Author: Kyoko_godaikun aka Sentaikat
Genre: Bishonen ai
Rating: PG

Dedicated to moritaskamineko

For giving me the bus idea


Number Two

By Kyoko_godaikun aka sentaikat




Number two, number two. I was always number two in the group.

The cool one to counter your restlessness.

We were always paired up together. You, me in photos, songs. Always together.

I never minded being your number two.

 For you had the good looks, the charm, the charisma that I could never have.





I was always the number two. I liked being number two.





Then you left, I became number one.

Everyone thought I missed you, that I was in love with you.

But I never loved you. You even asked me to go with you,

To leave the group. To go study in a place called America.

 I had to say I wouldn’t' go with you.





They didn't know you like I did. They didn't know you shared your love.

With me, with Yamapi, with anyone who caught your eye.

You were a bird, and like all birds, you needed to fly.

I am a turtle; I must stay on the ground.



I was your number two, and I didn't mind.




I never loved you. I loved someone else. I still love him.

He doesn't know. How can he know? He doesn't love me.

He is strong, his eyes are beautiful.

They are dark java pools that I want to dive into.



I sit by him on the bus on another road trip.

We are friends, but that is all.

I would do anything for his smile.

His smile makes my bad days wonderful.




His shoulder invites me. I put my head on it.

The sound of the bus begins to lull me to sleep.

I feel him put his strong arms around me.

He's stroking my hair. He's everything I want in a man.

I know he's not a bird. He would stay with me.

Only that is, if he loved me too.




He is my number two, and I love him.





You put your head on my shoulder.

My lovely, beloved turtle.

I take you in my arms. You are so thin against me.

You're not eating again, and I worry about you.

You are much stronger then anyone gives you credit.





I will not hurt you the way that he did.

I would not cheat on you with Yamapi, everyone else in the group,

Including me.

You would be my only one, my precious.

You are the only one in my heart.

A rare gem that I would protect with my life.




I’ve become your number two. I like being your number two.





When he left, he hurt you.

I hate him for what he did to you.

If he ever dares come back,

I will repay him for everything he did to you.




I am your number two, and I will protect you.




You are asleep on my shoulder. You wake with a start.

You wake, looking at me confused.

"You won't leave me?" You ask. "Please say you'll never leave."

"I'll stay at your side forever." I vow to you.

"Really?" You ask, thinking of the one that left.

"Yes, really." I promise.




For I am your number two and I love you.




You put the arm rest up so that we are now even closer together.

You are now so close to me, that you are almost on my lap.

I hold you; all I can do is hold you.





Then the words, I never thought I would hear.

"What would you do if I said I loved you?" you asked.

"I would tell you I loved you too." I said.

You look at me, in the dark; I can see your smile.

A special smile, just for me.




You then cuddle more against me.

You love me, I can't believe it.

I want more then just the words.

I take your chin in my hand, and tilt your head up.

Then I am kissing those lips, the lips I've longed to touch.

"I love you," You sigh.





We have our first time on that bus.

Our actions so loving, so quiet.

But in time, you hold a hand over my mouth.

I scream your name.



I am finally yours, I want the world to know.

I am your number two.




When we're finished, we put on our clothes.

Then I hold you yet again.

But this time I'm yours.




I'm your number two, body and soul.




I will not hurt you, I will not cheat on you.

I am number two,

you are my number one.

I am glad,

because I love you.