Title: The Return Part 2

Author: Kyoko Godaikun

Author’s email: kyoko_godaikun@yahoo.com


Note: This story features Inherited Vampires. These type of vampires where created by the fanfic author Katrinka. Her concept used with her

permission. The basic difference between inherited vampires and regular

vampires is the fact that Inherited can have children, and go out during the day. Their children will also be a vampire, crossing over in their teens.



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The next morning, Ueda woke to the feeling of Kame’s head on his shoulder. His body curled against Ueda’s. He could hear his former lover snoring softly. Ueda tried with all his might to turn, he wanted to kiss Kame, to have him make love to him. But his mental blocks prevented it. All he could do was relax and enjoy the feel of Kame sleeping against him.


"I love you." He thought, but couldn't say.

Ueda wondered why Kame had never been caught breaking the code. Everything he seemed to do was against the code of the vampires. Ueda was still puzzled by Kame's behavior. His friend didn't want to feed from humans. Instead, Kame preferred to drink bottled blood. He also flew.

After almost an hour, his friend began to stir. Ueda closed his eyes. He could feel Kame's lips caress his cheek. His fingers ran over Ueda's body. Then Kame moved even closer to him. Ueda could feel his lover's hardness pressed against his side.

'Tatsuya, are you awake?" He asked softly. His body making slow thrusts against him. Ueda could feel his body respond.

"Yes," he said softly. It was so much like old times. Kame had always enjoyed making love in the middle of the night.

He felt Kame's hand caress his hardness. Then he moved so that he could kiss Ueda's lips. Ueda's whole body cried out to touch his lover. But he couldn't.

"Please, don't stop." he was finally able to gasp.

"I don't want to hurt you." Kame said.

"I want it too." he gasped. 'I just can't move."

Kame moved so that he was on top of Ueda. He slowly began to slowly thrust his still clothed body against Ueda's unmoving body. His kissed Ueda's still lips, then closed his eyes, and began to thrust harder.

Ueda could see the transformation in Kame, from man to vampire. His eyes glowed red, his fangs fully extended. Then, as he neared orgasm, he bit Ueda.

Ueda gasped as he orgasmed. He put his hand on the back of Kame's head. Then he could feel Kame orgasm.

Kame slid off of his lover. He put his head on Ueda's shoulder. "I'm sorry, I just needed you badly."

"I needed you too."

After a few moments, Kame fell back to sleep. Ueda closed his own eyes, hoping that his masters would never find out about what happened. If they did, Ueda knew what would happen. They would kill Kame.


The next time Ueda woke, the sun was streaming through the window. He could see Kame watching him.  "Good morning."

"I think its afternoon now." Ueda rubbed his eyes.

"How was your sleep?"

"Best I've hand in a long time."

Ueda wanted to kiss Kame. He fought to move to kiss him, but found it impossible.

"Tatsuya, what's wrong?' Kame asked concerned.

"We can't be together." Ueda decided to tell the truth. "My masters say they will kill you if we get back together."

"Your masters?" Kame repeated. "You have more then one?"

"There are two of them. They are very powerful. I have no doubt that they will fulfill their promise."

"Just who are your masters?"

Ueda tried to say the words, but he couldn't get his mouth to move. He struggled against it. Finally he said. "I can't."

"They've given you a mental block." his lover guessed. "Are they in Johnny's?"

He tried to say yes, but he couldn't, it took all of his will to nod his head yes.

Kame rummaged around in his bedside table and took out a book. The Johnny's index. He sat down on the bed. Ueda sat beside him. "We'll look at each page. If it isn't your master say no. That way when we get to them, I'll know which ones it is."

"All right,"

Kame opened the book. The first section was SMAP.

"No, none of them." 

"Are you sure? Kimura's a very powerful vampire."

"I'm positive."

His lover turned the page to Tokio.

"No, none of them."

Kame turned the page, to V6. Ueda look at the picture of his masters.

"It’s one of them?" When his lover didn't answer, he turned to the back of the book. Where every artist had their own page.

"It's not Tonisen, or Okada." Ueda told him.

"It's Ken and Morita, isn't it?" Kame guessed.

He closed his eyes and looked away.

"We're going to need help," Kame told him. "I know a very strong vampire, he owes me a favor. Perhaps he can help us."

"Can we trust him?"

"I think we can." His lover pulled on his clothes and went to the other room.

Ueda picked up his shirt and put it back on. He wondered who the vampire was.

A few moments passed. His lover returned to the room. "They'll be here soon."


They waited in the living room together. He still felt bad about the way he had loved Ueda. It had felt to him more like abuse then love. Even though, when Kame took his lovers blood, he knew that the loving was mutual. Someday, he hoped when he kissed Ueda, his lover would be able to kiss him back.

Kame turned the TV onto the news channel. There was a report about a body found in the park. The police were still uncertain as to how the man died. A photo was flashed. It was the man he had fed from the night before.

He noticed Ueda watching the report. He looked upset. "Why did you kill him?"

"It was an accident; I didn't realize I had taken too much until it was too late." He lied. "I'm not used to hunting."

"You have to be careful when you hunt.” Ueda seemed to believe him.  "You should have told me. I could have helped you hide the body."

"No, I didn't want to get you involved." He turned off the TV.

The doorbell rang. Ueda went to the door and opened it. Standing before him was Nakamaru and Koki. "What are you doing here?"

"We wanted to see your new apartment." Koki said. "Is that okay?"

"Of course," Ueda let them into the apartment.  He went to Kame, He whispered. "We have to get rid of them."

“Kame’s the one who invited us over." Nakamaru told him.

"Got any blood?" Koki went to the refrigerator. He took out a bottle. He poured himself a glass of blood.

"You should ask before taking my blood, Baka." Kame told him.

"Sorry," Koki drained the glass.

"You're vampires?" Ueda sounded almost panicked.

"Of course we're vampires." Nakamaru said. "You know that."

Ueda looked at Kame. "Why didn't you tell me?"

"I thought you remembered." Kame told him.

"Is there any other vampires in Kat-tun?"

"We're all vampires." Koki said.

Kame put his arm around Ueda. "They are the vampires who I told you about. They can help you."

"I hope so." Ueda seemed to calm down.

"So what's wrong?" Nakamaru asked.

"Remember the night Ueda broke up with me?" Kame asked.

"Of course I remember that night. I didn't get any sleep. I had to spend all night helping you try to find him."

"Do you remember that he left a note asking me to help him?"

"What about it?"

"I've found out who the men who took Ueda were." He took the well worn note out of his pocket. He handed the note to Ueda.

With shaking fingers Ueda opened it and then read it to his friends. "Help me. Their trying to take me away from you. It's to punish you. No matter what they do to me, know I love you. Please, don't forget me. They’re taken you from me, but they'll never take my love for you.""

"Do you remember writing that?" Nakamaru asked.

Ueda struggled to talk.  Finally he shook his head yes. Then he looked at his lover.

"They've given Tatsuya a mental block. I'm not sure what they've done to him." Kame told them.

"Why would they do that?" Koki asked.

"My masters want their secrets to be kept." Ueda said.

"Masters? You're a pureblood. You don't have masters." Nakamaru told him.

"That's part of what they did to him. They've enslaved him." Kame tried to explain. "They had him thinking he was some kind of mutant."

"What did they do to you?"

"I can't talk about most of it." Ueda tried to explain. "The words won’t come out.”

"Telepath it to me."

"I'm not a telepath."

"You're the best telepath I know." Koki told him.

"I can't!"

"They took it from him." Kame told him.

Nakamaru turned to Kame. *Are you sure he's telling the truth?*

*I'm positive.* Kame told him. *They have really messed up his mind. He needs your help.*

*I’ll only help if he wants it.*

*Then ask.*

Nakamaru sat on the coffee table across from Ueda. "I can help you if you let me."

"I don't understand," Ueda said confused.

"Nakamaru’s an expert at breaking mental blocks." Koki told him. "Trust him, he can help you."

Ueda looked at Kame. "I'm afraid."

"I'll stay here with you. I won't let them hurt you." He promised.

"Okay, I'll let you." Ueda decided.

Nakamaru looked into his eyes. After a few seconds he asked. "What happened the night you broke up with Kame?"

"It was late, after a concert. We were tired from the dancing, but it was a good tired." He found himself saying. "We had been invited to a party given by Sakamoto. We were out of blood, so I went to get some more. They were waiting for me. They overpowered me.  Morita said that they had come for Kame, but it would hurt him worse if they took me. They told me they were planning on killing him. They wanted revenge against him. To protect my beloved Kazuya, I had to do what they said. Then Ken looked into my eyes. And everything in my mind changed. They made me believe I was a mutant that would be killed by the enforcers". 

Nakamaru closed his eyes. After a few minutes, he opened them. He looked up to Kame. "He has a lot of barriers in his mind. I've removed all I can."

"But there are still some left." Kame guessed.

"The only way those will be removed is if Ken does it."

"Thank you." Ueda said. "For the firs time in a long time I feel whole."

Kame put his hand on Ueda's shoulder. He tried to hide the worry he felt. Ueda reached up, putting his hand on top of Kame's.

For the first time in a year, Kame felt Ueda touch his mind. There was joy in the touching.  Then Ueda telepathed, *I can remember the past Kazuya.*

*I'm glad.*

*I love you.* Ueda telepathed.

Kame looked at Nakamaru, "Thank you."

"We're not finished they need to be punished." Koki said.

"Can you please give us a few minutes?" Ueda asked. "I need some private time with Kazuya."

"Of course," Nakamaru told him.


They went to Kame's bedroom.  Ueda locked the door behind him. He had many questions for his friend. He could feel that Kame wanted to go back to being lovers. But Ueda's overwhelming guilt prevented him.

"It's been a year. Why didn't you find someone else?" Ueda asked.

"You probably think I'm a baka, but I couldn't give you up so easily." Kame told him.  "Every time you looked at me there was something in your eyes that gave me hope that I would someday get you back."

"I wasn't true to you." Ueda confessed. "I was with my masters."

"Did you want to?"

"What does that matter? I was." Ueda fought back the tears.  "I cheated on you. Every time one of them touched me, I wanted to die. I knew I was betraying you."

Did you want it?"

"I slept with both of them.” He closed his eyes. He knew with his confession he had lost his lover. "I'm a whore, nothing but a whore."

"Tatsuya, if you had the choice, would you have betrayed me?"

"NO! There have only been you in my heart."  Suddenly the dam fell and the tears that Ueda had been holding back came out.

"Let me hold you."

Ueda nodded. He felt Kame putting his arms around him.  He put his head on his shoulder. Kame held him tightly. "I'm going to make them pay for what they did to you."

 *I've done too much to be forgiven.* He tried to put his arms around Kame, but he couldn't.

*There's nothing to forgive.* He kissed his forehead. "I love you, I love you so much"

When he was finished crying, he pulled away from his friend. He was surprised to see Kame's own tears. It took all of his willpower to reach out and touch them.   Then his friend leaned down and kissed him very gently. He tried to force himself to kiss back. But his body wouldn't cooperate.

Kame pulled away from him. "What is it?"

"I still can't kiss you." He confessed. "There's still a block in my mind."

"It’s all right." Kame lied; Ueda could tell he was lying. His friend was disappointed. He wanted to make love to Ueda.

"You can use me again." Ueda offered.

"Last night was wrong." Kame told him. "Lovemaking takes two. What we did last night was too much like me abusing you. I'd rather wait until we both can enjoy it."

Ueda came to a decision.  *Would you drink from me?*

"Are you sure?"

"I might be able to love you with my body, but I can with my blood."

Kame kissed him again. Then his lips left Ueda's neck and traveled their way down his juggler. He could feel Kame's fangs grow. It excited him, and he could feel his own fangs growing.

Kame's bite was very gentle. Then an ecstasy overcame him. He sagged against Kame. He hoped his blood would show his lover his true feelings. He then felt his lovers hand on the back of his head, easing him to his own neck. Ueda bit down, drinking deeply from his lover. Through the blood he could feel the truth that they had never really been apart. Then everything went black.


Kame was the first to wake. He looked at Ueda; he had finally gotten him back. He kissed his lover very gently. Ueda still had mental blocks in his mind. Something was preventing him making physical love. He had learned through the blood exchange that the blocks had been put in place too keep him being able to fight back when he was victimized.

Now would come the hard part. Facing Morita and Ken.

He got up and went into the living room. Nakamaru and Koki were watching TV. Nakamaru looked up to him. '"How is he doing?"

"Better." Kame decided not to tell them he was back with Ueda.

"Did he tell you anything else?"

"I learned a lot from his blood. I wish I could turn Ken and Morita into the enforcers."

"You know you can't do that."

"I know." Kame looked around the room. 'What will happen to them?"

"They will be punished." Nakamaru promised. "I'll make sure they never touch Ueda again."

"Just the three of us will punish them?" Kame asked skeptically.

"We should call Junno and Jin." Koki decided. "Five against two is better odds."

"What about Tatsuya?"

"Tell the truth," Ueda said coming into the room. "I can't be trusted."

"I trust you." Kame went to his side.

"Kazuya, you're a dreamer." Ueda smiled sadly. "We both know they've done things to my mind. Until I'm sure it's all gone, I can't even trust myself."

"Then what will you do?"

Ueda turned to his friends. "If you are setting a trap, you'll need bait. I'll be that bait."

"It could be dangerous."

"So?" He raised an eyebrow. "Kazuya, you know it's the only way."

"I agree with him." Nakamaru said. "We will need bait."

"They might kill you." Kame objected.

"I don't care." he said firmly.

"I just got you back. I don't want to loose you again."

"Then have faith in yourself and the rest of the group." Ueda told him. "Give yourself as much faith as I give you."

Kame nodded his head. "All right, I agree to it."


Ueda lay in his loft bed. He could feel the presence of five other vampires in the apartment. His five friends. He closed his eyes and thought of Kame. His friend was nervous, very nervous.

*Beloved, don't worry.* Ueda telepathed to him.

He could feel surprise from Kame. *I'm still not used to your telepathy.*

"Do you mind?"

"No, I like it." a pause. "When all of this is done, can we make my room, our room?"

"Of course," Ueda promised. He suddenly felt something outside of the building.

*I can feel them.*

Just then his ketai rang. Ueda sat up and answered it. "Hi, Ueda."

"Are you alone?" It was the unmistakable voice of Miyake Ken.

"Yes, I am."

"I feel the presence of other vampires."

"Kame's having some kind of party with the rest of the members of Kat Tun." He explained. "I'm alone in my room."

"Open the window, we'll be right there."

"Yes master." He put down his ketai. He thought of Kame. *They are here.*

He went to the window and opened it. A few seconds passed and Morita and Ken came through the window.

Miyake went to Ueda and grabbed him by the chin. He turned his face sharply. "Look Gotsun, he's has a mark."

"Then our bitch has been a bad boy." Morita snarled. "Tell me bitch, who did you let take your blood?"

"It's none of your business." Ueda said.

"Did you let him make love to you?" Ken looked Ueda in the eyes, and he felt his will waver. "Tell the truth! Who is it?"

"No, I won't tell you."

"It's Kami-sama, isn't it?" Morita asked with scorn.

Ueda could feel Ken enter his mind. It hurt. He gasped in pain. "Yes, it was Kazuya."

Ken punched Ueda hard across the face. "I should turn you into the enforcers! God damned mutant!"

Ueda found himself falling. He could feel the presence of Kame outside of the window.

"What did we tell you would happen to him if you went back to him?" Morita asked. "We'll kill him tonight."

*Don't let them get to you.* He heard Kame telepath. *You have to go on with the plan.*

"Why, why do you do this to me?" Ueda demanded. "Why won't you let me love Kame?"

Morita picked Ueda up by the throat and pulled him to his feet. "How dare you ask me that!"

"Please, masters tell me."

"It's simple really." Morita put him down. "When my mother was only a teen, she was raped by a purebred. She became pregnant with me. I was never acknowledged or wanted by him."

"Gotsun, you've told this mutant enough." Ken warned.

"What can he do with the information?" Morita countered. "You've mentally blocked him. He can't run to my half-brother and tell him the truth."

"Your brother?" Ueda gasped.

"We have the best revenge on that half-brother of mine. He has lost his bonds mate." Morita sneered. "Let him feel the pain I have throughout my life.

"His life has been one of pain." Ueda told him.

"He lived a wonderful life with a   father who adored you."

"What makes you feel that I was so favored?" Kame asked as he came into the room. "I was born of an arranged marriage. My father never wanted me. I was simply another child to add to the purebred supply. I was beaten often when I was a child. Joining the agency was an escape to me...”

Just then, the other members of Kat Tun burst into the room. Koki and Junno grabbed Ken, Jin and Nakamaru grabbed Morita.

"You lie!" yelled Morita as he fought to get away.

"If you would have asked me, I would have told you." Kame said. "Instead you tried to destroy my life."

"I won't believe your purebred lies."

"Let him go." Kame ordered. His friends obeyed.  "If you want revenge, take it on me. Leave Tatsuya in peace."

"Kazuya no!' Ueda moved towards him. He was stopped by his friends.

Morita grabbed Kame by the shoulders. He shoved him against the wall. Ueda watched helpless as Morita bit Kame. 

Just then, Morita let go of Kame. He turned towards Ken. "He was right. He's just like me."

"What about your revenge?" Ken asked.

"It was misplaced." he turned back to Kame. "You have the right to kill me now. It's what I deserve."

"How do you want to die?" The emotion had left Kame's' voice.

"I don't care. But please, spare Ken's life."

"Do you think he deserves mercy?"

"Stop!" Ueda yelled. "You can't kill him!"

"Why can't I?" Kame asked.

"Morita's your brother!"

"I do not want a brother who would hurt you."

"If Ken would take the rest of the barriers out of my mind, I would say let them go."

"You’re kidding." Nakamaru gasped. "I helped remove most of the barriers in your mind. I know what he did to you."

"He must be punished." Koki agreed.

"Then their penalty is Exclusion." Ueda said. "Total and complete exclusion."

"Why do you get to choose our penalty?" Ken demanded.

"Its' the code." Morita said. "The purebred injured party gets to choose the penalty."

"Exclusion, are you sure Tatsuya?" Kame asked.

"If you want them dead, so be it." Ueda said.

"But what do you want?"

"Exclusion is harsh enough for them."

"All right then." He turned to Morita. "Will you agree?"

"Yes," Morita said.” I will agree for me. But please let Ken go. He committed the acts because of his love for me."

"No, Gotsun." Ken said. "If you have a punishment, I must join you in it."

"Before you are punished, I must ask you something." Ueda said.

"What do you want to know?" Ken asked.

I can't love." Ueda told them. "You put something in my mind that keeps me from making love to anyone. I want to know why."

"How else do you think we kept you away from Kame?" Ken said. "We had to put barriers in your mind so that you wouldn't run back to him. That included not being able to love."

"Don't get me wrong, I do hate you." he admitted. “I’ll never be able to forgive what you did to me."

 "I know they enslaved you, and put mental blocks in your mind." Junno asked. "What else did they do?"

"Junno, no, don't bring that up." Kame turned to Ueda. "You don't have to tell. Perhaps it would be best if it were secret."

"No, beloved, it wouldn't'." Ueda told him. He turned to his band mates. "My slavery included sexual slavery. The block that prevents me to love also prevents me to be able to fight back when abused.”

"Before I am punished, would you let me remove those blocks?" Ken asked.

"How can we trust you to do what you’re asked to do?" Kame demanded. "How do we know that you'll hurt him again?"

Ueda seemed to ignore his lover. He stood in front of Ken. He took Ken's hands in his and put them on the side of his head. "Please master, give me my freedom."

"Yes, I will." Ken told him.

Ueda gasped. After a few minutes he opened his eyes. He looked at Ken. "Thank you."

"Say your goodbyes to each other." Kame said.

Morita went to Ken. He put his arms around him. He kissed him very gently on the lips. "I am sorry."

"I love you." Ken kissed him.

"I'll do Ken first."  Nakamaru took Ken by the arm.

"He won't remember me, will he?" Morita said with regret.

"I will leave you friends." Nakamaru promised as he led Ken out of the room.

"I don't understand, what is exclusion?" Jin asked.

It's a total and complete destroying of a bond. Then the addition of blocks that will never allowed the bond to reform." Morita said. "It is what I tried do to with Ueda and Yuichi. It's a penalty I deserve."

A few moments later, Nakamaru came for Morita.


After everyone left, Ueda was alone with Kame in his bedroom. Kame sat on the bed, and watched as Ueda went around the room lighting candles. His mind no longer felt confused; instead he now had all of his memories.

"I missed your candles." Kame confessed.

"I had them burning yesterday." Ueda reminded him.

"That was different. Those candles were evil. The ones you are burning now are comforting." Kame tried to smile. "Their souls are better."

"Candles are candles, they don't have souls." Ueda said as he turned off the lights. The room was bathed in candlelight.

'That's not what you told me." Kame lay back on the bed. 'You taught me to see life in everything. Even something as little as a candle."

"Oh I see,"

"When you were a slave, could you remember our being lovers?" Kame finally asked.

"Yes," Ueda told him. “I couldn't remember too many details. I just knew that I loved your very much.”

"What did you remember?"

"I used to play keyboards for you. I can remember you smiling as I played." He smiled at the thought. "I felt so happy, as if we would be together forever."

"But then the bad time came." There was pain in his voice. "When my Tatsuya left me. When there was just hollowness in my soul. For the first time since we became lovers, I was alone." Ueda realized for the first time that Kame was in just as much pain as he was. "I would hear you’re playing through our dorm walls. I would close my eyes and pretend you where playing for me. But always I had to open my eyes."

"I used practice with my eyes closed. I could almost see you in my bed, watching me play." Ueda told him. "But I too always had to open my eyes."

."Would you play for me?" Kame asked quietly, so quiet that Ueda almost didn't hear him. “I’ve so missed your playing."

Ueda went to the keyboards and turned it on. He sat down, and then turned to Kame. "What would you like for me to play?"

"The night before last, when you where in your room, I couldn’t help but overhear something you played" He confessed. "It was like you where speaking to me through the song. I would like to hear all of it.”

 Kame had heard his song. Ueda looked down to his hands, his fingers trembling. "You would?"

"I've heard it several times during the year. Every time I heard it, I felt as if you where touching my soul.” Kame paused. "You don't have to play it if you don't want."

"I must play it for you. I wrote it for you. It's called Kazuya's song." Slowly Ueda began to play. The emotions he felt over the past year welled up in him. Tears rolled down his cheeks.

Kame got to his feet. He moved so that he was standing behind him. Then Ueda felt Kame put his arms around him. He leaned back against his lover as he played. 

"That was the most beautiful song I've ever heard." Kame confessed.

"I never thought I would play it for you." Ueda reached up, touching Kame's arm.

Kame moved so that he was kneeling beside the bench. Ueda realized that Kame was crying too. He reached out, touching his friend's tears. Then he kissed Kame's lips. His friend sighed, and kissed him back. They cried as they kissed.

*I missed you so much.* Kame pulled him onto his lap. *I never thought I would get you back.*

"You'll always have Me.* they kissed again. Ueda put his arms around Kame's neck. He could feel his friend pulling his shirt up in back, running his hand beneath it

*I want to make love to you, here on the floor."

"Kazuya, are you sure?" Ueda telepathed as they kissed. He could feel his friend's fangs growing. It excited him.

"We won't be back together, until we make love." 

Ueda pulled away from him and quickly took his clothes off. He watched as his lover slipped his own clothes off. Then Kame took him by the hand and pulled him back onto his lap. Then the two lovers made love for the first time, all over again.



Kame woke. He was still lying on the bed. He could hear the sound of Ueda playing on the Keyboards. It was just like their first time. His lover looked like an angel in the morning light. Ueda was nude, his body beautiful. His angel was back, never to be taken away.

. Ueda was playing Kazuya's song. This time, his lover looked happy as he played. His lover looked at him and smiled. It was the first real smile he had seen from Ueda in a year. The smile spreading to his eyes. "How was your sleep?"

"Wonderful." Kame sat up. He watched Ueda play. "Can I ask you a favor?"

"You can ask me anything."

"Can I move into your bedroom?"

Ueda's smile grew wider. "Baka, you all ready have.”

"Your bed is a lot more comfortable then mine." He couldn't help but smile too "Besides, your keyboard is in here."

"You still like my practicing in the morning?"

"I've missed it." He paused.  "I’ve never had anyone write me a song before."

"I'll write you more songs." Ueda promised.

"Perhaps, but this one is special. It's the song that brought you back to me.” Kame held out his hand. "Come back to bed Tatsuya."

Ueda went back to the bed. He settled beside Kame, and then kissed his lips. He rolled so that Kame was lying on top of him. Then yet again, Kame made love to Ueda. Kame was happy, very happy. For the first time in a very long time, he had his Tatsuya back.