Title: Snapshots of a Relationship

Author: Kyoko_godaikun

Pairing: JimNo (Jimmy/Junno)

Genre: Angst

Warning: Abuse is talked about in this story, but not described.

Note: Promise this will have a very happy ending!



Jimmy Mackey was a year and a half younger then Taguchi Junno. But to Junno the two friends always seemed to be the same age. They had worked together a lot through the years. At first they had been the rising stars of the Johnny's. Taking a big part of Hadaka No Shonnen.

Both teens had their faults in Johnny's critical eye. Junno at first had been slated to be a lead of the newly formed Kat-Tun. But he had grown to the point that Johnny no longer found him attractive. It was his nose that sealed his fate. His parents had refused to let Johnny-sama have it straitened. His bump would stay.

By that point, Kame had caught Johnny's eye. While Junno had always hated the weekends he had been forced to spend with the agent, Kame and Jin adored it. They would do anything to keep Johnny-sama's favor.

Jimmyís fault was even worse. A half who looked white. He was the ever growing Jimmy, a kid who hadn't ever stopped growing. He had been told by Johnny-sama that he would never debut. Junno wasn't quite sure why Jimmy stayed in the juniors.

The juniors were flying to Thailand for yet another trip. Since Junno and Jimmy weren't top Johnny's they had to take coach, along with Ueda, Maru, Koki and most of the younger Johnny's. Yama Pi, Ryo, Kame and Jin were in first class with Tackey and Tsubasa and Johnny-sama.

Jimmy sat beside Junno. "Sorry you had to sit back here with me."

"I'm not," Junno told him. "I'm glad the old man is tired of me."

"You hate it that much?"

"Yeah, I do." Junno admitted. "Being a top star isn't worth letting him use my body."

"I agree," Jimmy gave him a half smile. "At least you're in Kat-Tun. They should debut soon."

"That's been my dream, to debut." Junno admitted.

He looked around the airplane. A row in front of him was Ueda and Ohkura. The pair deep in conversation. They were lovers, but had a long distance relationship. A bit further down Ryota was talking to Subaru.

Junno knew that Ryota was Jimmy's boy friend. Junno glanced at his friend. "You want me to change seats with Ryota?"

"No, that's not necessary." Jimmy told him.

'But you and him..."

"We broke up." Jimmy gave a half smile.

"I'm sorry,"

"I'm not." Jimmy admitted. "It wasn't good for us to stay together. We both liked someone else."

"Ryota and Subaru," Junno guessed. "You and?"

"It doesn't matter." Jimmy's smile grew sad. "The one I like doesn't like me, not the way I like him."

"Thatís horrible.í

"It canít be helped." Jimmy closed his eyes. "I think I'm going to take a short nap."


When Jimmy woke up from his nap, he was surprised to find Junno's head on his shoulder, he too asleep. He shifted a little bit, putting his arm around Junno's shoulders, stroking his silky hair.

"I would do anything for you to be mine." Jimmy whispered.

Junno's eyes opened just a bit. He smiled as if he heard the words, and then snuggled closer to Jimmy. "You have the best shoulder."

"Go back to sleep," Jimmy told him.

"All right," Junno's eye lids fluttered back shut.

Jimmy went back to stroking Junno's hair. He was still pretty angry that Junno was cast aside for Kame. Jimmy knew that Junno could be a big star if he just had the chance.


Thailand was so bright. That was the first thought of Jimmy as he walked off the plane. There were fans at the airport. Screaming names, Tackey, Tsubasa. No one called for Jimmy, but he was used to that. But there were fans, screaming Junno. Their accents so adorable.

Junno looked towards the fans. He smiled and waved. He grabbed Jimmy, trying to put him in the photos with him.

Handlers came, taking Junno away from Jimmy, making him pose with the rest of his group. Pretending that they all arrived first class, that they were just as important as Kame and Jin.

Jimmy hung back with the other juniors. He was taller then all of them.

They were hustled off to buses. Girls crowded around the buses. Jimmy still couldn't understand why they where so popular in a place like Thailand.

Junno slid into the seat beside Jimmy's. He was smiling. "I asked Johnny-sama if we could be roommates."

"Really? What did he say?" Jimmy couldn't help but smile back.

"He said that would be a really good idea!" Junno was giddy with happiness.

"You know I snore," Jimmy reminded him. No one ever wanted to be Jimmy's roommate because of the snoring.

"I donít' care." Junno grinned. "You're the only one I would like to share a room with."


They arrived at the hotel. Johnny-sama's favorites were shuffled off to a special suite to spend the trip with the older man.

Junno was still happy that he had been allowed to stay with Jimmy. His best friend. He knew that his request would probably hurt him in Johnny-sama's eyes. But he hated when Johnny-sama touched him. Perhaps if he was very lucky, Johnny-sama would totally forget about him.

"It's so hot here," Jimmy stated the obvious. He set his bags on top of the dresser. Jimmy never unpacked his bags.

"Yeah, it is."

"You should have stayed with Johnny-sama. He has aircon in his room."

"I'd rather stay with you." Junno insisted.

"Why? How can you risk your standing with Johnny-sama by staying with me?" Jimmy asked.

"I like you," Junno looked away from Jimmy. "I like you a whole lot."

"As a friend?" Jimmy asked.

"No, not as a friend." Junno felt his heart beating hard. It had been so hard for him to confess the truth to his friend. Especially when he knew that Jimmy didn't like him. Not that way.

Junno could hear Jimmy walk to him. Then Jimmy touched Junno's cheek. Then Jimmy kissed Junno. Junno's first ever kiss. That was one thing that Johnny-sama insisted, that his boys didn't kiss. Junno stood there, not moving, not kissing back.

Jimmy pulled away from Junno. "I'm sorry; I thought perhaps you wanted it too."

"I do." Junno admitted. "But the rules...."

"I'm sorry," Jimmy took another step back. "You're still Johnny's boy. It would be dangerous for you if we became boy friends."

"I don't want to be Johnny's boy." Junno told him. "I've never had a boy friend."

"He could fire you."

"I don't care," Junno told him.

Jimmy kissed Junno again. This time Junno sighed and gave into the kiss. He wasn't sure what to do when he kissed. Johnny-sama always forbids kissing, as it was too intimate.

There was a tapping on the door. Jimmy pulled away from him. "We have to keep us a secret."

"You're right, we do." Junno went to the door and answered it.

It was a staff member, asking for Junno to come with him. Junno didn't want to go, but he knew he had to. Instead, he didn't look back to his new boy friend. He followed the staff member.


"How are you doing?" Johnny-sama asked. He was sitting in the living room part of his suite. His favorites sitting on couches.

"I am fine sir." Junno told him.

"I want you to know, that even though you've grown out of being my favorite, that you will always had a place in my heart." Johnny Sama told him.

Kame smirked.

Junno ignored it. Instead he looked down. "Thank you sir."

"You mean so much to me, that I want to have a graduation ceremony," Johnny-sama told him. "That means you will never be my favorite again."

"I'll be leaving the agency sir?"

"No, you'll still become famous." Johnny-sama purred. "You'll still debut. You just have to do what I ask one last time."

"What do you want me to do?"

"Itís simple; you will allow all my other favorite to have you. I will film it for prosperity." Johnny-sama explained. "Then you will be able to wear my necklace."

"What happens if I disagree?"

"I will have you replaced with Toma in Kat-Tun." Johnny-sama said seriously. "Then I'll let you retire from the juniors. What will your parents say when that happens?"

Junno realized if he didn't do what Johnny-sama wanted, that he wouldn't ever be free. He couldn't humiliate his family by being sent home.

"Well Junno?"

"I will do as my master asks." Junno said softly.


Jimmy didn't wait up for Junno. He knew when Johnny-sama called for someone, they where usually out all night. He was woken by someone touching his cheek, and then kissing his lips. When he opened his eyes, the door to the bath room shut.

He could hear the shower running. Someone was sobbing over the sounds of the water.

Jimmy got out of bed, he went to the bathroom. The door was unlocked. He opened the door and went in. Junno was standing against a wall, water raining down on his head. His buttocks bruised as if he had been beaten. Junno was now wearing a new necklace. A ring that was worn on a chain around his neck. He was sobbing.

Jimmy quickly took off his clothes, he got into the shower. Then he pulled Junno into his arms. His friend came willingly. He held Junno as he cried.

"I'm sorry, I'm so sorry." Junno sobbed.

"No Junno, it wasn't your fault." Jimmy whispered to him.

"Then why do I feel like it is?" He cried. "I cheated on you."

"It doesn't count if you don't want it." Jimmy tried to soothe.

"But I wanted it. If I did what he said, I would be free forever." Junno pulled away from him, he fingered the necklace. "My graduation present."

"Then you never have to go back to him again," Jimmy realized.

"Don't you want to know what I did?"

"It doesn't matter. What matters is us. I love you, that's all that matters." Jimmy touched Junno's chin, then he tilted it up. He kissed Junno's lips. Junno sighed and gave into the kiss.


They got ready to go down to breakfast. Junno suddenly felt very free. He now had a lover who didnt' care what happened with Johnny-sama. His past with the agency's head was now just a bad dream. Jimmy had promised never to bring it up again.

Jimmy came behind Junno, hugging him from behind. "What we did in the shower was wonderful."

"It was like a dream come true.Ē Junno turned in Jimmy's arms. Jimmy kissed him again.

Just then, there was a knock at the door. It was staff, who told them it was time to go to breakfast.

They walked together down the hallway. They had to go across a walkway that resembled a balcony. They walked beside each other. Ueda and Ohkura walked in front of them. Below the walk way the lobby was filled with fans. Junno could hear the screams of the fans. Their voices almost deafening.

They arrived at the stairs, but had to wait. The fans seemed to press in with every idol who tried to go down. There was a small corridor made by security.

Ueda turned to them; he was holding a digital camera. "Can I take a photo of the two of you?"

"If we can have a copy." Jimmy told him.

"Of course you'll get a copy!" Ueda promised.

Junno put his hand up, and flashed a peace sign. Jimmy slung his arm around Junno's shoulders, he put his thumb up. The camera clicked as Ueda took the photo. Then Jimmy moved his arm.

"Wanna see the photo?" Ueda asked.

Junno looked at it. The couple looked so happy. There was one of the handlers shoulder in the photo, but it didn't matter to Junno. The photo looked perfect.

"Can we both have one?" Jimmy asked.

"If you want." He passed the camera to Jimmy. "Now take one of me and Tacchan."

Junno watched as Jimmy took the photo. By then it was their turn to go down the stairs. He could hear the fans scream his name as he walked down the stairs. At that moment, Junno didnt' think he could ever feel happier. He now had a boy friend who liked him a lot. Junno also felt famous in this land so far away from his home.




Date: 2007

The day finally came, when Jimmy out grew the juniors. Jimmy wanted to be a teacher; he wanted to study in America. He had received a volleyballs scholarship to a university in America. A place so very far away. But it was Jimmy's dream. Junno had to support his lover's dream, even though he missed him more then anything.

Still, the couple stayed together. Jimmy had come home to Japan during the summer and Christmas holidays, so they had time together. But still, at the end, Jimmy had to leave. Junno always hid the tears from Jimmy. He couldn't let his lover know that he wanted to beg him to stay. Junno wanted to tell Jimmy that there were perfectly good universities in Japan. Junno knew that wasn't in Jimmy's best intrest, so he kept it to himself.

Junno sat at his computer, typing a pm to Jimmy. Junno spent a lot of his off time PMing Jimmy.

"We're coming to New York in two weeks. The agency said I could stay a few days after the photo shoot. Is there anyway I could see you?"

A few moments later Jimmy had pm'd him back.

"I can't, I have a volleyball tournament." Jimmy said.

"Where will it be?"

"New York."

"So close."

"I'm sorry." Jimmy wrote. "I really want to see you."

Junno looked at the photo that he kept beside his computer. It had been taken while they where in Thailand, a few hours after they had become lovers. Jimmy had thrown his arm around Junno's shoulder and had given the thumbs up sign. Junno on the other hand had given the peace sign. Anyone who had seen the photo would know they where lovers.

Tears fell down Junno's face. There was a pain in his heart. He just wanted to make the pain go away, for a little bit. He took three of the pills the doctor had given him for anxiety. Perhaps he could stop caring, for just a little bit.


Junno was depressed that Jimmy wouldn't be able to visit him during his New York visit. Jimmy was now a busy college athlete. No one else in Kat-Tun cared if Jimmy visited or not. They all believed it was just a matter of time until Jimmy found someone in America and broke up with Junno. For the first time, Junno wondered if they were right. He was beginning to have doubts. They were both in New York, but Jimmy wouldnít visit? He felt his heart breaking.

The rest of the group was more interested in Jin's visit. Koki was mad at Jin for being so self centered that he had left the group. But Junno had disagreed. Jin was always self centered.

Jin had smirked at Junno, telling him that he had a secret. There was something going on with Jimmy. After all, shouldn't he have time to visit Junno?

Junno went to his hotel room. He would rather spend his time in his hotel room then out partying with Jin. So he stayed in his room, alone. His cell phone on, perhaps Jimmy would call or message him.

Junno turned on the TV. There was a report on the tournament. Jimmy's team was doing well. He reached out, touching the screen. They were so close, but yet so far.

When the game was over, Junno went back to his studying. He had been learning English. It was to surprise Jimmy. Then he put the book aside. Why should he study? Why wasn't Jimmy visiting him?

There was a knock at his hotel room door. Junno went and answered it. Jimmy stood there.

"Jimmy!" Junno couldn't help but scream.

"My tournament is over for today, so I decided to stop in." Jimmy smiled at him.

"How did you know where I was?"

"Jin told me." As soon as Junno closed the door, Jimmy took him into his arms.

"But your tournament...."

"It's only a few miles from here." Jimmy's lips brushed his cheek. "My team's made the quarter finals."

"I'm so proud of you," Junno told him. "I've been following your team on the internet. Sometimes I even watch you."

Jimmy kissed Junno's lips hungrily. "Oh god I've missed you."

"I've missed you too." Junno said between kisses.

"I have three more years of college, can you wait that long?" Jimmy asked.

"Of course I can," Junno pulled his lover to the bed. "As long as we have visits, I'll wait forever for you."


As part of the photo shoot, it had been arranged it so that the group can watch some of the tournament. It would make good photos for the news. Junno hoped that he could see Jimmy play. This time, Junno knows that his friends approve of his relationship with Jimmy.

"What's the university Jimmy's playing for?" Ueda asked.

"OU." Junno looked around the stadium at all the people.

"What's the team called?" Maru asked.

"They are called the sooners."

"That's a real strange name." Kame said. "Why are they called that?"

"No idea." Junno admitted.

The place is louder then the tournaments that Kat-tun played at. The crowd is much more rowdy. But they arenít' recognized, which Junno was glad for. They were seated in good seats, near the front. Just a few feet from the bench.

Then he saw Jimmy, so tall and lanky in his uniform. The university colors red and white. He was with his team, warming up for the game.

*Crimson and crŤme.* Junno reminded himself.

Then Jimmy sees the group watching in the stands. He smiles at them. Junno gives a tiny wave. Jimmy gives one back.

"Down boy," Ueda whispered to him. "You're here to watch, not play jump the player."

"I know that!" Junno chided. "He's coming to my room tonight."

After warming up, the team returned to the bench. The photographer taking photos of them.

"Want to see my boy friend?" Junno heard Jimmy tell one of his team mates. "His group is watching the game."

"Which one is he?" The team mate looked at the group.

Jimmy point to Kat-Tun and proudly telling a friend. "That one, the tall one is my boy friend."

"You're right, he is cute." The team mate said.

"Yeah, and he's mine." Jimmy told him.

Jimmy's words made Junno feel all warm inside. He now knew that he was really important to Jimmy. He vowed the he would wait for Jimmy to return to Japan. As if he is really important to Jimmy, and he vows to wait for his lover to return to Japan.


Three years later:

Jimmy returned to Japan with a university degree. He had taken the Japanese teaching and coaching licensing exam in America. Jimmy wanted to teach at an international school. He would be closer to his famous lover. He had no idea if Junno had waited for him. He didn't ask too many questions during their visits. . Jimmy had stayed loyal. But he knew when someone was famous, he had so many opportunities.

Jimmy was surprised when he got a job offer from the Johnny's agency. He wasn't sure he would accept it, but he had been reassured that it would allow him to spend more time with Junno. He was also told that the agency knew of his relationship with Junno for three years. Since they were quiet about it. They didn't mind that the pair was together.

Jimmy went to Junno's door and knocked. He hadn't even told Junno that he was back in Japan. He wanted that to be a surprise.

The door opened. Junno stared at him. Finally, he said. "Jimmy."

"You busy?" Jimmy asked.

"No, it's my day off." Junno paused. "When did you get back to Japan?"

"A couple of days ago."

"You didn't tell me." Junno looked hurt.

"I couldn't tell you." Jimmy admitted. "It would have spoiled the surprise."

"The surprise." Junno repeated.

"Can I come in?" Jimmy asked.

"Sure," Junno stepped back a few paces and let Jimmy into the apartment. Then he shut and locked the door. "You were going to tell me about a surprise."

"I've got a new job." Jimmy told him. "For the Johnny's agency."

"You're working for Johnny's?" Junno sounded like he couldn't believe his ears. "You said you wanted to be a teacher."

"I am," Jimmy said quickly. "The agency's decided to open a day school for the juniors. They needed an English teacher, so they asked me."

"Youíre going to teach at a Johnny's school?" Junno sounded as if he couldn't believe his ears.

"Yes, and coach." Jimmy smiled. "We'll be able to see each other."

"Why would the agency allow that?" Junno looked away. "Us debuted aren't usually allowed near the juniorís staff."

"Our situation is a little different." Jimmy decided he had to tell Junno the complete truth. "Johnny-sama's known about us since that visit in New York."

'Who told on us? Was it Kame?" Junno demanded.

"Staff saw me come up to your room and reported me." Jimmy paused. "I talked to the old man. As long as we keep our relationship out of the press, he doesn't mind if we're together."

"That doesn't sound like him." Junno said skeptically.

Jimmy realized that Junno didn't want a relationship with him. Why would he? Jimmy was simply a staff member.

"I'm sorry, I'll go now." Jimmy went to the door. He took one last look at Junno. "Sayonara."

His heart broke as he opened the door.

"Where the hell do you think you're going?" Junno demanded in English.

"What?" Jimmy shut the door and turned back to him. "How can you speak English?"

"Baka! I learned because the man I love more then anything is American!" Junno walked up to Jimmy. He put his arms around him. "Welcome home."


The alarm clock woke Junno from a sound sleep. He rolled over, turning it off. That's when he realized that there was someone in the bed beside him. It was Jimmy. It had been a little more then a month since Jimmy had moved into the apartment they now shared.

Junno still wasn't used to it. Their dream had finally come true. He reached out touching Jimmy.

His loverís eyes flickered open. "Good morning."

"You're still here." Junno said softly.

"Where else would I go?" Jimmy asked.

"Back to America." Junno admitted. "I had a dream that you went back home."

"This is my home! With you!" Jimmy said firmly. "I'm not going back to America unless you're with me."

"I shouldn't be so insecure." Junno admitted.

"It was a hard time for us." Jimmy told him. "Four years apart, with few visits."

"I waited," Junno admitted. "Not once did I stray."

"I know, I trust you." Jimmy reached out, touching his lover. "So what are the plans for today?"

"I've got a day off."

"I've got to teach." Jimmy sighed and rolled onto his back.

"Well, you are a teacher." Junno couldn't help but smile.

"Come to school with me?" Jimmy asked. Junno wasn't sure he was teasing.

"Come to school with you?" Junno's smile grew wider. "What would I do at school?"

"Help me out," Jimmy kissed Junno softly. "I all ready asked, they said it would be all right."

"You're serious." Junno realized.

"I don't lie to you," Jimmy kissed him again. "Plus I've got this closet. It's really large. I've been wanting to do you in it."

"Baka," Junno chided. He kissed Jimmy again.

For the first time, Junno realized that everything was going to be all right. He had the happy ending that he had always wanted. A life that would be spent at Jimmy Mackey's side. Both doing totally different things in their lives, but at the same time together.