Title: The Kidnapping

By: Kyoko Godaikun

Authors Email: Kyoko_godaikun@yahoo.com


Note: This story features Inherited Vampires. These types of vampires were created by the fanfic author Katrinka. Her concept used with her

permission. The basic difference between inherited vampires and regular

vampires is the fact that Inherited can have children, and go out during

the day. Their children will also be a vampire, crossing over in their teens.



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Time: Summer 2004


Concert time, Kat-tun hadn't debuted yet. So they spent their time back dancing other groups. This time it was V6. Ueda Tatsuya didn't mind dancing for V6, for they didn't use the Juniors for every concert. So he was able to get a break. Soon, very soon, V6 would be like SMAP, and allowed to use their own back dancers instead of the Juniors. V6's youngest member was holding a party, the excuse being their leader's birthday. Kat-tun and the other Juniors had been invited.


The hotel suite was dominated by a grand piano. Kamenashi Kazuya knew it was only a matter of time until his lover; Ueda Tatsuya would gravitate to it.


Kame looked around the packed room for his lover. He hadn't arrived yet. Even at a party among friends, they had to keep up appearances.  So he chatted with his friend Nakamaru, who also waited, as he watched the door. Soon Maru's face lit up.


"Is Koki here?" Kame asked, even though he knew the answer.


Tanaka Koki came into the room. He looked at Maru, and their eyes met. Then Koki smiled a smug smile. He had taken time to go back to the hotel room and change into something else. He looked like he could have stepped out of a hip hop video. He went to Maru, and whispered something in his ear. Then the two lovers moved away from Kame.


Kame began to circulate the room. His ex-lover was talking to Junno. Time had changed Jin; he seemed to be more settled with Junno.


Then he felt it, the presence of Ueda. He turned towards the door. Ueda too had gone back to change clothing. He was dressed all in black, wearing only a solitary pendant, of a cross. It contrasted with his golden hair.


He looked at Kame and smiled. Then Kame could hear Ueda telepath. *I’m sorry it took so long.*


*It doesn't matter.* Kame smiled back.


Ueda went to the drinks table. He poured two wine glasses of blood. Jin went over to him, and whispered something. Ueda smiled and nodded.


Kame decided to join Ueda at the table. His friend looked up at him with white-blue eyes. "Want something to drink?"




Ueda passed him a glass of blood. "Jin has an idea that I think a good one."


"An Idea?" Kame repeated. He always marveled at how Jin and Ueda had become friends since Kame's break up with Jin. Before the break up, Jin and Ueda hated each other, now they were close friends.


"Innochi told me that V6 goes on vacation together." Jin said. "I thought perhaps Kat-Tun could go on vacation too."


"You mean with V6?"


"No, with us!"


What do you think leader?" Kame asked his lover.


"I think we could ask management if we could." Ueda said. "It might bring the group closer together."


"I agree."


That seemed to please Jin; he went back to Junno, bubbling with enthusiasm.


It was then that Ueda noticed the piano. He went to it. He opened the cover to the keyboards and touched a key. Kame smiled at him. "Why don't you play something?"


"Not everyone's a fan of my playing." He pointed out.


*Please leader, I need to hear you play."


"For you, anything." Ueda sat down, and began to play.


Kame leaned against the piano, and watched his lover. In the two years they had been together, Kame had only grown more in love with him. He had always thought it was because they weren't just lovers, but friends. It never mattered that Kame was almost three years younger then Ueda.



"Can you play some Chopin?" Kame requested.


Ueda looked at him and smiled his special smile. "Sure,"


Kame stood at the piano as he played. Kame had a thing about Ueda's piano playing. It at times it turned him on, at other times it soothed him, and still at other times it reminded Kame of Ueda's love for him.


"Oh look, Kami-sama's letting himself get zoned out by Ueda's' playing." Morita Go mocked.


"Not again!" Miyake Ken added in his high voice.


Kame tried to ignore the two V6 members. Both hated him, though Kame couldn't understand why. They never called him by his right name; instead it was always Kami-sama. He decided to ignore them. They wouldn't ruin his evening.


"Ueda's even weirder then Gackt." Morita replied. 'Thinking that he’s great, when he can't even play."


"At least he makes Kami-sama happy. They probably do it on the piano!"


"God damned purebreds!" Ken said.


"They should ban purebreds from the agency. Their stench ruins it for everyone else!"


"That's enough!" Sakamoto the leader of V6 ordered. He was trembling in anger. "Both of you get out!"


"We were only teasing." Ken said.


"Leave, or I'll throw you out!"


"Come on," Morita glared at the pair at the piano. "We've got better things to do."


The two Coming Century members left the party. The air in the room seemed to get a lot lighter.


Ueda stopped for a second. Kame smiled at him, as if he hadn't heard their words. "Go on, please."


Ueda looked down to his hands. Kame could see the tears stinging his eyes. Ueda was so sensitive. Even good hearted teasing sometimes got to him. "I'm not sure I should."


*I don't like them either.* Kame telepathed.


*I shouldn't let them rattle me. It's just that they treat me the same way everyone used to.* Ueda said, remembering his painful past. "When I first joined the agency, you were my only friend."


"Forget about those bad times, their gone." Kame reminded him.


"You're right, they are."  He began to play. *I have you now.*


*You’ll always have me.* Kame promised.





After about an hour of playing, Ueda stopped, he looked up to Kame. "I need a break."


His lover smiled. "You're really good."


"I bet you say that to all the boys." Ueda smiled back. He got up.


"You are all the boys." Kame took his hand.


"Someone could see." Ueda reminded him, even though in reality, he didn't care. "Perhaps we should get something to drink."


"You're right, leader." That was Kame's nickname for Ueda. It was more then just a title, it seemed to be a way he could express his feelings for him. They went to the drink table. The only bottle of blood was all ready empty. "No blood."


"We have some in our room.* Ueda reminded him.


*I'll get it.*


"No, I will.* he smiled at Kame.


His friend followed him into the hallway. He pushed Ueda against the wall. "Have I told you I love you?"


"I love you too." Ueda kissed him. "I'll be glad when this tour is over, and we can have some time alone together."


"What do you want to go on our off time?" Kame put his arms around his lover.


"I don't really care. Just as long as you’re there." He reached out, touching Kame. "Perhaps an onsen or a cabin far from anyone else."


"I'll see what I can arrange." Kame kissed him. "Just promise me you'll bring your portable keyboard."


Why would you want me to do that?" Ueda teased.


"I love waking to the sound of your playing." Kame kissed him again. "Your playing turns me on." He pulled the shirt out of Ueda's pants, his hand running over the soft skin beneath it. It gave Ueda goose bumps.


"Let's go back to the room." Ueda told him between kisses.


*Don't want to. Want to do it in the hallway.* Kame telepathed as he tried to take off more of Ueda's clothes.


*We'll get caught.* Ueda pushed Kame's head to his neck. Hinting to him that it would be better if they exchanged blood.


His lover took the hint. He bit down gently on Ueda's neck. Ueda orgasmed, and arched himself into his lover. Then Kame pushed Ueda's head towards his neck. Ueda bit down, letting his lover's blood fill his mouth. He could feel his friend come. 


Finally Kame pulled away from Ueda. "Gods you're good."


"So are you." he glanced down to his stained pants. "I better go change."


Kame smiled. "Come right back."


"Of course I will." He promised.


Ueda went down the hallway where the Kat Tun hotel rooms were. He opened his door and went it. Suddenly some grabbed him from behind. He struggled against his attackers. He was able to throw one against the wall. He could hear the crashing of a lamp as the vampire landed against it.


The vampire got up, and tackled Ueda to the floor. He realized that both attackers were vampires, very strong vampires. Morita Go held him down as Miyake Ken pulled his head to the side and bit his neck. His attacker seemed to feed a long time. Then he got off of him. He looked at the other attacker. "You're right; a pureblood's blood is sweet."


"Why did it have to be Ueda?" Morita Go asked. "We planned to take Kami-sama."


"This will hurt Kami-sama worse, taking the one he loves." Ken pointed out.


"Why are you doing this to me?" Ueda demanded.


'You're a purebred. We hate all of your kind." Morita told him. "Your kind hates our kind."


"That isn't true!" Ueda insisted. "There's no difference between the two of us."


"You must pay for being a purebred."


"What are you going to do with me?" Ueda asked.


"You're going to become our bitch." Ken told him.


"NO!" Kame tried to fight them. He knocked over a chair in the struggle. But he was weak from the blood loss.


"You're going to write a note to Kame." Morita ordered. "Tell him you’re breaking up with him."


'I'll never break up with him." he vowed.


"Ken make him!"


Ken grabbed Ueda by the shoulders and looked into his eyes. Ueda found himself going under. A pad and a pen were shoved into his hands.


Ueda quickly wrote a note asking for help. Ken pulled it out of his hands. He crumbled it up and tossed it in the trash basket. Then Ken was looking into his eyes again.  Ueda cried out in pain as Ken entered his mind. He could feel walls going up in his mind.


"I want you to write a note, breaking up with Kame." Morita ordered.


"Of course master." Ueda heard himself saying. He watched in shock as his body took the pen and pencil and wrote the note.


"Good, you passed the first test." Morita said as he read the note.


"Ueda's mind is very strong." Ken said. "I'll have to apply more blocks to his mind."


"Then do it." Morita ordered. "Make him think he's a mutant. That the enforcers will get him if anyone finds out about him."


"Please no." Ueda was able to gasp. "Please, don't take my heritage from me."


"I'm going to take away your memories about being a vampire." Ken said. "Cooperate, or we'll do the same to your beloved Kame. Then we will kill him."



"Don't hurt him; I'll do anything you want if you don't hurt him." Ueda begged.


Miyake Ken put his hands on each side of Ueda's head. Again, Ken entered his mind. From that moment on, Ueda Tatsuya's life changed.



Kame was concerned about Ueda.  He hadn't returned to the party. He was used to Ueda's disappearing. He knew that Ueda had probably taken a shower after their blood exchange in the hallway. But a two hour absence was unusual. Kame went to their hotel room. It looked as if there was a struggle. Then he noticed it All of Ueda's luggage was gone.

On the bed they had shared was a note.



The time as come to end this lie. I am not in love with you. In fact I never loved you. I only used your body. Your a baka for thinking I actually loved you.


As of this instant, I am breaking up with you. Do not come looking for me. I do not want to ever be with you again.



Kame's band mate Nakamaru came into the room, "Did you find Ueda?"


"He's broken up with me." Kame fought back the tears that tried to take over everything.


Koki came into the room. "I feel as if something terrible happened to Ueda."


"Not now, Koki-Chan." Maru tried to hush.


"I know something's happened to him!" Tanaka Koki had some very odd vampire powers, including seeing the future. It was sometimes embarrassing for his lover.


"Go back to our room!" Maru ordered.


"Please stay." Kame told him. "What happened to him?"


"I need to feel the note he left."


"How do you know about the note?" Maru asked.


"I just know." Koki shrugged.


Kame handed him the paper. "He left me this."


Koki didn't unfold the paper. He closed his eyes. "He's left you another note. It's in the trash basket."


Kame looked around the room. He found a crumbled piece of paper in the trash basket. It had Ueda's hand writing. "Help me. Their trying to take me away from you. It's to punish you. No matter what they do to me, know I love you. Please, don't forget me. They’re taken you from me, but they'll never take my love for you.""


"I need to feel it." Koki told him.


Kame passed it to him. He didn't look at it but he gasped. "Oh gods, this is bad, even worse then I felt."


"Koki, don't do this to Kame." Maru tried to chide.


Koki looked at Kame. "He cries out for you."


"That makes no sense." Maru snapped.


"There are two of them. They attacked him and were able to overpower him." Koki explained. "He didn't leave you on his own. Do you have any enemies?"


"No, I don't."


"You must." he handed the note back.


"Will I get him back?" Kame asked.


"They've done something to his mind." Koki told him. "Inside, Ueda is still yours."


"How long will it be?" Maru asked.


"His body will return by the time we leave." Koki explained. "His mind will take longer to return to you."


"How much longer?" Kame asked.


"I can't tell, it seems like many months, it might even be as long as a year." Koki admitted. "I just know many things will happen in the future. Even though the two of you have broken up, you can't give up faith in him."


"We'll find him." Maru promised.



The night passed as the group looked for Ueda. Even Junno and Jin joined in the hunt.


Every once in a while Kame would close his eyes and try to telepath to his lover. Always, there was nothing. But he could still feel the bond between them. That gave Kame hope; perhaps Ueda was simply sleeping somewhere. But the words of Koki troubled him. Would he be apart from his lover for a year?


The time came for them to get on the bus to go to the next concert venue. Kame waited outside of the bus loading area waiting for Ueda. Nakamaru came up to him. "We have to go."


"I was hoping to see him."  He insisted. "Koki told me he would leave with us."


"Koki's not always right in his precognitions." Maru reminded him. "If you don't come along, the staff might get suspicious."


"Right." he followed his friend onto the bus. He fought down the worry he felt. Reminding him that Ueda was probably all right. In the middle part of the bus, Nakamaru sat in a row by the window. Kame sat beside him, he put his bag on the empty seat beside him, saving it for his lover.


A few moments passed, and V6 began to get on the bus. Like Kat-tun, all the members were vampires. Miyake Ken was the last member to board. He was followed closely by Ueda. His lover looked around the bus, his eyes settling on Kame. First his eyes seemed to beg for help. Then, as Ken nudged him, they turned cold, hard. He sat down in the isle seat beside Miyake Ken.


Kame knew he had to talk to Ueda. He had to find out what was going on. He went to him, kneeling beside him. "Tatsuya, what's wrong?"


"There is nothing wrong." his lover said coldly.


"Where did you go last night?"


"That is none of your business." he snapped. "The note said everything I needed to tell you."


"Why did you break up with me?"


"You're a child Kame, nothing but a child. I got sick of you." Even as he said it, Ueda's eyes seemed to plead for help. For a brief instant, Ueda's mind touched his. *I'm sorry. They've done something to my mind. I can no longer control what I say. Please forgive me.*


*There's nothing to forgive.* He telepathed.


*I love you, please don't forget me.*


*I'll never forget you.* Kame promised.


"Help me," Ueda was able to gasp. "I don't want this. Please help!"


Ken Miyake glared at the two lovers. Then suddenly the barrier slammed shut between the two lover's minds. As it did, he realized they had really broken up. Kame sat back down in his place. Tears stung his eyes.


*I'll help you," Kame vowed. "I'll somehow rescue you."