Title: The Park


Author: Sentaikat aka Kyoko Godaikun

Authors email: Kyoko_godaikun@yahoo.com

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Time:  Early 2004



 Kat Tun had been very busy in the days that led up to New Years. Being on countless television programs or back dancing for other groups. All Taguchi Junnosuke wanted to do was to rest on the few days off from his Kat Tun work.  He knew that he would never have a day off, because he had a pimp, one that had blackmailed him into working at the park. His pimp had evidence on Junno. It would be given to management if Junno didn't do as he was told. If that happened, it could destroy Kat tun.


Junno packed a gym bag with things he would need for the night. He carefully folded his red dress, and put it at the top of the bag. He tried to act as normal s he could. He didn't want his new roommate Ueda Tatsuya to pick up on the fact that Junno hated his side work. He would go to a hotel called the Park, and along with his partner would please men in exchange for money.


"You are going out tonight?" Ueda had asked his roommate Junno.


"I have to work." Junno smiled nervously.


"I wish you would go out with me sometime." Ueda too was getting ready to go out; he too earned extra money at the park. Unlike Junno, Ueda worked simply because he adored it. He was a freelancer, keeping all the money he earned. . "No work, just an evening relaxing together."


*I do too.* Junno thought. Secretly he was in love with Ueda, but his friend was going with Akanashi Jin. He was a boyfriend wouldn’t be too pleased that Ueda was dating. "What about Jin?"


"What about him?" Ueda smiled. "I thought it would be better if it was just you and me."


Junno realized that Ueda was asking him out on a date. "That sounds nice."


"We could go to a movie," Ueda tempted. "Why don't we not go to the park, and have a date instead."


Junno couldn't help but smile. "All right, let’s do it."


Ueda grinned. He grabbed the paper; he started to go through the movie listings. "I heard of this great movie, I've really wanted to see it."


"What's it called?"


"I'm not sure," He admitted. "It's French, with Japanese subtitles."


Junno ketai began to ring. He went to the corner and answered it.


"Junno, you're running late." Hasegawa Jun told him. "Ishikawa's furious with you."


"Tell him I'll be right there." Junno put up his ketai. Then he glanced at Ueda. He wished he could go out with his friend, just once. He knew that Ishikawa would never allow Junno to date. His stable of boys weren't allowed to have real relations, only those that brought in money.


"We can't go out tonight." Junno said softly. "I have to go to the park."


"Is Hasejun waiting for you?" Ueda guessed.


"Yeah," he looked down to his things.


"You can't disappoint your boyfriend." Ueda looked upset. He tossed the paper into the trash can.


"Hasajun's not my boyfriend. We just work together." Junno picked up his bag. "I'm sorry Ueda; I do want to go out with you."


"Do you have to work tomorrow night?"


"I don't know." He went to the door.


"Wait," Ueda stopped him at the door. "Do you really want to do this?"


"Of course, I do." he lied.


"You’re so much better then working at the park." Ueda told him. "Have you ever thought of giving it up?"


"I can't." he turned back around. "I'll see you later."


With that, Junno left.



The park, it wasn't a real park. Instead it was a botanical garden that dominated a lobby of a hotel. A hotel whose manager didn't mind prostitutes working in his place, for the right cut of their money.


Junnosuke was getting himself ready in the small room that he and his partner rented. With shaking fingers he put make up on. He was very, very nervous. Would he get caught? That was always the chance, getting caught. Junno looked at himself in the mirror, and then realized he needed more blush. He opened the blush container, and smoothed the blush onto his cheeks. 


You're too pretty to be a boy Junnoko," He could remember his mother telling him when he was only four.  A son after several girls, he wore girl’s clothes until he went to kindergarten.


He always thought it was strange that a member of Kat Tun would have to spend his spare time in a park, trying to earn extra money.  But he had to do it. If he wanted to stay in Kat Tun he had to do exactly what his pimp told him to. If Junno didn't, he knew the pimp had enough on him to get him fired.


He had wanted to discuss it with his new roommate Ueda. Not only was Ueda a friend, but like Junno, Ueda was a prostitute. Junno had fallen for his friend several months before, but had always been too afraid that Ueda would laugh at him. So he kept his feelings to himself. But that night had rattled him. Ueda had asked him out. If the ketai hadn't' rang, they would have had their first date. Now Junno realized that the date would never happen.


He wished he still lived with Hasegawa Jun. Hasejun was a transvestite too; they used to share clothes and make up. Hasejun had been the one that taught Junno that pleasing men could bring him money. They would go out together as a twosome, in just a few hours, they would make more then they did in a month from the agency.  But the agency had decided that everyone needed new roommates, so he had been forced to more into Jin's room. Still, they met at the park, and worked together. Giving most of their money to their pimp named Ishikawa. Pimp that got violent when Junno didn't work hard enough.


Junno adjusted his clothes. He then left his room and used the elevator to go to the lobby of the hotel. He went to the Park at least once a week. He hated going out, he wanted to be a normal guy, going out with boyfriends because they liked him, not because he was paid. But he couldn't stop, for Junno was a prisoner.


He looked around the park. Three other pairs of juniors were working. He could see Jimmy Mackey in a low slinky dress chatting to a customer. He was the only solo worker of the stable. Everyone else worked in pairs. The oldest pair was Junno and Hasejun. The other pairs were much younger, one pair being only thirteen and twelve. The youngest pair dressed in school girl uniforms with bows in their hair.


The park was not the normal park, where gays met to have sex, or to meet low class prostitutes. The prostitutes at this park were expensive, very expensive. Almost all of them transvestites. The park was just outside the Ginza district.


He walked down the sidewalk. He saw Hasejun chatting with a business man. His friend was dressed in a black dress that he had borrowed from Junno. He saw Junno, and gave a little wave for him to come to him. Junno went to him.


"This is Junnoko-Chan, my friend." Hasejun introduced.


"It's good to meet you," Junno gave a short bow. "We're called the two Juns."


"What the rate for both of you together?" The salary man asked.


One hundred fifty thousand." Junno smiled nervously. "We're worth it."


"Have I seen you two on TV?"


"Perhaps," Hasejun smiled seductively.


"I saw the two of you on Shonnen club." he continued.


Junno fought down a little panic. Would the agency find out? His smile grew wider. "What would you say if we were on Shonnen Club?"


"Then I would say I'm a very lucky man." He took out his money, giving half to Hasejun, the other half to Junno. "I want to see the two of you perform together, and then I will take one of you."


"Of course," Junno smiled. So it would be what they called the 'usual'. He closed his eyes as Hasejun kissed him. Then Hasejun pulled him behind a nearby tree. Then they kissed again.




Thirty minutes later, and seventy five thousand yen richer, Junno was again looking for a date. . He had hoped that the salary man would have picked Hasejun to use, but he had picked Junno. After doing one job, he wasn't so despite to have another. Instead, he wanted to take a rest.


He looked around; he could see his pimp in an out of the way place. Junno went to him.


"How much did you get?" Ishikawa sneered.


"My half is seventy-five thousand." He handed the money to his pimp called Ishikawa whose real job was as Hasajun’s personal assistant.


Ishikawa took most of the bills, and shoved ten thousand back at him. "Get back to work."


"Of course,"


"I'll be here all night. I better not see you dating others for free." he threatened.


"I won't do that." Junno promised.


"Stay away from Ueda," Ishikawa ordered. "He'll give you some very bad ideas."


"You mean that I don't have to work for anyone?" Junno said sarcastically. "He told me I didn't have to work if I didn't want to. And I don't!"


Ishikawa slapped Junno hard across the face. "You're mine boy. It would be too bad if the agency found out that pure and innocent Junno was really a child molester."


His pimp was threaening Junno again. Junno knew from experience that the Ishikawa had photos and videos of him. He looked down. "I am yours."


"What about Ueda?"


"I'll stay away from him." he promised.


"Good boy, now go earn me some more money."


Junno walked away quickly from his pimp. He hated Ishikawa. He hated the park and selling himself. Junno wanted to be normal, to date, to enjoy him. But he knew that it would never happen. He would spend his life prostituting himself until Ishikawa grew tired of him.


The Junno saw him, his new roommate, Ueda. He was a fellow Kat Tun member and high class prostitute.  An older man had him pushed against a tree. Ueda's dress was pushed up past his waist. His customer’s pants were down around his knees.


He hid, watching the pair. His whole body excited as he watched his roommate please his customer. For a moment he thought of what would have happened if they had been able to go out, would they have made love like that?


Then Ueda looked at Junno, he smiled a half smile, then went back to loving. His loving was suddenly nosier, louder. It was everything that Junno had ever imagined.


Ueda knew that Junno was watching him. Junno's face burnt with shame, as he realized the truth. But still, he couldn't stop watching. . Usually Ueda had always been so careful with his customers, using the bushes or a nearby love hotel. So Junno had never seen him with another man. But the wait was well worth it.


He waited to leave his hiding place until Ueda was finished, the older man paid him.


Junno went back to the path, since he was so turned on, he knew he should find Hasejun. They could find themselves a customer and Junno would be able to relieve himself of all the sexual tension he felt.


It was just a few moments until he felt something touch his back. Then Ueda grabbed him, and pushed him against a nearby tree.


"Ueda," He breathed, before his roommate kissed him so hard that his breath felt as if was sucked out of his body. Ueda's hand worked on Junno's dress, pulling it up.


"Did you like watching me?" He asked between kisses.


"Yes, I did." He admitted.


"You're too good for this place." Ueda pulled up his own dress. "I want to take you away from here. You deserve a normal life."


"I want that too." Junno admitted. 


Junno had to have Ueda. He turned his friend and pushed him over a low branch. He shoved Ueda's dress over his waist. Then he took his friend.  He slowly began to thrust. Ueda let out a cry of pleasure.


Junno stopped for a moment. "Am I hurting you?"


"It feels good, move!" He impaled himself onto Junno, letting out another cry.


Their love making was fast, frantic, and very, very loud. Junno had joined Ueda in making noise while they loved. Junno could see men who had stopped their dates to watch Ueda love Junno.  It felt different from all tricks he had ever preformed. For this time, Junno really wanted it.


Afterwards, Junno's legs felt very shaky. He could feel Ueda turning and taking him into his arms.  Then Ueda kissed his lips very gently. "That was the best sex I've had in a long time."


"Me too," Junno confessed. Then he noticed as the crowd started going on to find their own dates, that some men tossed money on the ground.


After words, the crowd dispersed. Junno picked the thousand yen notes off the ground; some men had given them a tip for their performance. He divided the money in half, both getting twenty thousand yen.


"So how much do I owe you?" Junno asked. He had been top, and he knew that came with a price.


"Why would you have to pay me?" Ueda sounded confused.


"What is your rate?"  He wasn't sure he could afford Ueda's. He was embarrassed. He realized that he should have asked before they had made love, but at the time, he couldn't.


"One hundred thousand yen." Ueda told him.


"I don't think I have that much." Junno took out his wallet, then he counted out the money, including the money he had earned from the performance with Ueda, he had only earned thirty thousand yen. . He handed it to Ueda. "I'll earn some more so I can pay you."


"You don't have to..."  Ueda began.


Before Ueda could finish, Junno was running away from him. He heard Ueda cry his name, but he was so upset, that he ignored it. He reminded himself that it was just another trick. That Ueda really didn't have feelings for him. He could remember how Ueda had cried his name as he orgasm. Not any of the hundreds of customers he served ever cried his name.


 He almost ran into Ishikawa, who punched him in the mouth, Ueda found himself falling. "The only whore you're allowed to perform with is Hasejun!"


"I didn't plan on being with Ueda. It just happened."


"You're a slut! You're not allowed to be top!" He bellowed. "Only Hasejun is allowed to do that!"


"I'm sorry; I don't know what came over me."


 "If I ever see you with Ueda again, I'll kill him." This time he was kicked in the face.


"It will never happen again." Junno promised as he got to his feet. He could feel blood dripping from his nose.


"I mean it!" His manager took out his knife. "I'll cut up his pretty face, and then I will cut his throat."


"Please, don't hurt Ueda."


"You like him don't you?" he hit Junno in the eye with the butt end of the knife.


'Yes, I like him." Junno found himself falling yet again. He would have a black eye.


"Stay away from him!"  Another kick, this time in the stomach. "If Ueda dies, you will be the one responsible."


"I'll stay away." Junno agreed.


. "Remember I have proof on your crimes. What would your darling Ueda say if he knew what you really are?"


"I don't molest children."


"When he sees the evidence, who do you think he'll believe your word? Or my photos?"


Junno's face burnt with shame. One night, one horrible night, he had been drugged and forced to commit terrible acts. Acts that could put him in jail for a very long time.


Get back to work, and tonight, I get all of your earnings." The pimp ordered.


"Of course," Junno began to walk to the sidewalk.


Junno went back to the sidewalk and went back to work.  He could see Ueda a hiding behind a bush, watching them. He looked concerned. Junno took a tissue out of his purse and held it against his nose to stop the bleeding. He would never earn any money if he bled too much. He looked back up to Ueda, who said something and tried to move closer to him.


Junno wanted to run to Ueda, to have him hold him. But he had to save Ueda's life. He turned and started looking for his partner Hasejun.





Ueda Tatsuya was very upset as he went back to his dorm room. He had stood helpless as Junno was beaten by a customer. Had it been Ueda's imagination or had Junno paid to have him beaten? It had taken all of his will not to rush to Junno and rescue him. 

He had spent most of the night following Junno, making sure that his friend wasn't hurt again.  Every time he saw Junno, his friend suddenly had a date, so they couldn't talk.  He was confused. Why had Junno loved him, then insist on paying him? He could still remember Junno moaning he loved Ueda, then screaming his name as his orgasm.

Ueda had known for quite some time that Junno was a fellow prostitute. His friend had never seemed to enjoy the job. It had always been a chore to him.  Ueda had a feeling that Junno was keeping a secret. He wondered if Junno had a pimp. The teen didn't have the kind of money that he should have if he worked at the park. If he had a pimp that meant that he was probably being forced to sell himself. Ueda wanted to rescue Junno from the life as a prostitute.

Ueda had fallen for Junno months before, and he had put his friend on a pedestal. One that no one would be able to stay on. He saw Junno as someone who still retained some of his innocence. Ueda was angrier with himself then anyone else. He had dreamt that being with Junno would be different then a regular paid date. That his roommate really cared for him.

"Junno, are you all right?" Ueda asked concerned as he came into the dorm room they shared. He tossed his gym bag in the corner.

"I'm fine." one of Junno's eyes were blackened, his lips swollen, his face bruised.

"But your face, someone beat you up."

Junno's hand unconsciously went to his face. "Don't worry about it."

"Who did this to you?"

'I fell, I wasn't beaten." he lied.

 I saw what happened, a customer hurt you."

"You've never had costumers beat you before?" he paused. "Don't' worry about Kat Tun's next appearance. I have some special make up. It should cover the bruises."


"Why did you pay me?" Ueda decided to change the subject.


"Isn't that what I was supposed to do?" Junno was packing things in a box.  "You always have to pay a prostitute to top him."


"Never ever insult me by giving me money!" Ueda threw Junno's money on the bed. "You are not a customer."


"You're right, I'm not." Junno agreed. "I'm a whore."


"Don't call yourself that." The harshness of Junno's words upset Ueda. "Never, ever call yourself a whore!"


"It's the truth." Junno picked up a stack of clothes and put them in the box. 


Then he looked at what Junno was doing. "Why are you packing your things?"


"I'm moving out." He smiled nervously. "You know the reason."


"No, I *don't* know the reason." Ueda insisted. "I want to know why?"


"You wouldn't understand." he threw some more clothes in the box.


"I like you." Ueda told him. "I really like you."


"I don't think we can be friends after this." A tear rolled down his cheek. "We need to face reality, we're both whores."


"That's a harsh way to put it." Ueda went to him, putting his hand on Junno's cheek. "You’re something special. A courtesan maybe, but not a whore."


"I'm too ugly to be a courtesan."


"You're beautiful." Ueda caressed his cheek, and then he kissed Junno very softly on the lips.  Junno kissed him back the kiss was gentle, tender.


Junno pulled away from him, his eyes confused. "I'm sorry, I don't have any money."


*So he does have a pimp,* Ueda realized.


"Junno, have you ever been with anyone when it didn't involve money?"


"Only Hasejun I thought he really loved me." Junno looked sad. "I found out later that he was training me to work at the park."


“I would like to teach you that real love doesn't involve money." He looked into Junno's eyes. "I love you."


"What about Jin? Aren't you with him?"


"No, I'm not." Ueda said quickly. “We were together, but it's hard to be lovers and be in the business at the same time."


"Men paid you to be together?" Junno guessed.


"Yes, they did." he admitted.  "When that started happening, it took the special ness out of our relationship. We're just friends now."


"I see,"


"Jin has Kame now." Ueda reminded him. "That's why he quit the park, so he could be with him."


"Kame accepted him?" Junno looked down. "What about his past? How can Kame accept the fact that he's in love with a prostitute?"


Ueda realized that perhaps Junno was asking more for their relationship, and not about Kame and Jin's.


"Most prostitutes are selling because they need money, or they like sex." Ueda told him. "Some sell because they have a pimp that forces them to sell."


"Do you have a pimp?"


"No, I don't."


"Then why do you sell?"


"My dream is if Kat Tun doesn’t' debut is to go to America and study music." Ueda admitted. "That costs a lot of money. I've been saving all of my earnings so that I'll be able to live my dream."


"I wish I had a dream." He said wistfully.


"Have you ever thought of what will happen if you quit the park?" Ueda asked. "Don’t' you want to be in love someday?"


"Of course I do." Junno looked back up to him.


"I love you,"


Junno flinched. "Whores don't love."


"What can do to prove to you how I feel for you?"


"What if I didn't want you to sleep with anyone?" Junno countered. "What if I told you I didn't want you to sell yourself anymore?"


"If you asked me, I would stop." Ueda promised. "I'd be only yours."


"I have to think about it." Junno broke eye contact with Ueda.


"If you don't like me, you just have to tell me. I won't bother you again." Ueda promised.


"How can I not love you?" Junno said very softly. "My feelings are so confused. I need time."


"All right," He agreed. "But don't move out yet."


"I won't leave until I make up my mind." He promised.




The days turned into weeks. Ueda stopped going to the park. In his few hours of spare time, he spent in his room playing video games. He wasn't a big fan of video games, but Junno was. So he did what Junno enjoyed. After a while, he found out that he too loved playing games. He hoped he would prove to Junno that he was serious about his feelings. Most of the time Junno joined him. Sometimes they went out, to a movie or out to eat. Ueda had fun with Junno, it felt like they where real boyfriends, not simply whores that were enjoying their days off. Still, Junno wasn't ready for a physical relationship. But in a way, Ueda had liked that, they where able to get to know each other better.


 Then Junno came into the room from the shower. He opened the door to the closet and took his gym bag out. Then he began to look at his dresses. Ueda got a sinking feeling in the pit of his stomach. Junno was planning on going to the park.


He wanted to go to the closet and snatch the dress out of Junno's hands, then force him to stay. But he knew that it might make Junno do exactly what Ueda didn't want. So he sat on his bed, pretending to be involved with the video game.  


Hasejun had been in Hawaii for a month filming a television series. Now he was back in town. Ueda had a theory that Hasejun was Junno's pimp. They always seemed to work together. When Hasejun was out of town, Junno never went to the park.


"Are you going out tonight?" Ueda tried to sound non-chalet.


"I was thinking about it. I'm almost broke" Junno admitted.


"We just got paid, why are you short on money?"


"I send most of my money home, to help support my family." Junno fingered the red dress he had worn during the only time Ueda had been with him. He looked very depressed.


Suddenly an idea came to Ueda, if Junno needed money; he would make sure he got it. "You still charge seventy five thousand?"


"Yes, I do."


Ueda took out his wallet and took out a stack of bills. "I want to buy you for the night."


"I can't take your money." he paused. "You said it would be different between us that mean no money."


"You're right, I did." Ueda put the money up. "Would you consider betting on video games?"


Junno turned to Ueda. "You don't want me going out."


"No, I don't." he admitted. "I'll give you every yen I have just to keep you here with me."


"All right," Junno sat beside Jin. He grabbed a controller. "What do you want to play?"


"You really will stay in tonight?"


"Yes, I will." Junno promised.


Impulsively Ueda kissed his friend. Always Junno would let him kiss him, but he would never allow Ueda to go further then just a chaste kiss. This time, Ueda was surprised to feel Junno's mouth open to the kiss, his tongue pushed against Ueda's mouth, he opened his mouth to Junno, and let his friend gently love him with his tongue. Ueda put his hand on the back of Junno's head.


Then he felt Junno's hand on his jeans zipper. He caressed Ueda's hardness as they kissed. He felt a thrill go through him as he realized that Junno was finally ready to love. He wanted to reach out, to touch Junno, but he knew it would be better if he let Junno take the led.


"Please Ueda-chan, please let me love you." Junno begged between kisses. "Not as whores, but as men who love each other."


In answer, Ueda began to work on Junno's clothes. Junno took off his shirt, and then he began to work on Ueda's. Ueda raised his arms so that Junno could pull the shirt off. They then pulled their pants off. Both lovers’ hardness stretching up to their bellies. They both laid down back down on the bed.


Ueda expected for Junno to make love to him, instead, his friend stared very intently at his chest.


"What's wrong?" 


"You're tits are so beautiful." Junno gasped. "My dream has been to suck them."


"All right,"


Junno smiled, he kissed Ueda's lips. His lips trailed their way down to Ueda's left nipple. Junno moved down in the bed, so that he could get more access. He settled between Jin's legs.  Then very suddenly, Junno took Ueda's nipple in his mouth. Ueda had never thought of his nipples as an erogenous zone, but as Junno sucked them he couldn't help but arch himself up into Junno's mouth. Junno's hand went to Ueda's other nipple, pinching it.  Ueda let his hand get lost in Junno's hair.


His mouth started making little groans. He felt as if he was intoxicated. His mouth started babbling. "Please Junno, please take me. I need you so much. I'm about to come."


"No one sucked your tits before?' Junno asked.


"Shut up and love me."


"I'll take that as a no," Junno gave Ueda a lustful look. Then he sat up, he looked around the room. He spied something on his bed. He got up, and ignored Ueda's protests. He grabbed the pillows on his bed. There where three of them.


"Lift up your hips." Junno commanded.


"What are you....?”


"Lift them!" He snapped.


Ueda did as he was told. Junno shoved the pillows under Ueda's hips.


'I want to see you as I love you." Junno told him. He got back on the bed, and settled between Ueda's legs. Ueda felt helpless, but turned on at the same time. Junno raised Ueda's legs to that they where on his shoulders.  Then Junno took him. One hand began to love Ueda’s hardness.


Ueda let himself get taken over by the feelings of Junno loving him. His arms scratched at Junno's arms, his body tried to impale itself onto Junno's hardness, trying to get Junno even deeper into him.  Junno in response leaned down and began to suck Jin's right nipple. It was driving Ueda insane.


It was happening fast, too fast. Then Ueda felt his world explode. He yelled, not caring who heard him. It spurred Junno on; he began to pound into Ueda with abandon. Soon, Junno took was coming.


Junno slid out of Ueda, and pushed the pillows onto the floor. Then he took Ueda into his arms.






Junno held Ueda close to him. Making love to Ueda had been incredible. Nothing like anything that had happened at the park. His life as a prostitute seemed very far away. He had Ueda now, his Tatsuya. The fellow prostitute who had taught him that love wasn't just taking money for sex. It was something much, much more.



"You where right Tat-Chan, love can be wonderful." Junno told him. For the first time in a very long time he was happy. The past month had taught him what it was to be normal. He enjoyed it. He was now very deeply in love with Ueda.


"I do love you,"


"I love you too." Junno's smile grew wider.


"I'm quitting the park." Ueda told him. "I now feel as if I sold myself, I would be cheating on you.”


"Are you sure?"


"I'm positive. I'll never take money again for sex." Ueda vowed.


I want to quit too." Junno confessed.


Just then Junno's ketai began to ring. He rolled out of bed. He picked it up his jeans and took the ketai out of his pocket. The caller id said it was Hasajun's ketai. He didn't want to answer it, but was terrified of his Pimp. "Yes, Junno here."


"It's me." a familiar voice said.


"Oh hi, Hasejun." Junno moved to the other side of the room.


"Do you have any filming today?" Hasejun asked.


"I'm free tonight." He glanced at Ueda; he realized that the past month had just been a dream. A dream that had to end.


"Ishikawa wants to know why you aren't at the park."



"I just wanted to take a night off."


"You know we're not allowed to take nights off." Hasejun reminded him.


 "I'll be there in thirty minutes." Junno turned off the phone, and then he went to the closet. He didn't look at Ueda as he took his bag back out, and picked out a dress. He paused for a moment and wiped his eyes. *Don’t' cry, don’t cry.*


"You're going out." Ueda guessed.


"I have to."  He folded the dress and put it in his bag. Still the tears came, rolling down his cheeks.


"I'll come with you."


"You can't." Junno was terrified. "He can't find out about us."


"Hasejun?" Ueda guessed. “He’s your pimp, isn't he?"


"No, Hasajun’s my friend. He's like me a prisoner." Junno told him. "He's the one that passes on our pimp's messages."


"Why do you do what your pimp says?"


 "I have to." Junno's' voice was very soft.


"Including selling yourself?"


"I don't get a choice."


"Your pimp is blackmailing you." Ueda got to his feet and went to him. "You never wanted to work at the park."


"I hate it." Junno admitted. "He has pictures, videos of me. If they got out, they would destroy the group. It wouldn’t be just me destroyed. All of us would be."


"What could be that bad?"


"Hasejun, we were going together. I really thought he loved me. Then he put something in my drink. It knocked me out. When I woke, the pictures had been taken. I couldn't remember anything that happened the night before." He confessed. "But the photos didn't lie. I had done something very sick, and very horrible. I deserve to go to jail for a very long time."


"How could you do something horrible?" Ueda asked.


Junno opened a box in his closet. He took a small photo album out. He knew that showing it to Ueda would destroy their relationship, be he deserved the truth. He handed it to Ueda. "He calls this my reminder."



Ueda opened the photo book, as he began to look through it, he looked ill. "The juniors are posed around you, but you’re asleep. You where unconscious in all of them.”


"I was?"


Ueda handed him the book. Junno looked at it with new eyes. Ueda had been right, he was unconscious. He looked through the book. No longer did he see himself as a child molester, but instead as someone who had been set up.


'The juniors in the pictures, they're part of his stable?" Ueda asked.


"Yes, they are." Junno ran his finger over one photo. "Why would they agree to pose like that?"


"Perhaps they didn't get the choice." Ueda told him. "Just like you don't get the choice to work."


"I hate him." Junno said. "I hate how he's destroyed so many people's lives."


"I have to stop him." Ueda vowed.


"How can you stop him?" Junno countered. "He has too much power."


"I'll come out tonight too. I'll keep an eye on you." Ueda promised.


"You can't be seen near me." 


Ueda put his arms around his friend. "He told you he'll hurt me, didn't he?"


"He says he'll kill you." Junno paused. "I'm afraid Tatsuya."


"If I could get you away from him, would you quit selling yourself?"


"Yes, I would. I want to only belong to you."  He paused. “We both know that will never happen."


"We have to have hope.” Ueda kissed him, with a sigh, Junno kissed him back.








Ueda followed Junno to the park. He kept a discreet distance. His friend disappeared into a hotel room to get dressed.  When he came out, he glanced at Ueda. His eyes were large, terrified. Even so, Junno was very beautiful.



Then he went on his way.  After walking half way across the park, he walked up to a man. Who punched him hard across the face. Junno fell to the ground. The man moved closer to him, and for the first time Ueda could see who it was, it was Hasajun’s personal assistant named Ishikawa.


Ueda was angry; he should have realized it was Ishikawa. He had a stable of juniors that he used as prostitutes. He had even tried to get Ueda to join his group, but Jin had beaten him up at the suggestion.


He would have to have back up with this problem, he couldn't handle it alone. He went away from Junno and began to make phone calls.




Junno walked through the park. He had to find Hasejun. He was late to work, and Ishikawa wasn't pleased with him. He would have to work extra hard to make enough money to make up for the missing time. It was cold, very cold. That meant that they wouldn't earn as much money.


"Where have you been?" Hasejun asked as soon as Junno found him. He was dressed in a dress he had borrowed from Junno.  His make up was precise.


"I'm sorry I'm running late." Junno tried to apologize.


"He’s taking all of our money tonight as punishment," Hasejun chided. "You have to be on time."


"What would you do if we got our freedom?" Junno asked him.


"I'd quit doing this." Hasejun told him. "But we can never quit. Why are you suddenly thinking of quitting?"


He spotted Ueda in the distance, watching him. He was dressed in normal street clothes. Junno couldn't' help but smile at his lover.


"It's Ueda isn't it?" Hasejun guessed. "Ishikawa's' told me to keep you away from him."


"Are you going to do it?"


"You have to be very careful." Hasejun didn't answer the question. "If he finds out about Ueda..."


"He told me that he'll kill Ueda."


"He'll do something much worse. Something that Ueda will never forgive you for." Hasejun paused. "You think I seduced you so that you could join the stable."


"You did, didn't you?" Junno accused. "You got me to trust you. Then you slipped a drug into my drink. I bet you where there when the evidence was made."


"Yes, he made me stay and watch." Hasejun admitted. "It was my punishment."


"Did I really molest those boys?" Junno demanded. "Or was I unconscious?"


"You where out." Hasejun admitted. "He had the boys pose around you. You never hurt any of them."


"Why didn't you ever tell me?"


"What difference did it make?" He looked very sad. “It’s against Ishikawa's rules to love. I knew it, and still I fell in love with you."


"You turned me over to him." Junno had to control his anger. "If you loved me, how could you do it?"


"If I hadn't, he would have killed you."


"How do you know he would really do it?"


"There was a junior, he was fifteen. He was part of Ishikawa's stable.  His name was Inue Kenji. Kenji fell in love with his roommate. That roommate was me. Ishikawa had just become my personal assistant. “He paused.”I was only thirteen, but I loved Kenji. Ishikawa found us together. His men held him as Ishikawa raped me. I can still hear Kenji screaming at him to stop. Then Ishikawa killed him. They made me watch."


"Oh my god." Junno gasped the anger left him. Instead, he felt sorry for Hasejun.


"I died the day that it happened." Hasejun wiped a tear from his face. "I only became alive again when I met you. My beautiful Junno. I had to save you."


"I understand now." Junno hugged him. "Thank you for saving my life."



'If he finds out about you and Ueda, Ishikawa's told me that he'll kill Ueda." Hasejun told him." He says that Ueda is too strong to give into the blackmail."


"How can I save him?"


"You'll have to break up with him." Hasejun told Junno. 'It's the only way to save him."


*I can't,* Junno thought as he looked at Ueda.


"You're not the only one in love," Hasajun’s voice was very soft. "I spend every day terrified that he'll find out that I love someone."


"Who is it?"


"Will you tell on me?"


"Of course I won't!" Junno said firmly.


"I'm in love with Kazapon. Our times are too few. I'm terrified that he'll find out about him." Hasejun said. "He'll force Kazapon to be like us."


A customer came by. He began to talk to Hasejun, discussing prices.


Hasejun touched Junno's arm. "Are you coming?"


"Of course," he went off with Hasejun and the customer. He looked back to Ueda, who looked very upset. He mouthed to Ueda. "I'm sorry,"


"Go," Ueda mouthed back.


 Junno went into the trees, and let Hasejun kiss him. He closed his eyes to the truth. He felt as if he were cheating on Ueda.




Junno looked as if him where a deer caught in the headlights as he looked at Ueda. Then he had mouthed "I'm sorry."


"Go," Ueda told him, even though he wanted to run to him, to take him away from the customer.


"This will be the last time,* Ueda promised. You'll never have to sell yourself again."


Instead of rescuing his lover, he watched as Hasejun kissed Junno. Then Hasejun and the customer took Junno to a hotel room.


Ueda turned and walked away. Even though this would be Junno's last time, he couldn't watch it. He could still remember how Junno felt as he loved Ueda, how his kisses tasted like. How he had shown Ueda an erogenous zone he had never realized he had. The way that Junno had arched back and cried his name as he came. He wanted Junno to be only his.


Ueda walked to the edge of the park. He waited for his back up. The only backup he could get was Jin. Everyone else was busy. But it was good to have his old friend. He understood about being a prostitute, having only quit the park when he fell in love with Kame.


Jin looked over Ueda. "Why aren't you dressed up?"


"I'm not working." Ueda said.


"Then what's the emergency?"


"It's Taguchi; he's being forced to prostitute himself by a pimp." Ueda explained. "A pimp that works for the agency."


"Why do you care if Taguchi sells himself?"


Just then, Junno came back to the botanical part of the park. He straitened his clothes. He was followed by Hasejun who took his hand, they walked down the sidewalk.  They passed by Jin and Ueda. Hasejun smiled at them. Junno just looked at them. His eyes afraid. They passed by, Junno looked back at Ueda. Then they went on down the sidewalk.


"How long have you been with him?" Jin asked.


"A little more then a month." Ueda admitted.


"So why do you want me to help you?" Jin asked confused. "It's been a month; you know he's a prostitute. So why does it bother you that he works?"


"Neither of us has worked since we started going out."


"So why is he working tonight?"


"Hasajun’s back in town."


'Okay, what does that mean?"


"Hasajun’s PA is the pimp. He's blackmailing Junno." Ueda explained. "He's got to be stopped."


"If we can't rescue him, it might destroy your career." Jin warned.


"I don't care."


"You love him that much?"


"Yes, I do."


Jin smiled. "All right, I'll help."





Thirty minutes later, Ueda was following the pimp. Jin had pretended to buy Hasejun and Junno. So that them some time off.


Suddenly two juniors, other members of the stable went up to the pimp. The first one He handed the pimp a stack of bills. The pimp took it all, and slapped the boy across the face.   Jin watched in horror. The junior was barely thirteen. He was young, too young. The partner was even younger, only twelve. He took had all of his money taken from him. Then he too was slapped.  The two boys then went down the sidewalk, looking for work.


*I have to save them.* Ueda vowed.


The pimp saw Ueda, Ishikawa went to him. "What are you doing here Ueda?"


"Just looking for business." he lied.


"Dressed the way you are?" He countered. "Let me guess, your going to try to buy Junno from me."


"How much would you take for him?"


"Junno's getting rather long in the tooth. He's all ready eighteen." Ishikawa said. "He only has a few more months of usefulness."


"So sell him to me."


"Oh no, I know what he feels for you." Ishikawa said firmly. "Junno's not for sale."


"I have quite a bit in savings." Ueda tried to tempt.


"One hundred million yen is his price.”


"You're not serious." Ueda gasped.


"Oh, but I Am." the pimp smirked. 'There's an av company who is going to give me twice that amount when I am finished with him."


"What if I came to work for you?"


"No, I don't want you. You're too old for my tastes." He took a knife out; he pointed it at Ueda's face. "Stay away from Taguchi, or I'll cut his pretty face up."


"I'll stay away." he lied.


"If I see you near him one more time, I'll kill him." the pimp promised. "Then I'll kill you."





Junno stood on the sidewalk. Hasejun had gone off with a man who only wanted one prostitute.  Junno knew that he should go out and try to get a date on his own. That his pimp would be very upset. But he didn't care.


Suddenly he heard Ueda whisper his name. He looked around.


"I'm in the bushes." Ueda said.


Junno went into the bushes. "I'm sorry, I'm so sorry."


Ueda took him in his arms. "Its okay, Junnoko."


"But I cheated on you." A tear rolled down his cheek. "Why does it matter to me? I'm a whore."


"You're no longer a whore." he tried to reassure. "You're like the fairy tale princess that has to be rescued."


"How can you do it on your own? There's just one of you."


"I've gotten an old friend of mine to help." Ueda told him. "We'll take care of him."


"I'm afraid." Junno admitted.


"Don't be," Ueda kissed him gently. "By the end of tonight, you'll be free."


"I have to get back to work."


"I know," he let go of Junno.


Junno left the bushes. He saw his pimp. He didn't look happy. He started walking away as fast as he could from the pimp.



Ueda looked everywhere for him.


Then Ueda's ketai began to ring. It was Junno.


"What's wrong?"


"He's after me." Junno sounded terrified.  "He says he's going to kill me."


"Where are you?"


"I'm near the fountain." Just then the line went dead.


“He’s near the fountain." He told Jin. He ran towards the fountain.


Junno was being beaten by Ishikawa. His lover lay on the ground, his arms covering his head. Still, the pimp continued to beat him. Then the older man began to kick Junno over and over in the stomach. Junno began to scream in pain.


Enraged, Ueda tackled Ishikawa. He began to pound on the man.


Then suddenly there was a searing pain in his midsection. He had been stabbed. He sank to the ground in pain.


"Tatsuya!" Junno screamed as he was stabbed again, this time in the back.


Then suddenly Ishikawa was on the ground unconscious. Jin stood over him holding a large rock.


Ueda fell to the ground in pain. He could feel something touch his hair, and then Junno’s tears mixed with blood dripped onto his face.


"Don't die Tatsuya, please don't die." Junno begged.


He looked at Junno; his face lacerated, cuts on his cheeks, his mouth swollen. "Are you all right?"


"I'll be fine." he promised.


There where the sounds of sirens in the distance. Jin grabbed Junno. "We have to go."


"I must stay with him." Junno insisted.


'Jin's right," Ueda gasped.  "You can't be found dressed the way you are now. You'll get fired."




"Go, please." he paused. "If I die, remember I love you."


"I love you too," Junno bent down, kissing his lips. Then he turned and left with Jin.