Title: Strange Allergy
A sequel to Miyagi
Author: Kyoko_godaikun aka sentaikat
Pairing: Akame
Genre: A/U Some Humor
Rating: PG

Disclaimer: I do not own Kat-Tun. Wish I did. But I do own the concepts of the Gotsu Empire and the Miyagi Empire.
Note: This takes place in the far future.
Note 2: this is simply a love story with no war. Just a happy ending.
Note 3: This story is weird.

Summary: Jin thinks he's allergic to Kame.


Jin had been raised to look forward to the day he married his wife. He had been groomed and trained for just one thing. To make his wife happy. The three brothers had been put in a unit when the youngest Junno was only a few weeks old. Since that day, they had lived together. Their bond becoming stronger. They would be co-husbands destined to spend their lives together.

Jin could still remember the ceremony, he was six, Maru the oldest was seven. Junno the youngest was only four. It was a public ceremony, to show that the princes were all well and healthy. But it was something much more important. It was the day they were married to each other.

Their trainings began the day after the ceremony. As the years passed, something went terribly wrong. As law dictated, the brothers had been tested when the youngest had turned thirteen. Two of the brothers had been found not to be attracted to women. That had been the start of their years of hell. For it was a crime to not be attracted to woman in the Gotsu Empire, and Maru and Junno were guilty. If one member of the unit was guilty, the law stated they were all guilty. Even though Jin was found to be Bisexual he was punished for crimes he never committed.

The brothers became over protective of each other. They had to make sure that no one would be arrested. Then Maru fell in love, with a member of the Empress's latest unit of husbands. What was even worse, Uchi loved him too. Jin and Junno tried to cover for the two lovers. But finally, they had been caught, Uchi sentenced to death. The three brothers where sent to exile.

They had been sent to the Miyagi Empire as gifts for the Empress's daughter. As gifts they would never be allowed to go back home.

Jin vowed he would never fall in love. He saw what love did to Maru. It had turned him into a shell of the gentle, kind brother that he used to be. The trauma from seeing Uchi killed had destroyed his mind. Maru had spiraled into a madness that the best doctors in the Miyagi Empire couldn't cure.

Jin vowed that he would never fall in love. He told Junno that, he told his new friends that.

Jin forgot to tell his heart. His heart, acting on its own, fell in love.

Jin, having never been in love before, didnít' recognize the symptoms. Instead, he thought Kame was making him sick.

"Prince Ueda's has a new sim game." Junno told him one afternoon. "It's for four players. Would you like to come with us?"

"Whoís the other player?" Jin asked.

"Prince Kame," Junno said with a smile.

Jin could feel his heart flip. They had played games as partners many times, But not lately. The last few times together had to stop early, because Jin had suddenly begun throwing up. "I'm not too sure."

"He's crazy about you." Junno reminded him. "You're good friends."

"No, we can't like each other that way." Jin looked down to his hands.

"What's wrong with having a friend?" Junno sounded like he couldn't believe his ears.

"I've been trying to distance myself from Prince Kame." Jin said. "Itís better for everyone this way. He's not very nice, is he?"

"If he's so awful, tell me three good things about him."

"I know that he's young, but he's so mature. He knows what he wants from his life." Jin began. "When he's with me, I feel important to him."

"Sounds like he's a good friend." Junno said.

"I feel sick when I'm around him. The last four times I've been with him, I've thrown up." Jin said truthfully. "I think I'm allergic to him."

"You have allergies?" Jin asked. "Since when?"

"My heart feels strange when I'm around him. It goes doki doki a lot. Almost as if I'm having a heart attack." Jin tried to explain.

"A heart attack?" Junno repeated.

"It gets worse when I'm near him. One time he hugged me, and I thought I was going to die." Jin confessed. "But still I crave when he touches me. I want to hold him, and never let him go."

"Oh boy this is bad," Junno said. "Do you want to be around him a lot?"

"Yes!" Jin felt good that his brother understood what he was going through. "I never want to leave his side. Even when we do something simple, I don't mind, because he's there."

"Oh my," Junno couldnít' help but smile.

"Can you get Koki to play with you guys?" Jin asked. "I might have to go to the doctor. My hearts got that feeling again, and I'm just talking about him. I think I might be dying."

"Dying?" Junno turned away from him. His shoulders began to shake. He put a hand against him mouth.

Jin couldn't believe that Junno would laugh at him. Not when he was so seriously ill. There had been a party from the planet Klom visit a week before. Jin had met them. He knew he caught his stomach virus from them. They were known to eat anything. He couldnít' see why that was so funny.

"What's so funny!" Jin demanded.

"It's nothing really," still Junno laughed.

"I thought we promised not to laugh at each other anymore." Jin told him.

"Yeah, you're right, I'm sorry." Junno said. He turned back around and wiped his eyes. "I'm sorry Jin, I really am."

"Will you come with me to the doctor?" Jin asked.

"Listen Jin, you don't need to go to the Doctor." Junno told him. "You're not going to die."

"How do you know?" Jin demanded. "Did they tell you what was wrong with me?"

"I don't need to be diagnosed by a doctor." Junno smiled gently. "I know exactly how you feel. Because I feel the same way too."

"What's the disease?"

"It's called love," Junno took his hand. "Sounds like you're madly in love with Kame."

"I told you I was never going to fall in love." Jin said firmly. "So what ever I'm feeling isn't love!"

"There's nothing wrong with love."

"It's illegal for me to love Prince Kame." Jin told him.

"It's illegal in the Gotsu Empire," Junno pointed out. "It's not illegal here."

"But he might not love me." Jin tried to find another excuse.

"Trust me, Prince Kame loves you." Junno told him. "In fact, he's the one that bought Prince Ueda the new sim game. Said he wanted to spend some time with you."

"I'll throw up on him again." Jin made his last excuse.

"Fine, we'll bring a space sickness bag." Junno decided. "But you are going to play the sim with us!"


Kame wasnít' too sure that Junno would be able to talk Jin into playing Sims with the group. Prince Jin had been acting weird, very weird lately. Kame and Jin had become very good friends, but suddenly Jin wanted nothing to do with Kame. In fact, the last four times Kame had tried to play a sim with his friend, Jin had thrown up on him.

"He'll be here," Ueda had promised Kame. "Now make yourself look good."

Kame got dressed in the fashion of the time of the game. A pair of boots, baggy jeans, a flannel shirt. He made himself look good, though he had a feeling that Jin wouldn't come.

Ueda had dressed all in black. He sang to himself. Kame thought Ueda was the lucky one. He was madly in love with Prince Junno, not only that, but Junno loved him back.

Someone rang the bell to Kame's quarters. Ueda ran and answered it. It was Junno. "Hope I'm not too late," Junno smiled.

"You're just in time." Ueda smiled seductively. "Did you bring Prince Jin?"

"Come on Jin!" Junno went back in the hallway. A few minutes later, he half pushed, half pulled a terrified looking Jin into the room.

Jin looked at Kame with the alien caught in the headlights look. His eyes huge.

"Don't worry about Jin, he says he's a bit sick," Junno tried to explain.

"Are you too sick for the game?" Kame unconsciously took a step backwards. "If you are, we can put it off."

Jin still didn't answer him. So Junno gave him a nudge. "Talk to him."

"Hi there, my highness," Jin finally stammered. "I mean Your Highness."

"Are you well enough to play?" Kame asked concerned.

"Yes, I'm well." Jin suddenly turned green. He ran into the rest room and began to throw up.

"What's wrong with him?" Kame demanded. "He keeps throwing up when he's near me."

"He does that when he gets nervous." Junno tried to explain. "The best thing you can do is to ignore it."

"It doesnít' help when he throws up on me!" Kame tried to keep his temper. "Why is Jin so nervous?"

'He's in love," Junno told him.

"In love? With who?" Kame asked.

Both Junno and Ueda stared at him. "You!"

"And why does that make him sick?" Kame said slowly.

"Because he's never been in love before," Junno shrugged. "He's terrified that you're going to reject him."

"I see," Kame went to the sim controls. He took out the game they were going to play. "Murder on Blood Island." and replaced it with "Theme park."

"What are you doing?" Ueda asked.

"I've decided we need to play something different." Kame decided. 'The game I picked isn't really that romantic."

"So what are we going to play?" Junno asked.

"Theme park." Kame put his hands together. He knew that his brother wasn't the type to play romantic games. "Please, do it for me."

"All right, this once." Ueda sighed. "But next time we play Gacktworld."

"Will do," Kame promised.

Jin came out of the rest room. He no longer looked so green. Suddenly Junno and Ueda decided they had to visit the kitchen. That left Kame alone with Jin.

"Are we still going to play the game?" Jin still sounded terrified.

Kame couldnít help but smile at Jin. He looked so adorable when afraid. He went to Jin. "There's a game I have, it's very special."

"Lots of people die?" Jin guessed.

"It's called theme park. It's a dating sim." Kame took his hand. "Would you be my date during the game?"

Jin looked down to his hand. Then up to him. "Yes, I would like that very much."

Kame smile at Jin. His friend smiled back. The beautiful wonderful smile that Kame had fallen in love with. Then Kame kissed Jin. His friend stood still for a moment, then sighed and kissed Kame back.




Kame was excited. He was on a date with Jin. His friend looked nervous as they paid for the tickets. Then they had to give the tickets to someone else that tore them in two and gave them wrist bands.

Kame slipped his on. "Prince Jin, you need to put yours on."

"Why do we have these?" Jin asked seriously. Gone was the nerves, instead he looked as if he was studying for a test.

"If we wear these, everything in the park is free." Kame explained.

Jin slipped his on. "What planet is this supposed to be?"

"Old Earth, twenty first century old calendar." They began to walk down the sidewalk of the park.

"So we're in a place that never existed."

"What do you mean?" Kame asked.

"Everyone knows that there really wasn't an Earth." Jin said. "Itís just a made up fable."

Kame decided not to argue about the existence of Earth. Instead, he said. "Well, even if it never existed, I like this place."

Jin looked up to the sky. "Only one sun. The sky is so blue, and the clouds. You're right, it is Old Earth."

"Do you like it?" Kame asked.

"Itís nice." Jin looked back to him. "Very nice."

They walked for a while longer. Jin stopped. "Computer!" Then Jin said something in a language Kame didn't understand. Suddenly a control appeared on one of the walls of a building. Jin walked over to it and began to punch buttons.

Kame followed him. "What are you doing?"

"I'm trying to convince this game to give me a clothes store." Jin told him. "Sometimes if you ask a game nicely, you can get it to do what you want."

"How did you get the control panel to come up?" Kame asked. "You're not supposed to do that. The game's preset."

"It's fairly simple to get the panel to come up." Jin shrugged. "I need to blend in." With one last tap, the panel disappeared, and a clothes shop shimmered into place.

Kame followed Jin into the clothes store. Jin began to look at racks of clothes.

"Where did you learn to hack?" Kame asked him.

"Oh Gotsu," Jin shrugged. "One day the harem's sim chamber broke. I watched the woman repair it. I just memorized what she did."

Kame had always thought of Jin as being not so smart, but if he could hack into a game just by watching it be repaired, then he must be very intelligent. The question plagued Kame. If Jin was intelligent, why didn't he usually act that way?

Jin picked out some clothes and went into the changing room. He emerged a few minutes later. He wore vintage jeans, boots, and a green flannel shirt tied around his waist. A black t-shirt and a denim jacket. He now blended in with the locals.

"What do you think?" Jin asked.

"Very nice," Kame smiled.


Jin walked with Kame. He didn't know why he agreed to this place. He had never heard of a theme park before. The game they were playing was very, very boring. There was no shooting, no wars. Just walking. Not only that, but they were in a mythological place. Jin wondered why Kame would pick a place that didn't really exist. Not when there was so much in the galaxy to explore.

Jin loved Miyagi's planets sim chambers; it was almost like actually being at the place they played in. Even a mythological place seemed real.

Finally, Jin decided speak. "What' the point of this game?"

"Point?" Kame repeated.

"You know, mission?" Jin asked. "We donít' even have weapons."

"I told you before, this is a dating game."

"Date?" Jin repeated he had never heard the word before.

"You know, spend time together." Kame explained. "Didn't your entire concubine training teach you how to go on a date?"

Concubine, the word hit Jin like a hammer. He stopped. "Concubine? You think I'm a concubine?"

"Of course not now...." Kame turned to Jin. "I'm sorry, I shouldn't have said anything."

"You have a right to ask about Men's quarters." Jin said. "It's hard living in quarters filled with all my mother's husbands. Not being able to dream about what you wanted to do in the future. Because all you are is a man, and the only thing you have to look forwards to be to getting married."

"There's no freedom." Kame guessed.

"I think that's why I like Miyagi. I can do what ever I want to here." he reached out taking Kame's hand. "I'm even free to love in this empire, and I won't be tortured."

"Were you ever allowed to go out?"

"Yes, before we were tested." Jin told him. "After that, we lived under house arrest."

"Did you see any women?"

"My mother rarely," Jin said. "I saw my sisters every once in a while."

"What about that one I met when you first came here?"

"Shikayko?" Jin suddenly looked sick. "She's evil. She made my unit do things we didn't want to, unspeakable things. Just for her entertainment."

"Was that part of your training?" Kame asked.

"What do you think?" The question hurt Jin. All this time he felt as if he was equal to Kame. But he wasn't. Kame wasn't raised to be give to a woman as a husband. Kame wasnít' a convinced criminal. Kame wasn't a concubine. Jin wasn't equal to Kame, would never be equal.

Kame looked around. "Do you still want to play some games?"

"That would be nice." Jin agreed. He was upset, more then upset. Kame knew about the concubine training. Those made Jin wonder what else Kame knew about.

Jin followed Kame to a booth. On one end, there were cans stacked up, on the other near the opening was a several balls.

"What is the object of this game?" Jin asked.

"Knock over the cans with the balls and win a prize," The man working the book said.

"What kind of prize?"

The man gestured to a row of stuffed animals. "You can have your pick."

"I don't know...."

"I'd really like it if you played." Kame ordered.

"All right I'll play." Jin agreed. That was one thing Jin's training taught him, to do what ever the partner wanted him to do.

The man handed Jin three balls. "Good luck."

"I won't need luck, I'll need skill." He said seriously. He threw the first ball. It missed, as did the second. Then he threw the third. This one hit, knocking all the cans off.

"You won!" Kame said happily. "Congratulations."

"So what will your prize be?" The man asked.

Jin picked out a small teddy bear. He shoved it at Kame. "I'm supposed to give this to you, aren't I? That's what they taught me in my concubine training."

"Thanks," Kame ignored the jab.

"What now?" Jin asked.

Kame decided. "We could get something to eat and people watch."

"People watch?" Jin repeated.

"You know watching the people who walk by." Kame said. "I like doing that."


Jin sat at a picnic table as he waited for Kame to get the food. He no longer felt nervous. Instead, he was upset. The word concubine kept going through his mind. Jin hated the word. It had been a secret between the brothers about their being demoted to concubine. If they ever were deported to Gotsu, they would no longer be someone's husband. Just a pleasure slave.

Was that all Kame thought of him? Did Kame really think of him as a pleasure slave?

Kame came back a few minutes later; he set some food in front of Jin. Then sat down.

They began to eat. Jin very upset kept quiet even though Kame tried to talk to him. All their being together was a date. Jin had been taught during his training that a date meant that the customer took the concubine out, so that they would have sex. If that was what Kame wanted, then Jin would give it to him.

"Are you all right?" Kame asked concerned.

"Listen, this is very important. I need you to answer a question for me." Jin said seriously.

"Sure, ask." Kame told him.

"If you're doing all of this so I can sleep with you, you don't have to." Jin told him. "Why don't we do it right now?"

Kame started choking on his food. "Jin?"

"I was raised to please. If that's all you want from me. Then we can have that." Jin continued. "Just tell me what position you want me in."

"What?" Kame sounded like he couldn't believe his ears.

"You're right. I am a concubine." Jin said. "I don't know how you found out. But its better that the truth is out."

"Your sister told my mother the truth." Kame said. "I've known since the day you arrived."

"I see," Tears stung Jin's eyes. His heart felt like it was being torn out of his chest. "So this is why you brought me here. There's a brothel here. Perhaps that's where you should send me."

"Prince Jin..."

"Does Junno know that Ueda knows the truth?" Jin demanded. "Or is Ueda keeping it a secret."

"How could Ueda tell him?"

"So Ueda's using him too." Jin realized.

"Jin, you don't understand."

"What's there to understand?" Jin fought back the tears. "This concubine fell in love with you. My first love, did you know that? The first time I ever let anyone into my heart. For what? All you think of me is a whore!"

Jin got to his feet. He had to get out of there. He ran, letting himself get lost in the crowd.


Kame looked and looked for Jin, but couldnít' find him; it was almost like he had vanished off the face of the planet.

The date did not go right. The look on Jin's face when he said the word concubine. He didn't realize that Jin would still be so sensitive. After all, he was free now. But he had taken it seriously. Kame wanted to find Jin, to apologize. Kame realized it was too late for that.

Kame tried his brother's communicator, it didnít' work in the sim.

He finally spotted Ueda and Junno. Walking hand in hand, sharing cotton candy. Looking so happy. That was what he wanted with Jin. But now he realized he had really messed it up.

He ran up to them. "Guys, we have a problem."

"What kind of problem?" Junno asked. "Where's Jin?"

"I did something really stupid." Kame admitted. "I let the word concubine slip out."

"Oh goddess no." Junno gasped.

"Jin thinks I only brought him here to have sex with him." Kame said. "Then he told me he loved me, and took off."

"Why don't we turn off the game and we can find him that way?" Ueda suggested.

"Jin learned a code, I'm not sure how." Junno said. "He knows how to get in a game, and when it's turned off, he's still in the game."


"We'll have to find him." Ueda ordered. "Then you are going to fix it Kame."

"I don't think I know how. I can't even find him."

"Look for a pool hall." Junno told him.

Kame began to search. He looked and looked for a pool hall. His heart breaking with every step. He had to find Jin. To make him understand that he really did love him.




Jin's head hurt. It always hurt when he got over stressed. But this time it was different. He had thrown up again. He had also taken something for his aching head, but it really didn't help. His head still hurt. The pain came from behind his ear. He touched the bump that was behind his ear. It was his translator implant. He had gotten it a few weeks before he had been sent to MiyagI. The area around the implant really hurt.

Jin wanted to play pool. So he talked the computer into making him a pool hall. His mother's harem had pool tables, and Jin loved playing. When he played he felt free. In control of his life.

His head hurt, and his heart hurt. He loved Kame more then anything. As he played, he tried to put Kame out of his mind, but it was hard. Kame had this regal quality that Jin couldn't help be attracted to. He had hoped that Kame loved him too. But they weren't even friends. It had all been a lie.

As he played, a tear rolled down his cheeks. He would go on with his life. When this game was over, he would visit Maru. His brother was ill, but he would help Jin. Maru could only sit there, looking at Jin. He knew that his brother was still in there somewhere. The doctors talked about Maru having something that resembled Autism. Perhaps someday, Maru would look at Jin again and tell him it would be all right.

Suddenly Jin felt his stomach lurch. He was barely able to get to the rest room when he threw up. He was very dizzy, and his heart was thumping hard. Love, Junno had told Jin these feelings were because he was in love. Jin wondered why love made him feel so sick.


"Pool hall, this game doesn't have a pool hall." Kame grumbled. He had been walking for two hours. His feet hurt. He knew he had to find Jin. To make him understand that he didn't mean what he said.

Kame realized that Jin must have lost himself in the game. Probably putting up barriers so that no one would see him. Jin's intelligence didn't make sense to Kame. Jin could barely read and write, but he was a super genius at sim games. Junno had told Kame how Jin would put together new games as easily as most people changed their clothes.

Kame was about to give up, then he saw a sign for a pool hall on a building he had never seen before. The building wasn't garish, just looked like a shed. Kame realized he must have passed this place at least six times and not noticed it.

He went to the building, looking in a window. Against the other wall, in the semi darkness, Jin was playing pool.

"There you are," Junno ran to Kame, Ueda fast on his heels. "We found the pool hall."

"Come with me," Kame said. "Perhaps he'd listen if the three us talked to him."

"He won't listen if we gang up on him," Junno said firmly. "It's better if you went alone."

"Please," Kame asked.

Ueda looked him up and down. "That's an order little brother."

"All right," Kame sighed. He knew he had to follow Ueda's orders whether he wanted to or not.

Kame watched Ueda take Junno's hand. They the two lovers went back to their date.

Kame tried to go into the building, but a barrier prevented him. He knew it must be put up by Jin. He thought for a moment. He could remember how Jin could get the computerís control panel to appear. He said the words, and the panel came up. He touched the open switch.

Suddenly the barrier dissolved. Kame went into the pool hall.

Jin stopped what he was doing. "How did you do that?"

"I learned from watching you."

"I want to be left alone." Jin went back to his game. "So can you please go?"

Jin hit a few balls without looking at Kame. Then he turned green and ran into the bathroom. Kame could hear him getting sick.

A few minutes later, Jin returned. He looked shaky.

"Oh, so you're still here." He sounded disappointed.

"I want to talk to you." Kame told him.

"Sorry, I'm busy." Jin picked up his pool cue and began to shoot. "I've quit being a courtesan. If you want someone to fuck, you can try the local brothel."

"I don't want that from you." Kame insisted.

Jin glared at him, his eyes full of hatred. "I said, go away!"

"Why don't we make a bet," Kame suggested. He knew that Jin couldn't resist bets.

"What kind of bet?" Jin's eyes narrowed.

"We play a game of pool." Kame suggested. "I beat you, and then you listen to me."

"What do I get if I win?"

"I'll go away." Kame promised. "I'll never bother you again."

"Deal," Jin told him.

Kame smiled, he had been the junior pool champion in the Miyagi Empire. He knew he could destroy Jin.

It was bad luck for Kame because Jin was good, very good. Kame was the one defeated.

"I won," Jin said after he sank the last ball. "Now do as you promised, leave."

"Please Prince Jin..."

"I said NO!" Jin screamed. "Can you even follow your own bet? Get out!"

"I just want to tell you one thing!" Kame insisted.

"When I said get out, I meant it!" Jin punched Kame hard in the face. Suddenly Jin's mood changed. He grabbed the back of his head and screamed almost inhumane.

"Jin," Kame went towards him again. "What's wrong?"

"My head, it feels like it's caving in," Jin sank to his knees. "Help me, my love."

Jin fell to the floor unconscious. Kame checked the back of Jin's neck, where he had grabbed. Right behind his ear was a bump that was swollen and purple. His skin was burning to the touch. Jin's pulse was racing, and his breathing shallow.

"Computer, this is an emergency." Kame ordered. "Turn off the game!"

Suddenly they where back in the sim chamber. Ueda was on the floor, Junno laid between his legs. Their clothes were half off as they kissed. Neither had noticed that the game had been turned off.

'Computer, alert emergency services. Send for paramedics." Kame ordered. Then he glared at his brother. "Something is terribly wrong with Jin."

That made Junno pulls away from Ueda. He sat up and pulled his clothes on. He went to Kame's side. "What happened?"

"Jin screamed, and then he passed out." Kame decided that it was none of anyoneís business what they had said to each other. "There's a place behind his ear that is swollen."

"His translator is bothering him again." Junno said.

"Translator?" Ueda by now had dressed and joined his lover at his side.

"We were implanted with translators before we were sent here." Junno explained.

Just then the paramedics arrived. Jin was put on a cart, and taken out of the sim chamber.


Jin woke; he was on a hospital bed. He felt something pressed next to him. He looked down to it. It was Kame, who had fallen asleep. Jin wondered why Kame was sleeping there, but then decided to enjoy it. He reached out, stroking Kame's hair. It was so nice, so silky. He felt like his heart would overflow when he touched Kame. No longer did he feel sick when he thought of Kame. Instead there was warmth, longing.

Finally, Kame opened his eyes. Jin quickly moved his hand so that Kame didn't know he was touching him. Kame looked at him. "I'm sorry I fell asleep."

"How long have you been here?"

"Three days." Kame told him. "I've been at your side since the surgery."

"I had surgery?" Jin repeated.

"Yes, on your brain."

Jin reached up to his head; the bump behind his ear was gone. That meant his translator was gone. But how could he understand Kame? Then he realized, Kame was speaking Japanese. There was no real need for the translator.

"You know that thing you thought was a translator?" Kame asked.

"Yeah, what about it?"

'The doctors found out that youíre allergic to something in it." Kame told him. 'When they took it out, they found out it wasnít a translator."

"Then what was it?"

"A limiter." Kame said. "It was making you ill every time you thought of the one you love."

"How could I have one? Their illegal." Jin gasped. He had heard of limiters. Everyone had. They had been banned for thousands of years. A person could be fitted with one, and it would make his personality change. It could keep criminals from committing crimes. But it also could control the actions of innocent people.

"The doctors think that the Gotsu Empire had you implanted with it."

"What about my brothers?" Jin asked concerned.

"All three of you had them," Kame said. "But donít' worry, they've all been removed."

"How are my brothers?"

"Recovering." Kame said. "How are you feeling?"

"Why are you so concerned about me?" Jin asked softly. "All I am to you is a sex slave."

"Prince Jin, what I said didn't come out right. Can you listen to me and try not to loose your temper?" Kame asked gently.

"I will try," Jin promised.

"When I studied your culture, my learning machines called any schooling for men on Gotsu, concubine training." Kame told him. "I wasn't meaning in anyway that you are a slave."

"I see,"

"I love you so much." Kame took Jin's hand in his and kissed his fingers. "I didn't mean to hurt you."

"What if I say we will never make love?"

"My feelings for you aren't ones of sex, but of love." Again, he kissed his fingers. "I'll wait Prince Jin, for you to be ready."

"What if I'm never ready?"

"I'll still love you." Kame promised.

"Prince Kame, can I ask you a favor?" He reached out, touching Kame's cheek.

"You can ask me anything," Kame said truthfully.

"When we are together like this, can you call me Jin?" his fingers caressed Kame's cheek. "I feel like I'm a man with you. Not a prince destined to be given away."

"If you call me Kame." he agreed.

"Have I ruined everything with my temper?" Jin let his hand drop.

"Of course not." Kame smiled. "That's the thing about love, it forgives."

"I love you," Jin said softly.

Kame got to his feet. Then he leaned over the bed rail, and kissed Jin's lips. Jin sighed, and gave into the kiss. Jin no longer felt as if he was a slave, instead he felt free. The kind of freedom that no one could appreciate unless they never had it. He had always laughed at Junno for wanting freedom. But now that Jin had it, he never wanted to let it go.