The Park Part two


Author: Sentaikat aka Kyoko Godaikun

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Junno waited in the surgery waiting room. He and Hasejun had changed clothes, before the ambulance arrive. Junno was so worried. He hadn't been allowed to ride to the hospital in the ambulance. There where people from the agency at the hospital, which mean that he had to try and keep the worry to himself.


"What happened?" A staff member asked Junno.


"I was being attacked by Ishikawa, Ueda tried to protect me." Junno said truthfully. He didn't feel like talking, he sat on a bench, all he could feel was the pain from his stomach. He just wished the assistants could go away and let him rest.


"How did he get the concussion?"


"Hasejun hit him over the head with a rock." Junno explained.


"Ishikawa was probably on drugs, again." The assistant sighed. "Don't' tell anyone about what happened. The agency will take care of it."


"All right," Junno agreed. His vision was blurred.


The assistant moved off.


"He'll be all right," Hasejun reassured. "Jin's strong,"


"He got hurt because of me." Junno felt guilty, very guilty. Suddenly a wave of light headedness overcame him. He reached out, grabbing Hasejun for support.


"What's wrong?" his friend asked concerned.


"I must be tired; all I feel like doing is lying down."He confessed.


"Did he hit you in the head?"


"I can't remember," Junno said confused. "My stomach hurts."


"Let me see,"


Junno raised his shirt. His stomach was bruised and swollen. Hasejun reached out and touched it. Junno couldn't help but gasp in pain.


"Who did this to you?"


"Ishikawa." Junno gasped, it was beginning to hurt to talk.


Hasejun got up and talked to an assistant.


"Taguchi-kun will be fine." The staff member chided. "The doctors will see him, after they take care of Ueda-kun."


So Junno waited. The pain in his stomach grew. He didn't speak about it. He knew that it was more important for Ueda to be treated. Even though he felt more and lighter headed, confused and his vision was so blurry that couldn't tell who people where.


The only one who seemed to be concerned was Hasejun. His friend seemed to sense something was wrong with him. He moved to the floor to allow Junno to lie down. It didn't help much; he curled, holding his stomach. Hoping the agony would go away.


Finally the surgery light went off. Ueda's surgery was over. The Doctor came out to talk to the agency assistant. Junno got to his feet to go to them. When suddenly the floor seemed to come up and hit him in the face.


"Get up!" The staff member ordered.


Junno couldn't talk. He could barely move.


The Doctor bent down to examine Junno. She felt for his pulse, and then Junno could feel something cold against his chest.


"Don't worry about him. He's probably just exhausted." The staff member said.


But the Doctor didn't answer him. She went to the wall and hit a button. Sirens went off.


The assistant went to Junno's side. "Hasejun-kun, help me get him up."


"Leave him alone!" The doctor pulled the assistant away.


"Taguchi-kun is fine." the assistant chided. "He's just tired."


"He barely has a pulse!" The doctor said.


Just then more hospital personnel came into the waiting room. They swarm around Junno. The doctor gave orders.



"Tatsuya, is Tatsuya all right?" Junno asked.


"You mean your friend?" When Junno nodded, "He should be, the knife didn't puncture any vital organs." She turned to assistant, "Did he tell you if there any part of his body that hurts?"



"He said nothing." The assistant denied.


"That's not true!" Hasejun got to his feet. "Taguchi-kun said his stomach hurt. He was kicked several times in the stomach."


The doctor pulled up Junno's shirt. She touched his stomach, near his rib cage. He doubled up in pain. She turned to the Medical assistants. "Get a stretcher, and get him to x-ray stat!"


"What's wrong with him?"


"When was he injured?" The doctor asked.


"The same time Ueda-kun was." Hasejun told him. 'Is he going to be all right?"


"He's faking." The agency's assistant told her. "Leave him alone!"


"I think he might have a ruptured spleen!" The doctor said. "If he doesn't' receive treatment he might die."


"Is that's what wrong with him?" Hasejun asked.


"Can't we wait to treat him?" the assistant asked. "We could take him the agency's doctor."


"If he has a ruptured spleen, he could be bleeding to death!" the doctor thundered. "He will be treated now."


That was all Junno heard. Blackness overcame him, and he passed out.






Ueda woke; he was in a hospital room. Half of the room was curtained off. He could hear the sound of an oxygen machine.Hasejun sat beside the bed. He looked very tired, as if he had gone a long time without sleep.


"Junnosuke, where is he?" Ueda gasped.


"He's recovering."


"I want to see him."


"You can't, not now." Hasejun was hiding something. "You need to worry about getting better."


"Is he alive?"


"Of course he is.Itís just...."


"Just what? Did they make him go back to the dorms?"


"No, he's here at the hospital." Hasejun glanced towards the curtain. "I'm not supposed to tell you anything."


"He's on the other side of the curtain." Ueda moved to try to get out of bed, but the pain in his side prevented him. He sank down to be bed. "Please, draw the curtain back. He probably wants to see me too."


Hasejun went to the curtain, he pulled it back. Junno was lying in bed unconscious. He had an oxygen mask on. His chest was bandaged. There was as heart/lung monitor attached to him. He was getting blood by an IV tube.


"What happened to him?" Ueda gasped.


"When Ishikawa was beating him up, he kicked him several times in the stomach." Hasejun tried to explain. "On of those kicks ruptured his spleen. Junno almost bled to death while they where taking care of you.Ē


"Oh no, Junnosuke." He paused. "Junnosuke needs blood; he can have some of mine."


"Junno's blood type is AB. Your blood isn't compatible to his." Hasejun told him.


"I promised to save him."" Guilt washed over him.


"You did the best you could."


"No, I told him he would be safe.' He said. "I told him to trust me, and I couldn't protect him."


"You can't think that way." Hasejun said quickly. "He needs your strength to help him recover."





As Ueda began to heal, he was allowed to get up. The first time he was alone, he got out of bed. His stomach was still sore. He went the few meters to Junno's bed. He took the sleeping Junno's hand in his. Then he gently kissed it.


"I'm sorry, I promised to protect you." Ueda told him. He blamed himself for the attack on Junno.


Junno's eyes opened halfway. He gasped the word."Tatsuya."


Jin plastered on a fake smile. "Yes, it's me."


"Tat-Chanís safe?" There was concern in Junno's voice.


"I'll be fine." he promised.


"Love you," Junno's eyes flickered shut.


Ueda kissed his had again. "I love you too."


Ueda stood there, watching Junno sleep. A coma was what the doctors called Junno's sleep. He didnít' want to leave his lover' side. Hoping beyond hope that Junno would wake again.


A Nurse came into the room. She checked Junno's bag of blood. Then she looked at Ueda. "Ueda-kun, you need to lie back down."


"I'll be all right." He lied.


"You're still recovering, you need to rest." She chided.


"Jun-I mean Taguchi needs me near him."


"You'll be in the next bed." she tried to guide him to the bed, but Ueda pulled away from her.


"Please, let me stay with him." Ueda gasped.


"All right, for now." She agreed.


The nurse did some more checks on Junno, and then left the room.


He realized that Junno was watching him, his eyes half opened. He took Junno's hand and kissed it. He could feel a gentle squeeze from Junno. Then Junno's eyes flicked shut.


A doctor came into the room, followed by two large orderlies.


"Ueda-kun, you need to get back into bed." The doctor ordered.


"I have to stay with Taguchi." Ueda insisted.


"Why must you stay with him?"


"He needs me."


"Taguchi-kun's in a coma. He can't see or hear you." The doctor tried to reason. "You should rest until he wakes."


"Heís' opened his eyes twice. Once he talked to me, the other time, he squeezed my hand."


The doctor took out a pen light, then he went to Junno, he opened one of his eyes and shone the light in it. Then he tried the other. The doctor wrote something in Junno's chart. Then he looked at Ueda. "If you don't get into bed on your own, I'll be forced to have you restrained."


"I'm not hurting anything."


"You're still recovering from being stabbed." The doctor reminded him. "Now get into bed."


"Please let me stay with Taguchi-kun."


"Restrain him." The doctor ordered.


The two orderlies grabbed Ueda, one by each arm. He tried to pull away from them, but they where strong, very strong. Still he fought them as they forced him to his bed, and fastened what looked like cloth bracelets around his wrists. Then they fastened his arms to the bed frame.


"Let me go! Let me go!" Ueda screamed at the top of his lungs.


"Hold him!" The doctor ordered.


The orderlies did. The doctor took out a vile of medicine, and a needle. She filled the needle with the medicine. She rubbed Ueda's upper arm with an alcohol swap. Then she gave Ueda a shot.


"You should have done what I told you the first time." She chided. "I'm going to have to recommend that you no longer have access to Taguchi Kun until he is completely well.Ē




"It's for the safety of him and yourself." she went to the curtain and drew it so that Ueda could no longer see Junno.


Then the medicine began to take affect, and Ueda suddenly was asleep.








Ueda was in a different room. Through the wall, he could hear the heart/lung monitor of Junno. He looked at the door that separated the room. Junno was close, so very close, but at the same time very far away. He pulled hard on the restraints. But he couldn't get them off. He had been in this room for three days, he was being treated little better then an animal.


A nurse came into the room pushing a cart. He couldn't help but notice the guard on the outside of the door. Two orderlies came into the room with her.


"Taguchi-kun, is he all right?" Ueda asked.


"Hold him down." The nurse ordered as if she didn't hear him.


The two orderlies held Ueda down, as he struggled against them. The nurse took a needle off the cart and advanced towards him.



"What are you doing to me?" He tried to pull away from the orderlies as she grew nearer.


She grabbed one of his restrained arms, and jabbed the needle into it. The shot hurt.


"Why did you give me a shot?" Ueda demanded.


"You're insane; you must be given drugs to calm you down." The nurse told him.


"Untie me, I won't hurt Taguchi-kun," he felt the shot begin to take effect.


She put on gloves; she pulled down the sheets of the bed, and then pulled up his gown. She began to manhandle his penis. She used a swab and rubbed it against the base of his penis; she put that in a bag.


"Turn him." she ordered.


The orderlies turned Ueda's body enough so that the nurse could have contact with his anus. She took more swabs from there.


She gave him another shot, this one in the buttocks.


"Why are you doing this to me?" Ueda demanded.


The nurse didn't say anything as she left the room followed by the orderlies.


A few minutes later, Hasejun came into the room. He looked over Ueda. "There's probably a good reason why you're tied down."


"They say I'm insane."


"Why on earth would they say that?" Hasejun moved to untie the restraints.


Ueda could see the guard standing in the hallway. He quickly said. "Stop."


"You want up."


Ueda nodded towards the hallway. Hasejun looked at the guard, and then turned back to him.


"Can you pull the sheets back up? I'm a bit cold."


Hasejun pulled the sheets and blankets back over him. "Why were you uncovered?"


"They keep checking my penis and my anus." Ueda told him. "If I have some kind of venereal disease, you might too."


"Why would you say that?"


"We've both been with Junnosuke." he said matter of factly.


"You need to start cooperating." Hasejun told him. "Today's the first day they've let me see you."


"I hate what they do to me."


"If you don't, they might never let you see Junno again."



"Yes, my concern for Junnosuke got me into this mess." He looked up to the ceiling. "I got out of bed to see him. I refused to go to bed when they ordered me to. I fought against them."


"So they restrained you." Hasejun guessed.


"I failed him Hasejun,"


"You did the best that you could."


"I didn't free him." tears stung Ueda's eyes. "Ishikawa's in the hospital now. When he gets out, he'll make Junno work at the park again."


"I know," Hasejun sounded very sad.


"Junnosuke, can you look at him for me?" Ueda asked. "I know that he's asleep, but could you tell him I love him?"


"Of course," Hasejun went to the door that separated the two rooms. He opened it without a key. Then he went inside. .Ueda could hear Hasejun talking to Junno almost as if he was awake.


*I'm sorry, I'm so sorry.* Ueda thought. Then the tears he held in began to fall.




Hasejun came back from the hospital. He had visited his friends. He was worried, Junno hadn't woken yet.He went to bed, sleeping for the first time in over twenty four hours. A few hours later, he felt something touch him. He jerked awake.


It was his lover Kaza.


"Good morning," Kazapon told him.


Hasejun rolled over and rubbed his eyes. "What time is it?"


"Seven in the morning."


"I slept too much."


"You're free," Kazapon had kissed Hasejun very gently. "Ishikawa's out of your life."


"He's in the hospital." Hasejun explained. "When he gets out, I'll have to go back to the park."


"You hate that place." Kazapon reminded him.


"I'll have to go." Hasejun said softly. "He has evidence on me."


"What happens if you don't go?"


'He'll show Johnny-san the evidence. Then I'll be fired." He looked away from him. "I want to belong only to you. That's always been my wish. To wake in the morning and know that Iím only yours."


"Does he keep all the evidence in his house?" Kazapon asked. "No safe deposit boxes at banks or anything?"


"No, everything is kept in his house; it's locked in his desk."


'Is the desk made of wood?"


"Yes, it is."


"I have a plan," Kazapon told Hasejun."One that will give you your freedom."


'What's that?" Hasejun sat up.


"I shouldn't tell you. That's if the police want to arrest me, you won't be involved." Kazapon told him. "I have to protect you."


"I have to be involved." Hasejun insisted.


After we're through with all this, can you stop thing of yourself as a prostitute?"


"You really hate it, don't you?"


Kazapon smiled sadly. "A guy wants to think he's the only one in his boyfriend's life."




Hasakawa Jun had never thought he would end up at three in the morning breaking into his Personal assistants house. He had been there several times before. He hated the place. Kazapon had parked his car almost two blocks away from the house.


Kazapon looked around the living room. "How can a PA afford a place this nice? They get less money then we do, and that isn't a lot."


""He's a pimp. Our hard work has gone to pay for his house."


Kazapon flinched. Where's his study?"


Hasejun pointed, and Kazapon went into the study.Hasejun wondered how Kazapon could love him, when he was so disturbed by the truth about him.


"Jun darling, I need your nail file." Kazapon called.


Hasejun took it out of his bag. He went into the study. It was a small room, dominated by a framed montage of his stable at work.Kazapon was staring at it.



"Here," He handed it to his lover.


Kazapon bent down and picked the lock on the desk. The bottom drawer had photo albums, each labeled with names. Juniors, Taguchi, Jimmy Mackey......The last one Hasejun. Kazapon took out the album. "Can I look?"




Kazapon opened the notebook. "You where so young."


"He made me work for him almost as soon as he became my PA." Hasejun explained.


"How old?"




Kazapon took his time going through the book. He stopped at a page. "Junno, how old was he?"


"Sixteen. He was my first real boy friend after Kenji. We kept our relationship a secret." his voice got soft. "Ishikawa was my PA; it was only a matter of time until he found out about Junno. Then he began to blackmail Junno. I've never forgiven myself for what happened to him."


"It wasn't your fault." Kazapon told him. "It was Ishikawa's. He's evil."


"What are we going to do with this stuff?"


"The photos on the walls, are they everywhere?"


"Yes, his bedroom is even worse."


"Our first plan of stealing the evidence won't work. There's too much of it." Kazapon paused. "I think you should leave now.Ē


"What are you planning on doing?"


"I can't get you involved."


"It's my life he destroyed." Hasejun told him. "I have to help you."


"You told me that he had an oil lamp collection, where does he keep the oil to fuel them?"


"In the hallway."


Kazapon left for a moment then came back into the room. He carried a three one liter bottles of oil. He opened one, and poured it all over the desk.


"Why does he have so many bottles of lamp oil?" He asked.


"He was able to get a good deal buying it in bulk." Hasejun told him.


"I counted; he has twenty bottle of this stuff. We're going to empty them all over the house."


"You're going to burn the house down," He realized.


"You can still leave."


Hasejun took a bottle from Kazapon. He opened it, and then poured it onto the drawer, covering the evidence.


They spent the next half hour covering as much of the house as they could with the oil.Before they went out the back door, they both put on surgeons masks, and stocking caps.


When they went into the back yard, Kazapon handed a lighter and a wad of newspaper to Hasejun. "Youíre going to have to be careful, light this, and throw it in the house."


Hasejun lit the lighter; He held it to the newspaper. The newspaper caught on fire. Then he threw the lighter and newspaper into the back door. The floor of the house was suddenly on fire.


Kazapon took Hasajunís hand. "Run!"


They ran to Kazapon's car. By the time they got in, they could see the house on fire. Kazapon sped off.




They returned to their dorm room. They had shed their oil soaked clothes and had thrown them away. Hasejun locked the dorm room door.


"What is it?" Kazapon asked concerned.


"It just hit me, I'm free." He stood at the door unmoving. "I never have to go back to that place."


Kazapon touched Hasajunís shoulder. "Can you be only mine now?"


"I would like that very much." He turned to Kazapon. "I'll never mention my past at the park again."







The next morning, Ueda was watching the cable news channel when he saw the report of the fire. The house had been burnt to the ground. The police suspected arson, but there were no suspects. He wanted to change the channel, but he couldn't. The remote had been placed out of his reach. He was still restrained. Nurses and doctors came to examine Junno, but no one would tell him what happened.


Hasejun came into the room as the report started, he looked very tired. He carried a vase of flowers. He placed them on the bedside table. "How are you feeling?"


"I feel better."He motioned to the TV. "Have you seen what happened?"


Hasejun looked the TV. He smiled as he watched the report. "At least no one else's house got damaged."


"But your PA's house got burnt to the ground." Ueda paused. "You did it, didn't you? How you could you burn down someone's house?"


"Ishikawa kept the evidence he used to force us to work for him at his house." Hasejun suddenly was very serious. "There was a lot of it on Junno-Chan. He told me he had a feeling that Kat Tun will debut. He was planning on destroying Junno's life."


"Are you sure all the evidence was destroyed?" Ueda asked.


"Course I'm sure." Hasejun said firmly. "Ishikawa used to show his evidence to us. He was so proud of it. He had to keep it in reach or else it lost its effectiveness."


"Then Junno's free." Ueda realized.


"We're all free," Hasejun agreed. "His entire stable."





The days passed. Ueda spent the time restrained to the bed. It was quite obvious to him that the hospital thought he was insane. He would listen to Junno's heart monitor through the wall that separated the rooms. They still wouldn't let him see Junno. They were convinced he was a danger to his friend.


He had begun to cooperate with the hospital staff. Not fighting when they gave Ueda the shots that calmed him down or when the examined him. He had stopped trying to get out of his restraints. They untied one of his hands. That way he could feed himself, but he still couldn't get up.


A doctor came several times to visit him. He was a psychologist. He talked to Ueda sometimes about Junno. Ueda couldn't tell him the whole story.


"Why do you want to see Taguchi-kun?" The psychologist had asked during a visit.


"I want to be there when he wakes."


"Why is that so important to you?" The psychologist paused. "It would be nice if you told the truth."


"I can't, it would ruin both our careers."


"You're afraid I'm going to tell the agency." The psychologist guessed.


"You have to." Ueda told him. "They pay our bills."


"There's a little thing called conditionality. By law I'm not allowed to discuss what we talk about." He put down his notebook. "When I was in high school, I was a junior. I fully understand what the agency would do to you if I told them the truth."


"Is that why there hasn't been any staff bothering us?"


"How can you heal if there are staff members spying on you?" He paused. "Both you and Taguchi-kun had several venereal diseases when you where admitted."


"Do we still have them?"


"You've both received treatment. By the time you're discharged, they will be gone."


"Is that why the nurses keep manhandling me?"


"They have to check the rate your sores are healing."


"What about aids?"


"No, neither of you have aids."


"Good," Ueda let out a breath he didn't realize he was holding.


"You want to see him because he's your lover." The doctor guessed.


"Yes, he is." Ueda admitted."How is he doing? No one will tell me anything."


"He's in a coma, but that happens with a great amount of blood loss."


"I was told he almost bled to death." he paused. "Will there be brain damage?"


"Scans say there isn't any. But we won't really be able to know until he wakes."


"Please tell them to stop giving me the shots." Ueda requested. "I won't try and hurt Taguchi."


"Why do you want to stop receiving antibiotics?"


"Not the antibiotics, but the shots to calm me down." Ueda tried to explain. "They give them to me four times a day."


The psychologist picked up his chart and studied it. "Wow, that's a lot of medicine. Your chart doesn't' say that you've had any more psychotic incidents.""


"I'm not insane."


"No, I don't think you are." The doctor agreed. "Do you think you need shots to calm you?"


"I just want to see Taguchi." Ueda told him. "Can you please open the door? I won't try to get up. I just want to be able to look at him."


"I donít' see why that would hurt." The psychologist opened the door, and then left the room.


Even though Junno was several meters from Ueda, he could still see him. Seeing his friend alive gave him comfort. He lay in bed, simply watching his friend.




Junno woke; the pain in his stomach had changed from a sharp pain to one that was very dull. He had many dreams, strange dreams of Ueda visiting him. His friend would talk to him while he slept. He seemed to be always with him.


Just like all the other dreams Ueda sat on the bed in the next room. He looked concerned. Junno noticed the band on Ueda's wrist; it was attached to the frame of the bed.


"Tat-Chan," he gasped. This time he could talk, he couldn't talk in his other dreams.


"Don't try to talk." Ueda unfastened the wrist band, and then he got to his feet and went to Junno's side.


For the first time, Junno realized that Ueda looked better."I don't understand, you where stabbed."


"I'm fine." Ueda took Junno's hand in his and kissed his fingers.


"But youíre all right?"


"Don't' worry about me." Ueda tried to smile.


"Am I dreaming again?" Junno asked.


"You're awake. This is real."


"I was so worried..."


"I've been worried about you too." Ueda glanced towards the door. "I've been in the next room, but through the door I could watch you sleep. Sometimes I would stand beside your bed and watch you."


"My dreams, I could never talk to you in them." he told him. "But you held my hand during them."


'At night, I would sneak out of my restraint and see you."Again, Ueda kissed his hand. It was so much like Junno's dream.


"How long was I asleep?"


"Almost two weeks." Ueda looked towards the door again. "I should tell the nurses youíre awake."


"Please don't leave me." He glanced at the door. "I'm afraid Ishikawa come back, and force me to work again."


"Heís never coming back." Ueda promised. "He's been fired. He had a large amount of drugs in his system. They think his tales of us being prostitutes are the ravings of a madman. He's been sent to a hospital."


"He had evidence on Hasejun and me."


"While us where in the hospital, someone burnt down his house." Ueda paused. "It was Hasejun and Kazapon."


"Does anyone know?"


"I do, but I'm not going to tell anyone." Ueda told him. "Kazapon wanted the two of you to be free."


"Free, I'm really free."


"Yes, my love."


"But youíre all right?" Junno repeated.


Ueda pulled his gown up, reveling two bandages that were small. "This isn't going to help my topless pictures, but the agency said a photographer can digitally take the scars off of a picture."


"Why where you tied to the bed?" Junno asked confused.


"The doctors here think I'm crazy." he admitted. "I'm not allowed to be with you until you're fully recovered."


"The agency knows about us." Junno guessed.


"They have no idea. The doctors just want you to recover as quickly as possible." Ueda said. "Which means no guests until youíre cleared to go back to work?"


"Am I still with Kat Tun?"


"You're still a member; you've been given medical leave for a few weeks."


"What about us?"


"I'll wait for you," Ueda promised. "When youíre recovering, remember that you still have me. That I'll be waiting for your return to the group."






Finally, with the psychologist help, Ueda was able to convince his doctor that he was sane. It was then that the doctor decided that Ueda was well enough to go home. Hasejun had visited and was helping him back his few things.


"Can I please visit Taguchi-kun before I leave?" Ueda had asked.


"Taguchi-kun's doctor has ordered that you not be allowed near him." The assistant said.


"If you watch for me, no one will know."


"I can't."


Hasejun gave the assistant one of his winning smiles. Then his eyes went lower staring at the manís groin. "I can make it worth your while if you let him visit Taguchi-kun."


"You would really do that?" The assistant asked.


Hasejun went to the door and locked it. Then he sank to his knees in front of the assistant. "Yes, I would."


The assistant looked at Ueda. ďHasejun will come and get you when he's finished."


"Thank you," Ueda opened the door that seperarated the two rooms. He tried to put out of his mind that Hasejun had gone back to the old ways, just so that Ueda could see Junno. He went in and shut the door behind him.


Junno looked at Ueda and smiled. "Sneak out again?"


"No, their letting me see you one last time."


"What do you mean, one last time?"


"I'm getting out of the hospital today." He went to Junno's side and took his hand.


"When will I see you again?"


"When you return to Kat Tun." Ueda kissed Junno's hand.


"The doctors, do they still think youíre insane?"


"No, they don't."


"Good." Junno smiled again. "When I get out of here, I'm moving in with Hasejun. He told me that he would pass on any note I give him to you."


"I'll look foward to it."


They began to chat, about everything and nothing. Their time together passed too quickly.


Then the door between the rooms opened, and Hasejun stood. "It's time to leave."


"All right," he kissed Junno very gently on the lips. "I'll wait for you."


"I love you," Junno sounded scared.


"I love you too Junnosuke." Ueda turned and went to the door. He turned back around and looked at Junno one last time. Then he left with Jin and the assistant.