Title: Turquoise Ring
Author: Kyoko_godaikun
Rating: Yaoi
Fandom: Ryo/Uchi
Summary:Ryo Loses Uchi gets him back and loses him again.

Note: No evil!Ryo. But it does have some angst

Good friends, that's all they were. At least that was what Nishikido Ryo insisted. He liked the English term, friends with benefits. Ryo swore up and down that he was straight, but he called Uchi his boy hole, straight men sometimes used boy holes he had heard. Uchi Hiroki was simply a friend with benefits.


Ryo told himself he was using Uchi, but really he loved Uchi more then anything.


One early summer night Uchi and Ryo went out drinking with dates.Ryo liked older woman, because they were less likely to tell the press on them. Besides, they were more likely to sleep with him.He had even found a date for Uchi. He knew that Uchi hated going on the dates, but he did it because Ryo asked.


They where at a park. The woman had gone to the rest room.


Uchi tried to snuggle against Ryo. Uchi was very drunk. He seemed to always drink too much when Ryo forced him to go out with women.


The older boy pulled away from him. "We canít touch in public."


"This isn't public," Uchi tried to get even closer. "It's just us!"


"You can't touch me!" Ryo snapped. "I don't want anyone knowing I'm gay!"


"We're boy friends." Uchi tried to object.


"You're just a boy hole." Ryo said harshly.


Uchi looked at Ryo. Suddenly he looked very sober."I want to break up with you."


Fine," Ryo told him harshly. "It's not like we're really together. All we have is a friendship, with benefits."


"You mean I mean nothing to you?"Uchi looked on the verge of tears.


"Of course not. I only use you when I can't get a girl to fuck." Ryo said harshly. He felt please with himself when Uchi began to cry.


Just then Ryo's date came out of the bathroom. He grabbed her, kissing her on the lips.


"What's that for?" The woman asked.


"Let's go back to my apartment." Again, he kissed her.


"What about Uchi-kun?" She asked.


"He can take care of himself." With that he turned and left.


The next morning Ryo was told that Uchi had been arrested for being drunk in a public place. The agency soon announced that Uchi was suspended.


Ryo blamed himself. He shouldnít' have been so drunk. He should have taken care of Uchi. But when he tried to contact his friend to apologize Uchi refused to see him, telling Ryo it was better this way.




Time passed. Ryo fell into a spiral of depression. The depression caused by the fact that he didn't realize just how much he loved Uchi until he was gone. That was all he could think about. His friend's face haunted his dreams. He blamed himself for Uchi's punishment. Any time Ryo did anything, the thought kept running through his mind. He was the one that left Uchi alone and drunk. It was his fault that Uchi was suspended.


Then one day, it was announced that Uchi would come back as a trainee. Everyone in the agency was excited. There was hope that if Uchi trained enough that he would be allowed to rejoin his groups.


Ryo suddenly decided he needed to train more. Perhaps then he could accidentally run into his ex-lover. He practiced day after day without seeing Uchi. He decided one more day.


He saw Uchi in the hallways with Kusano, they were now room mates. They were walking close together. Kusano said something into Uchi's ear, and his friend laughed.


Ryo tried to hide his jealousy. He knew that one day Uchi would move on. But it  hurt. Watching Uchi with someone else make Ryo feel like a stake was going through his heart.


"Hiroki," Ryo gasped.


Uchi looked up to him. Their eyes met for a brief second. "Ryo...I mean Nishikido-sempai."


"Can we talk?" He asked his friend.


Uchi glanced at Kusano. "I'm sorry sempai, I'm late for practice."


Then Uchi was gone almost like he was never there.


Ryo's heart began to race. "Heís back, He's back."


He hastily scribbled a note to Uchi. He had to talk to him. To apologize for how he had hurt Uchi.


Ryo went to the Trainees practice room. Just outside the room on shelves were the Trainees bags. He could recognize Uchi's. It was lavender and purple and looked really girly. He wondered why Uchi still used it. Ryo had meant it as a gag gift after winning it on a TV show.


Ryo unzipped the bag and stuck the note in. Perhaps, Uchi could see it. Then perhaps they could be friends again.




Finally the long training session was over. Uchi's body ached, but he knew it was good for him. Perhaps if he worked very hard he could be a junior again.


He went to the hallway and grabbed his bag. It was lavender and purple. Uchi had adored it when he saw it in a claw machine. Kanjani 8 had been filming a TV show at an arcade. He tried several times to win it with no luck. Then Ryo had given him a bad ass smile, sauntered to the machine and with the first go, won the bag.


Uchi felt disappointed. One of Ryo's major rules was he never shared his winnings with anyone else.


Uchi was surprised when they got to their apartment that Ryo handed it to Uchi. "I can't believe I won something so girly. You better take it."


The bag was very special to Uchi, for Ryo had won it for him. Ryo who had never given anything to anyone gave him a gift.


Uchi opened his bag. There was a piece of paper inside. He recognized Ryo's loopy handwriting. Ryo asked him to please come to his apartment. There was something there he had to talk to him about. It wouldn't take long, ten minutes at the most.


"What is it?" Kusano asked he too was getting ready to leave.


"Nothing," he lied.


"It isn't anything is it?" Kusano snatched the paper away. "Oh god! It's from Nishikido-kun!"


"Hush! No one must know!" Uchi looked both ways to see if anyone was watching.


"Are you going to his apartment?"


"I don't know," Uchi admitted.


"You have to go!" Kusano told him. "Don't worry, I'll cover for you."



Uchi showed and changed into fresh clothes before he went to Ryo's apartment. He wasn't sure why he did this, Ryo told him he wanted to talk to him for only ten minutes. He hoped, perhaps after all this time the two of them could be friends.


Summing up all his courage, Uchi rang the doorbell.


A few moments passed. Ryo opened the door. "Come in."


Uchi came into the apartment. Ryo shut and locked the door behind him. Uchi went to the couch and sat down."You wanted to talk to me."


Ryo sat down on the couch with him. "I wanted to tell you I'm sorry."


"You're sorry." Uchi repeated. He couldn't believe his ears.Nishikido Ryo apologized to no one.


"Your suspension is my fault," Ryo continued. "If I hadn't left you, none of this would have happened."


"It doesn't matter." Uchi told him. "What happened was in the past. We can't change it."


"Why didn't you tell me you where coming back?" Ryo continued.


"I thought you all ready knew," Uchi said softly.


"I missed you," Ryo reached out and touched Uchi's cheek.


Uchi sighed and closed his eyes. "Please sempai, don't touch me."


Ryo let his hand drop. "You and Kusano?"


"We're good friends." Uchi admitted.


"Will we ever be friends again?" Ryo asked.


"No, we can't." Uchi said sadly. "Itís better if we're not friends. Our lives have taken different paths."


"What if I told you I loved you?" Ryo asked.


Uchi flinched. "Ryo-Chan, I can't be your boy hole any more."


"What if I really did love you?" He persisted.


"Don't do this; I know you use people's feelings for you against them." Uchi said softly. "That's all you are, a con man."


"I do love you." He took a ring out of his pocket. "I bought this for you. I really want you to take it. Think of it as a thank you present."


"You want me to be your boy hole again." Uchi guessed.


"Stop using that word!" Ryo snapped. "We were together a very long time. I never gave you a ring. I want to give you one now. Simply to remember what we had."


Uchi took the ring from Ryo. He opened the box. It was the Indian Turquoise ring that Uchi had so admired. He had always wanted it, but Ryo said it was stupid to give a boy hole a ring.


He looked at Ryo, really looked at him. His friend was crying, and for the first time, he realized that Ryo really did love him.


"Would you put it on me?" Uchi asked.


"If you want." He took the box from Uchi, and then took the ring out. He took Uchi's right hand in his and slipped the ring on.


Ryo kept hold of Uchi's hand, just looking at him. His eyes afraid.Uchi had never known Ryo to be afraid of anything. Now it seemed almost like Ryo was a different person.


"I forgive you," Uchi told him. He leaned forwards and kissed Ryo on the lips.



Ryo sat on the couch, he couldnít' believe that Uchi was kissing him. He hadn't expected this. All he wanted to do was apologize. But now Uchi was kissing him, and suddenly everything felt all right.


Uchi pulled away from him. "What's wrong?"


"I never thought I would ever be kissed by you again," he confessed. "You don't know how much I've missed it."


Uchi moved closer to Ryo, and then he pulled his friend onto his lap. Uchi was taking the lead. He always wanted to, but Ryo had always forbidden it. But it would be different this time.


Uchi was kissing him again. One hand went around his shoulders, the other between Ryo's legs.


Just the kissing felt so good so right, Ryo kicked himself for denying Uchi what he wanted.


Ryo opened his mouth, and Uchi pushed his tongue in. He loved Ryo with his tongue. He felt Uchi pull his shirt up in back. Soon he was helping Uchi take off his shirt. Then Uchi took off his own shirt. Then they were kissing again.


"Hiroki-Chan?" Ryo asked between kisses.


"Mummm?" Uchi was concentrating on Ryo's neck.


"I want to be your boy hole."


Uchi pulled away from him. His hand went to Ryo's cheek. "You're not a boy hole."


Ryo moved so that he was rubbing against Uchi's hardness. "Please, Uchi, please make love to me."


"You don't like being bottom. You say it hurts." Uchi reminded him.


"I trust you," Ryo told him. "I want to be completely yours."


"All right," Uchi agreed. "Do you have any lube?"


"In the bedroom." He got off Uchi's lap. "Let's go."


Ryo couldn't believe he was doing this.Never in their long relationship had he ever let Uchi top him. He found the bottle of lube. He pressed it in Uchi's hand and kissed him.



Ryo pulled his jeans and underwear off, and then he got into bed, lying on his stomach. Just like he had insisted Uchi doing.


He closed his eyes, he heard Uchi take off his pants, then climb up on the bed. He tried to relax, so that it wouldn't hurt so much.


But Uchi wasn't a selfish lover like Ryo was. Instead, Uchi told him. "I don't want to do it that way."


"What do you mean?"


"Get off the bed for a moment," Uchi commanded. Ryo did as he was told. Uchi took all the pillows on the bed, and stacked them on the middle."Lay on your back on this."


Ryo lay back down. Uchi got between his legs. Ryo closed his eyes, preparing for the pain. But instead he felt a cool finger press against his hole.


"Relax Ryo-Chan. I'm going to do one finger at a time until you're ready."


Ryo nodded. The first finger entered, it hurt and Ryo couldn't help but clamp down. He felt Uchi's hand on his cock pumping it. Ryo couldn't help it, he began to relax. A second finger entered him; the two fingers began to make love to him as his hand made love to his cock. A third finger entered him. Stretching him, but this time the pain was a lot less.Then finally he inserted his fourth finger. His fingers hit Ryo's secret spot, and Ryo arched back moaning.


"Like that?" Uchi asked.


"I'm ready," Ryo panted.


The fingers inside him were removed, but still the hand on his cock kept pumping. He felt something hard brush his hole. Then it entered him. It hurt a bit, but nothing like the pain he had experienced before. For the first time ever, someone inside him felt good, really good.


"I'm going to begin to thrust," Uchi told him.


Ryo nodded. Uchi began to slowly thrust. In, out to the point were he was almost out of him, and then back in.


His hand left Ryo's cock, and he moved put his arms around Ryo. Pulling him up onto his lap. So that Ryo was now sitting upright.


Uchi kissed him again, deeply, hungrily. Ryo was now on top, and now even with Uchi buried inside him, in control.


They kissed as Ryo moved up and down. His cock trapped between their bodies, being stroked with ever move.


"I love you," Ryo gasped before he pushed himself down as hard as he could. Then he erupted, he could feel Uchi arch back screaming Ryo's name.


Afterwards, they clung to each other, until Uchi soften and slid out of Ryo's body. Then Uchi wiped clean his body. Ryo took Uchi's hand and sucked off the sperm.


Uchi pulled Ryo back down to the bed, covering them both with the covers. Ryo put his head on Uchi's shoulder. He felt Uchi put his arm around him.


"Did it hurt?" Uchi asked.


"It felt wonderful." Ryo kissed him chastely. "I love you."


"I love you to." Uchi began to stroke Ryo's hair. Ryo couldn't help it, he fell asleep.





Uchi woke with Ryo curled up on the bed beside him.Last night had been a night of many first; the first time Ryo let Uchi make love to him. The first time Ryo had told him he loved him. Ryo had even given Uchi a ring.


What he had to do next broke Uchi's heart. He went into the living room. He found a piece of paper and a pen. Then he began to write.


"My Beloved Ryo,


"Last night will be a night I always cherish. A night which all my dreams came true. I was the happiest man in the world when you told me you loved me, and gave me your ring.


You know the agency forbids trainees to even talk to debuted stars. What we have now is a forbidden love. I can't risk you becoming what I am.


I must complete my punishment. If I work even harder, perhaps I'll be allowed to be a junior. Then perhaps someday I'll be allowed to debut again.


But even though we won't be able to be together, your love will give me strength. If a miracle happens, and I am allowed to come back. I hope you are there waiting for me.


I love you. I am leaving you because of that love.Please do not try to contact me. I will not change my mind.


I will always wear our ring, to remind me of you.


I will always be yours,




Uchi went back into the bedroom. He looked down to Ryo. He set the note on the now empty pillow. Tears rolled down Uchi's face. "Sayonara my love." Then Uchi left, never to come back.