Tomorrow People Episode Listing
(Old Series)

1st Season

The Slaves of Jedikiah (episodes 1-5): Stephen breaks out as a Tomorrow Person, and begins to learn about his special powers and what it was like to be a TP. But not before Jedikiah and two henchman, Ginge and Lefty, come after Stephen and the rest of the Tomorrow People. But who's giving them their orders? A one-eyed monster named Cyclops? What does he want with them?

The Medusa Strain (episodes 1-4): Stephen spots something in hyperspace, and Carol and Stephen go off to investigate. But when they come back everything has stopped. Who is that young boy calling for help, a Time Guardian named Peter? And who is this new enemy, another form of Jedikiah? Has he come back for revenge?

The Vanishing Earth (episodes 1-4): Something fishy is going down, not just the increased amount of natural disasters across the earth. But it looks like Saps are beginning to disappear, and a mysterious woman, Joy, has her eyes set on Ginge. Who is this older man, named Steen, who watches everything going on? And how will the Tomorrow People stop the natural disasters before they tear the earth apart?

Second Season

The Blue and the Green (episodes 1-5): A new Tomorrow Person, Liz, joins the Tomorrow People, and Kenny and Carol leave for the Galactic Trig. But a classmate of Stephen's keeps painting pictures of other worlds, and they seem to cause his class to break into sudden outburst of violence . Violence begins to break out all over the world near the changing pictures, and Robert appears to be a part of it. What happened to John? Does Robert have control of him too?

A Rift In Time (episodes 1-4): It looks like Peter's sending John and Stephen dreams, of a Roman vase? On the vase John finds instructions to build something, something they have no idea what it will do. And when Stephen touches it, he doesn't jaunt, he simply vanishes. What happened? Is Stephen caught in time, or will this somehow lead to Peter eventually? But when they find Peter, the Tomorrow People's powers stop working. How will they manage?

The Doomsday Men (episodes 1-4): Stephen infiltrates a private school for training Doomsday Men, a group of people who want to preserve the "noble" act of war. But it looks like some other Doomsday Men have taken control of the space station Damerclese, a space station with nucleor missiles pointed at the earth. How can the Tomorrow People stop them? Do they have time?

Third Season

Secret Weapon (episodes 1-4): Professor Cawston shows up, and has somehow found a Tomorrow Person before he had broken out. But the government becomes involved in Cawston's research, and Tyso suddenly disappears! When Stephen comes in to infiltrate the place where Tyso was being kept, he disappears also! What are the government doing to the telepaths? And who is Tricia, someone who can read minds? What will the Tomorrow People and Cawston do?

Worlds Away (episodes 1-4): Timus would like the Tomorrow People to infiltrate a Kultan controlled planet, and destroy the machines that take away the special powers of telepaths. However, if they don't succeed it is not likely they will get off the planet for a long time. Who is the young girl, Lydia, and the Vesh takers? And how will Liz and Tyso escape the "burning" when they are captured?

A Man For Emily (episodes 1-3): A couple bizarre aliens come to earth, in search of fresh food supplies. But they have only seen the earth through old western video clips, and Elmar goes down to earth with a cowboy hat and loaded pistol. When he is captured by the police, The Mama threatens to destroy the earth. And it looks like Emily wants John to be her man-boy?

The Revenge of Jedikiah (episodes 1-3): Jedikiah is back, with a lust for veangence. Has he taken on the form of Stephen? But who else? Tricia? Professor Cawston? Evergreen? And poor John and Liz, after snooping around the Experimental Weapons Establishment, they are shot and almost killed! How will the Tomorrow People survive?

Season Four

One Law (episodes 1-3): The Tomorrow People return from the Galactic Trig, and believe a new Tomorrow Person is breaking out. But who is trying to take advantage of Mike, and how will he escape? What about his mother and sister, who are imprisoned with him?

Into The Unknown (episodes 1-4): Qwaan, an alien, stumbles across the earth calling for help with S.O.S. But he doesn't have enough power to escape, so must return to the father ship to die? How will the Tomorrow People help him? And what is this hole in space, that they keep drawing closer too? How will they possibly escape?

Season Five

The Dirtiest Business (episodes 1-2): The government believes that the Tomorrow People are hiding a Russian spy named Pavla, who apparently has the ability to read people's minds without them knowing it. Where is Pavla? And how will Mike help her, if she doesn't want to be helped?

A Much Needed Holiday (episodes 1-2): It's clear all the Tomorrow People need a holiday, and it's also clear Timus has more in mind for them when he picks the planet to vacation on. Who are the two poor boys chained together, muddy, and starving? Are they being forced to mine diamonds with the rest of the children from the planet? Who's forcing them?

The Heart of Sogguth (episodes 1-2): It looks like Mike and his pop group, "The Fresh Hearts", are really beginning to make it big. But what does their new manager, Jake, have in mind for them? Could it be Jake's being controlled by an evil no more dangerous then the devil himself? And are John and Mike being controlled by this same evil?

Sixth Season

The Lost Gods (episodes 1-2): Liz is off at the Galactic Trig, and Mike gets to make his first solo flight in John's bi-plane. But who is trying to contact him in the middle of the air? Could it be Hsui Tai, a goddess who will be burned to death soon? Is she a new Tomorrow Person, and how will Mike reach her?

Hitler's Last Secret (episodes 1-2): A new fashion craze has hit the world, of Nazi uniforms? Are the children of the earth being controlled by Hitler? Did he really die, or is instead a galactic criminal who changed time? How will Mike regain control before he begins to worship Hitler?

The Thargon Menace (episodes 1-2): Two Thargon escape to earth, intending to build a rip-o-ray. They try to take advantage of the Tomorrow People, but when that doesn't work they try to take advantage of the mad-man General Papamine. But when he double-crosses their double-cross, how will the earth save themselves from the destructive power of a rip-o-ray?

Seventh Season

Castle of Fear (episodes 1-2): The Tomorrow People are disturbed by dreams, of a horrible headless Highlander? And the Lochness Monster? Is this a coincidence, or the images sent by a Tomorrow Person breaking out? And how will they find Andrew?

Achilles Heel (episodes 1-2): Two aliens come to earth, in search of a mineral which will take away a telepath's special powers. What will they plan to do with this when they get it? Flood the universe with it? And when all the Tomorrow People receive this radiation, how will they stop them?

The Living Skins (episodes 1-2): A new fashion craze has swept the world yet again, except now of Bubble skin jumpsuits. But what are these jumpsuits made of, and why are Hsui Tai and Mike acting so strangely when they put on the jumpsuits? Could these jumpsuits be alive?

Eight Season

War of the Empires (episodes 1-4): Two empires battle fiercely, the Thargons and Sorsens. But what happens when they get too close to earth, and will the Galactic Trig ever do something about it? What if the Sorsens land on earth and try to recruit earthlings to join in the battle? Will nobody listen to the Tomorrow People when they say war is wrong?

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