Title: New Routine

Author: Kyoko Godaikun

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Note: I don't own V6. They belong to the agency

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Time: May 2002


A new song always meant learning choreography. V6 had spent the morning practicing the new routine.  They had been working on the new routine for four hours. They should have been finished for the day, but one member had problems with the routine.


Okada Junichi was having trouble learning the new dance. There was a spin clockwise, then the same spin counter clockwise.  Then the group was supposed to do a jump. Okada had skipped several mandatory dance sessions to concentrate on his hobby of photograpy. Sakamoto knew that was the reason Okada was having trouble.


"You need to think more of your dance and less on your photography." Sakamoto told him.


"Yes, Sakamoto-kun." Okada said with all seriousness.


After working for over four hours the choreographer had announced a one hour lunch break. Morita and Ken had quickly left.



Sakamoto followed Inocchi and Nagano to the dressing room the group shared. His two friends were deep in conversation. They stood very close together.


"Where are you going to eat?" Sakamoto asked.


"We're going to the restaurant down the street." Inocchi glanced at Sakamoto "Would you like to come?"


Sakamoto realized that he would be in the way. His fellow Tonsin members were more then friends, but not quite lovers.  He smiled. "I need to work on my routine... Could you bring me something back?"


'Yeah, we're bringing Okada something too." Nagano told him.


"Why isn't he going to lunch?"


"He says that he's not perfect yet." Inocchi shrugged.


 Sakamoto went back to the practice room. Okada Junichi stood in front of the mirror repeating over and over one small segment of the routine. His face was serious.


Sakamoto couldn't take his eyes off of him. He felt a lump in his throat while he watched him. The boy was beautiful, more then beautiful. His thin t-shirt was wet from sweat and clung to his washboard stomach.


Sakamoto had fallen in love with the youngest member of V6.  He knew he couldn't love the younger man, that their age difference had made that forbidden. So instead he tried to protect him.


The older man felt himself grow hard watching Okada. His whole body cried out for him to take the younger man into the back room and make slow love to him. He tried to concentrate on Okada's dance, not his body. But it didn't quite work.


Finally Okada realized Sakamoto was watching him. He stopped. "Did you need something leader?"


"I was just resting." he lied.  "You need to take a break."


"I'm having troubles with the routine." Okada said. "There's something I'm doing wrong, I just can't put my finger on what."


"It would be easier if I showed you." Sakamoto went to the middle of the floor.  He repeated the turn sequence the way Okada was doing it. Then he did it the right way. "You have to count to yourself when you do the sequence. That's the only way I can do it."


"Right," Okada counted out loud as he did the turn sequence. This time he did the sequence correctly.


"That's good." Sakamoto told him. "You're really improving. Why don't you go eat?"


"I still have to practice." Okada told him. "I'm not perfect yet."


"Don't be so hard on yourself." Sakamoto found himself smiling at him friend.


"I was never a junior. I didn't have the training the rest of the group had." Okada went to his bag and took a bottle of water out. "So I have to work harder."


"Who gave you that idea?"


"You did." Okada took a drink of water. Then he went back in front of the mirror. "You're right. I do have to work harder."


"I think we all do." Sakamoto pointed out. He began to practice along side of Okada.




Inocchi wasn't surprised when Nagano insisted that they bring their lunch back to the dance studio. Nagano wanted to make sure that Sakamoto and Okada had enough time to eat.  Even though two years had passed since Sakamoto had broken up with Nagano, his friend still had hope he would get back together with his ex-lover.


He followed the older man into the studio. He could hear Sakamoto counting. Then he saw Okada and Sakamoto practicing the new routine. They both looked exhausted. They also seemed to ignore the two newcomers.


Nagano held up a box. "Lunch time!"


"Thanks." Sakamoto turned and walked off the dance floor. He took a bento from Nagano.


"Jun-chan, you need to eat." Nagano told him.


"I'm not perfect yet." Okada said stubbornly.


"Stop dancing NOW and EAT!" Sakamoto ordered.  "Even Mr. Perfect needs to eat!"


"Of course, Leader." Okada walked off the dance floor. Nagano handed him a bento. He sat down on the floor and began to eat.


Sakamoto turned away from Okada and began to eat. Inocchi couldn't help but notice the looks the youngest member of V6 gave the leader when he didn't think he was looking.  It was obvious to Inocchi that Okada was in love with Sakamoto.


Nagano handed Inocchi a bento. "You need to eat too,"


"I forgot." Inocchi sat down.  Nagano sat down beside him.  


"Here you go Yoshi," Nagano put his chicken on Inocchi's bento. Again, he called him Yoshi, the nick name that Nagano had given him. It had made him feel closer to his friend.


"So, are the two of you going out yet?" Sakamoto teased.


Nagano looked down to his food. Inocchi couldn't help but see that his friend's cheeks had grown red. There was a long history between Sakamoto and Nagano. At one time they had been lovers. Now even after break up, they were still friends. Now, Sakamoto seemed to take pleasure in embarrassing Nagano.


Sakamoto raised an eyebrow. "Well?"


"We're just friends." Inocchi lied. He wasn't sure what to call the relationship he had with Nagano. He just knew one thing; Nagano was more to him then simply a friend.







Several hours later, Coming Century was getting ready for a dress rehearsal of a Gakko filming.  Okada Junichi's whole body ached from the work out that morning. He realized Sakamoto had been right, he needed to practice more.  He couldn't get Sakamoto's look out of his mind. When he caught his leader watching him, he had looked transfixed.  He knew it was for Okada's dancing. He wished it was for something else.


*Stop thinking of him!* Okada told himself. *He doesn’t love me.*


*What would happen if he did love me?* He pushed thoughts of Sakamoto out of his mind. He had more important things to think of, like his dressing room mates.


Okada had a love hate relationship with the other Coming Century members.  He had once been involved with them. As soon as he finally broke free of them, the fights began. Morita resented the fact that Okada was no longer under his thumb.




'You know, if you had learned to routine quicker, we could have had the afternoon off." Ken told him.


"I'm sorry." Okada told him. "I'll practice more."


"You're so stuck up." Ken told him. "You've always acted like you're better then us. You should remember you never were a junior."


"If I was the leader, I would have beaten you down a long time ago." Morita told him. "Unlike Sakamoto, I think you need to be punished more."


"You have no respect." Ken continued. "Sakamoto needs to realize that."


"Sakamoto's our leader. He's looking out for our best interests." Okada told them.


"Why do you stick up for him?" Ken asked. "He doesn't like you."


"No one in this group likes you." Morita taunted. "Why don't you go back to Osaka?"


"I have friends in this group." Okada told him.


"I know for a fact that Inocchi and Nagano are only nice to you because you're in the group." Morita countered. "Their not your friends."


"Why are you so nice to Sakamoto when you know he doesn't like you?" Ken asked.


"He's our leader. We have to be loyal to him." Okada reminded them.


"*I'm* the leader of Coming Century. You should be loyal to me." Morita told him.


"You're not my leader! You're only a leader in your own mind." Okada couldn't help but laugh. "Sakamoto's a real leader. You should try to be more like him."


Suddenly Morita was on his feet. He grabbed Okada and pulled him out of his chair. "Take that back."


"It's the truth."


Morita punched Okada. The younger man was able to counter, and punched Morita back.


"Please, Morita, stop!" Ken pleaded.


"Junichi has to pay!" Morita punched Okada again.




It had been a long day, too long.  Nagano Hiroshi was sitting in the Twentieth Century dressing room. Inocchi sat beside him, reading a magazine. Sakamoto sat at the table, looking over papers. Nagano had wished for a day off, but because they where preparing to go on vacation, their work load had doubled. 


 Miyake Ken ran into the dressing room. He stood there for a second, gasping for breath.


Nagano looked at him. "What's wrong?"


"Their fighting again!" Ken tattled.


"What about this time?" Sakamoto sighed. He was tired of the fighting between the two younger men.


There was the sound of something hitting the wall. Nagano recognized the sound, he had heard it before. Morita had thrown a chair.


"Let's go!" Sakamoto ordered.


The Twentieth century members ran out into the hall. There was staff members gathered around the door. Nagano couldn't help but notice that the Coming Century's new personal manager was on the phone to the agency. He had only been on the job for a month. He put the ketai up.


The manager looked over Twentieth Century. "The agency says we are supposed to stop the fight."


"Let us take care of it." Sakamoto told him.


"My job..."


"Fights are an internal issue." Sakamoto interrupted. "Do you have to call the agency everything those two have one?"


"The agency's job is to help the group." The PM reminded him. "The artist job is to set a good example."


Sakamoto began to tremble with anger. Nagano stepped in front. "You do your job very well. We would appreciate you telling us before you call the agency."


"We'd be able to stop those two baka's from fighting quicker." Inocchi agreed. "That would help the agency, wouldn't it?"


"Of course," The PM gave in gracefully.


"Ken, unlock the door." Sakamoto told him.


Ken unlocked the door. They rushed into the room. Okada had Morita against the wall. He was punching him over and over in the stomach. The room itself looked as if a hurricane hit it.


"Stop it this minute!" Sakamoto demanded.


Okada ignored him, and punched Morita again.


"Separate them!"


Nagano grabbed Okada and pulled him off of Morita. The smaller man lunged at him. That was when Inocchi grabbed him. 




"Let me go!" Morita tried to struggle away from Inocchi, so the older man simply picked him up off the ground. "He attacked me!"



"That's not true! He hit me first." Okada told him.


"Admit it! You don't have respect for me!" Morita tried to get away from Inocchi.  "Put me down!"


"To have respect you have to earn it!"


"He told Morita to shut up! He's never followed any of Morita's directions." Ken told Sakamoto. "He’s trouble. He has to be punished."


"I am loyal." Okada spat.


"Keep quiet!" Sakamoto slapped Okada across the face. He turned to Nagano. "Take him somewhere until he calms down."


"Hai." Nagano said. He pulled Okada out of the room.




"You don't have to hold me." Okada told Nagano as they walked down the hallway.


"You won't run away?" Nagano asked. He turned on the small tape recorder that he had hidden in his pocket.


"Of course I won't." Okada sounded insulted by the idea.


Nagano decided to trust Okada. He let go of him. He followed the younger member to a walk in closet.  For the past year, the two V6 members had been at each other's throats.  Every time they got too violent one of them was locked in a closet. It was usually Okada.


Okada went into the closet and sat down on the floor.  Instead Nagano came in with him and sat down beside him. "So what really happened between Go and you?"


"What does it matter?" Okada said. "Sakamoto won't believe me. He always takes Morita's side."


"I believe you." Nagano told him. "You know I trust you. Now why did you fight with Go?"




"Morita and Ken made fun of Sakamoto-kun, and I told them to stop." Okada seemed ashamed. Nagano should have realized that Okada would defend the leader. Nagano knew that the twenty-one year old was in love with Sakamoto.


"They make fun of Sakamoto-kun?" Nagano repeated. "They act so loyal."


"They are loyal to his face. They don't respect Sakamoto-kun." Okada sighed. "Why am I telling you this? It won't matter."


"It does matter to me." his friend told him. "So you get into fights about Sakamoto."


"I know Sakamoto-kun doesn't like me. I know I'll never live up to his expectations." Okada confessed. "He's our leader. Without him we wouldn't have a V6."


"If he doesn't like you, why do you have so much loyalty to him?"


Okada looked away from him. "You wouldn't understand."


 "You're in love wit h him."


"How did you know that?" Okada gasped. "I've never told anyone my feelings for Sakamoto."


"Why haven't you told him your feelings?"


"Sakamoto doesn’t love me." Okada paused.  "I give him my loyalty. That's all I can do."


"Sometimes loyalty's enough." Nagano thought of his own situation. His cheating on Sakamoto had destroyed their relationship.


"You won't tell him, will you?" Okada asked. "It will simply give the group more complications."


"He won't hear it from me." Nagano promised.


Okada glanced at the door. "You better get back. Sakamoto-kun will be wondering were you are."




Another fight, Sakamoto was sick and tired of the fights between Morita and Okada. He had always wondered about Coming Century. They had always been the best of friends until something happened the previous year. Sakamoto had no idea what it was. The three of them had always seemed to be a secret brotherhood. 


  After talking to Okada, Nagano went to the Tonsin dressing room. . He shut the door. He took a tape recorder out of his pocket. "I taped a conversation between Okada and me. I think you should listen to it."


Nagano turned on the tape recorder. Sakamoto listened to the secretly taped conversation between Okada and Nagano. The pain in Okada’s voice tugged at his heart strings. Then he heard Okada's confession of his feelings. Okada, still only a boy was in love with his leader.


 "Ken and Morita are horrible to Okada." Nagano paused. "I think it's because Okada broke up with them."


"What do you mean?" Sakamoto asked. "Did their relationship go deeper then just band mates?"


"I walked into one of the three of them in bed about two years ago."


"Why didn't you tell me?"


"They asked me not to." Nagano gave him a half smile. "I found out that their relationship was odd to put it mildly."


"Is it because Ken's a cross dresser?" Sakamoto guessed.


"Oh it goes beyond that." Nagano smiled. "There was something they called the game. Morita acts as husband, the other two like co-wives."


"Oh my." Sakamoto's mind raced. "Okada broke up with them? Why?"


"Okada told me that Morita was too controlling." Nagano paused. "Their relationship wasn't healthy. I think that's why Okada fell in love with you. He sees in you a man who is honest, who wouldn't play childish games."


"Where is Junichi?"


"He's in the walk in closet." Nagano told him. "He doesn't fight when you send him there. He always goes in willingly."


"Why would he do that?"


"He goes because you order it." Nagano said. "If you asked him to jump off a cliff he would. He's very loyal to you."


"Let him out of the closet."


"Of course, leader." Nagano went to the door. He turned to Sakamoto. "It’s been two years. You need to start over."


"I need some time to think of Okada's feelings for me." Sakamoto told him.


"You love him. What’s' there to think about?"


"I'm nine years older then him." Sakamoto confessed. "Please, don't tell him my feelings. I need time to think."


"Of course leader." Nagano turned and left. 




A week passed. Okada had promised Sakamoto he would stop fighting. Plus there was another reason he had to behave. The Coming Century members had driven off their fifth PM. They would have to share Tonisen's PM.


Ken fussed with his hair.  Okada studied his script. Morita had been called to the set. Okada worried about his relationship with Ken. While Morita hated him for leaving, Ken had never stopped loving Okada.  The younger man had decided after he left that the relationship wasn't healthy. Even though he still had some feelings for Ken, they would never be together.


Ken looked at Okada.  "Oh Junichi, how long has it been?"


"I don't know what you mean." Okada pretended ignorance. He knew exactly what his friend meant. When Okada finally broke free of Morita's control he had tried to get ken to leave with him. But Ken's loyalty to Morita prevented that.


"Don't be that way." Ken went to Okada. "I love you far more then I love Go-chan."


"I'm not interested." Okada sighed. "Our relationship was in the past. I would rather be just friends with you."


"Don't you love me?" Ken reached out, running a finger down his cheek.


"I never loved you." Okada lied. "We just had some fun, that's all."


"I'll let you do what ever you want to with me." Ken tempted.


"Have you asked Morita what he thought about you being with me?" Okada asked. "You know how angry he'll get if he finds his wife cheating on him."


"We don't have to tell him." Ken said. "You where his wife too; It isn't really cheating."


Okada sighed. "Why can't you take no for an answer?"


"I muss you." Ken confessed. "I want you back.  I love you."


"Prove it." Okada offered. "You need to leave him. If that happened, we could be together."


Ken didn't answer him. Instead he sat on Okada's lap.  "Is it really so bad being Morita's wife? You'd have me back."


"I'll never go back to Morita."  Okada vowed. He struggled to get away from Ken.


"Please, if you go back to him. He'll stop cheating on me." Ken pleaded. "I'm tired of his cheating!"


"If he's with me, he'll still go out with other guys." Okada tried to reason.


"He didn't cheat on me when it was the three of us." A tear rolled down his cheek. Ken was heartbroken.


 "I know you love him, but are you really happy with him?"


"I can't live without him."  Ken began to sob. The younger man couldn't help it, he held Ken as he cried.  Okada knew that it was only a matter of time until Ken broke up with Morita. He decided to support his friend until that time came.



"Get your hands off of Ken!" Morita bellowed.


"It's not how it looks." Ken got off Okada's lap.


"You still want Okada!" Morita slapped him. "Don't deny it!"


Okada got between Ken and Morita "Leave him alone."


"You've been sleeping with him!" Morita accused.


"I don't want him." Okada said truthfully. "Ken's my friend, nothing else."


"Ken wouldn’t want you so badly if you didn't lead him on!" Morita punched Okada.  "Stay away from my bitch!"


Okada knew he shouldn't fight back, but he had been abused enough by Morita in the past. He punched Morita in the face.


Morita countered and hit Okada in the nose. He fell to the ground. Okada could feel blood begin to run down his lip. He reached up touching it.


Okada was surprised to see Ken get between him and Morita. Ken punched Morita in the stomach.  Then hit him in the face. "Leave Junichi alone!"


"How dare you hit me?" Morita punched Ken.  "You're my bitch! You will behave!"


"Shut up!" Ken hit him back.


While they where fighting, Okada got up. He went to the mirror. His nose was really bleeding. He picked up a handful of tissues and pressed them against his nose. He then turned back to his former lovers.


They where slapping each other. Then Ken grabbed a handful of Morita's hair and pulled.


"Not again!" Sakamoto came into the small dressing room followed by Inocchi and Nagano. Inocchi grabbed Morita and Nagano grabbed Ken.


Nagano had trouble separating Ken from Morita. "Let go of his hair!"


Ken did as he was told. "Morita hurt Junichi."


"He deserved it!" Morita told him.


"Junichi was defending me!" Ken tattled. "He didn't deserve to be hurt!"


Okada looked at Sakamoto, his eyes full of pain. "I'll go to the closet now."


"Not this time," Sakamoto told him. "Take Morita to the closet until he calms down."


"Sure thing." Inocchi carried the smaller man out of the room.


"I'll take this one to our dressing room." Nagano said, taking Ken away.


"Is your nose all right?" Sakamoto asked concerned.


"I'm not sure." he admitted. 


"Let me see." He touched Okada's chin. Okada moved the tissue. "You're lucky he didn't break it."


"Yes, leader." he threw away the soaked tissues and replaced them with fresh.


"What was the fight about?"


"Ken's broken hearted about Morita's cheating." Okada admitted. "I was comforting him."


"Morita thought it was something else?" Sakamoto guessed.


"Ken has this insane idea that Morita will stop cheating on him if I go back to them." He looked away from Sakamoto. ""I'll never do that."


"Don't worry about Ken, I'll talk to him." Sakamoto promised.


"Thank you."


He watched the older man leave the room. He sat down, waiting for the blood to stop. A few minutes later, Sakamoto came back in carrying a bag of ice. He handed it to Okada. "Put this on your nose."


Okada did as he was told. Sakamoto looked him over. "I heard that you were once involved with those two."


"Yeah, I was." He admitted.


"How long were you with them?"


Okada wondered why Sakamoto was bringing it up. "It started right after I joined Coming Century. It ended a year ago."


"Why did you break up?"


"Morita's way too controlling. After a while, I was only staying on for Ken." He confessed. "I asked Ken to leave with me, but he wouldn't."


"So if Ken left Morita, would you be with him?"


"No, I wouldn't." Okada sighed. "I just wish I could find someone that would make me the only one in their heart. I guess that will never happen."


"Don't worry," Sakamoto tried to reassure. "You'll find love someday."


"I'd rather think about my career." He changed the tissue. "Love is highly overrated."




Sakamoto found Ken waiting in the twentieth century dressing room. His sat in a chair. His legs pulled up to his chest. His face was streaked with tears.


The leader of V6 sat across the table from him. "Why did you get into a fight with Go-tsun?"


"You wouldn't understand." He whipped his eyes.


"Was it because Morita hurt Okada?"


"Is Junichi all right?" Ken asked concerned.


"He'll be fine." Sakamoto tried to reassure. "You know if you tell me, I wouldn't tell anyone."


He gave Ken a few moments to think. Then the coming century member said softly. "I get tired of Morita's jealousy."


"Why wouldn't he be jealous of you trying to seduce Okada?" Sakamoto countered.


"You don't understand." Ken wiped his eyes again. Sakamoto handed him a tissue. "Morita expects me to be faithful to him. But he doesn't feel like he should have to.  He enjoys group sex and dating others. I hate that."


"Oh my," Sakamoto sighed. He could now understand the pain Ken was going through. He tried to block out the memory of finding Nagano in bed with Inocchi.  "You should tell him you hate his cheating."


"I have. It doesn't matter." Ken admitted. "To him, I'm a possession, not a lover."


"Perhaps you should break up with him."


"I can't live without him." Heartbroken, Ken began to sob. "Why can't he love me?"


"I don't know." Sakamoto found himself going around the table. He took Ken into his arms. 





Nagano Hiroshi was sitting in his dressing room. He was pretending to study a script. In reality he was thinking of Sakamoto. His former lover was in love. Predictably, Sakamoto was being shy about it. Nagano wanted to see Sakamoto happy, and that meant being a match maker.


He looked over the top of the script to Inocchi. The younger man was his friend and reason for the break-up with Sakamoto. They had gotten drunk together one night and had slept together. He had never blamed Inocchi. His friend couldn't even remember that night.  Nagano blamed himself.


Nagano had fallen in love with Inocchi a few weeks before the break up. He had never told Inocchi. His friend didn't love him anyway. Instead he was a good, loyal friend. Inocchi always seemed to be able to cheer up Nagano.


"Hey Yoshi," Nagano asked.


Inocchi looked at him. "Yes, Hiroshi?"


"I want to do something, and I need your help."


The younger man smiled at Nagano.  "What do you want me to do?"


Nagano couldn't help it, he smiled back at him. "I want you to go to Okada and asked him to switch rooms with you."


"You mean for the Onsin trip?" Inocchi guessed.


"Think you could do it?"


"Of course I can!" his smile grew wider. "The question is why?"


"If you traded rooms with him, he could be in Sakamoto's' room."


"You're trying to get them together!" Inocchi guessed. "If we do this, you'll never get Sakamoto back. Are you sure you want to do that?"


"He doesn't love me anymore." He said softly. "My feelings for him have changed. He's simply a friend. I just want him to be happy."


"You have a good heart." Inocchi got up. He went to the door. "I'll do all I can to trade with him."



Nagano wanted to share a room with Inocchi. Nagano, the hopeless romantic was now being a match maker. Inocchi still couldn't believe that Nagano wanted to get Sakamoto and Okada together. It had taken Nagano so long to get over Sakamoto.


 All that time, Inocchi had supported him. His friend had thought Inocchi was being selfless. He wondered what Nagano would do if he knew the truth. That he was supportive of Nagano because it was the only way he could show him his love.


Inocchi went to the three baka's dressing room. At least that was what he called Coming Century. Thankfully, Ken and Morita were working on the set. So he found Okada alone.


Okada was reading a magazine. His finger was tracing the outline of something. Moving closer, Inocchi saw that it was a photo of Sakamoto. He looked up to Inocchi and shut the magazine.  "Can I help you?"


"Yes, you can." Inocchi smiled. "Would there be any way you could switch rooms with me during the Onsen trip?"


"Why would I want to do that?" Okada shrugged. "It doesn't sound fun to me to have to stay with Sakamoto; he gets up very early every morning!"


"Well, I do have a good reason to trade rooms." Inocchi smiled.




"I want to be closer to Hiroshi." Inocchi said truthfully. "I never spend enough time with him."


"You two are in love with each other." Okada gave him a half grin. "You should see the way he looks at you."


"We're only friends." Inocchi told him.


"Yeah, yeah, you're only friends." Okada's smile grew wider. "I think he loves you."


"If you say so." He said. *If only that was true.*


"Oh I do." He said knowingly. "Of course, I'll switch with you."



After talking for a while longer, Inocchi left. He stood against the wall of the hallway. He wished what Okada said was true. He knew it wasn't. He would always be just a friend to Nagano Hiroshi.