi is insane! He came in here and attacked us!" Morita said.


"Then his friends jumped in and helped!" Ken added.


"Why would they let someone as insane as him to come back to the dorms?"


"Their lying." Okada walked into the room. "I watched the whole thing."


"What happened?" Leader asked.


"Koichi was getting some breakfast. Mabo poured a glass of milk on his head, and then Morita smeared jelly on him."



"It was an accident!" Ken insisted.


"They pulled Koichi into this room. They where planning on raping him!" Okada insisted. "I'm the one who called for back up! If I hadn't, it would have been worse."



"He's a slut!' Ken said. "He's slept with all of us. You know that. He was simply doing it again."


"So according to you, Koichi and friends attacked you." Leader repeated. "And then Koichi was going to force you to rape him!"


"Yes! Thatís what happened!" Morita said.


"Bullying is a very severe offence.The rest of you believe this. Next time my friends fight you back, I won't stop them!" Leader took a deep breath and let it out."Get out of here! Oh except for Mabo and Morita."


Koichi watched as his attackers left.


Morita rolled his eyes. "What are you going to do to me?"


"Yamaguchi," Leader said. "I think I'll leave Morita's punishment to your fine techniques."


Koichi repressed a smile. He knew from experience that Yamaguchi was Leader's enforcer. He also was a sadist. The bass player would take much pleasure in disciplining Morita.


"I'll make him regret the day he ever thought of hurting Koichi." Yamaguchi promised. He grabbed Morita by the shirt and pulled him out of the room. Everyone ignored the teenagerís protests.


"Now to you Masahiro." Leader began.


"What is it?" Mabo interrupted.


"Remember something. Tokio takes care of its own." Leader threatened. "Believe me; you will be taken care of later!"


"Of course, Leader." Mabo left the room.


"Do you need to go to the hospital?" Leader went to Koichi's side.


"No, it's nothing I haven't been through before." Koichi told him. "I'll be all right."


"Are you sure?"


"Of course I am." Koichi turned to his rescuers. "Thanks for saving my skin."


"You're going to have to be more careful. We can't have anything like this happen again." Leader told him.


"I'll be his bodyguard." Okada decided.


That made Nagano snort. "You're too young to be a body guard."


"I'll be his bodyguard too." Nagase volunteered.


"How about if we all watch out for him?" Taichi suggested.


"Do you mind?" Sakamoto asked Leader.


"It sounds like a good idea." Leader decided.


Sakamoto handed Koichi a cloth, and he wiped the jelly off his face.


"I didn't realize I still had friends." Koichi bowed. "Thank you for helping me."


"Course you have friends!"Nagase insisted.


"Glad your back," Taichi patted his shoulder. "The dorm wasn't the same without you."


"You want some breakfast?" Tsuyoshi asked.


Koichi looked into the eyes of his best friend. He knew that the reason he was rescued was because of him.Koichi realized these were Tsuyoshi's friends, not his. "I would really like that."


Koichi followed Tsuyoshi into the dining room. "When did you learn to fight like that?"


"Leader thought it would be a good idea if I learned to defend myself." his friend told him.


"Remind me to never get on your bad side." Koichi kidded. That made Tsuyoshi smile.


"Sit down," Okada ordered. "I'll go get you something."


Koichi did as he was told. Tsuyoshi sat down across the table from him. The rest of the rescuers went back to eating.


"Thank you," He whispered.


"Why thank me?" Tsuyoshi glanced towards the surveillance device, reminding Koichi they where being watched.


"Love you," Koichi mouthed.Out loud he said. "Weíre KinKi kids."


Tsuyoshi smiled, and nodded."The Manager was right, it's better when we're partners."


Just then Okada brought his breakfast. Koichi couldn't help it, he began to eat.