Title: The Assistant

Sequel to: Whipping Boy

Author: Kyoko_godaikun

Pairing: JunDa, Akame (main pairing)

Rating: Yaoi

Genre: S&M

Warning: Jin really gets punished and has to participate in non-consensual sex. Please don't read if it offends you.

Note: This will have a happy ending :)

Summary: Jin cashes in his free weekend pass. He begins to learn lessons that will change his life forever.



Time: March 2007

Several thousands of kilometers away from Tokyo, Akanishi Jin came home from language school. He had a stack of letters in his hand. He checked one. The envelope scarlet. He opened it. Inside was a photo of Junno bound and gagged, just the way that Jin loved it. There was also a pass inside of it.

This is good for one free weekend of service by the King of Pain. The king loves to be beaten as much as he loves beating his slaves. It's a gift from your loyal slave Junno. Please come home soon. Yours in bondage. Ueda Tatsuya.

Jin wasn't sure what Ueda was up to. But he knew that Junno loved him. Jin decided to work even harder to get back to Kat-Tun. To bring more torment to his lover Junno. Now with this pass, he would also be able to give pain and suffering to Ueda. Jin had no idea that he would be falling into a trap. That the one that would be suffering would only be himself.

Jin took out his ketai and messaged Junno, thanking him for his present. That he would be happy to return to Japan when the agency let him. Then he sent the message.

Jin didn't know that his returning to Japan would change his life for ever. In the end, he would thank Junno for doing this for him.


Time: May 2007

The night that Ueda Tatsuya and Taguchi Junno had planned for six months had finally arrived. Jin was back in Japan, back to take his rightful place in Kat-Tun. There had all ready been a press conference and some concert appearances. Now it was time for some fun. At least Jin assumed it would be fun. He had been given a gift certificate for King of Pain, Ueda's S&M business.

Jin rang the door bell. He was anticipating three days of being able to torture Ueda for free. A gift from Junno, the slave that had never pleased him.

Finally, Ueda answered the door. He was wearing a sheer white robe, sheer enough to see through. Showing off his pale skin. Skin that Jin hoped would be bruised by him in a few hours. Jin smiled and held up his ticket.

"I believe youíre expecting me?" He smiled.

"You're here! Come in please," Ueda gushed.

"You alone?" Jin asked looking around suspiciously.

"I told you I would be." Ueda smiled seductively.

"Good," Jin shoved Ueda into the room, shutting the door behind him. Then he kissed his lips hungrily, shoving his tongue into his mouth. He was more then a little annoyed that Ueda didnít kiss back. "I'm really looking forwards to this evening."

Ueda pulled away from Jin, he moved a little, showing some more of his flesh. "Why don't we have some wine, to celebrate your return?"

"Sounds good," Jin took the hint; he went to the couch and sat down.

Ueda took out a bottle of wine. Like a good hostess, he went to the couch, sitting the wine and a glass on the coffee table. Then he sat down and poured the glass. "Here you are...master."

"Master, I like the sound of that." Jin drank the first glass. The wine tasted good, very expensive. Ueda always had expensive tastes.

"Have another glass, master." Ueda poured the next glass of wine, and then when he was finished with it, he poured the third.

"Why would Junno pay you to be with me?" Jin began to drink the wine.

"He decided that you needed a treat." Ueda told him. "Now tell me about LA, see any big stars?"

"Well, I had a nice fetish weekend with Nichole Ritchie." Jin began to tell him about the weekend he spent with the star. Jin had always had a thing about her since her days on the Simple Life.

Jin was half way through his story when everything went black.


Jin woke. He realized with some horror that he couldnít' see. He couldn't move. He pulled hard; his hands were shackled to the head board, and his feet to the foot board. The wine, it must have been drugged. Which meant that Jin had fallen into a trap.

"What the hell is going on?" Jin demanded. "Tat-Chan! I thought we had a date."

"Oh we do," Ueda crooned. "A wonderful date with destiny."

"You're not making sense!" he pulled on his bindings. "I thought I was going to whip you!"

"Oh you did?" Ueda asked. "Slave, do I ever allow anyone to whip me?"

"No Master." The obvious voice of Junno told him.

"Junno! You're my slave." Jin tried to get away. "Let me go Junno!"

"Sorry I don't have to do what you say. You freed me." Junno reminded him.

"You where supposed to come back when I returned!" still more struggling. It was getting very obvious that Jin couldn't get out of his bonds.

"Well, he might have, but his new master wouldn't let him go." Ueda mocked. "Isn't that sad?"

"His new master?" Jin's wrists were beginning to hurt. He decided that perhaps they would leave him alone if he stopped struggling.

"I belong to Ueda Tatsuya," Junno told him. "The best most loving master ever!"

Jin could hear movement in the room. When he stills himself, he realized there was Junno, Ueda and one other.

"I guess I should introduce your captors for this weekend." Ueda said. "There is me of course. Then there is my slave Junno. Also, there is my assistant. He doesn't like to talk."

"Why won't he talk?" Jin asked.

"He's the strong silent type." Ueda said sarcastically. "Assistant, make him hard! You know what to do!"

Jin could feel strange hands on him, stroking him, kneading him until he was hard. Then a cock ring was put on him.


Time passed, Jin wasn't sure how much. Ueda did nothing to him. It was beginning to drive him insane. Because of the cock ring, he was in a constant state of arousal. But he didn't want to be. He wanted to be free. He wanted to drag Junno back to his apartment and punish him for participating in framing him.

"Why am I here?" Jin demanded.

"Because you need to learn some lessons." Ueda told him. "As King of Pain, I was hired to be your sensei."

"Master is an expert of teaching pleasure and pain." Junno agreed.

"I am a sadist, not a masochist." Jin pointed out.

"The only way you'll learn to be a good master is to learn to be a good slave." Ueda told him.

"I am a good master."

"I am so tired of your mouth." Ueda told him. "Assistant! Tape the baka's mouth!"

Jin could hear the sound of tape being torn of a roll. Then it was slapped onto Jin's mouth.

"First thing, all slaves must have a safe word. That means if your punishment goes a bit over board, he can use it for you to stop."

The first blow came down hard on his back. Jin screamed against the tape.

"Hurts donít it?" Ueda asked. "Too bad you don't have a safe word, so you could stop me."

The blows rained down, harder each time.

"I'm tired of hitting you." Ueda told him. "Assistant! Do you job!"

Another whip came down on him. With one blow Jin realized it was one of his. One that had torn the flesh of his lovers before. One that hurt beyond pain. Jin had always been turned on by the screams of his lovers. Of the way the whip made them bleed. Now he was getting the pain, and he vowed never to do it again.

Jin closed his eyes; he wished he had a safe word, just to stop the pain.


Life had turned into a pattern. Jin was now helpless. He lived only for the pleasure of his masters. They had used various things to beat him with. Belts, whips. Just about anything. At least three days passed. If he only had a weekend, shouldnít it be over?

While Jin was afraid of Ueda and Junno. He was terrified of the assistant. He soon found out that the assistant was the one that kept his life in the balance. He was the one that choose what tool Jin was beaten with.

The assistant hadn't spoken yet. So Jin had no idea who he was. Oh Ueda and Junno talked to him often, but the assistant never answered.

The assistant was the one that cleaned the sores on Jin's back, putting on ointment that made the pain go away. He was the one that would take off his cock ring so that he could relieve his full bladder. Always it would be put back on as soon as he was finished.

The assistant was the only one who took the tape off is mouth and would feed him plain rice. The assistant used a spoon and would feed him the same way a mother would feed a baby. Jin only had water to wash it down with. But it was food, and Jin began to look forwards to it. Then as soon as he finished eating, the tape would be put back on.

The assistant was a nameless, faceless person who Jin depended on for survival. Without the assistant, Jin would have died.

Jin tried to figure out who he was. If he was a Johnny's or perhaps someone who was mute. Was he a friend of his? Or was he someone that Ueda hired off the streets?

"It's time to whip him again," Ueda told his assistant.

"What should we use this time?" Junno asked.

The assistant answered them some way, in a way that Jin couldn't hear.

Jin felt something being slathered on his back. Then it was rubbed in, so a thick layer was all over his back. By the scent, Jin could tell it was baby oil, and his blood ran cold.

Jin had used baby oil in the past, as a sadistic punishment. The oil was to keep the flesh from bruising. He could beat his slave very hard, and there would be no proof.

"My assistant tells me you love extension cords." Ueda told him. "So I bought him a nice selection of them. Which one would you like to use?"

Jin could hear the assistant move around the room. Then it happened, the first blow. Jin felt fire go through him. He screamed against his tape. But the assistant was relentless. Blow after blow rained down on him.

That was when Jin realized that he wouldn't get out of this place alive.


"The beatings made us hot," Ueda told Jin. "We'll let my assistant take care of his need, with you."

Jin heard Ueda and Junno leave.

Jin was alone, with the assistant. He wasn't sure who it was. He had never talked. He feels gloved hands on his ass; the assistant was wearing spikes on his glove. The spikes ran slowly across his body. Teasing him.

The way Jin had teased Junno so many times, had teased Kame.

He wished that Kame were here. Kame would stop this. Kame would rescue him. If Jin had bothered to tell Kame where he was. But he hadn't instead; he had lied to Kame, telling him he was going to see his mother. Kame wouldn't come looking for him, until it was too late.

Jin would probably be dead by then.

Jin knew deep in his soul that his captors were going to kill him. It was revenge, for everything he had put Junno through.

If only the assistant would just leave him alone. But he didn't. His hands ran down to Jin's bottom yet again. There was the sound of something being opened. Then something hard pushed into Jin.

Jin screamed against the tape covering his mouth. It hurt gods it hurt. His slaves had things shoved into them by Jin. Things that made them tear. Things that made him bleed. Jin had always thought blood was a better lube then KY.

He could feel the assistant moving around the bed. The thing still lodged inside of Jin. He could hear a handle being turned. Suddenly his ankles began to move apart. His legs lifting up.

A pillow was shoved beneath his body. Then straps attached to his chest and waist. The kind of thing they had used when they had done the acrobatic sky elements during live shows.

Jin felt his whole body being lifted. Until he was hanging suspended.

"I am the master, you will obey me." Said the voice. It wasn't natural, instead being pumped through a voice changer. "Do as I say and you will feel pleasure beyond your wildest dreams."

The assistant didn't say anything else. He could hear the man climbing onto the bed. The thing inside of Jin was removed. But he knew what the assistant had planned. It would have been what he would have done if he had Junno this way.

Something cold was put on his opening. A finger, then another was shoved inside of him. Jin was going to be raped, and there was nothing he could do about it.

Then the fingers were removed, and it happened. The assistant was inside of him. Jin was a top; he hadn't been with too many men as a bottom. It hurt at first, really hurt.

As soon as the assistant hit Jin's prostate with his hardness, it stopped hurting. It began to feel good, really good.

He could hear groans from the assistant with every thrust. Jin wanted to move back into the assault, to get the assistant more inside of him. His cock wrapped in the cock ring began to hurt.

He could feel the assistant take off Jin's cock ring and begin to pump Jinís hardness with his hand. Hard pumps in time with his thrusts.

Jin couldn't believe how incredibly wonderful it felt. To be completely dominated by someone. To be owned by the person body and soul. This was what he had been looking for all the times he had hurt his lovers. He was really a slave, and had never realized it.

Jin saw stars in his eyes, and then suddenly he came. He cried out against the tape that held his mouth. His channel spasming around the assistant.

Then the assistant was coming. The assistant bit him to keep himself from screaming. His teeth cutting into Jin's soul. A mark, Jin would always have a scar. He wished that the assistant could own him.

Suddenly the assistant pulled out of him and climbed off the bed. Jin could feel blood welling up on his back. Then he was lowered back to the bed. It felt good to have something solid beneath him.

Jin was surprised to feel gentle hands on him, cleaning the bite wound.

Then the hands reached out in front of him. The grabbed Jin's now soft penis and began to stroke it. Jin became hard again. The cock ring was slapped back onto him.

"I'll send a copy of this to your boy friend." The inhuman voice told him. "His name's Kazuya isn't it? He'd probably be interested in knowing his boy friend cheated on him. But then, you've never been loyal to him, not for even one week."

Then with that, the assistant was gone. Jin began to cry. He would have to make it up to Kame some day, if Jin survived this place.




More time passed, not only was Jin beaten, he was now sexually assaulted. Only the assistant took him, almost as if he was a prize of war. The assistant, the man who gave Jin both pain and pleasure. He began to wonder who the assistant was. It wasn't Kame, but who could it be? He had it narrowed down between Yama P and Koki.

"It's time to eat," The inhuman voice told Jin. He took the tape off of Jin's mouth.

"Thank you master," Jin said.

"Are you hungry? I've brought you something you like." The assistant said almost friendly. If talking through a voice box could be considered friendly.

"I'm very hungry master."

"Open your mouth," the assistant told him.

Jin did as he was told. He felt something being spooned into his mouth. It wasn't rice this time. It was fried chicken. By the taste it was Kentucky fried chicken.

"The master doesn't think that you need protein, but since we had some for lunch, you get the left overs."

Jin let himself be fed, shreds of chicken. It had probably been pulled off the bone after someone ate the piece. Jin didn't care. It tasted so wonderful. That was the one thing that Jin ate all the time in the states, Kentucky.

"You like mashed potatoes don't you?" The assistant asked.

"Yes master, with gravy."

The assistant spooned the potatoes into his mouth. Bite by bite Jin ate them, though they where cold. It had been peppered heavily the way that Jin liked it.

There were cold slaw next, then baked beans. There were even bits of cherry pie. All fed to him by the assistant.

As a treat, Jin was given fruit juice to drink. The assistant held it to his mouth, putting the straw to his lips. Jin drank and soon the liquid was gone.

"Thank you master for the feast." Jin told him.

"Kazuya came by here earlier." The assistant told him.


"Why do you call him Kame?" The inhuman voice asked. "He told me he doesn't like being called that. He likes being called Kazuya. So why won't his lover agree to his wishes?"

"Because I am not a good lover." Jin admitted. "Kazuya, does he know about my punishment?"

"No one's told him." The assistant ran his gloved hand over Jin. "He had no idea you were in this bedroom."

"Thank you for not telling him." Jin felt relieved.

"He told me that you are visiting your mother." the assistant said. "I didn't have the heart to tell him that you lied to him yet again. I don't know why Kazuya stays with you, the way you cheat on him, the way you always lie."

"When I get out, I will give him his freedom." Jin promised.

"That would be taking the easy way out, wouldn't it?"

"Who are you?" Jin demanded. "Are you Pi? Or are you Koki? You're Koki, aren't you?"

"What if I am?"

"Donít' tell Kame I love him." Jin begged. "Donít' tell him I want to spend my life with him. That he lives in my heart."

"He won't hear it from me," The assistant promised.

Jin could hear the familiar sound of tape being pulled off a roll. Then it was slapped onto Jin's mouth. The next thing that happened was that Jin was turned so he was back onto his stomach. Then he felt the hands on his bottom, smearing the cold KY onto his hole. The assistant had gotten hot by feeding Jin.

Jin was beginning to wonder about the assistant. Beating Jin turned him on. Being kind to Jin turn him on. It could be only one person, Koki.

He moaned as the assistant got onto the bed and onto his back. Then he entered Jin roughly. The way that Jin had done to his two slaves many times in the past. Never caring about his feelings. The assistant used his body without talking. He never talked to Jin when he loved. Stroke after hard stroke. The captor pounding into him.

Jin lay still during the assault, hoping that it would end soon. Pretending that it didn't feel as good as it did. . Hoping that the assistant would find it in his heart to let Jin cum. Jin wanted to move into the assistant with every thrust, but he had learned that only caused another beating.

There was a thin line between hatred and love. Jin had crossed the line. He loved the assistant with all his heart. He would do anything for the assistant. Even if that meant staying still while he was being raped.

Soon, the assistant came, and as usual bit him hard. A bite so severe that it broke the skin. That's when Jin realized it had to be Koki. Koki just loved being top and loved biting his lover.

The assistant hadn't let Jin come this time. His cock began to throb to remind him of the fact. He could feel the assistants gloved hands on him. The spikes ran over Jin's cock. But he didn't let Jin's cock free. Instead he allowed it to stay the way he was.

Jin could feel the assistant get off the bed. He crossed the room. Then the inhuman voice, so much like Darth Vader's. "You need to rest now. Ueda's got something very special planned for you."

Then Jin could hear footsteps as the assistant left the room. Then Jin rested, because he knew that soon his life would be interrupted again by pain.


The assistant and Ueda had been arguing loudly about the treatment of Jin. The fights happened every few hours. There were several things Ueda wanted to do to Jin; all had been over ruled by the assistant. The worst one being burning.

"It's time for the final two punishments!" Ueda declared. He was in the other room. He was talking so loud that Jin could hear.

"I don't think we need to." The assistant said in is artificial voice. "He's almost broken now."

"We need to break him all the way." Junno said. "We must complete the final two punishments."

"This is wrong!" The assistant said stubbornly. "You can't do it to him!"

"Why can't we?" Ueda asked. "He did the same thing to Junno!"

"But it's beyond torture!" the one who sounded like Darth Vader said. "I can't make him bleed!'

"Then don't participate." Junno said. "But it will be done to him."

"It must be done." Ueda agreed. "It's the only way we can break him."

"I'm leaving! Call me when you're finished!" Jin could hear the slam of the front door.


Jin laid in bed waiting, for the torture that the assistant and Ueda had argued about. He didn't have long to wait, until Jin heard the sound of the bedroom door open.

"We have a special treat for you." Ueda told Jin.

"Yeah something so bad that the assistant had to leave." Junno mocked.

"Can you believe it? He loves you!"

"Yeah, and he doesn't like blood," Junno continued to torment. 'Though you did this to me countless times. I can't stop having nightmares about it."

"So we're going to start giving you nightmares." Ueda promised.

Jin could feel hands on his body, turning him onto his back. The hands not kind and gentle like the assistant had been. These only wanted to give pain.

Something cold was wiped on one of his nipples. His chest was being scrubbed by Junno. The scrubbing so harsh that Jin knew he would loose at least two layers of skin.

"He's clean,"

"See, I'm being nice to you." Ueda told him. "You never used anything to kill the germs did you? That's why my beloved Junno has scars."

Jin couldn't answer, because his mouth was taped.

"Can I do it master?" Junno asked.

"I don't see why not." Ueda said.

"His nipples are so fleshy, so much like a girls." Junno grabbed the nipple, and then pinched it between his fingers. Then there was a sharp pain as something pierced his flesh. He felt the needle go through his nipple, followed by thread. Then Junno followed the same path over and over. Until there was a good sized hole. Big enough for Junno to force a ring through.

Jin cried against the tape as the ring was forced through his nipple. The pain, it was worse then any beating he had ever received. The needles, the thing he had used the last weeks before he went to LA. He had seen them being used in Porno films and decided it was so hot that he would use it on his lovers.

"Does my former master love the feel of the needles?" Junno asked evilly.

"Oh look he's bleeding. And the assistant isn't here to clean it up." Ueda mocked.

"Oh look master, another nipple and it isn't bleeding yet."

"Then take care of it." Ueda ordered.

Jin tried to relax when his left nipple was pierced. But he couldn't help the tears that soaked the blindfold. The sewing was the most sadistic. But Jin had done it again and again to his slaves. Getting turned on by their screams of pain.

A ring was forced through Jin's left nipple. He could feel the blood pooling up on his chest, running down him to the bed.

"Oh look, he's bleeding on the bed." Junno said. "I say we punish him for that."

"Would you like to do it my loyal slave?" Ueda asked.

"Please master, please." Junno begged.

Jin's body was turned again. To his stomach. Then oil was slathered onto his back. He closed his eyes as the whip came down onto his back. The sore nipples rubbing against the sheets. It hurt; Jin had never had anything hurt like that in his life.

Jin decided at that moment that he wanted to die. When Koki fed him next, he would ask his friend to kill him.


Jin hated his life. He had to wait, unseeing, not being able to talk, not being able to move. Wait for the next thing that happened to him. He was moved, so that he was standing up. He fought, but there were three of them, though one of them never talked with his real voice. He was taken to a wall. His hands bound above his head. Then his belly ring was changed so that it was a large ring. Then he was left there to wait.

"It's time you learn the need for a safe word." Ueda told him. 'You did something to my beloved Junno. I will never forgive you for the pain you gave him. Pain he couldn't stop because you had no safe word."

He felt something being put through his belly ring. Jin's blood ran cold. Now he knew the reason they had changed it. They where going to use weights.

"It won't hurt you so much since you're piercing is healed," Ueda put the first weight on. "But I think we should use your new nipple rings. Imagine having weights put on a fresh piercing, and not have it stop simply because you wouldnít' let it!"

Hooks were put on his nipples rings, they where attached to chains, then weights on the chains. It hurt gods it hurt. Tears soaked his eye shade. Then more weights were put on. It felt as if were beyond his endurance. It felt like his nipples would be stretched beyond what they could be and pulled off. His nipple ring pulled so far that he would never be able to pose without a shirt. Blood ran down his chest.

He had done this to Junno, to Kame. He loved Kame. How could he put him through such horror? Jin felt himself breaking. He began to sob. Kame, his wonderful Kame. How could he have hurt him this way?

"Now let's do what you did to Junno, leave them there, for hours." Ueda said. "Let's add some more to make the pain even better."

"No," The voice changer said. Jin knew it was the assistant. "If we are to teach him to use a safe word, he had to be given the chance to use it."

"He's right," Junno agreed.

"I'm just giving Jin what he gave to you." Ueda told him.

"We can't become like him to teach him a lesson." The assistant insisted. "I love him too much for you to hurt him this way!"

"Junno, take off the tape." Ueda ordered.

Junno did what he was told. Jin moved his mouth.

"It hurts....Master it hurts." Jin gasped.

"Your safe word is spam, use it and the pain will stop." The voice changer told him.

"Is it that easy?" He said helpless. "How can one word stop this pain?"

"Please Jin, use the word." The assistant begged.

"Spam." Jin breathed.

Someone snapped their fingers. Then Jin could feel hands on him. Taking the weights off. For the first time he could imagine the kind of pain he had put Kame and Junno through.

He could feel himself being taken off of the wall. He didn't fight any more. He hurt too much to fight. He was taken to the bed, pushed down onto his back. This time, he moved his own arms so they where above his head. He could feel the handcuffs snap around his wrists.

Jin couldn't stop crying. He was broke; he no longer cared what anyone did to him. For he knew he deserved every blow, every piercing, every rape. He had to suffer. He would die soon. He wanted to die. It was what he deserved for what he did to Kame and Junno.

He could hear footsteps as someone left. Then the sound of someone being together in the hallway. The pair where hot after giving Jin pain.

That only left one person in the room. It had to be the assistant, who Jin knew was really Koki.

"Now it's just you and me." The assistant told him. "What kind of pain should I put you through now? What kind of hell?"


"Now it's just you and me." The Kame told him. "What kind of pain should I put you through now? What kind of hell?"

Jin let out another sob. Kame was going by a pre-planned script. To put terror into Jin's mind.

All of them had roles thought up by Ueda. Everything was planned to break Jin of his bad habits. Kame hated the script. He had fought with Ueda about bits of it. But Kame had gone along with it. He hated himself for it.

It had to end. That's what Kame thought when he watched the broken Jin lay on the bed, his body wracked with sobs. Stretched out piercings in his nipples, that was still bleeding.

Kame waited until Ueda and Junno were done loving. Kame went into the hallway. Junno and Ueda where holding each other in the afterglow of love making. Kame felt sick to his stomach. How could they get turned on by the piercing and weights? By the way that Jin bled. Being a sadist was one thing, but what happened to Jin was inhumane.

"What is it?" Ueda finally asked.

"I think it's time for you to go." Kame said.

"I'm still not sure he's broken," Ueda insisted.

"I am." Kame said firmly. "We agreed that you would stay only until I decided that he was broken. That's happened."

"What do you want us to do then?" Junno asked. "Punish him more?"

"No, all I want you to do is go home." Kame decided. "I want to teach him to be a good slave. He can't do that while your here."

"Why can't you?"

"Because you two are out for revenge." Kame pointed out. "If its money you want, I'll pay you. But please, leave Jin alone."

"Kame's right master," Junno said. "It is time for us to go."

"You won't go back to what it used to be like will you?" Ueda asked.

"Of course I won't." Kame promised.


Kame waited until Junno and Ueda had left. Then he went into the bedroom. Jin was lying very still. Kame wasn't sure if he was conscious or not. He reached out, touching Jin, and Jin jerked away.

"Please master, no pain. Just for a little bit." Jin begged. "Just a few minutes to let me rest."

Kame took off his gloves. He reached out, running his hand down Jin's arm. Perhaps Jin would know by his touch that it was Kame.

"It's the assistant isnít it?" Jin asked. "Oh gods, what am I going to tell Kame? How am I going to explain to him how sorry I am?"

"Why do you have to tell Kazuya?" He asked through the voice changer.

"Because I love him." Jin whispered. ďIím not good for him. I deserve to die. Please, let me die. Do you think he would like me better if I was dead?"

Jin was beginning to get morbid. Kame knew he had to stop it.

Kame kissed Jin's lips. It was just a light gentle kiss. Jin paused for a moment and kissed back. It was the first time that they had kissed out of love, not out of domination. Kame's tongue gently gaining entry into Jin's mouth. That too was delicate. He didn't want to scare Jin.

"Kame, oh Kame, it's you." Jin sobbed more.

Kame found himself taking his lover into his arms. Just holding him. Cuddling him the way that he had always craved from Jin. His finger stroking Jin's matted hair.

"Please Kame, stop using the voice changer. I know it's you." Jin began to cry again. "I know your lips."

"No, there's no need for hiding anymore." Kame whispered. "I've been here the entire time at your side, protecting you." Kame kissed Jin again. The kiss as gentle as the first. He felt Jin melting into his touch. It was the most wonderful feeling ever.

"How can you stand to kiss me, after everything I've done?" Jin asked.

"I promised that I would never leave," Kame reminded him.

"I know I deserve what you're doing to me. Every stroke of the whip I deserve." Jin sobbed. "I'm sorry, I am so sorry that I hurt you."

"When we are together next, we will have a safe word." Kame told him. "You will use it, and I promise to stop when you do."

"Next time?" Jin asked. "How can there be a next time? After what I did to you?"

"Because I love you."

"I love you too." Jin confessed.

Kame curled his body around Jin's. Just holding him. Just trying to show him the tenderness, the love that a touch could give. Then Kame touched Jin's cheek and kissed his lips. The kiss so loving, so gentle. Those made Jin cry even more.

"How can you forgive me?"

"Because forgiveness is a part of love."

"Master, my eye shade is soaked." Jin told him.

Kame reached up and took off the eye shade. It was very wet from Jin's tears. "Youíre right, it is soaked."

Jin looked around for the first time in a few days. "How did we get into your bedroom?"

"It's a long story." Kame told him.


They lay together on the bed, Jin felt so safe in Kame's arms. He couldn't move much, since his arms were still fastened above his head. But for the first time in a very long time Jin felt free. He also felt a bit embarrassed.

"Do you know I thought you where Koki?" Jin asked.

That made Kame laugh. "Nope, not him, sorry."

"I'm glad really." Jin kissed Kame very gently. "I fell in love with the assistant, did you know that?"

"Why would you do that?" Kame couldn't believe his ears.

"Because he's the only one that was kind to me." Jin whispered. "The only one that was like you. When you loved me, that's when I fell in love. I had never felt anything like it before in my life."

"It might feel different now that you're free." Kame told him.

"Why don't we try it?" Jin smiled seductively.

Kame got off the bed and pulled off his robe. He took a tube of lube off of the bedside table. He got back on the bed and climbed on top of Jin. Jin split his legs and Kame settled between them. He covered his hardness with the lube.

Then, without preparing Jin, Kame pushed inside of him. With the first thrust, Jin knew. The one that had used him after the beating was Kame. Knew that it had never been abuse, but love. No one had loved him the way that Kame did.

"You're mine," Kame said with almost every thrust. Kame was thrusting too hard. Jin knew from experience that he would soon come.

Jin arched up to meet his lover's thrusts. His put his legs around Kame's waist. His cock ring was still on, but he didn't care. This felt so good, so right. He tried to push Kame in even more. He wanted to be owned completely by his lover.

"Jin!" Kame screamed. Then he was coming, his thrusts slowed down, until Kame softened. Jin loved that from Kame. That he always loved him until he couldn't any more.

Kame pulled out of Jin. Then Kame sank down onto the bed beside him. He was breathing hard. "Give me a second before we have our next lesson."

"Next lesson master?" Jin didn't think there was any need for lessons. He was so happy the way it was. All he wanted to do was lay beside Kame forever.

Kame took a couple of moments to still him, and then he got up on one arm. The orgasm had given him a fine sheen of sweat. He was glowing.

"When you use a cock ring on your lover, the best thing to do is not let him go into the bathroom to relieve him." Kame told him. "It is your job to make sure your lover is satisfied."

Kame took the ring off of him. Jinís penis was throbbing. He wanted to touch himself, to make himself cum. But he was still handcuffed. Kame sat up, bending over Jin. Then warmth enveloped his hardness, as Kame took him into his mouth. It took Kame only a very few hard sucks to drive Jin over the edge.

Jin came, not screaming Kame's name, but the only thing that was on his mind. "Master!"


After loving for the last time, Kame realized something. Jin smelled horrible. Jin smelled as if he hadnít bathed in a week, which was true, because he had been tied up the entire time period.

"Jin darling you smell! You mister are taking a shower!" Kame told him. 'No slave of mine is going to be smelly."

"Let me out, and I will." Jin yanked on his hand cuffs.

Kame took a key off the dresser and unlocked Jin. "Now go get clean!"

"Yes master," Jin went into the bathroom.

Kame never trusted Jin in bathrooms. He had this awful tendency to spend hours starring into the mirror. That's where Kame found him, at the mirror. He looked horrified at what he saw. His hands close but not touching his sore left nipple. A tear rolled down his cheek.

Kame turned on the water in the shower. Then he grabbed Jin by the hand. "Come on baby get into the shower."

He led Jin to the shower. Jin got into it and just let the water pour over his sore body. He did nothing but just stand there. He looked as sexy as he stood under the water.

Kame realized that Jin would be in for hours if he didn't do something quick. He got into the shower with him.

"You want sex again master?" Jin asked.

'Nope, we have to get you clean. And I'm going to wash you."

Kame filled his hand full of body wash and rubbed it over Jin's torso. Past the sores, past the bruises. He had never really expected Jin to be like this.

Jin just watched him. Kame got annoyed as he scrubbed his friend, Jin had so much blood caked over his chest from his pierced nipples.

Kame tried to be gentle around Jin's nipples. But Jin yelped in pain as the soap hit the sore wounds. Ueda hadn't bothered to take the threads out. Kame knew from experience what would happen if he didn't.

Kame grabbed some small scissors out of his basket. "Jin, I'm going to take the threads out of your nipples."

"Will it hurt?" he sounded like a very small child.

"Yes, it will. But it will get infected if we don't."

"Then do it master."

Kame cut the threads. He tried as gently as he could to take them out. Jin gasped in pain, but didn't say anything else. Kame knew it must hurt, because Jin began to bleed again. He had strongly disagreed with Ueda about doing this. Yes, Jin had done it to both Kame and Junno, but it didn't make this right.

"We need to take out the nipple rings." Kame told him.

"No, keep them. I need something to remind me of this." Jin said softly. "Why don't you finish washing me?"

Kame poured a hand full of his best shampoo. "Lean down baby."

Jin did as he was told. Kame began to scrub Jin's matted hair.

"From now on, you stay clean!" Kame ordered. "I don't like my slaves stinking."

"Of course master." Jin told him.

When Kame was finished washing Jin's hair, he decided to work on Jin's back. There where more bruises there. Kame had always loved Jin's shoulders. They were so broad, so much larger then most Johnny's. He spent a great deal of time washing Jin's back and shoulders. He felt himself tighten as he caressed his friend.

Then Kame moved on to Jin's buttocks. He poured gel into his hands and began to clean. Jin's ass was so tight, so muscular. He spent quite a bit of time just exploring.

As he cleaned, his hands went between Jin's cheeks. Jin gasped, and spread his legs just a bit. He held onto the wall. Kame took the hint. He plunged first one finger, then a second inside of Jin.

Jin gasped. "Master, that feels so good."

"You like it?" Kame bent his fingers, enough to make Jin gasp in a little pain, not a whole lot. Then his nails scraped against the hard bump inside of his channel.

Jin cried out like a cat, and then he sagged against the wall. Holding onto the towel rack for dear life. Kame did it again and again, just waiting for Jin to demand that he make love to him. But Jin tried to stay silent. The rack his only comfort. His body writhing under Kame's hands.

"Why aren't you saying anything?" Kame demanded shoving his hand into Jin hard.

"You didn't give me permission to talk master." Jin gasped yet again.

Kame realized Jin was right; he hadn't given his slave permission. "Tell me, what do you want?"

"I want you to make love to me, master." Jin sobbed. "Please master, please, oh please."

Kame used the shower jell to soap up his penis. Then he moved so that he was right behind Jin. He took out his fingers. Jin sighed in disappointment. Then he slid into Jin. His lover was so warm, so tight. He loved the feeling of Jin's channel.

His hand went to the front of Jin's and grabbed his hardness. As he thrust, he pumped Jin. He was master now. He was going to be damned before his slave had to hide in the bathroom to take care of his needs.

The water that rained down on them turned from hot to warm, to cold. But they didn't care. All they cared for was the moment. The sound of body loving body. Of two becoming one. Jin had finally become the boy friend that Kame had always wanted.

"Kazuya!" Jin screamed, and he was filling Kame's hand with his seed. Jin's channel spasmed around Kame.

With a few more hard thrusts, Kame was coming. Then he kept on thrusting, each time getting slower. He never wanted that heady feeling of orgasm to end.

"You're dirty." Jin gasped. "Let me clean you."

Kame brought his hand to Jin's lips and he was sucking the seed off, one finger at a time. Seductively, even when both were exhausted, Jin was seductive.

Kame reached over, turning off the now cold water. Then he turned Jin and took him in his arms.

"I found out that I like being a slave much more then being a master." Jin admitted.

"Good," Kame gave him a hard hug. "Because I like being a master."

Jin smiled at Kame. "Thank you so much for all of this."

"Any time." Kame smiled back.

"I love you master." Jin couldn't help but grin.

"I love you too," Then they were kissing again.

Kame's apartment quickly became their new home. Jin would always be grateful to his band mates for showing him just how wrong he was in being a master. Not only that, but now he had Kame, and he knew from now on, his life would be wonderful.