Title: The Replacement
Author: Kyoko_godaikun
Genre: Angst/Romance/Yaoi
Pairing: KameNo
Rating: Yaoi

Summary: Since Jin's gone, Junno's forced to take his parts in the group. Kame asks Junno out for a bowl of Udon, which leads to a deeper friendship



Junno was a kiss up, suck up want to be. One of those Johnny's that would be happy to see you fall. Just so that he could take that persons place. He wanted to be a star, and he was resentful of the fact that he wasn't. That's why he always danced like a manic on stage. So that someone in the agency would see that Junno was the real one with talent. That was what Kame always thought of about Junno. He wasn't someone that Kame ever wanted to know.

Kame and Junno hadn’t been friends until Jin had gone to LA. That was when Jin's singing parts had been dumped into Junno's lap. Instead of being resentful, Junno worked hard at learning all the parts, all of Jin's moves. Kame was beginning to wonder if Junno was doing this because he wanted to be Jin's permanent replacement. The want to be had a chance, and it bothered Kame.

"Why are you working so hard?" Kame demanded one day at rehearsal. "Are you trying to be the second Jin?"

"I have to do this," Junno told Kame. "Not for myself, but for the fans. I always try and give them a good show. I know they come to see you and Jin, but perhaps they can smile a bit when they watch my dancing. The fan's time will go fast, and they'll be glad when Jin comes back."

'The fans mean a lot to you." Kame realized.

"Without the fans, we're nothing." Junno reminded him.

"Is that why you work so hard?" Kame asked. "It's not so you will be a star?"

"I'll never have that fire that you and Jin have." Junno said realistically. "My job is to do back up. To do my best, so that you'll look good. When Jin returns, I'll return to the shadows, where I belong."

"You belong?"

"I was never meant to be a star." Junno smiled a bit. "But I like being in the shadows. I think it's a good place for me."

That was when Kame realized that Junno really was serious about just being a fill in. Junno only wanted to do back up. Kame knew he had underestimated Junno.

"After rehearsal, you want to go out for some Udon?" Kame offered.

"That would be nice." Junno smiled and went back to his rehearsal.

That's when Kame remembered. All these years, Junno had asked the group out for Udon after rehearsal. Almost everyone took up his offer many times. But Kame had never had time for Junno not even once. Kame vowed that in the time that Junno was taking Jin's place that Kame would try and befriend Junno.


*He's just trying to be nice to Me.* Junno thought as they stood at the Junno's favorite Udon stand together. Junno knew that Kame had a boy friend. He had been living with Jin for quite some time. When Jin came back, Kame would be back with him.

"Hello Taguchi-kun!" The owner said as her eyes settled on him. "The usual?"

"Yes, please." Junno smiled at her.

"What about your friend?" She looked at Kame. "This one's new isn't he?"

"Yes, I'm new." Kame told her. "I'll have what Taguchi-kun's having."

"Why don't you find us a table?" Junno suggested. "I'll bring the food to you."

Junno watched Kame find a table. He felt his heart race. Kame had finally agreed to go out with him. Perhaps not as boy friends, but Junno would be glad to be only friends with Kame.

"New boy friend?" The owner asked as she glanced at Kame.

"No, we just work together." Junno admitted.

The owner served up the food. Junno carried the tray of Udon to the table Kame was waiting at. He set the bowl in front of Kame. Then he put his own on the table. He went back and returned the tray.

When Junno returned, he was surprised to see Kame simply sitting there, waiting for Junno.

Junno sat down across from Kame. He picked up his chop sticks. He closed his eyes and made a quick silent prayer. He always did this quickly, so that no one would notice. But when he opened his eyes, Kame had closed his eyes in respect for him.

"Thank you for waiting for me." Junno said.

Kame opened his eyes. "My mom always taught me it's rude to eat before your host."

"I see," Junno felt a bit sad. So the gesture meant nothing. Junno had read too much into it.


That was their first date. After almost every rehearsal the pair went out to eat Udon. They talked a lot while they ate. Kame began to know Junno better. They became friends, real friends. Their relationship hadn't been more then just holding hands and some kisses.

Every time Kame had tried to move their relationship forwards, Junno had stopped it. Junno didn't want to complicate the relationship, because he knew that Jin would come back. It would hurt less when Kame broke up with Junno if they had never been lovers. Junno hadn't told Kame of the reasons, so his friend had been a bit hurt. But Junno knew that Kame would thank him in the long run.

Then the day came when they where told that Jin wanted to return. The group had voted to let him come back.

After the meeting, as always Kame asked Junno if he wanted to go eat Udon. Junno had agreed.

"He loves you," The owner of the stand told Junno. “You should see the way he looks at you. It has to be love.”

"You're seeing things that aren’t' there." Junno told her. "He has a boy friend. He'll be returning to Japan soon."

"I'm sorry." She told him.

Junno glanced at Kame, the one that he was in love with. "So am I."

Junno took the tray. He carried it to the table, like he had every date. As always he set the bowl in front of Kame. Then he put down his own. Then he returned the tray. As always...their dates had a routine that Junno would miss. He wasn't sure he would ever go out to eat Udon again, because it reminded him so much of Kame.

Junno sat down, closed his eyes to say his prayer. The gravity of the situation tried to take over Junno. This would be their last date. A tear escaped from his eyes, and rolled down his cheek.

Junno felt a hand on top of his. Then Kame asked. "What's wrong?"

"Nothing," Junno wiped the tear off his face. "I was just thinking this will be our final date."

"Why would we stop seeing each other?" Kame looked puzzled.

"Jin's returning." Junno said softly. "You'll want to spend your time with him. After all, you're his boy friend."

"Junno we...."

"It's all right," tears stung Junno's eyes. "I was just a replacement for him. I knew that from the beginning. I knew it, and still I fell in love with you."


"I knew Kame, I knew all along." more tears fell. "I knew you would never feel the same way for me." Junno got up. "When we go back to work, we'll pretend we were never friends. You'll go back to the arms you belong to. And I? I'll be the same person who dances in the shadows. The one that supports you." Junno wiped the tears from his face. "Sayonara my love."

Junno ran. He could hear Kame shouting behind him to stop, but Junno didn't. Instead he ran without thinking of where he was going. His heart breaking.


Kame had tried to run after Junno, but his friend was too fast for him. He knew the layout of the grounds.

Kame wanted to kick himself. He had never told Junno how he had broken up with Jin. He had assumed that Junno had known the real reason why Kame had moved just a week before Jin had left for America. Kame had caught Jin with Ueda one too many times. Not only that, but the pair were still together. Ueda went off to LA many times for visits.

Where on earth could Junno have gone? Then Kame remembered the place that was called the castle. It was a large house that had dated back before the war. It had been renovated into a European bed and breakfast. It was only a few minute walk from the park. Junno sometimes hid there on his days off.

Kame set out walking towards the castle. He stopped into a 7-11 store, buying a small tube of lube. He wanted to be Junno's lover. He vowed that if he ever found Junno, he would seduce him.


Kame went into the lobby of the bed and breakfast. The place looked like Kame has stepped into a European house. It seemed so homey, so comfortable. No wonder Junno loved the place.

"Kamenashi-kun!" A woman came up to him. She was wearing a kimono.” Are you here to visit Taguchi-kun?"

"Yes, is he here?"

"Of course, do you want me to call him?"

"No, I want to surprise him." Kame gave her a winning smile. "Can you tell me where he is?"

The woman went to the desk and took off a key, she handed it to Kame. "Room 22, on the second floor."

Kame went to the room. He could hear Junno on the other side of the door sobbing. He unlocked the door and opened it. Junno was curled against one wall, sobbing heartbroken.

Kame went into the room and locked it. Then he went to Junno. He knelt down beside him.

"Junno, it's all right." Kame took him into his arms. "I'm here."

"Go away," Junno said, but he didn't pull away from Kame.

"I will after I tell you something."


"I broke up with Jin before he went to LA." Kame admitted.

"You broke up?" Junno repeated. "Why would you break up with him?"

"He was cheating on me with Ueda. When he left, I had never felt so free." Kame stroked Junno's silky hair. "Then I began to date you. I fell in love with you."

"You love me?" Junno pulled away from him. "Don't tease me like this. It isn't funny."

"It isn't a joke." Kame reached out, wiping the tears from Junno's face. "I love you so much. Even if we never make love, I will always love you. You're something I never had with Jin. You're not just my lover, you're my friend." Kame moved so that he was straddling Junno's lap. "I love you so very much."

"I love you too." Junno moved forwards, kissing Kame's lips. His arms going around Kame. He crushed Kame to him.

There always comes a time in a relationship when the partners realize that they wear too many clothes. As they kissed, Kame realized that they had on way too many clothes. Junno's hand went behind Kame, pulling his shirt up. Helping him off with it.

All the while the new lovers kissed. Kame helped Junno off with his shirt.

"I want to be inside you." Junno murmured as they kissed.

"I want that too." Kame got up, pulling off his jeans. Junno also pulled off his own jeans. For the first time as lovers, Kame looked at Junno's body. His penis had always been large, but now it was huge. Their first time would hurt badly if he wasn't careful.

Kame pulled the lube out of his jeans pocket. Then he climbed up onto the bed, onto his back. He lubed up his fingers and shoved three of them in at the same time. His eyes fluttered shut. Then he began to thrust the fingers in and out.

"What are you thinking of?" Junno asked.

"You, inside me." Kame's breathing hitched as he hit his prostrate. "You're so large, so huge. I want you to fill me completely."

Junno climbed up onto the bed with him. He kissed Kame's lips, forcing his tongue inside of his mouth. The kiss hungry, passionate. Then the kissing went downwards. Kissing, giving small bites all over Kame's chest.

"Move your hand." Junno instructed.

Kame did. His fingers were soon replaced by Junno's newly lubed fingers. Junno's fingers so long that it didn't take much for Kame's prostrate to be hit again and again.

Just when Kame thought it couldn't get any better, warmth enveloped his cock. Junno loved him with his mouth, as his fingers thrusted in an out. Soon Junno had four fingers inside of Kame, his sucks in time with the thrusts of his fingers. Each thrust hitting Kame's sweet spot.

*Why hasn’t anyone told me that Junno was so good with his mouth?* was the last thought Kame had. Instead, all he could think of was that mouth, that tongue. The way that Junno would scrape the base of his hardness with his teeth. How the fingers felt inside of him, forcing his body upwards into Junno's mouth.

It got too much for Kame. Who came, screaming Junno name, filling Junno's mouth with the evidence of his love.

Junno sat back on his heels, his fingers still inside of Kame. His penis was now even larger then before. Precum beaded at the tip and ran down.

"I want to make love to you. Can I?" Junno asked almost shyly.

"Yes, please, oh please." Kame begged.

Junno moved so that he was between Kame's legs. He removed his fingers from inside of Kame. Then he poured out some fresh lube and lubed himself well. Then Junno lifted Kame's legs, so that a knee rested on each of Junno's shoulders.

Then suddenly Junno was inside Kame. It was painful for only a brief second, then as Junno began to thrust, it felt as if was the most wonderful thing on earth. Kame felt as if he was filled completely. He found himself getting hard yet again. His hand went to his hardness, pumping in time with every thrust, Junno being so large that each thrust hit Kame's sweet spot.

Kame felt as if every nerve ending was on fire. His head arched back. Then his whole body exploded. He came very hard, his channel clamping and unclamping around the fullness that was inside of him.

Then Junno was coming, not screaming Kame, but Kazuya.


Junno slumped down on the bed beside his new lover. His head was spinning, because it felt so good. His love making had never been so intense before. He felt Kame curl up against him. He put his arm around him, pulling him close.

"Why the hell didn't you tell me you were so fucking good in bed?" Kame murmured into his shoulder.

"I don't like to brag." He paused. "What are you going to tell Jin?"

"I've all ready told him about you." Kame admitted. "He's thought we've been lovers for quite some time."

"Now we are." Junno kissed Kame. "I love you so much Kazuya."

"I love you too." Kame sounded sleepy. "Mind if I take a little nap?"

"Not if you don't mind me taking one too." Junno told him. "But be warned, I might wake you up later."

"I'll be ready." Kame promised.

Junno stroked his new lover's hair until he was sure he was asleep. Then Junno too fell asleep. Not as a replacement, but this time as a star. Junno felt as if he was Kame’s star.