Title:" The Gift
Author: Kyoko_godaikun
Genre: Hurt/Comfort
Pairing: ShotaxUeda with a bit of Junda at the end
Rating: NC-17 for graphic non-consensual sex

Summary: Ueda has a long distance lover named Shota. But Shota belongs to someone else. Someone who refuses to share Shota with anyone.


Note: I donít know why Kanjani 8 turned out so evil in this story. I really like the group a lot.


WARNING: EVIL!RYO Who does very mean things to Ueda

WARNING: Graphic non-consensual sex.


A special show was being filmed in Osaka with the members of Kanjani 8 and Kat-Tun. All the dayís filming was over. Ueda Tatsuya was excited. His boy friend lived in Osaka.


Ueda hated having a boy friend that lived so far away. There were only a few times a month they could see each other, if they were lucky. They spent most of their time loving each other's brains out. No dates, no going out. Yasuda Shota wanted to spend all of his time just with Ueda. It always made Ueda feel special.


Ueda went to Shota's hotel room. He knocked at the door. Shota opened up the door. "What are you doing here?"


"You asked me to come by." Ueda reminded him.


"Come on in," Shota pulled him into the room. He locked the door behind him."I've missed you so much."


"I've missed you too."He kissed Shota; he couldnít keep the passion out of the kiss.


"I've been so lonely without you." Shota told him between kisses.


"Move to Tokyo." Ueda began to nibble at his neck. "I'm sure Johnny-sama can find you enough work."


"I'm Kanjani 8; we have to stay in Osaka."


"Ryo commutes."


"I hate Ryo." Shota spat."If I move to Tokyo, the agency will make me stay with him."


"You can stay with me," Ueda told him. "I love you."


"I love you too." Shota pulled a condom out of his pocket. He pressed it into Ueda's hand. "I only feel free when I'm in your arms."


They quickly pulled their clothes off, and then they were kissing again. Shota pushed Ueda down to the bed, and then the lovers made love. They didn't know that this would be their last time together.





Afterwards, they held each other. Shota always clung to Ueda. Shota always thought if, if he wasnít' one of Ryo's gang of bitches. If he didn't belong to someone else, then he could be Ueda's, totally and completely. He had never loved before, but he loved Ueda.


Shota hated Ryo. Ryo the one that had given what he called the gift to Shota. Kanjani 8 weren't a group like Kat-tun or V6; instead they were really a gang, with Ryo as the head. Ryo called the rest of the group his bitches. They could only sleep with each other or Ryo.


Shota wanted to escape. He wanted to run away from the gang. To live his life with gentle, wonderful Ueda.But he knew what happened when someone cheated on the gang.


"You want me to stay tonight?" Ueda asked.


'You know we can't spend the night together." Shota reminded him.


"Just once, would you like me to?"


"Yes," Shota told him.


They kissed again, this time chastely.


The door burst open, the rest of Kanjani 8 poured into the room.


"What the hell do you think you're doing?" Nishikido Ryo demanded.


Shota pulled away from Ueda. He got out of bed. "Ryo, you donít' understand. I seduced him."


Ryo punched Shota hard in the face. "So I finally caught you with him."


"Leave him alone.' Ueda tried to move to Shota, but he was grabbed by other members of Kanjani 8.


"Don't tell me what I can do with my boy friend!" Ryo punched Ueda in the face.


"I'm Shota's boy friend."


"You mean the little slut didn't tell you?" Ryo hit Ueda again. "He's my bitch! He's only allowed to be with me! I'm the one that gave him the gift."


Shota could feel his blood run cold. The gift, some people called HIV the gift. He realized that Ryo was intending to give the gift to Ueda.


"Ryo, leave him alone." Shota tried to get between Ryo and Ueda. "Please, I'll let you punish me, but leave him alone!"


He could feel Maruyama and Shingo's hands on him, pulling him away from Ryo.


"All of my bitches have HIV!" Ryo told him.


"Shota doesnít' have HIV!" Ueda said.


"I'm sorry Tat-Chan," Shota sobbed. "How could I tell you I had it? I love you."


"I don't have it. We always used safe sex precautions."


"I'm going to make sure you have the gift. Then if you ever fall in love, you boy friend will get it too." Ryo growled. "Because I'll rape him too."


Ueda began to struggle harder against his captors. Ryo punched him over and over in the face. Then he hit his head twice against the wall.


Shota tried to close his eyes from what happened next, but Maruyama grabbed his hair. "Look at him, or we'll do the same to you."


Shota opened his eyes. Helpless he watched as Ueda was turned, and then Ryo pushed his way between his legs. Ueda cried loudly in pain when Ryo entered him. Then he was thrusting, every time harder. His hand went to Ueda's front, pumping his penis hard.


"Come bitch, come!" Ryo demanded with every thrust. "You know you really want me."


Ueda began to moan in time with the thrusts. Ryo always made his victims come. In Ryo's eyes that made what he did to them all right.


Finally Ueda screamed "I hate you." as he came.


Then Ryo came. He climbed off of Ueda. "Perhaps I'll make you one of my Tokyo bitches."


"Leave me alone, please." Ueda began to sob.


"We're not done with you. Not in a lifetime." Ryo swore. "Maruyuma! You're turn."


"But you're finished with me." Ueda objected.


"We're not finished until everyone had a turn!'


Maruyuma took Ryo's vacated place. He took Ueda. By this time, Shota's lover had stopped crying.


Ueda looked at him, his eyes dead as member after member of Kanjani 8 used him. Even Subaru and Ohkura, men who Ueda always considered friends too their turn. They had to, for they knew the rules of being in the gang.


Finally, after the last one was done, Ryo went to Shota. "You know what you have to do."


"No, please don't make me."Shota begged.


He felt Ryoís hands rough on him, kneading him until he was hard. "Do him, or we'll do the same to you."


Shota went to the bed. He looked into Ueda's eyes. "I'm sorry."


"Get it over with." Ueda told him."I'll never forgive you for this. You know that."


"Now Shota!" Ryo snapped. "Or I'll kill him."


"Do it, please." Ohkura told him. "You know he'll kill Ueda."


He hated himself as he got onto the bed. Ueda was bleeding all ready. He closed his eyes and pushed his way in.Ueda was crying, and so was Shota. But Shota knew that this was how his relationship with Ueda would end. All because he was one of Ryo's bitches.





Taguchi Junno was jealous. He had a one sided love for Ueda.Ueda had a boy friend, named Shota. Junno hated Shota. He was way too much like Ueda. Plus Junno had seen things that he had never told Ueda. Shota in the rest room one time giving head to Ryo. Ryo crooning to Shota that he was his good little bitch.


Junno knew all about Ryo's bitches, he also knew to stay far away from them. He had tried to warn his friend, about Ryo and his bitches. But Ueda hadn't listened. Instead, he fell helplessly in love with Shota.


Ueda had told Junno that he would be out all night. He had plans to spend a quiet evening with Shota.


Junno stayed up to about two playing video games. Then he went to bed.He had just laid down when he could hear Ueda come into the room.



He could hear the door close, and then Ueda was sobbing.


Junno turned on the light. Ueda was curled against the door. His face was covered in bruises. His lip had been split and was swollen.


Junno got up and went to him. "What happened?"


Ueda didn't answer. So Junno pulled him into his arms and held him. "It's all right, you're safe."


Ueda clung to him, like a drowning man.


Finally after crying for quite a while, Ueda said softly. "I feel so safe in your arms. I feel like no one will hurt me again."


"I'll protect you," Junno promised. "Why aren't you with Shota?"


"I hate Shota," Ueda told him. "I really hate him. He's no better then Ryo."


"But you and him."


"He's Ryo's bitch." Ueda said. "They found us together, Ryo and his gang of Bitches."


"Oh god no," Junno said softly.


"I tried to fight back, but there were too many of them." Ueda sobbed. "Shota raped me too. I thought he loved me."


Junno felt his heart sink. He now knew that he had failed Ueda. By trying to protect his friendís heart, he had indirectly led to his being hurt.


"Are you bleeding?" Junno asked.


Ueda nodded.


"I'll take care of you," Junno promised.


Junno took Ueda into the bathroom, where he stripped off Ueda's clothes. Then he helped Ueda get into the shower. He washed Ueda with gentle strokes.


Junno was relieved that most of the bleeding had stopped.


He helped Ueda get out of the tub and dried him. Then he helped him put on a thick robe.


They went into the room. Junno pulled the covers down for Ueda. His friend got under the covers.


There was only one bed in the room, a large king sized bed. Junno took a pillow off the bed; he put it on the floor.


"What are you doing?" Ueda asked.


"I need to get some sleep," Junno told him.


"There's room in the bed." Ueda told him.


"I thought you..."


"If I wake during the night, I'll need you." Ueda told him.


"Youíre right, you might," Junno got on the other side of the bed. He was surprised when Ueda moved closer to him, putting his head on his shoulder.


'Please Junno hold me." Ueda asked. "I feel so safe when you hold me."


Junno took his friend into his arms. He loved Ueda, really loved him. He promised himself that no matter what happened, he would protect Ueda.


Time: One year after part one


It had been a year since the attack. Slowly Ueda Tatsuya's hurt heart began to heal.Every step of the way he was accompanied by Taguchi Junno. His best friend, He was always there for him, always caring.


Then one day, Ueda looked at Junno, and realized he was in love.†† His new boy friend was everything he wanted, someone who loved him unconditionally. Who made him feel important.


Ueda loved the way Junno looked at him. Even his smile made Ueda feel special. Ueda wanted to let himself drown in Junno's deep brown eyes. He had no idea if Junno loved him. They were friends, only friends.


Ueda now wanted to be Junno's lover, but he had to make sure he was healthy first.Ueda had gone to the doctor for a check up. He had been given a blood test. He found out that he was HIV positive. He had the gift, a gift that he could never take back.


The doctor had discussed safe sex with him. He had been given packets of condoms. If Ueda used them every time they made love, there was a good chance that Junno would be safe.Ueda knew he should have told Junno the truth, so his friend could make an informed choice, but Ueda's heart felt otherwise.


"How was the doctor's visit?"Junno asked as soon as he got back to his apartment. The two were living together, almost. Not quite deciding which apartment to stay at all the time.


"The doctor gave me some antibiotics that I have to take for a few weeks. Just to make sure I didn't catch something from the attack." Ueda lied. He couldn't tell Junno what the medicine was for.


"What about these?" Junno picked the box of condoms up.


"He thinks that until we can be totally sure, I need to practice safe sex." At least that was the truth. The doctor did tell Ueda that he had to have safe sex.


"I agree," Junno put the box back on the table."So why did you go to the doctor?"


"I know we're only friends, but you've become more then that to me." Ueda didn't look at him. He was too scared to look at him. "It's like a light comes on in your soul, suddenly you can't see a life without your best friend. Then that friend is more to you then a friend. He's become the other half of your soul."


"Tat-Chan," Junno breathed.


"Please Junno, don't laugh at me." Ueda felt tears sting his eyes. "I know you don't feel the same way about me. Please don't let my one sided love affect our friend ship."


"What should I tell my one sided love then?" he felt Junno's hand on his cheek. "The one whose soul is still so gentle, so loving. But had been badly hurt? I've loved him for so long, hoping that perhaps one day, if I'm very lucky, he'll love me as much as I love him. Tell me Tatsuya, what should I tell him?"


*Oh god, he loves someone else.* Tears poured down Ueda's cheeks. He took Junno's palm and kissed it. Then he let it drop. He would have to let Junno go. "You should be with him. You are so wonderful, he has to love you. Just go, please. Tell him how you feel. All I want is your happiness."


Ueda sank to the floor and began to sob tears of regret for the love that would never be.


He waited for the sound of Junno leaving; instead he felt arms around him, holding him close. The arms that had comforted him all those nights after the nightmares. The arms that always made him feel safe, loved.


"Please Junno, go to him." Ueda sobbed.


"I'm with him." Junno took Ueda's chin in his hand, and then he tilted it. "I love you." Then Junno was kissing Ueda.


Ueda sighed and gave into the kiss. Junno, his wonderful Junno loved him.



Taguchi Junno did not expect this at all.Never in his wildest dreams did he think that Ueda liked him. They were kissing on the floor. Junno knelt in front of Ueda. As they kissed, Ueda was working on his clothes. Somehow his new lover had taken most of the pairís clothes off while kissing.


Then Ueda pulled away from Junno. "Are we going to have our first time here?"


"Thought we might,"


"Have you ever had rug burns on your ass?" Ueda raised a knowing eyebrow. "Not fun."


"Where then?" Junno decided to give in, and let Ueda decide where their first time was.


"Couch, no not there." Then his eyes light up. "Recliner, yeah that's it."


"You're kidding." Junno said.


"No, I'm not." Ueda got up; he went to the table and took two condoms out of the package. Then he held his hand out to Junno. "Come on baby, let's try it."


Junno took his hand and got to his feet. Then they quickly stripped off their remaining clothes.


Ueda pulled Junno to the chair. In the back of his mind, he knew it wasn't going to work.


After they both sat down, Ueda pulled a lever, and the recliner was almost flat.


Then before Junno could say anything else, Ueda was kissing his lips again. Ueda's lips left his, and began to nibble on his neck. Junno groaned and moved into Ueda's lips. His fingers went to Junno's hardness stroking it.


"Ju-chan?" Ueda asked huskily.


"Yeah?" Junno was finding it hard to concentrate what with Ueda's fingers driving him wild.


"I need you to show me what real love is." He pulled away from Junno, his eyes suddenly looked very afraid. "I want you to make love to me."


"I don't mind being bottom."


"Please Junno, I need this." he begged.


"All right," he agreed.


Ueda took a break from touching Junno's hardness. He rolled the condom on it. Then he put a condom on his own hardness.Ueda began to suck on his fingers. He plunged first one, then another into himself, stroking it. His eyes fluttered shut.


For the first time, Junno realized why Ueda had chosen the recliner. The way Ueda was angled; he could still feel like he was in control.


Junno got between Ueda's legs, and kissed him again, this kiss deep. Trying to show him his feelings in the kiss.Ueda removed is fingers from inside himself, and then he pushed Junno closer to him.


Junno knew he would have to be very gentle as he loved Ueda. He very gently, very slowly entered Ueda. His lover gasped in pain.


"Do you want me to stop?" Junno asked concerned.


"No," Ueda gasped for breath.


Junno did as he was told. Ueda was so warm, so tight. Junno began to slowly thrust over and over. Then he hit something inside of Ueda. His lover arched back, and made a kitten like mew.


"Again, oh god again." His legs went around Junno's hips, pulling him closer inside of him.


Junno began to thrust harder, the chair moved in time with him; they rocked back and forth as they loved. Every thrust getting harder.


Ueda began to moan in time with the thrusts. His hand went to his condom wrapped cock, loving himself as Junno loved him. The moans turned into cries. Then suddenly Ueda pushed himself hard onto Junno.


"Junno!" he screamed as he came.


Ueda's channel began to spasm around Junnoís cock. He too came.


Junno collapsed onto Ueda. His lover pulled him to lie on his side beside him. Ueda took off his condom and tied it. Then he did the same with the one he was wearing. He threw it in the direction of the trash can.


Ueda sank down beside Junno. He kissed Junno, this time chastely.


Junno reached out, moving Ueda's sweat soaked hair from his face. "I love you."


"I love you too." Ueda smiled at him. A smile that lit up his entire soul. "Love you, love you, love you."


"When I woke up this morning, I never thought this would happen," Junno confessed.


"Disappointed?" Ueda teased.


"God you're good." Junno kissed him again.


Suddenly Ueda looked very, very serious. "If I had an illness that meant that I'd someday die. Would you still love me?"


"Why are we talking about this?"


"I just want to know."


"Even if you had AIDS, I would love you." Junno kissed him very gently. "I would insist we use safe sex."


The answer seemed to make Ueda happy. He snuggled against Junno. "If I had known you were this good, I would have seduced you a long time ago."


Junno put his arm around Ueda. He stroked Ueda's hair, happy in the fact that they were now together.



Time passed. Things changed in both Kanjani 8 and Kat-Tun, for the day arrived when both groups finally got their lost members back. The agency decided to celebrate the occasion by filming a mini series staring both Kanjani 8 and Kat-tun.


The two groups had to hang together when they weren't needed on the set. It would be good for both groups, management decided.


The rest of Kat-Tun knew about what happened to Ueda. None of them were fond of Kanjani 8. They made sure that Ueda was never alone with them. Especially Ueda's new lover Junno.The only one that didn't know was Akanishi Jin; since he was a good friend Ryo, the rest of the groups werenít sure they could trust him with the news.


Ueda could feel Shota stare at him. Then when the rest of the Kanjani 8 members left, he went up to Ueda. Shota still had a thing for Ueda, though Ueda had told him many times that they could never be together.


'Tat-Chan, we need to talk." Shota plopped down beside Ueda on the couch.


"I have nothing to say to you." Ueda moved a little closer to Junno who was sitting beside him.


'Please forgive me." Shota told him.


"I told you before, I can't forgive you."


"Why Tat-Chan?" Shota looked confused. 'You're not the type to hold grudges."


"I loved you, I trusted you." Ueda said. "You raped me. How can I simply forgive you for that?"


"Ryo has too much control over me." Shota admitted. "If I hadnít' did what Ryo ordered. He would have raped me too."


"I can never forgive you." Ueda swore. "Any feeling I had for you died the moment you betrayed me."


"Please, Tat-Chan, listen to me." Shota pleaded. He tried to grab Ueda's hand, but he snatched it away."Let's go somewhere so we can be alone."


"I can no longer trust you." Ueda told him. "I need time to study the script."


Junno who had been sitting there the entire time finally decided to speak. He glared at Shota."He told you to leave him alone."


"What has this got to do with you?" Shota demanded.


"It has everything to do with me." Junno put his arm around Ueda. "I'm Ueda's lover."


Shota looked horrified. "Tat-Chan, you know what Ryo said if you fell in love!"


"What did Ryo say?" Junno demanded.


"Ryo has first claim on any of Tat-Chanís boy friends." Shota told him.


"You're not going to tell Ryo, are you?" Ueda asked.


"I have to." Shota said softly. "You know what will happen to me if I don't." With that, Shota left the room.


"What did Ryo tell you?" Junno asked him.


"Ryo wants revenge." Ueda couldn't look at Junno. "Promise me, you'll be careful when their around."


"Of course I'll be careful." Junno promised. He kissed Ueda very gently.






Junno went into the dressing room. Ueda was close behind him.The room was full of Kanjani 8 members studying their lines. It was getting late, but they still had a lot to do.


"How much more do you have to tape?" Ueda asked.


"Several pages," Junno admitted.


Just then, a staff member came and told Junno he was needed on the set again.


"I'll be back in a little bit." Junno promised.


Ueda watched Junno leave, for the first time; he realized he was the only Kat-tun member there. Subaru went to the door; he shoved a chair under the knob so that no one else could get in.


'Oh look, little Ueda." Ryo pushed Ueda against the wall. Ueda tried to fight back, but he was grabbed by Maruyama and Uchi. "You're all alone, you can entertain us."


"Please, no." He begged as Ryo pulled the zipper down on his pants.


"Did you tell your boy friend how much of a wild man you were with us?"Ryo told him. "How you even came because we were so good?"


"No, I didn't tell him." He tried to struggle against Ryo as his jeans were pulled down and off of him.


"Why don't you become one of my bitches?" Ryo offered. "My harem needs another lovely face."


"I don't want to join."


"You don't understand." Ryo began to rub Ueda's penis. "I'm not asking you to join, I'm telling you."


Ueda closed his eyes. He could feel his body being turned. His legs were split. He tried to think of something, anything except for what was happening to him.


He cried out in pain as Ryo forced his way inside him. Tears stung his eyes. It hurt, it really hurt. It felt as if his whole body was being split open.


"Junno," he gasped.


"You're little boy friend isn't going to help you." Ryo said with a hard thrust. "You're my bitch now."


He felt a hand on his penis pumping him with every thrust. It wasn't Ryo's hand. He opened his eyes. It was Uchi. Who took the opportunity to kiss his lips. Ueda bit his tongue hard. He could taste blood in his mouth.


Uchi pulled away from him and slapped him hard.


"Crap Ryo, he bit me!" Uchi said.


"Shota, take over for Uchi!" Ryo didn't stop his attack. "Suck him!"


Shota got onto his knees in front of Ueda. He took Ueda into his mouth. Forcing Ueda against his will to have an orgasm.


Ueda closed his eyes. He tried to fantasies that this was Junno loving him. That it was Junno sucking him.


The fantasy began to work on Ueda. He began to moan with every thrust of Ryo.He came, crying Junno's name.


Suddenly he was back to reality. He watched as Shota drank his seed and got to his feet.


The pounding within him was relentless, every thrust made him feel as if his soul was being torn out. Ueda began to sob. Then Ryo came, biting Ueda on the shoulder.


He felt Ryo pull out of him. "Now you're my bitch."


"Please, stop." Ueda said. "You'll be caught."


"Oh look, he's concerned for me." Ryo said sarcastically. 'Who wants him next?"


Just then the other door to the dressing room opened. Koki, followed by Maru and Kame came in.


"What are you doing to him?" Koki demanded.



"Tat-Chan loves me, don't you?" Ryo gave a hard twist on Ueda's cock.


Ueda cried out in pain. "Help me! I don't want this."


Koki pulled Ryo away from Ueda and punched him hard in the stomach. "Ueda said to leave him alone!"


As on cue, Kame punched Uchi and Maru punched Maruyama.


Koki grabbed Ueda and Ueda's jeans. He pulled Ueda out of the room and into a disused dressing room; he was followed by Kame and Maru. Ueda pulled his pants back on.


Ueda sank to the floor and began to sob. "Junno, oh my god, what am I going to tell him?"


He felt Maru take him into his arms. "Junno will understand."


"I cheated on him. I didn't want to." Ueda sobbed.


"We're going to have to take care of him." Koki said. "He has to be stopped."


"How?" Kame asked. "He has too much power."


"Call a group meeting." Koki ordered.







Group meeting!" Kame declared.


The members of Kat Tun piled into the disused dressing room. Maru used the trash can to hold the door shut.


Junno went to Ueda, taking him into his arms. Ueda clung onto him. "I'm sorry."


"No Tat-Chan, it wasn't your fault." Junno told him. "It was his fault. He's a monster."


"Whoís a monster?" Jin demanded. "What the hell is going on?"


"Jin, some things have changed since you've left the group." Kame began.


"Yeah, suddenly for some reason no one knows, you guys now hate Kanjani 8." Jin said. "Ryo can't figure out why you guys hate him."


"Tell us right now," Koki demanded. "Are you one of Ryo's bitches?"


"What?" Jin sounded like he couldn't believe his ears.


"Are you one of Ryo's Tokyo Bitches?" Junno spat.


"Of course I'm not one of his Harems." Jin told them.


"Are you sure?"


"Why do you suddenly not trust me?" Jin demanded. "What have I ever done to make you guys not trust me."


"You hang around Ryo." Koki told him.


"Let me guess, Ryo and Ueda are fighting again."


"Okay, baka listen up." Koki shoved Jin against the wall. "Ryo did something unforgivable. Something that even you in your Bakaness wouldn't forgive."


"What did he do?"


"Ryo and his bitchesí gang raped Tat-Chan. Once over a year ago."Koki said. "The last time just a few minutes ago."


"Why would he do such a thing?"


"He was going out with Shota." Kame told him. "Ryo caught them together. Shota's one of his bitches, so Ryo decided Ueda had to be punished."


"We need to get Ryo," Jin decided. "Tat-Chanís my friend. I can't let him get hurt."



"I have a plan," Koki told the group. "But it's going to take all of us to do it."


"There are eight of them, and only six of us." Junno said. "Not very good odds."


"Yeah, but that's not my plan. We're not going to go after the whole group."


"What are we going to do?" Kame asked.


"What do you do when you kill a snake?" Koki asked. "You cut off his head. That's what weíre going to do. We're going to get Ryo."


"Koki.... He's my friend." Jin said.


"Now that you've come back, he's hurt Tat-chan again. It's time we take care of him once and for all." Koki decided.


"You're going to kill him." Jin realized. "What has he done to deserve death?"


"Ryo's bitches are using rape as a weapon. They usually pick on juniors." Kame told him. "My little brother's a junior."


"He quit." Jin reminded him.


"He quit because of what Ryo's bitches did to him." Kame said. "The Bitches have HIV. Some of his victims are lucky and donít' get the gift. But others' like my brother did. My brother is going to die because of Ryo."


"Ueda, do you have HIV?" Jin asked.


"No he doesn't'!" Junno answered for him. "He was one of the lucky ones."


"I can't kill anyone." Jin objected.


"You don't have to." There was fire in Koki's eyes. "I'll be the one that takes care of him. All you guys have to do is get him to me, and then help me get rid of the body."


"You've never killed anyone before."


"Everyone has their secrets." Koki suddenly looked very menacing. "Here is mine. My Grandfather's the head of a yakazuka family. My father is his heir."


"You're kidding."


"I saw my first person killed when I was only four." Koki said. "Before I joined the juniors' my grandfather taught me how to kill. I know how to kill someone leaving very little marks on the body."


"Did you ever do this on a human?"


"Several times." Koki said. "Trust me; I can take care of Ryo."


"Okay, everyone lets vote." Kame said. "Who thinks we need to take out Ryo, once and for all."


Everyone but Jin raised their hands. Koki glared at Jin, and Jin raised his hand.



A month passed. The group waited until Ryo was sent to Tokyo to work with NEWS. They couldn't risk the chance of the rest of the Kanjani's coming along with him.In the time Ueda healed. He also grew more confident. For he knew that soon his attacker would be no more.


Finally the night that they had planned came. They were in an old disused warehouse. Koki had no problem finding the place. Those made Ueda wonder for a split second. Just how much was the yakazuka involved in this execution.


That was what everyone though of the plan, it was for an execution, not a murder. Ryo was an out of control animal. He had to be put down like all insane animals. Ueda thought of this in the same way that he thought of putting down a rabid dog. It was unwelcome, but necessary.


"Is everything ready?" Kame asked. The group was gathered in the warehouse.


"We just have to get him here." Koki glared at Jin. "You didn't tell him did you?"


"Of course not." Jin said quickly. "Ryo has to die."


"Talk to him," Koki handed the ketai to Ueda. "I think he'll come here if you ask him."


"You don't have to do this." Junno told him. "No one would hate you if you changed your mind."


"Think of all the innocents that Ryo's hurt." Ueda told him. "I not only have to save myself, I have to save them."


"You're right, of course." Junno kissed Ueda very gently. "Good luck."


With shaking fingers, Ueda dialed the number. It rang twice.


"Hello, Nishikido Ryo here." Ryo said as he answered the phone.


"Hey Ryo, it's me Ueda Tatsuya." Ueda tried to still his racing heart.


"What do you want?" Ryo spat.


"You know how you asked me to be one of your bitches?" Ueda said sultrily. "You know before we got interrupted."


"Yeah, so?"


"I'd really like to talk to you about it." Ueda said.


"You want to talk about it?" He repeated. "Why don't I bring my Tokyo bitches over and we'll break you in?"


"Can't you break me in yourself?" Ueda's voice grew deep, sexy. "I want to belong to you, not them."


"Where are you?"


"Are you going to come alone?" Ueda continued. "You're such a good lover. I've never come the way I did when you had me the last time."


"You thought I was that good?"


"I keep jacking myself off every time I think of It." he moaned as if he was doing it right now. "Then I realized, if I asked, perhaps I could belong to you all the time."


"I'll come alone," Ryo promised. "After we're done, will you let us punish Junno for loving you?"


"If we're lucky, we might make him a bitch too." Ueda lied. "He has always wanted to be one of your bitches. He's so jealous that you chose me and not him."


"Where are you?" Ryo demanded.


Ueda told him the location. He gave the phone back to Koki.


"Wow!" Jin gasped. "I didn't know you where that good of an actor."


"Was I convincing?" Ueda couldn't help but smile.


"You really sounded as if you wanted him."


"The little twist about Junno really convinced him." Maru added.


Ueda glanced at his lover. "Gomen na."


"It's all right." Junno told him. "Just who do you really want?"


'You of course." Ueda told him.


"Come on guys. We need to get into our places." Koki told them. "He could arrive at any moment."




Twenty minutes later, the door opened to the warehouse. Ryo came in. Ueda plastered on a fake smile. He ran to Ryo kissing him on the lips. His hand began to rub everywhere on Ryo's body, stopping at the front of his pants.


"Wow, you are hot for me aren't you?" Ryo pulled Ueda into the warehouse.


"You are the best." Ueda smiled at him. They kissed again. "Why don't we do it on the table?"


"Sounds good to me." Ryo smiled.


Ueda guided him to an old table that was on the other end of the room. Ueda giggled like an excited school girl.


Ryo stopped in the middle of the floor. He reached out, touching Ueda. "You'll be my first to be my bitch without being forcibly seduced."


"There's a first time for everything." Ueda kissed him again.


Suddenly the door behind them slammed shut. Ryo spun around to see what it was. Kame and Jin stood in front of the door. Suddenly Koki and Maru were at Ryo's side.


Ueda moved away from Ryo quickly. He ran to the only other door in the room, which was guarded by Junno.


"What's going on?" Ryo said. "Ueda, I thought you wanted me."


"I've hated you for a very long time." Ueda spat. "Why would I suddenly want you now?"


"You guys can't beat me up." Ryo tried to sound tough. "My bitches will find all of you, and then they'll punish you."


"How will they ever know we punished you?" Maru asked.


Ryo pulled out his ketai. Maru took it away from him. He tossed it to Junno who shoved it in his pocket.


"I'll tell them afterwards." Ryo said. "I'll tell Johnny-sama too."


"How?" Koki spat. "Dead men don't tell tales."


"You're going to kill me?" Ryo couldn't believe his ears. He made a lunge at Maru.


Koki grabbed Ryo from behind. Forcing his head to the side violently. There was a loud crack. Koki let him go. Ryo fell to the ground dead.


"Is he dead?" Maru asked.


"Yeah, I broke his neck." Koki checked the body. "He died instantly."


"What are we going to do with the body?" Kame asked.


"I'll let my grandfathers' removal service take care of it." Koki snapped his fingers. Men dressed totally in black came from an upstairs room. They took Ryo's body away.


"Remind me never to get you angry." Maru kidded. Ueda was surprised when Maru kissed Koki. He ran his hands over Koki's body.


"I know that killing always makes you hot," Koki said into Maru's hair. "But we've got to wait till later baby."


"All right," Maru said disappointed. He pulled away from Koki, not before Ueda could see the bulge in Maru's pants.


Ueda glanced at Junno. Junno put his arms around him. Then he whispered. "I don't even want to think of their sex lives."


"I'm glad their on our side."Ueda agreed.


"What do we do now?" Jin asked.


"You guys go home. Pretend it never happened." He took Maru's hand. "Me and Yu-Chan will stay here, to wrap some stuff up."


The rest took the hint and left. Jin and Kame left together in Kame's car.


Ueda left the building, but hung back a bit. He could see into the room through a broken window.


"Oh god Koki, that was the best kill yet." He pulled Koki close to him and kissed him hard.


"You almost blew our cover." Koki said between kisses. "Those guys can never know we're really enforcers for my grandfather."


Maru pulled away from Koki, he cast his eyes down. "I'm sorry."


Koki punched Maru in the face. Maru fell to the ground. Koki looked down to him with contempt. "If it ever gets out that the only reason I'm in Kat-tun is because of my grandfather owns half the agency, I'll kill you."


"Of course I won't!" Maru promised. "He's my grandfather too you know."


"Yeah, but your not the chosen heir." Koki held out his hand and helped Maru up. Then he kissed Maru again.


"Are you going to punish me?"


"Yeah, over that table." Koki ordered.


Maru pulled down his pants and bent over the old table. Koki went behind him; he ran his hand over Maru's ass. Then he unbuttoned his jeans and took Maru.


"God that feels good!" Maru gasped.


"Shut up!" Koki ordered he thrusted even harder.


"You're a voyeur aren't you? Those two are so hot." Junno whispered into his ear. He was pressed against Ueda's back. He ran his hand over the front of Ueda's pants. "Let's go to the car baby."


He let Junno guide him to the car. Junno pulled down his pants and got into the back seat, he leaned against the passenger seat. Ueda unfastened his pants and slid a condom on. Then he got in behind Junno. He took Junno, not waiting to prepare him.Then he began to thrust hard.Not only were they hot from watching Koki and Maru, they were celebrating Ueda's freedom. He would never have to worry about being hurt again.


The lovemaking was quick, furious. As soon as they both came, Junno pulled his pants up and got into the front seat. Then he started the car and took off. They had to get out of there before they were caught by Koki. Both knew that it didnt' pay to make Koki mad.




A few days later, Ryo's body was found. The medical examiner declared that he had been killed during a mugging. But because he was found in a lake, most of the evidence had been washed away.


The agency went into public mourning for Ryo. The dead star became all the news. But as the weeks passed, the solving of his murder seemed less and less. Then it got out that Ryo was HIV positive when he died. The case was quietly put on the back burner. For the chief prosecutor decided that perhaps he had been killed by his gay lover.


Kat Tun showed up at his funeral and preformed at the tribute concert. The bitches had been there too. The only one of them to mourn for Ryo was Uchi. He was the only one that truly loved Ryo. The rest were actually glad that Ryo was dead.The Johnny's at the concert shed false tears for Ryo. They had to do their parts for the fans.


The fans mourned. They didn't know the truth about Ryo; he was simply an idol who died too early. The fans cried at the concert, most holding signs remembering their fallen idol.


As time passed, the bitches began to pair off. Maruyama with Subaru, Shingo with Yoko. Ohkura with Shota.Kanjani 8 became a real group, not a gang. The past as bitches seemed to be horrible nightmare to them. One they wanted to forget.


It had been six months since Ryo's death. Ueda was still with Junno. The pair was very happy together. But Ueda still had his secret. He had yet to tell Junno about the HIV that he gotten from Ryo.


Ueda went to the bathroom. He checked the medicine cabinet for his medicine. There was a bottle in the cabinet. He picked the bottle up and read it. It belonged to Junno, and it was the same type of medicine that Ueda took for his HIV.


The news hit Ueda like a title wave. Junno, his wonderful Junno was also HIV positive.


Everything now made a whole lot of sense to Ueda. When they had ran out of the condoms the Doctor had given Ueda, Junno told his lover of his own secret stash of condoms. Junno knew everything about safe sex without Ueda having to tell him.


He didn't hate Junno for not telling him. He couldn't hate Junno for having the same fear he himself had. He decided that it was time to tell Junno the truth. He wouldn't tell his lover that he knew about Junno's own HIV. He would leave it up to Junno to tell him.


Ueda went back into the bedroom. Junno was sitting on the bed, playing video games. Ueda sat on the bed beside him and looked over his shoulder. "What are you playing?"


"I just got the new halo 3," he said excited.


"When you get done, can we talk?" Ueda asked. "There's something really important I need to tell you."


"If it's important, I'll quit now." Junno turned off his game. Then he sat on the bed with Ueda. "What is it Tat-Chan?"


Ueda looked down to his hands. "You know I was attacked by Ryo's Bitches."


"That was a long time ago." Juno reminded him.


"Ryo and his Bitches are HIV positive." Ueda said softly. "I found out that I was HIV positive the day we first made love."


"Why didn't you tell me?" Junno didn't sound angry, more hurt at the news.


"I was terrified you would leave me if you knew." Ueda still couldn't look at Junno.


"Are you taking your medicine?" Junno asked concerned. "You know you can't miss a dose."


"I've never skipped a day." Ueda looked at Junno.


"Do you remember when I hurt my knee?" Junno asked him. "I had to have an operation."


'You were out for a long time." Ueda said. "The group wasn't the same without you."


"The doctor operating on me accidentally nicked an artery. I lost a lot of blood." Junno suddenly grew fascinated by the pattern of the bed spread. "I was given a blood transfusion. They told me not to worry, that all blood is screened. But six months later, I had a check up. I found out I got HIV from the transfusion.I am someday going to die because of their mistake, and all they could say was sorry?"


"That's terrible." Suddenly Ueda felt horrible for Junno.


"I tried to live life alone." Junno said softly. "I had to; to protect anyone I loved from this thing trying to kill me. But then I fell in love with you. Please Tat-Chan, donít' hate me for not telling you."


"I should have told you when I was first diagnosed." Ueda told him. "You would have understood. I wouldn't have had to feel so alone."


"You're not alone." Junno took his hand. "We'll never be alone again. Letís try and beat this thing. Perhaps we'll be the lucky ones and not die."


"Ryo called HIV the gift." Ueda smiled at Junno. "He never knew what the real gift is."


"What's the real gift?"


"The real gift is life." He kissed Junno's hand. "For now every moment is precious. We have to live each moment to its fullest. I would like to share my life with you."


"I would too." Junno kissed Ueda.


"Okay, teach me how to play your new game." Ueda told him.


"That's why we get along together so well." Junno smiled. "We like the same things."


Junno turned the TV back on. He picked up both controllers of his Xbox 360 and handed one to Ueda.


He didn't use to value something as simple as playing video games with Junno. But now it was the most wonderful thing he had ever done. Ueda now knew that every minute he spent with Junno was a gift. He wasn't going to waste any more of the precious gift.