Subaru rushed Ohkura to the emergency room. He prayed the entire time that he wasn't too late. Ohkura was so cold. He could hear Ryo screaming for help. He set Ohkura on a bed. His lover’s lips so blue, almost without life. Subaru did the only thing he could think of. He tried to warm Ohkura with his own body. He crawled onto the bed, holding Ohkura tightly.

"Don't die, don't die." Subaru chanted. "We'll be together once you wake up. You can't die!"

His former lover was still so limp, so cold. So Subaru held onto him even tighter. He rubbed the younger man's body with his hands trying to warm him.

"We need to take care of him." Someone told him.

"I have to help him." Subaru insisted.

"You can't help him this way."

Subaru felt hands on him, trying to force him away from Ohkura. He fought them, but there was too many of them. It took Ryo, Hina, Yoko and Uchi to get him away from Ohkura.

Subaru struggled against his friends, but there were too many of them. All he could do was scream his friends name as he was drug out of the room.

They pulled Subaru into the nearest rest room and locked the door. Subaru tried to get away again. He broke free for just a moment, he ran to the door. He was tackled by his band mates. Punch after punch rained down on him.

"Let me go, I need to help Tacchan!" Subaru insisted.

"I think you've helped him enough!" Ryo hit Subaru hard in the face.

The four band mates helped Subaru get to his feet. For a moment Subaru thought they would let him go. Uchi grabbed a handful of Subaru's hair and pulled it very hard.

"What the hell do you think you where playing at?" Hina grabbed Subaru and shoved him against the wall.

"I don't understand." Subaru said.

"All Tacchan's talked about since you two had your fight is getting back with you." Yoko told him. "He loves you and this is how you repay him?"'

"We broke up," Subaru tried to remind him. He was answered by another punch.

'Then why did you draw a bath for him?" Hina's eyes flash. "You where holding his hand when you came into the bathroom."

"You should have seen the way he was looking at you!" Uchi jerked Subaru's hair again. "How could you do this to him?"

"Stay out of it!" Subaru tried to fight against his friends, but couldn't. "I need to get back to Tacchan!"

'No more!" Ryo hit Subaru hard in the stomach. "Tacchan loves you more then his life! You are going to stop hurting him!"

"What happens between Tacchan and me is none of your business!" Subaru struggled.

"Hold him!' Hina ordered. "We're going to have to beat some sense into you."

Uchi and Yoko held Subaru as Hina and Ryo beat him. Johnny's had a way of punishing their own, and now Subaru was feeling that punishment. Subaru stopped struggling. He knew that in a way he deserved this. That they were right, all of this was his fault.

Ryo punched Subaru hard in the face. Somehow Uchi let go of him, and Subaru crashed against the sink. He could hear the pop of bones breaking.

"Make the choice Baru," Hina spat. "Either break up entirely with Tacchan, giving him his total freedom."

"Or what?" he gasped. Subaru felt as if he had at least two broken ribs.

'Take Tacchan back," Hina told him. "Give yourself fully to him. Let him have that commitment he always wanted."

"Is that all I have to do?" Subaru moaned.

"Isn't that enough?" Uchi put an arm around Ryo's shoulders. "That's all Ohkura wants, is to be loved by you."

Ryo moved to hit Subaru again. Subaru raised his arm to cover his face. "Please stop, I think you've broke my ribs."

"We'll get you care if you promise not to tell anyone what happened." Ryo said.

"I won't," Subaru promised.

"Come on then, let’s see to those ribs." Yoko said gently.


"Don't die, don’t die." Ohkura could hear Subaru scream in his dream. "I want to marry you. I love you so much."

Ohkura woke with a start; he could feel people working on him. He realized they were warming his body. Putting hot compresses on him. He was wrapped in very warm blankets; something warm was under his neck, his arm pits. He tried to move, but the blankets were so tightly wrapped around him.

Ohkura opened his eyes. He was in an emergency ward room. Maruyama was in the room caring for him.

"Maru, what happened?" Ohkura asked.

"You went onto the roof of the hospital in the middle of a blizzard." Maruyama explained. "You suffer from hypothermia."

"What does that mean?" Ohkura asked confused.

"You almost froze to death," His friend said gently. "Were you trying to kill yourself?"

"I wanted to get away from everything and think."

"I have never heard being naked in the middle of a snow storm can make you think better."

"I wasn't naked, I was wearing a robe." He paused. "How did I get here?"

"Subaru carried you." Ryo came into view. "It took five men to get him off of you."

"Baru-Chan rescued me?" Ohkura repeated.

"Yeah, and he broke his ribs carrying you." Ryo lied; Ohkura could tell he was lying. "You're too heavy Tacchan."

"I want to see him." he looked around the room. Miyake Kimiko was in the room working on a chart. "Please Kimiko, get Subaru for me."


Subaru sat in the waiting room. His whole body hurt. The doctors wouldn't let him be with Ohkura when they treated him. Subaru couldn’t' get the picture out of his mind, of his former lover, curled into a small ball on the roof. His hair frozen, his lips blue. Ohkura could have died if Subaru hadn't rescued him.

Subaru was so worried. What happened to Ohkura was his fault. He promised himself that he would never let it happen again. He wouldn't drive Ohkura to almost kill himself, and yet he had done it again.

Subaru had only two broken ribs. Okada-sensei said he was lucky. That he had to be more careful in the rest room. He said nothing about Subaru's bumps and bruises. He knew he deserved it for hurting Ohkura so badly.

Finally, Kimiko came into the waiting room. "Shibutani-sensei, Ohkura-sensei is asking for you."

He was taken to a room off the emergency room. Ohkura was wrapped in a large blue blanket, swaddled as if he was a baby. The only thing not wrapped was his face. He looked small, vulnerable.

Ryo and Hina were all ready there; they didn't look like they were going to move. Subaru should hate his friends for beating him up, but he realized what they did was in Ohkura's best interest.

"Subaru," Ohkura murmured.

"Yes it's me." Subaru went to his side.

"What happened to your face?" Ohkura said concerned.

"I ran into a door," Subaru lied. "Listen, we need to talk."

"There's nothing to say." Ohkura told him. "I just wanted to tell you I'm sorry."

"I'm the one that is sorry," Subaru told him. "I'm the one that hurt you."

"I'm sorry for loving you so much." A tear slipped down his face. "When you broke up with me, I should have stopped loving you. But when you came to my room, to tell me about the bath. I thought you still loved me. I'm such a fool."

"No, you're not a fool." Subaru reached out, touching Ohkura's face. "I'm the fool. For being so afraid to love you."

"It can't be helped." Ohkura looked away from him. "I wanted to tell you good bye. I never was able to do that before."


"Please Subaru, leave. Let us have our sayonara." Ohkura begged.

Subaru felt Hina and Ryo grab him and try and pull him out of the room. Subaru tried to pull away from them, but they where too strong.

"I love you!" Subaru screamed at the top of his lungs. It no longer mattered to him that anyone heard. "I want to marry you! I want to spend my life at your side! Please don't say Sayonara!"


Ohkura could hear Subaru fighting with Hina and Ryo in the hallway. Subaru wanted to stay; he didn't understand why Hina and Ryo had to get involved in Ohkura's business.

"It's all right," Yoko said coming into the room. "Ryo and Hina will deal with Subaru."

"What do you mean?" Ohkura asked confused.

"They'll beat him up again." Yoko said blithely.

"That's what happened to Subaru?" Ohkura gasped. Why did they beat him up?"

"For hurting you!' Yoko told him. "Subaru saved your life by bringing you in from the cold."

"My dream," Ohkura realized. "I dreamt about Subaru trying to warm me."

"You wouldn’t' have been on the roof if it wasn't for him!" Yoko pointed out. "He was mean to you."

"I want to see Subaru." Ohkura said. "I want to talk to him alone."

"Are you sure it's a good idea?" Yoko hesitated. "He might hurt you again."

"I'm an adult. I can talk to someone without everyone having to defend me."

"Their just trying to help you." Yoko pointed out. "They're only doing this because they care for you. We all do Tacchan. We can't stand to see you hurt."

"Go get Subaru, please." Ohkura tried to smile. "I just want to talk to him."

Yoko left, and returned with Hina and Ryo who half drug, half carried Subaru into the room. Subaru now had two black eyes. Ohkura felt angry. He wanted to get to his feet and punch Hina for doing this to Subaru.

"Let him go," Yoko ordered.

"What?" Hina asked. "You expect us to leave him alone with Tacchan?"

"Let him go and leave us alone." Ohkura ordered.

They did as Ohkura asked. Everyone left the room. Ohkura couldn't help but notice that Hina stayed right by the door where he thought he wouldn't be seen. Ohkura wanted to tell him to go away, but he couldn't raise another scene. He knew that Hina was a big bully sometimes. But he was only doing it because in his strange way he cared for Ohkura.

Subaru went to Ohkura's side. "Why did you want to see me?"

"When I was falling asleep on the roof, I heard you say you loved me, that you wanted to marry me." Ohkura said weakly. "I thought it was a dream."

"It wasn't a dream." Subaru told him. "I want to spend my life at your side. Please believe me."

"I do," Ohkura told him. "I love you more then anything. I have to believe you."

"Take me back," Subaru suddenly looked very afraid. "I promise it won't be like the last time."

"No, it won't be like it was last time." The younger man agreed. "If it is, I'll leave you."

"Christmas eve is only a few days away." Subaru said. "Let's get married then."

"You were right; Christmas is too soon for us to get married." Ohkura realized. "What about later?"

"Name a date," Subaru suddenly wanted a date. That was when Ohkura realized that Subaru was serious, he did want a commitment.

"What about Valentines day?" Ohkura suggested. "That would give us some time to get to know each other better."

"That would be perfect." Subaru smiled, it was a wonderful, joyful smile. It looked as if the bruises no longer mattered. The only thing that did matter was the two of them.

"All right," Ohkura smiled his special smile at him. The one that Subaru had missed since the break up. The smile that was only for Subaru. "I just wish I hadn't thrown away our chain"

Subaru unwrapped Ohkura's arm. Then he took the chain off his arm and put it back on Ohkura's wrist. "When we broke up, I went downstairs and looked for your bracelet. Finally I found it. I've been wearing it since then hoping I could give it back to you."

"I'll never throw it away again." Ohkura promised. He took Subaru's hand in his, kissing his lover's tattoo.

Suddenly Subaru was kissing Ohkura. It was a loving, gentle kiss. All the pain, everything was gone. The only thing that existed at the moment was the two lovers.


The months passed. Ohkura was back with Subaru and both were happy. They had graduated from interns to being resident doctors. That meant that their pay increased. But still they worked at the hospital.

Ohkura had put the wedding date out of his mind. He was so busy with work. Residents had thirty hour work shifts with only twelve hours off in between. There was so little time for him to be with his lover.

Ohkura was tired and lay down on their shared bed. His whole body ached. He was really beginning to miss being in the other world. He tapped his drum sticks against the head board, practicing his drumming. He didn’t have drums, but the sticks made him feel better.

"Do you want to wear Kimono or a suit when we get married?" Subaru was giving him a back rub. He hit a sore spot. The taller man yelped in pain.

"I haven't really thought of it." Ohkura admitted; his lover always drove him crazy with back rubs. He was suddenly very turned on.

"It's all ready the first. I thought we better finalize our plans." Subaru told him. "We're getting married in two weeks."

Ohkura looked up to him. "Gomen, I've been so busy working that I've forgotten about our upcoming wedding."

"I would understand if you changed your mind."

"I really want to get married." Ohkura admitted, he put up his drum sticks. "Is there any way we could have a small ceremony, and not a huge reception?"

"If that's what you want," Subaru leaned down and kissed Ohkura's back.

"It's just that we can get the day off for being married, but the hospital doesn't usually grant time off for a honey moon." Ohkura began. "I'm crazy, but I'd like to spend the day in bed with you after we're married."

"I could arrange something like that," Subaru smiled at him. "But no matter how we're married. I really want to wear a kimono, and you wear a white wedding gown."

"Baru-Chan," Ohkura began.

"Yes darling." Subaru said evilly.

"Can you stop rubbing my back, and kiss me?" He gasped again.

"For you anything," His lover slid down so he was lying beside Ohkura and pulled the drummer to him.


Subaru and Ohkura went shopping together. The lovers walked hand in hand through the shopping district. Subaru loved being able to show everyone that Ohkura was his, not having to hide it.

Subaru hadn't told Ohkura how much he missed performing. That if he could have one wish it would be that they would be back home. He knew that Ohkura felt the same way. He missed playing drums. Ohkura kept his dream to himself. It wouldn't help anything. But Subaru knew the truth, his lover was miserable.

"Are you sure we can afford rings?" Subaru asked concerned.

"Remember when I saved all that money to date you?" Ohkura asked.

"I forgot all about it." he admitted. "You did save a lot."

"We can use the money to buy rings." Ohkura smiled hopefully. "I really want us to have rings. If we ever return home, the rings will prove to us that we're really married."

"All right," Subaru couldn't help but smile back.

They went to a discount jewelry shop. There had been a lot of people selling their jewelry when water was scarce. Because of that, it was quite inexpensive to buy a good ring. Subaru wanted the best for Ohkura, but since it was his lover’s money, he went along with anything he wanted.

"Can I help you?" The clerk asked.

"We're looking for wedding bands." Subaru told him.

"Gold or silver?"

Subaru looked at Ohkura. "Which would you like?"

"Silver costs less." The taller man pointed out.

"We'll look at the silver ones." Subaru told him.

The clerk showed them a tray of silver wedding bands. One set caught Ohkura's eye. It was the plainest set, simply a silver band.

'That's the one we should use." Ohkura decided.

"Why do you want this one?" Subaru asked. "It's so plain. I want you to have a diamond."

"When we go back to our own time, Johnny-sama will never notice this ring." he looked down to the ring. “He will notice a diamond.”

"Can we try them on?" Subaru asked.

"Sure," The clerk took a ring out and handed it to Ohkura.

Ohkura tried on his ring. It was perfect. Subaru's ring fit too. He had to admit that this was the perfect ring.

"I really like this," Subaru confessed. "I don't want to take it off."



Shota went with Ohkura to pick the clothes he was going to wear for the wedding. They went to the rental place that Shota used in the past. Ohkura wanted to bring Subaru with him, but Shota had been firm. It was tradition for the groom not to see the gown.

Ohkura had picked the best dress the place had. He would wear it because that was what Subaru wanted. If he had the choice, he would wear formal western clothes. He had even seen one that he wanted to wear. But he wouldn't be able to. He had to do what Subaru wanted.

You look beautiful," Shota gushed.

Ohkura looked into the mirror, he smoothed out his dress. Then he looked into the mirror yet again. "I'm not sure. I don't think I look good in a dress."

"If you don't like it, why are you wearing it?" Shota asked.

"Baru-Chan wants me to wear it." He smiled nervously. "It's a small wish, so why not?"

"Why don't I wear a bridesmaids dress?" Shota smiled at him.

"A bridesmaid dress." Ohkura repeated.

"If you're the bride, you'll need a bridesmaid." Shota sounded giddy. "I have just the one that I want to wear."

"Let me see," the taller man asked.

Shota went and got the kimono, it was peach with small flowers. "Isn't it beautiful?"

"Why don't you try it on?" Ohkura suggested.

Shota went into a changing room. He came back a few moments later dressed in the kimono. He looked very beautiful.

"You look wonderful," Ohkura admitted. "Just like a bride."

Shota beamed. "I bet Hina will love it."

"He probably will." Ohkura agreed.

"What do you want to wear?" Shota asked. "If Baru really loves you he won't care what you wear."

"I'd rather wear a morning suit." Ohkura admitted. "I'm a man; I want to dress as a man when I marry Subaru."

Baru-Chan wont' mind." Shota encouraged. "Why don’t' you try it on?"

Ohkura went to the rack and picked out the morning suit. He then went into the changing room. He took off the wedding dress and put on the suit. He felt better in it, as if it was really meant for him to wear it.

Ohkura went back into the main room. Shota smiled. "You look great. You're wearing that!"


Shota insisted to Subaru that Ohkura couldn't see him before the wedding. Subaru didnt' understand why. He knew about the tradition, but it applied to wives, not husbands. Even though Subaru had teased Ohkura about wearing a white wedding dress. He was marrying a man.

In this world, you didn't have to be married by anyone. The groom was supposed to go to the court house and turn in the paperwork.

Subaru had been the one that took the time to file the papers. He had waited at the court house door until it opened. Then he went and picked up the completed marriage license thirty minutes later.

Still, Ohkura wanted a ceremony. He didnt' feel like it was legal without one. The hospital had a Chaplin that had agreed to marry them early in the morning.

They rented kimonos; Subaru had teased Ohkura that he wanted him to wear a traditional white wedding dress. He had even sent Ohkura a bouquet as a joke. Ohkura was keeping what he was wearing a secret.

The small chapel was filled with hospital staff members. Still, Subaru was being forced to wait for his lover.

"The groom is here!" The Chaplin announced. "Can everyone take their places?"

Subaru stood in the grooms place, Hina beside him.

The first one to come in was Shota, wearing a peach kimono. He walked to the place that the bridesmaid usually stood. Hina who was Subaru's best man couldn't help but grin at his husband. Subaru knew that Hina had a thing about Shota wearing kimonos.

The wedding march started. Ohkura came into view. He was wearing a grey morning suit. He carried the bouquet of white flowers that Subaru had sent him. His hair was long, straight. Ohkura was breathtakingly handsome. He looked like a prince in a movie.

"How do I look?" Ohkura asked when he got to the front.

"You're so handsome. I'm so lucky to be marrying you." Subaru admitted.

Ohkura smiled his wonderful smile at him. "You're gorgeous too."

"Are we ready?" The Chaplin asked.

Subaru turned to the Chaplin. The man read the words to the traditional western wedding.

The Chaplin quickly married them. Subaru slid the ring onto Ohkura's finger. Then Ohkura putting Subaru's ring on him.

"I pronounce you husband and husband." The Chaplin said. "You may kiss."

Subaru kissed his new husband.

The audience began to applaud. Subaru pulled away from Ohkura and took his hand.

"May I present you the newly married couple!" The Chaplin told the audience.

They walked out of the chapel. People threw rice on them as they passed. They didn't go off to a honey moon; instead Subaru took his new husband to their dorm room.

"Do you want me to carry you over the threshold?" Subaru asked.

"I'll carry you." Ohkura picked Subaru up and carried him into their room. He set him down on the bed. Then turned and locked the door. Ohkura turned back to his new husband, and kissed him. The smaller man pulled his new husband to the bed and the pair celebrated their new marriage.


They spent the rest of the day in bed. Subaru felt as if he was the luckiest man on earth. He knew that Ohkura went back on call at midnight. So he cherished every touch, every caress. Finally the exhausted lovers sank on the bed and fell asleep.

"I've been paged," Ohkura told his half asleep new husband. "I'll be back as soon as I can."

"I'll be waiting." Subaru promised.

Subaru fell back to sleep, only to be woken a few hours later by Ohkura who made love to him. The love making seemed to be strange, almost as if it was a different man. But it always felt unusual when they made love when one of them was half asleep. Soon Subaru was sleeping again.

Subaru was the first to wake. His husband's arm slung over his body. It was the first time that Subaru realized that Ohkura had a large tattoo on his shoulder. It was of a peacock, each feather a different color. His hair too was different, it was white blond.

Then Subaru realized with some horror that his wrists were tied to the bed frame. He tried to get out, but he couldn't, His legs too were tied to the bed frame using hospital restraints.

"Tacchan! Wake up!" Subaru said almost hysterical.

The Ohkura alike opened his eyes. "What's wrong?"

"I'm tied to the bed," He tried to will himself into thinking this was all some kind of joke.

"Of course you're tied to the bed," Ohkura said as if talking to a small child. "I'm the one that made sure you were secured to our bed."

"When did you get the tattoo?" Subaru demanded.

"I've had it for years." The man grinned wolf like. "Of course the agency was very surprised when they saw my tattoo. But what can you expect?"

"The agency?" Subaru repeated.

"You didn't realize when you where transported here, that perhaps the interns that worked at this hospital were transported to your world?" Ohkura rolled out of the bed. "I liked your world. Johnny-sama is such a pussy cat. I couldn't believe that he has the same taste as me."

"You're not my husband." Subaru realized.

"Right the first time." Ohkura alike took a whip out of his drawer. He tested on his hand.

"Where is my husband?" Subaru demanded.

"I don't care!" Ohkura alike snapped. "Hopefully, he's back in his real world. He can do all that drumming that I was forced to do."

"Tacchan is a drummer."

"I'm not! I'm an intern!" he growled. "You must be punished. You're mine now, and you'll learn to behave like a good husband."

"I will never be your husband!"

"We're married." Ohkura alike reminded him. 'By the laws of this world, I do own you."

"Let me go!" Subaru struggled against the bonds.

"My Baru likes beatings." the man crooned. "I think you would like to enjoy pain if you were taught to. Just like a good little slave."

Subaru realized he had to play for time. "What do you want me to do?"

"Nothing, just wait." Ohkura ran the whip over his back. "I'll take care of you after my shift."


"Don't call me that!" The whip burned Subaru's back. "You only have permission to call me Ohkura-sensei!"

Subaru closed his eyes as the Ohkura look alike beat him. He bit the pillow so that no one could hear the screams. Again and again the whip rained down on him. He could feel his skin split. Finally Subaru began to cry out in pain.

"What is my name?" The man demanded.

"Ohkura-sensei." Subaru gasped.

"Good slave," Ohkura alike crooned. "I'll see you after work."

With that, the look alike left the room. Subaru could hear the click as the door was locked from the outside. He tried to get out of the binds, but he couldn't. Instead, all he could do was wait for the return of someone that looked like the one he loved. He soon gave up hope that the real Ohkura would rescue him. Subaru knew that the one he loved more the life it's self had finally been able to go home.



Ohkura had been working in the hospital. Then suddenly he was back somewhere very familiar. He felt as if he had been hit by a large rubber band. It was almost like feeling hung over without the benefits of being drunk in the first place.

"Where am I?" Ohkura asked confused.

"You're in our apartment." Shibutani told him. Unlike Ohkura, Shibutani wasn't dressed like an intern, instead he wore a robe. But that was to be expected, the last time Ohkura had seen Subaru was in their dorm room.

"Our apartment?" Ohkura asked. "But I was at the hospital."

Shibutani looked over Ohkura as if he was making up his mind. "We're back home, isn’t' that what we always wanted?"

"You're right, it is." Ohkura couldn't hide his excitement. "I'm so glad we're home!"

"Yes, home." Shibutani went to Ohkura kissing his lips lightly. "It's late, why don't we go to bed?"

"Sounds great to me." Ohkura agreed.

Shibutani guided Ohkura to their bedroom. They kissed as they walked, both undressing as they went to the bed.

Then Ohkura noticed the handcuffs in the bed frame. "Baru-Chan, what's that doing on the bed?"

"You don't like bondage?"

"No, I hate it." Ohkura told him. "I also hate S&M."

"The ones that we traded places with must have been into bondage." Shibutani pulled away from Ohkura. He picked up all the bondage gear and put them in a box in his closet. Ohkura didn't notice that Shibutani knew exactly where they went.

Shibutani went back to Ohkura, his smile almost wicked. "How does it look now?"

"Great," The taller man kissed his lover.

They collapsed on the bed together. Shibutani pulled Ohkura to him, pulling a container of lube out of the drawer. Then he was making fast furious love to Ohkura. It felt a bit different as they made love. Subaru wasn't usually the top, but Ohkura liked variation now and then.

It was everything that Ohkura had wanted. His husband and being able to be back home. He just hoped that Johnny-sama had changed his mind about relationships. He would never ever let his lover go.


Subaru had been tied to his bed by an Ohkura look alike. He knew he had to get out. He looked around the room thinking of things that could get him out.

That was the good thing about Honjani. He had learned a lot of stuff, including some magic tricks. He could still remember the episode where they learned to get out of being tied up. He could feel Ohkura's drum stick with his fingers. He picked it up, and forced it between the rope and his skin. Then he picked up the only other thing he could feel. It was a tube of lube with the top off. He put some on the drum stick and moved it around his wrist as well as he could.

Subaru removed the drum stick. He was able to get his hand out of the rope. He quickly unfastened himself. He had only one thought, to get out of the room and away from the other Ohkura.

Subaru grabbed a bag and packed a few things he knew he would need. He vowed never to come back to this room. He felt filthy, he had cheated on Ohkura. He had to get out of the room, away from the insane man who looked like his new husband.

He went to Shota's dorm room. He knew that Shota would help him.

He pounded on the door.

Shota answered it. One of his eyes was blackened. He glanced behind him to let Subaru know that he wasn't alone.

"Who’s at the door?" Hina asked.

"It's Subaru," Shota stepped into the hallway, shutting the door behind him. "I was just about to come to you, to ask you to help me."

"What's wrong?" Subaru asked concerned.

"It's Shingo," Shota looked terrified. "It's not really him. It's someone else. He looks like my Hina, but...."

"Tacchan's the same way,' Subaru said quickly.

Just then the door flew open. A Hina-alike glared at Subaru. "Why aren't you with your master?"

"Yassa and I need to go to work," Subaru said quickly. "It's our shift."

"All right," the Hina alike decided. "But you'll come back as soon as your finished, understood?"

"Yes master," Shota yelped.

"You have ten minutes to get back after your shift is finished," the Hina alike ordered. "If your even one minute late, I'll severely punish you."

The Hina alike grabbed Shota behind the head and kissed him hard on the lips, almost as if he was showing that he owned Shota. Then he let go of Shota. Subaru's friend turned away from him, but not before Subaru could see Shota's tears.


Subaru and Shota didn't go to work, it was only a tale that Subaru had made up. Instead, they found a place to hide. The first place they had gone to was Ryo's. Subaru knocked on the door. It was soon answered by a Ryo that looked a bit different from the Ryo that they knew.

"What do you need?" Ryo moved his blond hair out of his eyes. Subaru could see the large dragon tattoo on his arm.

"We were just wondering if you are working tonight." Shota asked.

"I'm off tonight, and I thought we could trade shifts." Subaru lied.

"I don't know. I need to check the schedule." Ryo alike glanced at a piece of paper. "I'm off tonight. Sorry I couldn't help."

"That's all right, thanks!" Shota and Subaru quickly left.

They went down the corridor and around the corner. They looked around to make sure no one was coming. They no longer trusted anyone.

"Who should we check next?" Shota looked terrified.

"Yoko," Subaru decided.

They went to Yoko's door and knocked. A few moments passed and Yoko opened it. Yoko looked like the Yoko they always knew.

'Got any tattoos?" Subaru asked.

"No, why?" Yoko asked.

"Can we come in?" Subaru asked.

"Sure," Yoko stepped back and let them in.

They went into the room. Miyake Kimiko was getting ready to go to work. She was wearing a large resident's uniform that draped around her expanding waistline.

"Hi Baru, Shota," She picked up a brush and brushed her hair.

"What's wrong?' Yoko asked.

"Nothing, we just wanted to visit." Subaru glanced at Kimiko; he wasn't sure what she knew about their situation. He didn't know if he could trust her.

"I need to get to work," Kimiko went to Yoko.

Yoko kissed her gently on the lips, his hand going to her stomach, touching it very gently. "If you get tired, take a rest."

"I will," she promised.

"Love you," He told her.

"Love you too," Kimiko kissed him one last time and left.

That's when it hit Subaru. Kimiko was expecting. He didn't have the heart to tell Yoko that people were beginning to return to their own world. Subaru knew that Yoko was in love with Kimiko. Now a child was involved. A child who might never meet his real father.

"Did you need something?" Yoko asked after she left.

"We were just stopping by," Subaru lied. "Come on Shota, we've got things to do."


The next place they went to was to Maru's dorm room. Maru was their last chance. If he wasn't their Maru, they didn't know what they would do. Subaru knew he would never let Shota return to the Hina look alike. Subaru wasn't too sure what the Hina alike had done to Shota. His friend had turned into a scared rabbit, looking like he would flee at any moment.

Maru looked them up and down. "Two of you get into a fight?"

"You have any tattoos?" Subaru decided to get straight to the point.

"No, I don't. You know the kind of fuss Johnny-sama kicked up when he found out about your tattoo!" Maruyama said. "How could I get a tattoo after that?"

"It's you!" Shota looked around nervously. "Can we come in please?"

Maru let them in. "What's going on?"

Subaru quickly told him what had happened.

"You'll move into this room." Maru looked them over. "First you two want a cup of tea."

Subaru looked at Shota. Both smiled at the same time. It was so much like the real Maru, offering them tea when they were in danger.


Time passed quickly. A week flew by. They had returned to rehearsing every day. Ohkura was so out of practice. He spent a lot of time in his lover's arms. Subaru had become so needy since their return. He would cling to Ohkura all through the night. It felt good to be wanted, but at the same time, it felt very strange. Subaru suddenly didn't trust Ohkura to be out of his sight. It was almost like it was a different person.

They where at the rehearsal room in the Johnny's Osaka headquarters. Ohkura had gone back to the dressing room with Hina. He was tired, exhausted. He could hear voices coming out of the rest room attached to their dressing room.

"Hasn't Ohkura figured out that you're not his husband?" The unmistakable voice of Shota asked.

"I fooled him, I just look into his eyes all the time and tell him how much I love him." he heard Shibutani say to Shota. There was a wall between Ohkura and the pair. "The baka fell for it hook, line and sinker."

Hina looked at Ohkura; he was the only other person in the room with him. Hina put a finger over his lips signaling Ohkura to be quiet.

"How did you get him to think that?" Shota asked.

"Easy, this Tacchan is such an idiot, that he wants to believe that his husband is with him." Shibutani paused. "Besides, this Ohkura is so nice. I wouldn’t' mind spending my life with him."

"What do you mean?" Shota alike asked. "Don't you want your own Ohkura back?"

"Well, I am missing the way that Ohkura tied me up and beat me. So perhaps soon I can go back home and get the discipline I need." Subaru said. "But still, it's going to be funny when his Subaru returns and finds out that his husband's been screwing around with a look alike all this time."

Hina reached out and took Ohkura's hand. "You're not going back to him are you?"

"No, I'm not. He's not really Subaru." tears stung Ohkura's eyes. "I promised Baru that I would never cheat on him."

"You didn't know,' Hina said gently. It isn't your fault."

"Will he believe that when he finds out?"

"He doesn't have to find out." Hina told him. "I think that's something you need to keep to yourself."

Just then Shibutani came into the room. He smiled when he saw Ohkura.

"Ready to go home Tacchan?"

"Don't call me Tacchan!" Ohkura felt like his world was falling apart.

"What's wrong darling?" Shibutani reached out, touching him.

Ohkura jerked away. "Don’t' ever touch me again."

"Are you sure you're all right?" he acted concerned.

"Listen, I know who you are, I know you're really not my husband!"

Shibutani smirked. "Took you long enough to figure it out."

"Why did you fool me?" Ohkura demanded.

"You didn't complain," he grinned evilly. "What will your husband say when he knows you cheated on him?"

"Shut up!" Hina hit Shibutani across the face. Then he grabbed Ohkura's hand and pulled him out of the room.


Ohkura didn't talk during the ride to Hina's apartment. He was trying as hard as he could to stop the tears. His heart felt like it had shattered into a million pieces. He knew that the man he loved would never return to him.

"You can stay here. The other Shota's staying with the other Yoko." Hina offered after they arrived at the apartment.

"Thanks," Ohkura sank down onto the couch. His heart hurt.

Hina went to the fridge and got a couple of beers out, he gave on to Tacchan. Then he sat down beside him.

"You shouldn't feel bad." Hina began.

"How would you know?" Ohkura snapped. "It’s not like you cheated on Shota."

"That first night when we arrived home, Shota was all ready in bed." Hina said softly. "He wanted me, I wanted him."

"You cheated too," Ohkura realized.

"I really thought it was my Shota," Hina looked into Ohkura's eyes. "That morning, I saw his tattoo. He has a dragon that covers most of his back."

"You missed something like that?"

"It was dark." Hina sighed. "It was just one time. I decided not to tell my Shota. I can't hurt him like that."

"It wasn't just one time with me." Tears stung his eyes. "It was many times over a week."

"You still have to keep it to yourself." Hina told him. "It might destroy your relationship with Subaru."

"What relationship?" The dam burst, and Ohkura began to sob. "We'll never get them back, will we?"

"We have to hope," The older man took him into his arms. He stroked his hair as Ohkura cried. Ohkura knew the truth; his wonderful Subaru would never come back. He would be alone forever.



The remaining Kanjani 8 members where hiding from the duplicates. As one by one the real interns appeared they realized their lives were in danger. Uchi had vanished, then finally Maru.

They had moved from the hospital to stay under a bridge. Yoko and Kimiko had joined them. She was the one that brought the things that made their hiding place a little homier.

Yoko had gone off about an hour earlier with his backpack slung over one arm. It was the middle of the night, no stores were open. Subaru wasn't sure how Yoko could get food.

Shota chatted to Kimiko, he trusted her. Subaru didn't trust her. He no longer trusted anyone. The only one he did trust was in another world. There was a good chance that Subaru would never see Ohkura again.

Finally Yoko returned his bag heavy. He set it down with a thump. Then he rubbed his aching shoulder.

"I found some food," Yoko told them. He opened up his backpack. He took out bento boxes giving one to everyone.

"We could have waited till morning." Subaru chided. "When the shops were opened."

"Kimiko needs to eat,” Yoko sounded responsible.

"I don't mind waiting," she told him. “Really Kimi, I don’t mind.”

"You know what the doctor said about you not eating," Yoko pointed out. "We have to think of the baby."

"You're right, of course." Kimiko's hand went to her stomach.

"I found a bento shop," Yoko told her. "They always sell their stuff for cut rates right before they close. I bought all they had."

"Good idea," Subaru opened his bento and began to eat. “You call Yoko Kimi?”

“Its part of his real name,” She began to eat. “You know he’s not really named Yu, he’s really named Kimitaka.”

If Kimiko wasn’t expecting, Subaru would have whacked her for that. Of course the rest of the group knew Yoko’s real name.

"You're expecting a baby?" Shota asked Kimiko.

"Yeah, Kimi and I are," she smiled at Yoko.

"When's the baby due?" Subaru asked.

"It's due in June." She told him. "I've been so afraid."

"There's nothing to worry about." Yoko tried to soothe.

"I know we got pregnant early in our relationship, which was probably a mistake" She said. "But I think of it this way, if Kimi returns home, I'll have our child to comfort me."

"You'll come home too," Yoko promised.

"No Kimi, I'll never get to go home. It's been so long since I've been home, almost five years." She said softly.

"What do you mean, return home?" Shota asked.

"She's like us, from the other world." Yoko explained.

"I was a research assistant in a top secret project," Kimiko tried to explain. "It was a teleport project. Instead of being teleported, I ended up here. Since then people from our world have come and gone. Since I am the one that caused the fissure, I will never return."

"You don't know that," Yoko told her. "You have to have faith."

"How can you be a scientist when you're an airhead?" Subaru asked.

"It's been an act," Kimiko confessed. "I've been afraid of what will happen if anyone knows about my knowledge of the teleport project."


Shota sat with Kimiko while Yoko and Subaru were on watch. Shota was more then a little worried about Subaru. He wouldn't sleep. The only thing he could think of was that he would never return home.

"Subaru doesn’t' trust me." She told Shota.

"Don't worry about him." Shota told her. "He's gone through a lot with Ohkura vanishing."

"Too bad I don't have a computer," she touched a flash drive that she wore around her neck.

"What's that?" Shota asked.

"It's my journal. Since I arrived here on a scientific mission, I have been keeping a record of all the switches." She explained. "Except for me, all of the switches have involved Johnny's."

"Why would everyone be Johnny's?" Shota asked.

"I'm not sure," she admitted.

"Perhaps it's because your brother's in a Johnny's group?" Shota guessed. "Ken-sempai is in V6."

"I never thought of that." She mused. "Ken's my twin, so it would make some warped sense. Thanks Shota."


Subaru stayed up, on watch. Someone had to. Keeping busy kept Subaru's mind off of Ohkura.

He looked back to Yoko, who was caressing his lover's increasing belly. Yoko was worried about Kimiko. Finally Kimiko settled down and fell asleep. Yoko kissed her cheek and went to Subaru.

"What's wrong?" Subaru asked Yoko.

"You wouldn't understand," Yoko whispered.

"You're going to become a father," Subaru said. "You should think about your future with her."

"Everyone's returning." Yoko said. "Soon I’ll be going home, and then what will happen to Kimiko?"

"You love her," Subaru guessed.

"I love her, I love our baby." Yoko's voice broke. "I wanted to marry her, but she refused. She was afraid I would return and she wouldn't."

Just then there was a really strange crackling sound. Yoko turned to Kimiko. One minute she was asleep, the next she was gone.

"Kimiko, oh god, she disappeared!" Yoko began to cry.

The crackling sound grew louder. Then just like that Yoko was gone. Now there was only two left, Subaru and Shota.


Ohkura had been staying with Hina, it was easier that way. He didn't have to face Shibutani. His ketai beeped. He looked at it.

"Tacchan, I'm home from the other world. I can't wait to see you. Please contact me."

Ohkura deleted the message. The other Shibutani had been sending them to him often.

More and more of members of Kanjani 8 had returned. But Subaru hadn't.

He glanced into the living room. Hina was having a bit of a party for the returnees. Ryo, Uchi and Maru had all returned recently.

Ryo and Uchi sat curled up together on the couch. No longer carrying what anyone thought.

His ketai rang again. He glanced at it. "Will you please listen to me? I'm not that other one! I love you! "

"Are you coming?" Hina stood in his doorway.

Ohkura looked up to him. "Sorry, Shibutani has been trying to contact me again."

"Why don't you forget about that?" Hina smiled. "Let's have a party and forget about everything."

"All right," Ohkura smiled, he turned off his ketai and joined his friends in the living room.


Ohkura was dying of boredom at the party. It seemed like the rest of the group wanted to get him drunk, to make him forget everything. Ohkura wasn't cooperating. He was nursing his first beer.

Ohkura could hear a loud crackling sound. Suddenly Miyake Kimiko appeared in the room.

She looked around. "What am I doing here?"

"Kimiko? Is that you?" Hina asked.

"I need to see your hand." Kimiko asked.

Hina held up his hand. "Why did you need to see my hand?"

'The other Hina has a large tattoo on his hand." She tried to explain. "Almost everyone you've traded places with have tattoos."

"Are you really from this world?" Uchi asked.

"Yes, I am." Kimiko hand went to her stomach. "The baby, I hope the babies all right."

"The baby?" Ryo repeated.

"We're expecting a baby." She said. "Kimi and I."

"Johnny-sama isn't going to be happy!" Maru said. "We're not supposed to be having babies!"

Hina slapped Maru across the back of the head. Maru rubbed his head and apologized.

"Would you like to sit down Kimiko?" Hina asked the woman.

Kimiko sat down on the couch. Maru ran off to make her a cup of tea.

"Have you seen Subaru?" Ohkura asked.

"He was with us." She told him. "He is doing well, and he misses you a lot."

"I miss him too." Ohkura confessed.

Just then Yoko appeared in the room. He looked as if he had been crying. His eyes set on Kimiko. "Kimi-Chan!" Kimiko went to him; Yoko reached out, touching her stomach.

"I can’t' believe we're home." She told him.

Maru came into the room carrying a tray with a tea pot. He set it down. "Yoko! It’s good to have you back."

The rest of the group began to talk to each other, all happy that yet another group member had returned. Ohkura went to the window and looked out. He couldn't stop thinking of Subaru. He couldn't give up on him.


Subaru and Shota were surprised when both Yoko and Kimiko returned to the real world. Two more weeks passed. All the time Subaru hid with Shota. His friend was getting more and more depressed. He was terrified that Hina would find someone else.

They had both felt stretched since Kimiko returned. Every movement seemed to be an effort. Something was pulling them towards a goal that they couldn't see.

"It's been so long since we’ve been together. Do you think they remember us?" Shota asked.

"Of course they remember," Subaru tried to reassure.

"It's just that I miss Hina so much," Shota confessed.

Subaru had felt like he was a rubber band, stretched as far as it would. Suddenly, he could feel a large snap.

Subaru found himself on the floor of a dark rehearsal hall. He felt hung over.

"Baru," Shota sat up. "This can't be...."

Subaru got to his feet. He felt as if he had been beaten up. He went to the window. He looked out a very familiar street.

"Shota, you're not going to believe this!' Subaru couldn't keep the happiness out of his voice. "We're in the Osaka Johnny's office!"

Shota ran to the window. Then he hugged Subaru tightly. "We're home! We're finally home!"

"We have to contact them." Subaru decided. He took out his ketai and messaged Ohkura. Hoping beyond hope that his husband would call him back.


One by one the members of Kanjani 8 returned to the real world. The only two left to return were Shota and Subaru. Yoko had returned with Kimiko. Because she was obviously pregnant, Johnny-sama allowed the pair to marry. He didn't want a scandal.

Kimiko had also gone back to the place she had worked before she had been taken to the other world. She spent almost all her time trying to get Subaru and Shota back.

Another two weeks passed with Subaru in the other universe. Everyday Shibutani tried to convince Ohkura that he was really Subaru.

The group was at rehearsals. Since his rehearsal was over Shibutani had all ready left. That meant that the look alike was again bombarding Ohkura with messages.

Ohkura's ketai rang. He glanced at the message. Then he hit the delete button.

"Who was that?" Hina asked.

"Shibutani-kun." Ohkura sighed. "It was the usual message; he was trying to convince me that he's really Baru that he's back."

"What if it's the real Baru?"

"The real Baru has a ring that is engraved with our initials on the inside." Ohkura told him. "All he has to do is show me his ring and I would know it's him."

Ohkura's phone rang again. He glanced at it. It was Shibutani again.

"You should talk to him." Hina encouraged. "Tell him to stop messaging you."

"It's better if I ignore him," Ohkura turned off his ketai and shoved it in his pocket. "I'm going for a walk. I need some time to think."

"That's a good idea." Hina told him.

Ohkura left the rehearsal room, his heart heavy. He walked home. All he could think about was the real Subaru. The man he had vowed to love forever. The man he had been tricked into cheating on. A tear rolled down Ohkura's face. He wished that he could get Subaru back, but he knew that would never happen. His lover would never return home.



Subaru and Shota had just returned to the real world. Subaru was still wary of everything. It looked like the real world, but he still wasn't too sure. Subaru could hear someone walk into the rehearsal room. Subaru turned someone who looked like Hina was standing a few meters from Shota.

“Shingo!” Shota shouted almost at the top of his lungs. He went towards his husband.

Subaru grabbed his arm. "You have to be careful. It might be the look alike."

“The look alike is in the other world!” Shota pulled away from Subaru and went towards Hina. "Shingo, is that you?"

"Of course it's me!" Hina said warily. "The question is, is it really you?"

"Yes, it is." Shota smiled.

"I can't be sure of that!" the older man said.

"I could prove it to you." Shota suggested. "Ask me anything, and I'll do it."

"Let me see your back" Hina told him.

"My back?" The smaller man echoed.

"Take off your shirt!" Hina snapped.

With shaking fingers, Shota took off his shirt. He didn't look at either Hina or Subaru.

"Turn around," Hina ordered.

Shota did as he was told. Hina went to him, looking over his back very carefully. He took a tissue and checked to see if there was any make up on Shota's back.

Then Hina was checking Shota's ears for his piercings. Then with a flick, Hina checked the back of Shota ears. He pulled on them hard. Shota couldn't help but yelp in pain.

"Thank goodness it's you." Hina sighed.

"What do you mean?"

"The other Shota tried to convince me that he was you." Hina explained. "He even used make up on his back and he wore magnetic piercing."

"I see,"

"I'm sorry if I hurt you," Hina reached out to touch Shota, but the smaller man flinched and moved away from him. Shota knew he couldn't be too careful. He pulled away from Hina, and he could see the sadness in his friend's eyes.

"Let me see your hands." Shota ordered. "The one that was in the other universe has a tattoo on his hand. Prove to me that you don't have one!"

Hina showed Shota his hands. Shota couldn't believe it. It was the hands of the man he loved. He was even wearing his wedding ring. It wasn't the hands of the man who had abused him.

Tears fell down Shota's cheeks. Tears of happiness and sadness. "I never stopped believing that I would return home."

"Please let me touch you," Hina begged. When the smaller man nodded, he touched his cheek. "You don't know how much I've missed you."

Then Hina was kissing his husband. Shota sighed and put his arms around him. Then he remembered, he was back in the real world. They couldn't touch in public.

"Won't we get in trouble for kissing in public?' Shota asked.

"Johnny-sama's changed the rules. We can love whom ever we want!" with that, Hina kissed Shota again.

"Where is Tacchan?" Subaru interrupted the happy couple.

Hina pulled away from Shota just a bit. He put his arms around him protectively. "Ohkura was finished rehearsing." He tried to explain. "He decided to walk home."

"I've got to see him." Subaru couldn't contain his excitement.

"Wait Baru," Hina stopped him. "I need to see your hands."

Subaru showed Hina his hands. Hina examined them closely. He pulled a ring off of Subaru's finger and looked at the inside. Then he shoved it back onto his hand.

What was that about?" Subaru demanded. He didn't like being manhandled.

"You need to show the ring to Tacchan," Hina told him. "He won't believe it's you unless you do."

"Why won't he believe me?" Subaru asked. "You're making no sense."

"There is something you should know." Hina began to explain. "The other Subaru tricked Tacchan into thinking he was you."

"Their together then?" Subaru guessed.

"They where for a while, until Tacchan realized it wasn't you. Tacchan hates himself for betraying you." Hina tried to explain. "He's been overwhelmed with guilt since then. I think he's given up on your return."

"I better go find him. I'll see you two later!" Subaru left on his search for Ohkura.

Hina turned back to Shota, his eyes looked very sad. "You need to know the truth. For one night, I thought he was you...."

"It doesn't matter," Shota interrupted. "What matters is that we're back together."


It was yet another day of having to live without Subaru, and Ohkura walked. He had walked a lot since he had returned from the other world. He could hide from the loneliness in his heart while he walked.

It was raining. He knew he should go in, but he couldn't. Tonight was his one month wedding anniversary. A very painful memory. He had promised Subaru that he would be true to him, that he wouldn't cheat, but in the end he had. Ohkura hated himself. It didn’t matter to him that Shibutani looked like Subaru, that he didn’t realize that it wasn’t his husband. Ohkura believed he should know.

Ohkura bought some hot coffee from a vender. He took a sip. Coffee had been so expensive in the other universe. He had always shared with Subaru. Something so little had been so romantic, but now he was alone.

Ohkura kept his ketai turned off. Shibutani had been stalking him. Ohkura had gotten at least fifteen txt messages a day from Shibutani telling him that he was the real Subaru.

Then Ohkura saw Shibutani. He reminded himself that Shibutani was not the Subaru that he had fallen in love with, the one that he had promised to love forever. This was his look alike. A self centered brat that thought he could step into the real Subaru's place in Ohkura's heart. He had tricked Ohkura for a week into thinking that he was the real Subaru.

Shibutani saw Ohkura; he smiled as if he had finally seen something he had always wanted. He went to him. "What are you doing here?"

"Taking a walk." Ohkura suddenly felt very afraid. Shibutani hadn't really hurt him during his stalking, but there was always a first time.

'It's raining. You shouldn’t be walking in the rain, you could get a cold." Shibutani pointed out. There was something in his eyes that was different. "I need to talk to you."

"Not tonight. I need to be alone." Ohkura walked passed him

He could hear Shibutani's footsteps as he tried to catch up with him. "Please, Tacchan. I'm back. Aren't you glad to see me?"

"I've told you before, I don't want you calling me Tacchan," he couldn't keep the pain out of his voice. "I'm tired of you trying to trick me. You are not my husband; you'll never be my husband."


"Quit stalking me!" Ohkura didn't stop walking. He didn't want Shibutani claiming that he was the real one, returned. He had played that cruel trick on Ohkura several times. He could still hear Subaru walking behind him, so Ohkura ran.


Subaru followed Ohkura to his apartment. He had been given a free pass before, so the guard let him go up to the apartment. He knew he should knock, but also knew that Ohkura probably wouldn't answer. He used his key to unlock the door. Then he went inside.

Ohkura was sitting on the couch, an empty whiskey glass in front of him on the coffee table. He looked up to Subaru. "Why didn't you knock?"

"I knew you wouldn't let me in." Subaru told him.

"So you used your key." He sighed. "What do you want?"

"We have to talk…”

"I told you, I want to be alone!” Ohkura snapped.

"It's important." Subaru said quickly. "I'm back."

"What do you mean you're back?" Ohkura demanded. "Shibutani Kun, we've played this game before. You are not my husband. You cannot fool me into thinking you are him. Not even for one night."

"I don't understand..."

"Get out!" Ohkura picked up the glass and threw it across the room. It landed with a loud crash. "I love my husband! I don't care if you look like him, you are not him! You tricked me once, but you will never ever be him!"

"Tacchan, please listen to me..." Subaru tried to reason.

"There isn't anything to say!' He shouted. "Get out!"


"I told you stop calling me that!" Ohkura screamed. "Get out of my apartment before I call the police! Quit stalking me!"

Subaru realized there was only one way for him to make Ohkura realize who he was. He took off his wedding ring. "Fine, I'll leave. I'll never come back."

"Good!" Ohkura went to the door, opening it. "I will never stop loving my husband. I don't care if you look like him!"

Subaru went to the door. "I want you to have this."

"What?" Ohkura stopped. "What could you have that I would want?"

Subaru pressed the ring into Ohkura's hand. "You placed this on my finger. Do you remember? Our wedding was so early in the morning. It was raining like it is now. I promised I would love you forever."

Ohkura looked at the ring. All the anger poured out of his body, until the only thing was left was a man who looked afraid. "Subaru, it's you."

"I've missed you so much," Tears stung Subaru's eyes. "Finally, we can be together."

"No, we'll never be together. I did something that can never be forgiven" Ohkura began to cry guilty tears.

"What could you have done that was so bad?" Subaru asked gently. He shut and locked the open door.

"When I returned, the other one tricked me into thinking he was you. I didn't know..." Ohkura tried to gather his thoughts. "I've had to live with the guilt of betraying the man I promised to stay faithful to. I can never forgive myself."

"For one night, the other Ohkura fooled me." Subaru admitted. "Then when I woke in the morning, I realized he wasn't you. It only happened once. But I betrayed you too."

'Oh god, you too." Ohkura looked sick.

"It wasn't our fault." Subaru said quickly. "They tricked us."

"I really thought it was you," his lover said. "I didn't want to cheat on you."

"I want to kiss you," Subaru said. "Can I?"

"Please," A tear rolled down Ohkura's face.

Subaru kissed Ohkura gently, He was afraid that Ohkura would turn and run. Instead, the taller man kissed back, through the tears.


Ohkura woke; the sun was shining through the windows. He could feel someone sleeping in the bed beside him. He turned, looking at his lover. His dark hair spilling around his face. They had been married in the other universe, but here it wasn't legal for him to be married to Subaru.

Ohkura reached out, touching his lover. Ohkura began to cry, they would never be really married.

Subaru's eyes flickered open. "Morning."

"How was your sleep?" He asked his lover.

"Like a dream." Subaru smiled at him. Then he realized that Ohkura was crying. "What's wrong?"

A tear rolled down Ohkura’s cheek. "We can't be married in this universe."

"In your heart, do you feel married?"

"What does that matter?" He reached up, wiping off a tear.

"It matters a lot to me." Subaru told him. "I want to know if you still feel married to me."

A long stretch of silence passed between them. Then Ohkura very softly said. "Yes. Now go."

"I can't leave you." Subaru put his arms around his lover. "You're my husband, how could I leave the man I love more then myself?"

"We're no longer married."

"If we feel married in our hearts, then we are married." he stroked Ohkura's hair. "When you left and returned to this universe, I felt as if a part of me was missing. I no longer had you at my side."


"We're married; I want to spend my life with you." There was sincerity in his eyes.

"Are you sure?" Ohkura asked. "You're not doing this out of a sense of duty

"I want to stay because I love you."

Ohkura pulled away from him. "I cheated on you."

"I forgot about that." Subaru promised. "Don't make me leave your side."

In answer, Ohkura moved his wedding ring from his right hand to his left ring finger. "I can't believe I can wear this again."

"Can I wear mine?" Subaru asked.

"I would like that." Ohkura turned back to Subaru and took his left hand. He slipped the ring on his ring finger. "We're married forever."

"Now everything seems right," Subaru smiled. Then Subaru was kissing him. Ohkura's husband, his world. He knew that Subaru would never leave him again. They would be together for the rest of their lives.