Title: St. Century

Author: Kyoko_godaikun

Rating: PG

Pairing: Eventually Ohkura/Subaru.

Genre: Crack

Summary: Kanjani 8 get into a van wreck. They are transported to a universe much like their own, except their all interns. Also, Ohkura is being chased by a very strange looking intern.



It had all started with a van wreck. Subaru was sitting beside his band mate Ohkura. He was talking about his new project. He could remember hearing the sound of a truck's horn, then the sound of the truck crashing into the van. Then everything went black.

Subaru opened his eyes. He was lying in a hospital bed. Beside the bed stood his friend Ohkura. He was wearing what looked like an intern's uniform.

Ohkura was talking to an intern who wore a pink intern’s uniform. She looked very familiar to him. Then Subaru realized the woman looked like Miyake ken in drag.

"Tacchan," Subaru finally said. "Where am I?"

"You're at St. Century, Subaru-Senshi," The intern told him. She had the same high pitched voice of Miyake Ken.

"Ha, ha, not funny," Subaru said. "There is no real St. Century; it was only a TV show."

"Are you sure you're feeling all right?" The woman asked concerned.

"Miyake-sempai, you look awfully funny in drag." Subaru groaned. "Why don't you go back to dressing like a guy?"

"But I am a woman!" The Ken look alike said.

"Kimiko, can you excuse us?" Ohkura asked the woman very professionally. "Subaru-sensei must have hit his head harder then we thought."

"Of course Ohkura-Senshi." the woman left.

"Where am I?" Subaru repeated.

Ohkura looked both ways, and then knelt down closer to Subaru. "We still don't fully understand what happened or how we got here."

"Where is here?"

"You're in a hospital called St. Century. You're not a singer, you're an intern." Ohkura tried to explain.

"I'm dreaming, aren't I?" Subaru guessed. This place was so strange it had to be a dream.

"If I said it was a dream, would you accept all of this?"

"Of course, strange things can happen in dreams." Subaru reasoned.

Just then Hina came into the room. He was dressed as an intern, with a stethoscope draped around his neck. He carried a clip board. "I see he's awake."

"So you're a part of this dream too." Subaru told him.

"Dream?" Hina looked puzzled.

"He thinks he's dreaming." Ohkura tried to explain.

"Tell that to Ryo and Uchi-Chan. We just got them out of the psych ward." Hina sighed.


It was like being in the middle of a carry on movie. That's what Ohkura thought. Not that anyone else knew what that was. Ohkura's mother had been a fan of the movie series when he was a kid. It stared the same cast in different movies, playing different characters.

There was an intern that looked like Miyake Ken, but she insisted that she was Miyake Ken's younger sister. She dressed in all pink and was Ohkura's work partner. That would have been great but for the small fact that she was madly in love with Ohkura.

The head doctor was Sakamoto. All of the members of V6 were members of the hospital staff in some way.

It would be funny but for some really strange things. Food was very, very expensive. Water was scarce. Now every shower, every bath, every glass of water cost a small fortune. Something as little as a soak in a hot tub now cost the equivalent of a week’s wages. Ohkura couldn't figure out why water was so scarce. No one would tell him. He just worked on saving his money for a good bath. He didn't like the three minute showers that he could afford.

Ohkura went to the cafeteria. He was still getting used to this intern thing. In a way it was very much like being a Johnny's Junior.

Ohkura picked out a sandwich and an orange. Then he began to shove other things on his tray. Interns got free meals, but only during their work hours. So most of them at a ton during their free meals. He showed his card to the cashier.

"Not having anything to drink?" The cashier asked. She bore an uncanny resemblance to Nishikido Ryo. Her name tag read "Nishikido Mari."

"I'm trying to save up some money for a bath." Ohkura admitted.

The girl took out a small bottle of water off of the shelf. "You keep forgetting Ohkura-sensei that water is included with your meal."

"Thank you," Ohkura told her.

Ohkura took his tray to the table marked for interns only. Maruyama and Shota were all ready there. They were wrapping up the sandwiches they had got for lunch and putting them in a cooler pail. They would save them for when they got off work.

Ohkura too took out his collapsible lunch bag. He began to pack his food up. The hospital was used to their interns saving their food. It was considered part of the tradition of becoming a regular doctor to have to hoard food.

"Hey Tacchan," Maruyama said. "How have you cases been?"

"A girl with a scraped knee and five people out of breath." Ohkura told him.

"Sounds as bad as my morning."

"Doesn't anyone actually get sick around here?" Shota sighed.

"I have no idea." Ohkura said.

"Kimiko is looking at you," Shota teased.

"Kimiko?" Ohkura echoed. He sighed inwardly; he had hoped that he could have gotten away from her.

"Yeah, Ken sempai's sister." Shota teased. "Isn't she in love with you?"

The woman came over to the table. She smiled brightly at Ohkura. "Oh Ohkura-sensei, you were brilliant this morning."

"Thank you," Ohkura said modestly.

Kimiko sat down at the table; she moved her chair closer to Ohkura. "Since we work together, we should spend more time together."

Maruyama and Shota couldn't help but giggle at their friend. Ohkura was being hotly pursued by his partner. They knew he didn't have a chance.


Subaru had been awake for three days, and he still thought reality was a dream. He had finally been discharged from the hospital and ordered to go back to work.

Ohkura took Subaru to the intern's dorm wing of the hospital. As he unlocked the door, he said. "I hope you don't mind small."

"What is this place?" Subaru looked around.

"Our dorm room." Ohkura opened the door.

Subaru went into the room, followed by Ohkura. The room was tiny; there was barely room for the bunk bed and a desk.

"Which bed is yours?" Subaru asked him.

"I've been using the bottom." He shrugged.

"Good, I like top bunks." Subaru climbed to the top bunk and stretched out.

"You need to turn in early. We have a morning shift tomorrow." Ohkura undressed, he pulled a warm up suit out of a drawer and put it on. Then he sat down on his bunk.

"What's for supper?"

"What do you mean, supper?" Ohkura repeated as if he hadn't heard the word before.

"You know, food you eat in the evening." he paused. "Let's send out for something."

"Sending out for food costs money, I don't have any." Ohkura went to a drawer. He took out a cup of instant ramen. "You can have this. Perhaps one of the nurses will let you have some hot water."

Subaru looked at the instant ramen. "Why can't we have the agency pay for it?"

"There is no agency here." Ohkura sighed. "We get free food when the cafeteria's open if we are on shift. But we only get 6000 yen a week. That doesn't last long."

"What about my salary for this week?"

"Your salary paid your hospital bill." Ohkura opened a small refrigerator. Inside were several sandwiches and some fruit. "If you don't want ramen, I saved some food from lunch."

"You don't mind sharing?"

"No, but we'll save the fruit for breakfast." He handed Subaru a sandwich.

"What do we have to drink?"

"Water costs money. I have to save my money so I can shower." Ohkura went back to eating.

"Isn't water free?"

"Not here it isn't. It costs 700 yen for showering water that is each shower. It costs the same for one liter of drinking water." Ohkura put the food down. He lay down so that Subaru couldn't see him.

Just then there was a knock at the door. Ohkura sighed; he got up and locked the refrigerator. He then answered the door.

A small woman pushed her way into the dorm. "I thought you might be hungry Tadayoshi." She set the pot of something on the desk. Then for the first time, she turned to Subaru. "What are you doing here?"

"He's my roommate!" Ohkura told her.

"But I only brought enough soup for us." she sputtered.

Subaru put on his winning smile. "I'm sorry if I disturbed your date."


Kimiko wouldn't go away. Ohkura had told her that he was really, really, really busy. She only giggled and told him to stop teasing.

Instead she had served up the soup to Subaru and Ohkura. Then she plopped down on the bed beside Ohkura. Subaru tried not to laugh. His new roommate looked so uncomfortable as if he was being forced to eat something horrible. Subaru didn't know why the soup was wonderful.

After Kimiko was finished eating, she put her head on Ohkura's shoulder. Ohkura looked like he was going to jump out of his skin.

"What does your perfect lover look like?" Kimiko asked.

"My perfect lover?" Ohkura tried not to look at Subaru. "My perfect lover would have dark hair a little below the shoulder, wear thick black rimmed glasses. Oh and loves hats."

"What kind of dress would she wear?"

"My lover wouldn't wear a dress." Ohkura told her. "Only jeans."

After they ate the dinner, Kimiko was paged to go back on duty.

"Why don't you tell her the truth?" Subaru asked.

"What do you mean?" Ohkura asked.

"You're gay. She's wasting her time chasing you." Subaru told him. "I mean the person you described was a guy. You really need to tell her."

"I've tried, trust me, I've tried." Just then Ohkura's pager went off. He glanced at it. "Sorry, have to go to work.'


It was Subaru's first day of being an intern. He pulled his dark hair back into a bun. Then stuck his black rimmed glasses on his face. He also had to wear the intern uniform, though he thought of it as being very uncomfortable.

What Subaru was greeted with when he arrived at his station was Ohkura doing his rounds, being followed by Kimiko almost like a puppy dog. She had cut her hair to right below the shoulders and it was dyed black. She was wearing Harry Potter type glasses and a pink hat on top of her head. She was also wearing blue jeans.

"Hello Subaru Sensei!" The woman bubbled. "Look, we're wearing the same type of glasses! Our hair is the same too, if you wore it down!"

Subaru glanced at Ohkura, but instead of laughing, his friend was blushing deeply. Ohkura pulled his own glasses up onto his nose. He suddenly became fascinated with the chart he was holding.

That was when Subaru realized that the man that Ohkura had described was him. His friend must have been really desperate to tell Kimiko that the man of his dreams was Subaru.

"Kimiko sensei we're busy." Ohkura finally said.

"Emergency!" A nurse came in pushing a stretcher. It carried three kindergarteners that looked like Morita Go, Okada Junichi and Miyake Ken. All three of them had scraped knees and were crying.

"I'll help them!' Ohkura volunteered.

"Tacchan, we need to talk." Subaru told him.

"Not now, there's an emergency going on." Ohkura followed the stretcher. He was followed by Kimiko hot on his heals.



Subaru’s dream never changed. He was an intern. Days turned into weeks and Subaru had the same dream. The dream never shifted or changed, it was always the same hospital full of strange people.

Ohkura was stalked by Kimiko. She followed him everywhere wearing her dark rimmed glasses that were so much like Subaru’s. She never gave Ohkura a moments rest.

For some reason Kimiko’s stalking was really bothering Subaru. Ohkura was being way too nice to her. Why couldn't Ohkura just tell that woman to go away?

Subaru knew he was simply dreaming. But the dream bothered him. Ohkura was a guy, why did he have to be so nice to her? Ohkura wasn’t' even that nice in real life.

Subaru realized that someone else would have to take care of Ohkura's problem. So Subaru waited until the time was right. They were working a late night shift. Kimiko was also working the shift.

"I need to show you something." Subaru told Ohkura. "In the records room."

"Sure." Ohkura stopped what he was doing. He followed Subaru to the records room.

Subaru waited until he knew that Kimiko was watching. Then he kissed Ohkura on the lips. Ohkura froze for just a moment, and then he sighed and kissed back. The taller mans' arms went around him, and Ohkura seemed to melt into the kiss.

"Tadayoshi!' Kimiko screamed at the top of her lungs. "What do you think you're doing?"

"What does it look like?" Subaru asked. "He's kissing his lover."

"It's over between us, over!" She slapped Ohkura hard across the face. Then she stomped off.

Ohkura held a hand to his bruised face, and then he smiled at Subaru. "Thanks."

"It's no problem." Subaru tried to leave, but Ohkura shut the door. "What's wrong?"

"I want to kiss you again, and I don't want anyone watching." Ohkura's smile was very seductive.

Then Ohkura was kissing Subaru. The kiss felt so good, so right. It was everything Subaru had imagined would happen when he kissed Ohkura. But it was wrong.

"Listen Tacchan, this isn't a good idea." Subaru he wanted to tell his friend that the kiss was only to make the girl mad. It wasn't because he liked Ohkura. But if he told Ohkura that he would be lying. The taller man meant too much for him to lie to. Even if it was all a dream.

"You don't like me." Ohkura realized.

"I do like you." Subaru confessed. "I don't want us to just be lovers that sneak off to be together. I want to go out."

"Then why don't we?" Ohkura moved closer to him, trying to tempt him again.

"We have no money," Subaru reminded him. "I want to take you to the best cafes. To give you everything that I think you deserve."

"It doesn't have to be like that."

"Yes it does!" Subaru told him. "Until we have money, we can't be together."

"If that's what you want," There was pain in Ohkura's eyes.

Subaru left but stopped outside in the hallway. He waited for Ohkura to come out, but instead, he heard heartbroken sobs from his friend.

Subaru tried to open the door, but it was locked. He pounded on it, screaming that he was sorry. But there was no reply from Ohkura. That was so much like the real Ohkura. The one that always wanted to be left alone when he was upset.

That was when finally Subaru realized that all of this wasn't a dream. That they were trapped as interns in a funny hospital.


Ohkura sat alone in the cafeteria. It wasn't his lunch time, but he wanted a cup of coffee and some time to think. So he sat, thinking of the kiss he shared with Subaru.

The only other people in the cafeteria were Ryo's sister and Yoko. Yoko really liked Ryo's sister and kept trying to talk her into going out. Yoko had a thing for the woman who looked like various Johnny’s.

"Are you going to sit there forever?" Hina asked. He sat down at the table across from Ohkura.

"Why not? I'm off shift." Ohkura tried to be blasé. “I just need some time to think.”

"Why can't you go back to your dorm room?"

"I can't." he looked down to his coffee.

“Give me one good reason why you can’t?” Hina persisted.

“Because I am poor.”

“You’re making no sense Tacchan.” Hina told him.

“Someone kissed me earlier today.” Ohkura wiped a tear from his face. “I was so happy that he kissed me.”

“What’s wrong with that?” Hina smiled.

“He said we couldn’t date because we have no money.” Ohkura tried to keep the despair out of his voice. “I can’t go back to my room. I would have to face him.”

Hina sighed. "It's Baru-Chan isn't it?"

"Yeah," Ohkura admitted. "Why can't he go out with me the way I am? Why do we have to have money?"

"That's just Baru. He always wants his boy friends to feel special." Hina tried to reason.

"I don't need money for that. I feel special when we spend time together." Ohkura paused. "What if I saved money? I mean enough to go out. Do you think Baru would date me?"

"Don't you?" Hina asked.

"But how to get money, that's the problem." Ohkura mused.

"You could ask to work extra hours. Overtime hours are always double pay."

"This isn’t much to begin with." Ohkura pointed out.

"You could limit yourself to one meal a day." Hina suggested. "You get five thousand yen for every meal skipped added to your pay check."

"That much?" Ohkura made up his mind. "All right, I'll talk to Sakamoto sensei about it."


The weeks passed. Subaru wanted to talk to Ohkura, to apologize to him for turning him down. It was hard to get Ohkura alone. Even though they worked together, Ohkura was always very, very busy. So busy that he wasn't eating right. Ohkura was one to worry if he got fat, but he was getting way too skinny.

Subaru was finally able to find Ohkura in the changing room. Someone had brought cookies for the doctors. Every doctor getting a package of an American brand of cookies called Girl Scout.

Ohkura was in a corner shoving cookies in his mouth just like a man that hadn't had any food for weeks. There were four empty boxes of green cookies on the floor. The boxes looked as if they had been torn open by animals.

Finally Ohkura realized that Subaru was watching him. He wiped his mouth. Then he shoved the remaining cookies in his locker.

"I need to get back to work." Ohkura told him.

"What are you doing?" Subaru asked.

"Just having a snack before my next shift." Ohkura acted as if it was totally normal for him to be caught gorging on cookies.

Subaru decided to get to the point before Ohkura left. "I want to go back to being your friend."

"You didn't want to be friends with me." Ohkura reminded him.

"I was wrong." Subaru admitted. "I shouldn't have rejected you the way I did."

"It's just the way that you are." Ohkura tried to sound like it didn't matter to him.

"I want to be your friend." Subaru began.

"All right," Ohkura decided. "Listen I have to get back to work."

"Why don't we go out sometime?" Subaru asked.

"We might go out when we get some money!" With that, Ohkura was gone.


The weeks passed, Subaru's plan had worked. Ohkura was no longer being hassled by Miyake Kimiko. Instead, the intern set her eyes on different prey.

She decided that she had to have Yoko. Yoko seemed to love the attention.

Ohkura came into the doctor's station. Yoko and Kimiko were talking in the corner.

"You really will go out with me?" Kimiko squealed.

"Sure I will." Yoko smiled at her. “You are so cute; I don’t know why you haven’t been snatched up all ready.”

“That’s because almost every doctor at the hospital is gay!” She sighed.

“I’m not,” Yoko kissed the woman very gently.

Ohkura tried to ignore them. Just like he tried to ignore Subaru. His friend had tried to talk to him, to get Ohkura to forgive him enough to be just friends. Ohkura didn't want to go back to being just friends. Ohkura wanted to be able to give the money to Subaru. Then perhaps they could have what Subaru had promised, a real date.

Ohkura was tired, even though it was only the fourth week of his extra long shift. His stomach growled telling Ohkura to feed it. Ohkura tried to ignore his stomach. He had given up food for his quest. He now survived off of things given to the doctors by the patients. They were always given sweets. A constant diet of sweets wasn't good for him. He knew that. He wished that once someone would give a steak to every doctor.

Ohkura knew that going without much sleep or food wasn't good for him. All he could see was the goal at the end of the suffering.

"Ohkura-sensei, you're next patient is waiting for you." The nurse told him.

"Sure, what's wrong with him?"

"He has foot and mouth disease."

Ohkura followed the woman to the exam room. He groaned. The patient looked like Teggo, and he has a partner who looked exactly like Massu hovering around him.

Ohkura had to bite his lip hard. Tego had somehow shoved a foot into his mouth. Still, Ohkura felt himself almost go to sleep.

"Ohkura-sensei," The nurse nudged him.

"Foot and mouth, very tricky." He finally said.

"Do you think my boy friend can be cured?" Massu asked concerned.

"Yes, I think he can," Ohkura promised.


The triplets were back. They seemed to visit the hospital at least once a day. Usually they were sent there by their kindergarten. The three kindergartners that looked like members of Coming Century. Their mother came with them this time.

Subaru was in charge of treating them. The three little boys had gotten into a fight at home. All of them had bruises.

They had been brought to the hospital by their mother. She looked just like Morita Go in drag.

The boys were fussing at each other. The Okada look alike kept poking the Morita look alike that kept whacking the Ken look alike

“Do you know if my brother’s on duty?” The mother asked.

“Your brother?” Subaru echoed.

“Morita-sensei,” she said.

“No, he’s off tonight.” Subaru looked at the boy’s chart. “Would you mind if I treat your sons?”

“Could I have Hina-sensei work with them?” She asked.

“Sure, I’ll see if he’s free.” Subaru inwardly celebrated as he left the room. No way did he ever want to treat those three.

By the time he left, the three were fighting each other with little raised fists.


Subaru began to save money. He wasn't sure why. It wasn’t like he was going to date Ohkura. His friend had made it clear that that was out of the question.

They hadn’t even talked much since the kiss. Ohkura had a way of only going to their shared dorm room when Subaru was either asleep or gone.

There were other changes, Ohkura used to keep the refrigerator stocked with things that he had brought back from his meals. Subaru could remember how Ohkura had always brought back the things that Subaru had liked. They had always shared their evening meals together. Now the refrigerator was bare. The evenings together were only memories.

Subaru worked hard. He found that he liked being an intern. That it was good to help people. It reminded him of the time before their debut, when the group had no money and all of the older members had to work.

Ohkura came into the dorm room. He looked so tired, his face so pale. His eyes sunken. His looked at Subaru. "I'm sorry; I didn't know you were here."

"This is our dorm room."

"You're right, it is." Ohkura stood for a moment, swaying. He grabbed onto the bed to steady himself.

"Tacchan, are you all right?" Subaru asked concerned.

"I'm fine," Ohkura lied, Subaru knew he was lying.

The taller intern took a deep breath; he tried to move to his desk. He bumped into Subaru. For the first time since the kiss the friends touched. Ohkura's skin was hot to the touch.

"You're sick, you need to rest." The older intern told him.

"I can't I have to work." He murmured. "I have to save."

"Why do you have to work?" Subaru demanded. 'What's so damned important that it would mean risking your health?"

"Because if I had money, perhaps you will love me as much as I love you."

"Love you?" Subaru repeated.

"I know, it's crazy. You can't love anyone." Ohkura tried to get away from Subaru. "Why do I have to love you? Why do you have to only love money?"

Subaru let Ohkura go. His friend went three steps before collapsing. He fell, hitting his head on the desk. Subaru wasn't sure what to do. He turned over his friend; he was bleeding from a cut on his forehead. He was also very, very hot.

Subaru was an intern who had no real idea how to help Ohkura.



After Ohkura collapsed, Subaru ran and got help for his unconscious friend. The next few minutes went so quickly. Ohkura was soon admitted to the hospital, to the public ward.

Ohkura had pneumonia. He was also malnourished and exhausted. There was an IV attached to his wrist, and he had a feeding tube that had been inserted into one of his nostrils. There was a large bandage on his head. He would have a scar.

Subaru had to work, but he made sure he was assigned to the ward Ohkura was in. He checked on Ohkura often. But Ohkura hadn't waked up yet.

Subaru felt like a fool. How could he have rejected Ohkura's love? Getting so busy with work that he was too busy to notice that his friend was slowly starving to death.

Subaru hated himself. He knew that he should recognize his friend’s illness. He shouldn't have told Ohkura that they couldn't be together. He wanted Ohkura to smile his special smile again. He wanted his friend to be well.

Hina came into the ward. "How is Tacchan doing?"

"He's asleep." Subaru couldn't keep the worry out of his voice. "His fever is still very high."

"You love him." Hina reminded him.

"I will always love him." he said softly. "But I ruined it all with my selfishness."

"Tacchan sacrificed everything to be with you." Hina told him. "He even stopped eating."

"Why would he do such a thing, stop eating?"

"Because he got five thousand yen for every meal he skipped." Hina took something out of his pocket. "I think you should see this. It's Tacchan's bank book."

Subaru opened it. It looked like Ohkura had saved every yen that he had earned. "Why would he do this? He worked too hard, and he didn't eat."

"Ohkura is a man who put his own health at risk to make your dream come true." Hina paused. "He worked hard. Hoping that one day, he would have enough money for just one date with you."

"I really messed up." Subaru realized.

"Theirs still time." Hina went to the door. "When he's well, ask him out. Go on a date that doesn't involve money."

"Do you think he'll still want to go out with me?"

"Don't you?" and with that, Hina left.


Ohkura woke to the smell of food. The hunger pangs in his stomach made him well aware of the fact that food was near by and that he needed to go find it.

He realized that there was something in his nose. He reached out and touched it. It was a tube of some kind. He tried to pull on it.

"Tacchan, you have to leave your feeding tube alone," The voice told him.

Ohkura reached up, touching the bandage on his head. Then he realized that something was on his hand. He opened his eyes, there was an IV tube attached to it.

It was daylight. He knew he should be at work, not sleeping! He tried to sit up in bed, but he was so weak.

He saw that Subaru was standing beside the bed. Baru looked very concerned.

"Baru?" he said confused. "What am I doing here?"

"You passed out from exhaustion." Baru said.

"Oh god. I'm sorry. I need to get back to work." he moved to get out of bed.

Very quickly Subaru was at his side, pushing him back onto the bed. "Tacchan, you need to rest."

"I have to work," Ohkura insisted. "I have to earn money."

"You've been ordered to have complete bed rest." Subaru told him. "You're sick."

"I'm sick," Ohkura settled back against the pillows. "What's wrong with me?"

"You have pneumonia." Subaru explained.

"What are you doing here?"

"Caring for you," Subaru smiled that smile Ohkura had missed. It was a wonderful smile that seemed to be just for him. "Are you hungry?"

"Yes," He admitted.

Subaru went to a table that was against a wall, he stirred something that was in a crock pot. Then he spooned the thing into a bowl. He put a spoon in it and went back to Ohkura. He handed it to him.

Ohkura looked down to what was in the bowl. It was stew. He hadn't had stew in so long. He loved stew, but how could Subaru know? "Baru, this must have cost you a lot of money."

"Money doesn't matter. What matters is you’re getting better." again he smiled. "Stop feeling guilty, eat."

Ohkura ate, soon the food was gone. It staved off his hunger pangs. Subaru took the bowl from him. He went to the rice cooker and filled a clean bowl with rice. He gave that bowl to Ohkura wolfed down the rice.

"Thank you," Ohkura said politely.

Subaru sat on the edge of the bed. "We need to talk."

"I don't want to fight anymore." Ohkura lay back down. "Don’t' feel like arguing."

"We won't fight." Subaru promised. "Just rest now."

"Stay with me until I fall asleep," Ohkura asked.

"I'll be here as long as you need me." Subaru promised. He took Ohkura’s good hand in his, and then he kissed Ohkura’s fingers.

Subaru was with him, finally. It was what he had wanted for so long. Ohkura didn't want to go to sleep, but his eyes felt so heavy. Ohkura found himself falling asleep.


Money was nothing. Subaru realized as he took care of Ohkura. He spent all of his money for the food that he gave to Ohkura. He didn't care. His friend, the man he loved almost starved to death, for him. Subaru had to keep him alive.

Still, Subaru had to work. He was taking care of all the patients in the large public ward. One long room full of people. None of them sick the way Ohkura was. Many had broken bones and were resting. In the real world, they would have been sent home. But in the funny hospital, they stayed and rested.

Ohkura still wasn't really talking to him. He would always accept the bowls of food and eat them. But every time Subaru wanted to talk about their relationship, Ohkura would suddenly want to go to sleep.

Subaru knew that Ohkura's sudden love of sleep wasn't because of his pneumonia. His fever had broken the day before, and he was well on the road to get well. Ohkura always slept allot when he was depressed.

Subaru had gone to lunch. When he returned, Ohkura was watching the door. He had been doing that a lot. Subaru always made sure the wards door was open, for Ohkura.

Ohkura smiled very briefly when he saw Subaru.

"I brought you some sandwiches for lunch," Subaru told him.

"Thank you," Ohkura took the plate of wrapped sandwiches from him.

"Subaru-sensei, can you come here please?" A nurse asked.

Subaru went to the woman's side. He looked away from Ohkura, concentrating on the patient. It was Ueda Tatsuya look alike. He had broken his leg on stage. He was a fussy patient that should have had a private room. But there were no private rooms available.

When Subaru returned to Ohkura, the plate was bare. There was only one wrapper on the plate. The rest of the sandwiches were gone. Then Subaru noticed the small lump beside Ohkura. His friend had hidden the sandwiches.

"Did you enjoy your lunch?" Subaru asked.

'The sandwiches were good, thank you." Ohkura told him formally.

"What would you like for supper? I can bring anything you want." Subaru asked.

"You don't have to." Ohkura looked depressed.

"Of course I don't have to." Subaru said almost harshly. Ohkura flinched. "But you’re my friend, so I want to."

"I want a milk shake." Ohkura said softly. "I've been craving one."

"What kind?"

"Chocolate malt." Ohkura decided.

"You’ll get it." Subaru promised.


Ohkura waited until Subaru had went to take care of another patient to take out one of the sandwiches he had hidden. He ate it slowly, trying to savor every bite.

He wished they would take out his feeding tube. He hated it. The way it was cold against the back of his throat. He was eating; he knew he didn't need it.

He had overheard nurses talking about him having anorexia. Ohkura knew he didn’t have it. He hadn’t stopped eating to loose weight. He had stopped eating for his dream.

Ohkura had been awake for four days. Subaru was in charge of bringing him food. Ohkura knew that it was just part of the job. That nothing Subaru was doing was because he really cared for him. But every time that Subaru came to his bed to take care of him, Ohkura felt loved.

It didn’t long for Ohkura to realize that there was someone else in Subaru’s heart. Shota dropped by the ward several times a day. Even though Ohkura considered him a friend, Shota never even said hello to him. Shota only talked to Subaru.

Like clockwork, Shota came into the ward. Subaru grabbed him and pulled him away from Ohkura's bed. He chatted to his friend, passing him a wad of bills. Ohkura felt a pang of jealousy. Shota had been visiting Subaru a lot lately.

Ohkura went back to his only past time, people watching. The door to the ward was always open. He could see out in the hallway.

Ohkura’s stomach growled and he took out another sandwich. He wouldn't be let out of the hospital until he gained weight. He had almost starved to death. It had been for a dream, to have Subaru love him as much as he loved Subaru. Ohkura had given up on his dream. He couldn't work hard anymore. Not for Subaru. Subaru now had Shota.

All the work and the sacrifice had been for nothing. He had lost Subaru. He felt tears fall down his face. He shouldn’t' cry not for Subaru. But his heart hurt.


"Where is Shota?" Subaru asked himself. He began to pace. "It can’t' be that hard to get a malt."

Ohkura ignored Subaru. He didn't want to talk to him. His heart still hurt.

Subaru was called to work on a patient. The Ueda-alike who was a big Visual K star. He was always demanding attention.

A few minute passed, and Shota came into the ward. He went to Ohkura's bed. "Hey Tacchan."

"Looking for Baru?" Ohkura asked.

"No, I'm looking for you." He smiled sweetly. Then he handed Ohkura the shake. "Baru wanted you to have this."

Ohkura wanted to fling it across the room, but he was craving it so much that he took a sip. "This is really good."

"I'm sorry I made you wait so long." Shota smiled. "But I ran into Hina and well...it's been hours since we've been together."

"Does Baru know about you and Hina?" Ohkura asked.

"Of course he does!"

"He doesn't mind sharing you?" Ohkura took another long drink.

"I don't understand, what do you mean share me?" Shota said confused.

"Aren't you with Baru?" He tried to sound non chalet, but it was hard. He wanted to tell Shota that he was in love with Subaru. That Subaru belonged to him. But Ohkura knew he would never be able to do that. He had never had Subaru.

"You’ve got to be kidding!" Shota looked him over. "He's yours, I don't want him!"

"No, he was never mine." Ohkura said sadly.

"Then tell me, why on earth would he spend all of his money buying you food?" Shota demanded gently.

"He's been feeding me hospital food."

"You’ve been on a feeding tube. You're not getting hospital food." Shota said firmly.

Ohkura couldn't believe his ears. "Why would he do such a thing?"

'Because Subaru loves you." Shota smiled.

"How do you know that?"

"He told me." Shota's smile grew wider.

"What are you doing here?" Subaru went quickly to the bed.

"Just visiting Tacchan." Shota gave Subaru his best smile. "I wanted to give him his shake."

"Excuse us," Subaru grabbed Shota and drug him into the hallway. Ohkura couldn't help but overhear what Subaru said. "What did you tell him?"

"Nothing, I just gave him his drink." Shota said innocently.

"You didn't tell him about my feelings for him did you?" Subaru demanded. "He can't know I love him."

"I don't understand why not." Shota said. "I think he loves you."

"Everything that happened to Tacchan was my fault." Subaru dropped his voice so that Ohkura could barely hear him. "I don't deserve to be his lover."

"Isn't that for him to decide?"

Subaru went back into the ward. He went to Ohkura almost as if nothing had happened between him and Shota. "How is the patent feeling?"

"Much better," Ohkura smiled. "The shake was wonderful."

"Just part of the service." Subaru checked Ohkura's feeding bag. "You're getting better. Soon you'll be out of the hospital. Then you'll go back to working as an intern."

"Thank you for taking care of me." Ohkura smiled at Subaru. "I really mean it. I think I'm getting better because of your care."

"It's nothing," Subaru's smile was like a gloomy day when the sun comes out from behind the clouds. It seemed to light up the entire room.

Just then the intercom came on. "Paging Subaru-sensei. Please go to Sakamoto-sensei's office."

"I have to go." With one more smile, Subaru left.

"I love you," Ohkura thought. "When I get out of here, we'll be together."


It was the day that Ohkura was released from the hospital. Subaru both looked forward to it, and dreaded it at the same time. Subaru spent the entire time caring for him. The pair had gotten close during the stay. Ohkura smiled almost every time Subaru came in. Subaru would never be allowed to spend so much time with Ohkura again.

Ohkura followed Subaru back to their dorm room. Ohkura wasn't talking again. He seemed to be afraid to be let out of the hospital.

Finally they arrived at the Intern's dorm. Subaru opened the door and let him in.

"I suppose you better get back to work," Ohkura looked depressed.

"I took the rest of the day off." Subaru told him. "Why don't you lie down?"

“I don’t feel like lying down.” Ohkura sat down on his bed.

"Why didn't you tell that you were trying to save money?" Subaru sat down beside him.

"I wanted it to be a surprise. You told me that we couldn't be together unless we had some money." A tear rolled down Ohkura's cheek. "I was working so our dream would come true."

"How did you get so much money?"

"I worked extra shifts."

"Then how did you get so mal nourished?" Subaru asked.

"I found that I could get 5000 yen for each meal I skipped." Ohkura wiped his face. "I don't mind the hunger or the lack of sleep if someday we would be together."

“You almost died!” Subaru insisted.

"I know," Ohkura said softly. "I was hungry all the time. I didnt' realize that it was killing me."

"What happened to you was my fault." Subaru couldn't control his guilt. "I should have stopped you."

"I'm a man; I can decide on my own what I do." Ohkura told him. "I don't need permission from you to love you!"

"We can't be together..." Subaru began.

"You're right, I can't stay here, and it would be uncomfortable for you." Ohkura went to the door. "I'll find somewhere else to live."

"Wait!" Subaru got between him and the door.

"Sayonara Subaru." Ohkura tried to move Subaru, but he was no longer as strong as he used to be. Subaru shoved Ohkura against the wall. The drummer’s eyes flashed. "Let me go."

"If you walk out this door you will never come back." Subaru tried to control his temper; it wouldn't help if he got angry.

"That's what you want." Ohkura reminded him.

"No, that isn't what I want!" Subaru said. "I want to spend my life with you!"

"You said we couldn't be together!"

"I can't forgive myself for what I did to you." Subaru said softly.

"I forgive you."

"I'm not good for you." The older man said sadly. "You deserve someone who will love you, who won't hurt you. I'm not that man."

"Isn't that for me to decide?" Ohkura kissed Subaru.

Subaru knew he should pull away from Ohkura. He knew he wasn't good for Ohkura. That Ohkura deserved someone wonderful. His relationship with Ohkura was a forbidden one. Johnny-sama could fire them both.

Something inside of Subaru made him realize there was no Johnny-sama in this universe. No one to tell Subaru that it was forbidden to love. The only thing that existed was his Tadayoshi. Subaru needed Ohkura. He put his arms around his new lover and kissed him back.


Going to work the next morning was difficult. Ohkura wanted to spend the day in bed with his new lover. Instead, Ohkura had been forced to go back to work. His hair had grown longer in the time he was in the hospital. He pulled his hair into a short pony tail. His uniform pressed and starched.

Ohkura stood in the walk in closet that passed as the chart room. He looked over the chart of the patient he was seeing next. It was another case of patient being out of breathes after running.

The problem was that Ohkura wasn't thinking of work, he was thinking of Subaru. It had been so long since he had a boy friend. That one had been found out by the powers that be, and he had been forced to sign a contract stating that they would never be together again.

The door to the closet opened, he didn't bother to look up. He could hear the person coming up behind him, and then he felt arms going around his waist. Then Subaru said. "Good morning handsome."

Morning Baru," Ohkura smiled. “Can I sleep in your bed tonight?"

"Where would I sleep?" He kissed his neck.

"With me,” Ohkura put the chart down and turned in his lovers arms. Their lips met and they kissed. Subaru pushed him against the wall.

"I don't think I can wait for tonight." Ohkura confessed between kisses.

In answer, his lover began to work on Ohkura’s clothes.

Just then the door opened. Hina stood there, looking stunned. Subaru pulled away from Ohkura. He grabbed a chart at random and left.

Ohkura straightened his clothes. He couldn't look at Hina. "I'm sorry."

"For what?" Hina sounded like he had a lot on his mind.

"You caught us together." Ohkura could feel his cheeks flush. "We're not allowed to be together."

"That's an agency rule." Hina pointed out gently. "There is no agency here."

"Please don't tell anyone." Ohkura begged. "I've been so afraid Baru-Chan will be sent away."

"There's nothing wrong with being gay in this universe." Hina told him. "Gays can even be married in this place."

"Married?" The younger man echoed.

"That's why I was looking for you." he smiled. "Shota and I are getting married on Sunday."

"You’re getting married?" Ohkura repeated.

"We'd really like for you to come." Hina looked so hopeful that Ohkura had to agree.

"Sure, I'll come." He agreed.


Days passed, Ohkura spent his days working and his nights in Subaru’s arms. It was so wonderful. He felt it would never end. In the back of his mind came the niggling doubt. The drummer was terrified that he would wake up and suddenly back in the real world. That he would be a singer again. Then Johnny-sama would find out about his relationship with Subaru and make them break up.

Subaru wanted to date Ohkura, but since he had no money he asked his lover if he wanted to go for a walk. Ohkura agreed. Even though they were lovers, this would be there first date.

They walked to shopping area. Ohkura couldn’t help but notice the other couples walking together, some gay, some straight. Almost everyone held hands.

"I wish I could afford to take you on a real date." Subaru told him.

"What's wrong with this kind of date?" Ohkura took his hand.

"I mean a nice meal, a show." He continued. "Things you like to do at home."

"I really like dating this way." Ohkura smiled. "There's so much we can't do at home because we're famous. Fate has given us the chance to be normal for a while."

"So you don't mind?"

Ohkura squeezed his hand. "I like it."

They walked looking into store windows. They stopped at a music store. Ohkura seemed to be fascinated with the Cd's in the window. There were no Johnny's groups. But there was a large display of Ueda Tatsuya's solo cd. He was dressed as a Visual k artist.

"All of this is strange." Ohkura finally said.

"Yeah, it is." Subaru admitted.

"All the work we've done doesn't exist here." his said sadly. "I feel so alone."

Subaru put his arm around his friend's waist. "You'll never be alone. You have me."

"If I had the choice of fame or being with you, I’d choose you." Ohkura turned from the window. "I really don't want to go back home."

"Why not?"

"We wouldn't be allowed together." Ohkura told him.

"I don't want to go back either," Subaru confessed. "I love you."

"Baru-Chan?" Ohkura looked at him.

Subaru's face looked conflicted. Then he smiled a smile that Ohkura hadn't seen from him before. A smile that made the whole world glow. "I love you Tadayoshi." Subaru told him. "I love you more then anything."

"I love you too,” Ohkura confessed. .


"A one hundred yen store!" Subaru tugged at Ohkura's hand. "I want to buy you something,"

"Sounds good." Ohkura smiled again. He couldn't help but smile at his lover.

Ohkura followed his friend into the store. He began to look at the cheep jewelry. Ohkura walked away from his friend. Giving him some privacy. He looked at the baths without water products. Then he passed them. Ohkura just wanted a bath. A nice good soak like he used to at home.

Then Ohkura's eyes settled on a book about the disaster of 2006. He picked it up. It was about terrorist attacks on the water processing plants, and the estimated ten years it would take to repair them all.

*So that's why there's a shortage.*

Ohkura decided to buy something for Subaru. He knew that woman always got rings, but he thought that Subaru needed something to show he belonged to Ohkura. He found a silver wrist chain.

Ohkura went to the check out and got in line to pay for the items. He noticed Subaru all ready out side, waiting for him.

"Find something?" Subaru asked.

The drummer took out the chain. "This is for you. I wish it could be real."

Subaru looked at the chain very oddly. Then he said. "Can you put it on me?"

Ohkura unfastened the chain and put it on his lover's wrist.

Subaru took something out of the bag he carried. "I bought you one too."

Ohkura looked at the jewelry. It was a chain identical to the one that Subaru bought him. Without saying anything, Ohkura put it on him.

Then they kissed, they were lovers, it no longer matter if they kissed in public. Johnny-sama didn't exist here. It was like a dream come true. Ohkura just hoped that this time the dream wouldn't end.



Hina and Shota had a nice small wedding ceremony. Shota glowed during the ceremony. It was only a couple of weeks before Christmas. It was all ready cold outside. But that didn’t matter to the people watching the wedding. It was very romantic.

The reception was magical. This universe was a wonderful place. Ohkura realized that he too wanted to get married. He wanted to talk to Subaru about it right away. They had gone to the wedding as a couple. Perhaps if he was lucky, the next wedding would be his.

"Can we go to the balcony and talk?" Ohkura asked his lover.

"Sure," Subaru smiled at him.

They went to the balcony and Ohkura shut the door. He felt so nervous, though he knew his choice was right.

"What's wrong?" Subaru asked concerned.

"I just have to get my courage up." Ohkura admitted.

"Just tell me," Subaru encouraged. "I won't laugh at you."

"Baru-Chan, the time we've been together has been the happiest in my life." Ohkura admitted.

"We've had some good times." Subaru agreed.

"I've been thinking a lot of something." Ohkura could feel his heart thumping hard. "I love you so much. I've never loved anyone the way I love you."

"I see."

"I would be honored if you would be my husband." Ohkura looked into Subaru's eyes and smiled. Hoping beyond home that he would be given a happy answer.

"You're kidding aren't you?" Subaru gasped. "We just got together."

"I love you so much; I want to spend my life with you." Ohkura pleaded. "Please Baru Chan, at least think about it."

"There's nothing to think of." Subaru told him. "We are men we can’t' get married."

"We can here!" Ohkura tried not to feel hopeless. "We can be happy together forever. We can..."

"I don't want to marry you!" Subaru interrupted. "You've read too much into our relationship."

"But you love me." Ohkura reminded him.

"We're going too fast! We just got together!" Subaru reminded him. The words felt like a sword being shoved into Ohkura's heart. "How can you really even think we could get married?"

"Then we're over!" Ohkura heard himself say. The pain beginning to take over everything. Ohkura took off the chain that Subaru had given him. He threw it over the balcony onto the street. Ohkura collapsed to the cold balcony, he couldn't stop the tears. He thought Subaru would hold him, to tell him he still cared for him even though he wouldn't marry him. Subaru would tease him gently making Ohkura realize he was silly for thinking of getting married.

"I need time, time to think. But you're right, I think we need to stop seeing each other." Subaru left, slamming the balcony door behind him.

"Tacchan!" He heard Ryo scream.

"Leave me alone," Ohkura sobbed.

"What happened?" Ryo took Ohkura into his arms. Ohkura knew he should have pulled away from Ryo. That it wouldn't help anything to have his ex boy friend hold him.

"I asked Subaru to marry me." Ohkura sobbed. "He turned me down. He said he needed time to think, but we shouldn't be together."

"He's an idiot." Ryo told him. "Don’t' worry, I'll take care of you."


A week passed. Subaru had gone back to their dorm room, packed his things and left. Since then, Ohkura had become a shell of the man that Subaru had fallen in love with. They were no longer lovers, no longer friends. Ohkura had even swapped shifts so that they didn't even have to work together.

Ohkura's behavior had really hurt Subaru. First he had demanded they get married. Then when Subaru told him it was too early, Ohkura threw away the chain Subaru had bought for him. It felt like a knife had gone through Subaru's heart when Ohkura had tossed away his present. Subaru had left so that Ohkura wouldn't see his tears. He had gone down stairs and spent an hour looking for the bracelet. When he found it, he hoped that perhaps someday he would be able to put it back on his lover's arm.

Every time Subaru tried to talk to Ohkura, Ryo was around. Ryo had been Ohkura's boy friend before Subaru. The only reason they broke up was because Johnny-sama forced them to. Now Subaru wondered if Ryo was back with Ohkura.

Then Subaru saw the news. The water treatment plant had been repaired. Bathing was no longer banned. He had to find Ohkura, to tell him the good news. His former lover had only one wish, to take a hot bath. Perhaps this would be the first step for them to at least be friends.

"Tacchan!" Subaru woke his sleeping lover. "Tacchan you have to wake up!"

The younger man turned over in the bed they used to share and rubbed his eyes. "Why did you wake me up? I worked all night."

"I have good news for you, really good news!" Subaru said excited.

"What's that?"

"The city's fixed the water processing plant for this part of Tokyo."

"Huh?" Ohkura wasn't totally awake.

"We're still not allowed to use the water for drinking."

"Then why wake me up?"

"Because you baka, we're allowed to use it for bathing!" Subaru's eyes flashed. "Tacchan you can finally take that bath you've wanted to take."

"Won't it cost a lot of money?"

"No! It’s free!' Subaru said. "Hina told me that you have ten minutes to get to the bathroom, or he's going to take the bath I've drawn for you."

That made Ohkura get up. He threw on a robe. Subaru grabbed Ohkura's hand and took him to the to the intern's bathroom. There were four bathtubs in the bathroom. Three were being used, but one was being guarded by Hina. The water was hot, steam came off of it.

Ohkura quickly cleaned himself then got into the tub. It was like he finally got a birthday present. He was grinning. It might be freezing outside, but inside it was like a sauna.

Subaru couldn't believe something so simple would make Ohkura so happy. He knew that his friend loved taking baths at home.

"Come on Baru-Chan, get in with me." Ohkura smiled hopeful at his former lover. It was the special smile, the one that Subaru had missed.

"I don't want to take away from your treat." He didn't want to tell Ohkura the truth that he did want to get in.

"I want to share it with you."

"We no longer share things." Subaru reminded him. "We broke up."

Ohkura looked away from Subaru, not before Subaru could see the disappointment in his eyes.

Everyone else was looking at them. Subaru turned to walk away, to give Ohkura some privacy. They were no longer together. Ohkura had broken up with him. Subaru couldn't just jump in a tub with him and pretend like nothing had happened. They needed to have a long talk before they could get back together.

Subaru was blocked at the door by Ryo. "Do you really hate Ohkura so much that you'll break his heart?"

"Tacchan knows I don't hate him." Subaru told him. "I no longer matter to him. He has you!"

"Then you explain why he's crying." Ryo spat. "You're a fool Subaru, a fool!"

Subaru turned to his former lover. His knees pulled up to his chest. His hands covering his face. His shoulders shaking as he cried. Just like that night when Subaru had walked away from Ohkura.

"Look what you're doing to him and tell me that you don’t' hate him." Ryo spat. "If you loved him, if you really cared for him. You would be in that tub with him."

"It’s not that easy." Subaru insisted.

"He almost died so that he could have you." Ryo's eyes flashed with anger. "This is how you repay him?"

"I had to stop our relationship." Subaru admitted. "We were getting too close. He could be fired. I couldn't let him loose his career."

"Too close?" Ryo sounded like he couldn't believe his ears. "We're not home. Johnny-sama can't send him away."

"I can remember when Johnny-sama forced the two of you apart." Subaru told him. "I was the one with Tacchan when he cried broken hearted. How can I do that to him?"

"You're all ready doing that to him." There was pain in Ryo's eyes. "I was the one that found Tacchan on that balcony, sobbing because the man that he loved more then anything rejected him."

"It's really none of your business." Subaru tried to leave again, but Ryo grabbed his arm.

"You promised him it would be different," Ryo squeezed his arm hard. "This is how you repay him?"

"You still love him." Subaru realized.

"Yes, I do." Ryo admitted. "But in Tacchan's heart. There is only you."

Ohkura got out of the tub. He put his robe back on. He went to Ryo. "I know you’re trying to help me, but please stay out of this."


"Baru doesn't love me." Ohkura wiped his face. "What happened between Subaru and me was my fault."

"You hurt," Ryo reminded him.

"My pain is my fault." Ohkura said. "I know that I can't force Baru to love me. So please Ryo, stay out of this."

"For you anything," Ryo agreed.

Ohkura headed towards the door. "Good bye."

Why aren't you taking your bath?" Subaru asked.

"I no longer want a bath. I just want to think." with that, Ohkura left.


It was really cold on the roof. There had been a lot of show falls that day; it drifted all over the roof like a blanket. Ohkura found a clear place, one where he could look out to the snow covered city. It all looked so beautiful.

Ohkura knew he should have put something on, but he just wanted to be alone. So he sat, in the snow, just wearing a robe. At first it was just goose bumps, and then he began to shudder.

He reached out, drawing the Kanji for Subaru's name in the drift. He wrote his name beside it. He could feel tears falling down his face. The tears froze as they fell. He had been rejected by Subaru again, this time in front of a lot of people.

Ohkura had read about freezing to death. It would be simple, just falling asleep. The death not painful. Then he wouldn't have to love anymore. The pain would leave his heart. But he wasn't suicidal. He would come in before anything like freezing to death happened.

Then suddenly Ohkura felt warmth overcome him. He knew he must be getting used to the temperature. That he would be all right. He was suddenly very hot. He pulled off his robe.

It had all gone terribly wrong. For a while, a brief moment in time Ohkura had belonged to Subaru. Just a few precious days Ohkura felt as if he was loved.

Ohkura shouldn't have thrown the chain. But he had been mad. The chain would have comforted him, remind him that he had been important to Subaru for at least one day.

Ohkura had promised himself never to fall in love again after breaking up with Ryo. The drummer’s heart had betrayed him. More tears fell. His shaking increased until he thought he was going to shake to death.

When Subaru had woken Ohkura from his sleep. Ohkura had hoped that Subaru would have taken him back. Subaru had looked so excited, like he had before they had broken up. They had even held hands going to the bathroom. Ohkura had read too much into it. Baru was just being a friend. They would never be lovers again.

Ohkura was suddenly very, very confused. He couldn't even fully remember why he was out on a roof in the snow with no clothes on. He was cold again, and he couldn't find his clothes.

It was so cold. Ohkura could feel his wet hair freeze. He should go in. He tried to get up, but found his legs didn't work right. He only moved a few steps before he collapsed onto the snow.

Ohkura felt himself falling asleep. He didn't fight it. It would be a peaceful sleep. He was so tired from work, that he could use a rest. A good sleep, when he woke he would go to Subaru and tell him it was all right. That they could still be friends.

"Tacchan!" he heard Ryo scream. "You're going to freeze to death."

Then he felt someone shake him. He heard Ryo screaming at someone.

Ohkura could feel hands on him, forcing him to his feet. Then when he couldn’t walk, the person picked him up in his arms.

"Please Tacchan, you have to wake up." It was the voice of Subaru. "I've been so afraid that you'll be taken from me... I do love you; I love you more then anything. Please wake up. We'll get married. I do want to marry you."

*I don't want to die.* Ohkura couldn't talk.

Lips, so very loving caressed his. Ohkura wanted to kiss back, but he couldn't. The sleep began to overcome him again. His brain felt so murky. Ohkura could no longer control being awake, even if he wanted to.