Title: Sold Out For Stardom (One Shot)


Author: Kyoko_godaikun

Genre: Crack PWP

Rating: NC-17

Pairing: Akame

Note: feeble attempts at smut here, probably some crack too.

Summary: Jin's back, but isn't talking to the one he loves. So his friends decide that drastic measures are called for.



Kamenashi Kazuya and Akanishi Jin hated each other, that's what everyone thought. The two tops fighting for domination.


They had been forced to work together by Domoto Koki. They became friends, really good friends. Then lovers. Jin had been Kame's first love. But the pressures of work had forced their friendship apart. Besides, they had gotten into trouble for Public display of affection. That was the beginning of the end of their friendship. They became rivals for the same spot. By the time Jin left, they hated each other.


Kame never told anyone of Jin's betrayal. Jin had sold Kame out for stardom. Jin had allowed Johnny-sama to put cameras in their bedroom, filming their love making sessions. Jin had been given the lead of Kat-Tun in exchange for the tapes.


Kame had left Jin the day that Johnny-sama had given him the photo taken from the film, the photo of Kame loving Jin. Something that had been so loving suddenly turned so dirty. So horrid. Kame had cried for days, but he didn't have a choice, he had to leave Jin.


But that had been in 2003 and times changed. While they still hated each other, they had gotten to the point they could work together without anyone knowing the truth. Then slowly, very slowly they became friends again.


Kame missed Jin when Jin was gone. Kame had fought to be the leader, but found that when he was made leader, he hated it. Hated trying convince everyone to do what he said. It had looked so easy when Jin did it.


Kame's mother had a saying. You could hate someone so much, you really loved him. He never knew what that saying meant until Jin left.


Kame had been the first one to reach out to Jin. He had emailed Jin with news of the group. At first Jin didn't mail back, but after two weeks he too began to email. He hadn't had computer access before that. He was really sorry for making Kame wait.


They called each other after that sometimes. But mostly all their contact was email. It was cheaper, and Jin didn't really have a lot of money.


Then Jin was back. It was so sudden. The agency had planned for him to come back, and then surprise everyone in May, but his return had gotten out. So he was back quicker then expected.


It was like the incident had never happened, the betrayal the pain. It was like before they had become lovers. They were friends again. They kidded around like old times.


Kame couldn't help but touch Jin at the concerts. Jin's apperances has started slowly, Jin only doing the encores. They held hands; Kame would throw his arm over the taller man's shoulders. Just the touch was enough. The agency was cool with it. They wanted everyone to know that the group was glad he was back. The agency knew that the pair wouldn't ever get back together.





Kame woke. The floor was cold beneath him. What on earth was he doing here? He could remember having a drink at Yama P's party, then passing out. Yama P had thrown a party to welcome Jin back. Kame had been invited to come, so he went. It was free drinks after all.


He opened his eyes and looked around. There was only one person in the room. Jin and he too were knocked out. He was sleeping on a cot.


Kame wasn't sure this room was safe. It looked like a walk in freezer. He got up and tried the door. It was locked, from the outside. He pounded on the door. But there was no response.


The pounding woke up Jin. Who stretched and looked around the freezer.


"Where are we?" Jin asked.


"I'm not too sure." Kame admitted. "Where ever we are, we're locked in."


"Great, just great." Jin sighed.


Kame went to the small table. There was a note on it. He opened it. "Dear Jin and Kame, we are giving you two bakas three days to get back together. You both love each other, so we can't figure out why you aren't together. Call us only after you've gotten back together, and we'll let you out. There is enough food and water for your stay. Sorry Jin, not cigarettes. Your friends KTUN and Yama P."


"What does it say?" Jin asked.


Kame showed him the note. "Why on earth would they think you love me?"


"What if I do love you?" Jin asked.


"If you loved me, really loved me. You wouldn't have betrayed me." There was pain in Kame's voice.


"When did I betray you?"


Kame took out his wallet; he pulled the photo out of it. He shoved it at Jin. "Why? Why did you let them put cameras in our room?"


Jin looked at the photo. It was of the two of them, before they had been forced apart. Johnny-sama had given Kame the photo as a reminder.


"You hate me for this," Jin said softly.


"I thought you loved me Jin." There was hatred in Kame's voice. "It hurts knowing you sold me to be a star."


"Johnny-sama told me that you sold me." Jin said. "He told me that you where the one that agreed to put the cameras in the room."


"You didn't sell me?" Kame sounded like he didn't believe Jin.


"I love you! I never stopped loving you!" Jin tried to control his temper. "When you began to email me, I thought that finally, we might get a chance to be friends again."


"You could forgive me for cameras?"


"Of course I could!" Jin told him. "That's what real love is, forgiveness."




"Listen, I'll call Yama P. I'll lie to him. I'll say we got back together." Jin said. "Then you'll have your freedom."


"Why would you lie like that?"


"Because I love you!" Jin lost his temper. He went to the wall and punched it. "I know too much has happened between us for us to be lovers. But I want to be your friend."


Kame realized that Jin was telling the truth. He had never betrayed Kame. He went to Jin; he was a bit dangerous when he was like this. But Kame loved danger. He put his arms around Jin's waist, letting his head rest on Jin's back. He could feel Jin tremble beneath him.


"I'm sorry I didn't believe you," Kame told him.


"I am too." Trembling, he could feel Jin's hand on top of his. "Please Kazuya, can we be friends?"


"No, we can't..." He was about to say he loved Jin.


"I hate you!" Jin pulled away from him. He screamed loud, inhumane. Then he sank to the ground sobbing.





The thing that Jin was really looking forwards to when he came home was seeing Kame. His friend had changed so much when he was gone. He could feel Koki's arm around him during that first concert. It felt so good. They might hold hands on stage, but off stage was something different. Kame held Jin at arms length.


It wasn't what Jin had expected. The emails and calls had given Jin hope. The hope that it could be how it used to be, before the agency had forced them apart. Had made them sign papers saying they wouldn't be together ever again.



It was going terribly, horribly wrong. Jin sat on the floor of the locker. His heart breaking. This was all Johnny-sama's fault. He had broken the pair up, and made it so that they could never trust each other again.


Jin felt Kame take him into his arms. He wanted to pull away from him, to tell him he hated him again. But Jin was weak. He might hate Kame, but at the same time he loved him more then anything.


"We can't let him win," Kame told him when Jin finally stopped crying.


"What do you mean?" Jin asked.


"Johnny-sama, He's probably laughing about all of this."


"It isn't funny."


"I know," Kame reached out, wiping the tears from Jin's face. "It was the worst thing Johnny-sama could do. Take our love for each other and try to turn it to hate."




"We can't let him win." Kame picked the photo off the ground. He tore it into tiny pieces. "All this time, we have given him what he wanted by hating each other. Now I say we fight back."




"By loving each other." He knelt in front of Jin. Jin moved his legs, just enough to let Kame climb onto his lap. Kame began to make small love bites on Jin's neck.


"You hate me." Jin reminded him. He moaned as Kame bit a sensitive spot on his neck.


"I hate you so much that I love you." Kame confessed.


'Huh?" Jin asked confused.


"All this time I said I hated you, I lied." Kame tried to explain. "Really, I loved you more then anything."


"I love you too." Jin said softly, he decided to give in, and put his arms around Kame.


"Then let's not let him win." Kame kissed Jin's lips.


Jin didnt' realize how much he missed the feel of Kame's lips on his. How much he missed it when Kame took the led. Jin kissed back; pulling is arms around Kame, pulling him close. Kissing him hungrily, eagerly.


"What happens if he forces us apart again?" Kame asked between kisses. He kept moving around so much on Jin, that it was getting hard for him to hide his excitement. Move, move. If they didn't do something soon, Jin might end up coming on his friend.


"I've learned to live without the agency." Jin began to work on Kame's shirt. "It might be hard, but you're worth it."


"I love you." Kame pulled Jin's shirt off. "Did you bring any lube?"


"Didn't know I was going to be here," Jin reminded him.


While he was still sitting on Jin's lap, Kame began to look around the room. He stopped and climbed off of Jin. He looked in the basket of food that had been put on the table. He pulled out a tube.


"Look what I found," Kame gave him one of his most smoldering smiles. "A brand new fresh tube of lube."


"Why don't we try it out?" Jin suggested.


"Thought you would never ask." Kame pulled off his remaining clothes, and then he broke the seal on the lube. "You going to take off your clothes?"


Jin did as he was told. He kissed Kame, and then bent over the bed, so that his ass was in the air.


"Have anyone when you where in LA?" Jin felt one of Kame's lube coated fingers slip inside him. Then another. They moved apart hard. "Did you?"


"Just some blow jobs at parties." Jin confessed.


"No one inside you?" Kame shoved the rest of his fingers inside of Jin and began to pump them.


"No," Jin yelped as Kame's nails rammed into his sweet spot. "You're the only one whos ever topped me."


"Good answer." After a few more thrusts from Kame's hand, Kame removed the fingers. Then he knelt behind Jin.


Jin waited for what seemed like hours, but was only seconds for Kame to prepare himself. Then Kame was sliding into Jin. It had been so long since Jin felt this fullness. Kame was so large, that he always filled Jin completely.


He could feel himself tear a bit. It didnt' matter to Jin. The pain was mixed with a wonderful pleasure.


"Oh Jin, you're so tight," Kame gasped. "I forgot how tight you were." Then Kame was making love to him. Jin arched back into every thrust. It had been so long since he felt this way. So very long. He wanted to cherish ever thrust, every move of his lover. It hurt, but Jin didn't care. The pain was worth it. As it was drowned out by so much love.


Kames hand reached around Jin, wrapping around his hardness. Then he began to pump hard in time with every thrust. It should have hurt Jin, but for Jin it felt so good.


"You're mine," Kame said harshly with every thrust. "No one's ever going to take you away from me."


Jin held onto the bed for dear life. Kame's thrusts became harder and harder, shoving Jin into the bed with each one. Hard, rough. Every thrust a sign of ownership.


Submission, full and complete submission. Jin loved it this way. Loved Kame for making him submit. Loved Kame for giving him the pain mixed with pleasure.


Jin could feel stars in his eyes, and then suddenly Jin was coming. Erupting into Kame's hand. Kame continued to thrust, now even harder. He brought his hand to Jin's lips and Jin cleaned it off, sucking on every finger.


"That's it, yeah. Like that." Then Kame was shouting loudly. His voice reverberating around the room. His voice saying on one word, "Jin."


Kame collapsed onto Jin. He pulled out of Jin, and Jin whimpered because he no longer felt full.


Jin climbed up onto the cot. Kame looked down to himself. "Oh god, you're bleeding."


"It's all right." He moved over so that Kame could get into bed. "Its been so long since I've had anyone inside me."


"If it hurt, you should have told me." Kame said gently.


"I couldn't," Jin admitted. "It felt so good. You forgot, I've never minded a little blood."


"Baka." Kame kissed Jin softly.


Jin curled up, his head on Kame's shoulder.


"I'll never let them take you from me." Kame vowed.


"Never," Jin said, his eyes began to flicker shut. He was still feeling the side effects of jet lag.


"We won," Kame stroked his hair. "Go to sleep my love."


Jin found himself falling asleep. Kame's arms went around him.


"I'll never let you go." Kamewhispered when he thought Jin was asleep. "We've beat Johnny-sama at his own game."


That was all that Jin knew before he fell asleep. Happy that he had Kame back in his life. He knew that they had started another round of the war against the agency, but this time Jin knew they would win.