Title: Ueda and The Little Black Puppy 1/?

Author: Kyoko_godaikun

Rating: PG

Genre: Strange

Pairing: JunDA

Note: This takes place before Words Can Cut Deeper Then A Sword

Summary: Ueda is mad at Ryo so turns him into a miniature puppy. Will Junno's quest to make everything right backfire?


Taguchi Junnosuke lived in a place where magic was as natural as breathing. Where, if you had the talent, you were trained to be a witch. People thought it was a calling. Witches helped the Earth. Still, at the same time they had ordinary lives. Junno was a member of the group Kat-Tun.

Dressed in all black from his head to his toes, Ueda Tatsuya came into Kat-Tun dressing room. He set a cage on his dressing room table. Inside of the cage was a little brown puppy, a cocker spaniel only a tenth the size of a normal puppy. The puppy did not look happy and whined its displeasure. It wore a muzzle on its little snout.

"What's that?" Junno asked looking up from his script.

"A puppy." Ueda said as if he couldn't believe his ears. "Haven't you ever seen a dog before?"

"Well, I know that." Junno told him. "Using it for a spell?"

"No, he is a spell." He glared at the toad. "It's Ryo."

"Ryo?" Junno repeated.

"Yeah, he was cheating on me again with Uchi, so I turned him into a puppy." Ueda said matter of factly.

"You can't be doing that!" Junno warned. "Just because someone makes you mad, doesnít mean you can turn him into a puppy."

"Why can't I?" he glared at Junno.

"It's evil."

"Well, so am I!" Ueda insisted.

"But why a puppy?" Junno persisted. "Why not a rabbit or something?"

"I love dogs."

Just then Maru came into the dressing room. He glanced at the cage. "Who is it this time?"

"Ryo." Ueda shrugged.

"Good, he deserves it!" Maru patted the cage. Ryo growled, but couldn't do much more, since he was muzzled.


Hell had no fury like Ueda scorned. Anyone who was foolish enough to go out with him usually ended up being a miniature animal by the end of the relationship. Koki spent two weeks as a dog. Maru a koala. The list went on and on of people who had once been an animal because of Ueda. Of course none of them had a memory of being an animal. That was part of the spell, the forgetting part. Still, it seemed to make Ueda happy.

When Junno would find out, he would usually be able to turn them back. He felt as if it was his duty. It was usually heartbreaking to see the little animal in the cage, a muzzle on its face. Junno hated cruelty to animals.

Witches were the stuff of fantasy for most people. But not for Junno. He came from a very long line of witches. But unlike Ueda, he always used his powers for good.

Junno sat in the dressing room, looking through the book of spells that his grandfather had given him for his sixteenth birthday. He had to find something that would make Ryo human again.

"You're not going to be able to reverse this one." Ueda told Junno as he looked at his magic book.

"Why can't I?"

"Because I used the blood of Gackt for this spell." Ueda said snottily.

Junno sighed. The blood of Gackt. Japan's most evil sorcerer. He had been the one to train Ueda. Usually spells with the blood of Gackt involved a whole lot more to reverse it then a regular spell.

"All right, what will it take?"

"I have to fall in love with Ryo, and I'll never do that!" Ueda told him.


Weeks passed as Ryo stayed a puppy. Ueda wisely didn't turn him into a frog, because all he would need was a princess to kiss him. And Kanjani 8 had several. Besides, Ueda was a dog lover.

Junno looked at the tiny puppy in the cage. He would have petted it, but it being Ryo meant that the puppy was mean spirited.

"I have to find a love spell." Junno told his friend another white witch. Kat-Tun had three magical people in the group, Ueda, Junno and Maru.

"A love spell? You know many of them." Maru yawned. "Why come to me?"

"Because all the spells I've used on Ueda so far won't work." Junno said frustrated.

"Of course they won't work. Ueda's evil." Maru shuddered. "I was stupid and tried to date him! Koki told me he turned me into a koala."

"I just thought...."

"Well don't." Maru cut him off. "Just don't. It won't stay for long and when Ueda finds out, he'll turn you into something."

"So how will we ever rescue Ryo?"

Maru wrinkled his nose. "Who wants him to be rescued? I mean it is a lot quieter around here without his nasty presence."

Ryo growled in agreement. Junno glanced at it. Then took a deep breath. That was when he realized he had to turn Ryo back. Junno was afraid what kind of evil spells Ryo could do as a puppy.


Junno studied and studied. Going through books thousands of years old. He called the best white witches of several countries. But none had any suggestions that would help him. Junno was about to give up hope, when a little voice told him to go to Gackt.

Finally, Junno did what he should have done in the first place. He went to the abode of Gackt. It was nothing like Junno expected; it looked like a European medieval castle inside of a luxury flat. Various unearthly creatures milled in the apartment. Most of them ex boy friends of Gackt.

Junno was ushered into Gackt's study. A place full of crystal balls and ancient books.

"Why are you here?" Gackt finally asked.

"I need your help." Junno told him.

"What kind of help?"

Junno explained about the spell Ueda had put on Ryo.

Gackt glared at Junno. "Are you sure you want to reverse this spell?"

"I have to, for humanitarian reasons."

"Then it's very simple, say the spell backwards." Gackt said with a flick of his wrist.

"What will I owe you for this?"

Gackt smiled evilly. "I have a plan. Don't worry; it won't be against your white witch code."

"Thank you."

Gackt snapped, and suddenly Junno couldn't move.

"Youíve been predicted in all my castings." Gackt told him. "You are the one that will eventually take Tatsuya from the dark side."

Junno tried to talk, but couldn't.

"It will be a loss of course, but I tire of him." Gackt ran his hand over Junno's body. "He never had his heart fully evil. Probably because his mother is a good witch."

Junno gave up on talking, it didn't matter. He knew that Gackt was going to do something to him, and there wasnít' anything Junno could do about it.

Gackt picked up a goblet. He put it to Junno's lips. "Drink."

Junno found himself drinking. The potion was bitter. But Gackt wouldn't remove it from Junno's lips until it was all gone.

"Now the price you have to pay. Your body is mine to play with for one night. Donít' worry. You wont' remember what I do to you."

The next few hours were like a dream. Gackt telling him to take off his clothes. Against his will, Junno undressed then kissed Gackt's lips.


Junno woke; he was sitting in his dressing room. He had no idea how he got there. The last thing he could remember was talking to Gackt. His body ached; it was quite obvious to him that he had done something with someone. Then a brief memory. He had been with Gackt, as his plaything. He wondered what else Gackt had done to him. Junno realized couldn't even trust himself.

Just then, Ueda came into the dressing room. He set the cage with the miniature dog on the table and went into the other room.

Junno quickly made the spell. Ryo suddenly was on his feet, nude in the dressing room. "What the hell is going on?"

"You've spent the past month as a puppy." Junno tried to explain.

"You're insane." Ryo said. "I am a sorcerer. There's no way I can be turned into a dog!"

Just then Ueda came into the room. He glared at Junno. "Oh no you don't!" Ueda quickly made another spell. "You will always be a dog."

"You're insane Tatsuya!" Ryo sneered.

Ueda's chanting got louder. He pointed at his ex-lover. Ryo ran out of the dressing room.

A beam came out of Ueda's finger; it deflected off the mirror and hit Junno. Junno was caught by the spell. The last thing that Junno heard as a human was Ueda swearing that Junno will never turn human again until Ueda falls in love with him.

Junno felt himself turn into a puppy. It was a strange feeling, as if being suddenly very, very drunk.


"Junno!" Ueda screamed, he ran to his friend. Now a little miniature puppy. Junno was a tiny black Labrador retriever puppy. Only a quarter the normal size of a puppy. His eyes large and expressive. He was so adorable. It took all of Ueda's will not to want to pick up the puppy and love it. The thing almost begged to be cuddled.

"Is that you Junno?" Ueda repeated. "All you have to do is think, and I will know."

"Yes, it's me." Junno thought. That was a talent that Ueda had, he could read dog's minds.

"I'm sorry, I'm so sorry." Ueda began to cry.

"Why don't you turn me back?"

"I can't." Ueda sobbed. "I was very mad at Ryo. I made it so that the only way you'll be turned back is if I fall in love with you. And I can't love. I'm evil."

"It's all right, I have faith that you'll figure out something." Junno thought loyally.

Ueda picked up the tiny muzzle. "I'm afraid I'm going to have to muzzle you. It's for my own safety."


"Everyone I turn into a puppy always bites me." Ueda explained. "So I have to muzzle you."

"All right," Junno stood very still as Ueda put the muzzle on his face.

Ueda was surprised, Junno didn't fight. The other puppies had always fought when the muzzle was put on them. "I need to put you in the cage."

"If that's what you want." Junno didn't fight as Ueda picked him up and put him in the cage.

"Are you comfortable?"

"No, I'm not. Can I have a pillow or something?"

Ueda took his fluffiest towel out of his bag; he put it in the bottom of the cage. "That should make you feel better."

Junno got onto it, and then sat down. "That feels much better. Thank you Tat-Chan."

"You're welcome." Then, because he had to, Ueda closed the cage.


Time passed, Ueda would take Junno out of his cage, and he would gently take off the muzzle. Then he would place the bowl of food in front of Junno. He should have given Junno dog food like he had the other ones he had turned into dogs. Instead, Ueda had brought Junno's favorite fried rice. He had put it in a tiny bowl for Junno.

Junno began to grow. Little by little, he grew. None of the other puppies had ever grown. A few had even shrunk.

"Thank you for the food," Junno telepathed. "It was really good."

"Do you need to go to the rest room?"


Ueda picked Junno up. He was getting bigger, almost the same size as a real puppy. He set Junno down on the litter box he had bought for Junno. The other dogs had to use the cage, but Junno was different. Junno was kind to him. So Ueda found himself being kind back to Junno.

After going to the restroom, Junno thanked him again. He went to the cage and nudged the nuzzle.

I don't understand, you want the nuzzle."

"When you trust me, you will stop using it." Junno told him telepathically.

Ueda moved to put the muzzle on Junno. The look in Junno's deep brown eyes makes him stop. "If I leave this off of you, will you bite me?"

"Of course I won't." Junno promised. He stands still, like he always did before Ueda put on the muzzle.

Ueda picked up the muzzle. It was a new one, the old was too small. Junno was still growing, Ueda couldn't understand why.

"I can't do it. I can't put it back on you." Ueda tell him. Instead of putting the muzzle on him, he reached out, and petted Junno's head.

"You better put me back in the cage." Junno suggested.

Ueda looked at the cage. It was so small, and now Junno was so big. Junno seemed so uncomfortable in it. But he went without protesting.

"Tonight, do you want to sleep in the bed with me?" Ueda asked.

Junno wagged his tail happily.

Ueda picked him up; he put him on the bed. Then he got under the covers and turned off the lights. He felt Junno move close to him. He curled up on the pillow beside Ueda's.

"Good night Tat-Chan." The little dog told him.

Ueda reached out, stroking Junno. Then he closed his eyes. He touched Junno's mind. The feeling was so intimate, so special. One that was so much like love. When their minds touched, Ueda realized that Junno might be in the shape of a dog, but inside, deep inside he was the same Junno he had known before he had turned him into a puppy. But there was something else Ueda felt from Junno, friendship. Junno now considered Ueda his friend.


"Are you coming to work with me?" Ueda asked Junno the next day. He had never asked before, always just picked him up, shoved him in the cage and carried him.

"I have every day," Junno reminded him.

"I mean, do you want to go?" Ueda persisted.

Junno looked down, "If that is what you want." He walked to the cage. Suddenly he looked as depressed as a dog could look.

Ueda might be evil, but he wasn't usually evil without a reason to be. He took a bracelet out of his jewelry box. "You're too large for the cage. Why donít' we try a collar and a leash?"

"All right," Junno trotted to stand in front of Ueda.

Ueda knelt in front of him. "While you wear this, you'll never forget about your time as a dog. I wish you would never forget. I wish the goddess of goodness would let you keep your memories of being a puppy."

Junno moved his head up, and Ueda placed the bracelet around his neck.

"How do I look?" Junno asked.

"You look like a star." Ueda smiled a smile that came from his heart.

Junno couldn't help it; he wagged his tail in happiness. Ueda picked Junno up in his arms and cuddled him. Junno was such a cute puppy. Ueda wanted to kiss him, but didn't. It would be silly to kiss a dog. Besides, Junno didn't have feelings for him.


Junno was beginning to change his mind about Ueda. He had always thought of Ueda being evil through and through. But as a dog, he was learning another side to Ueda. There was kindness in Ueda's heart. Junno didn't expect that from him. He had learned so much from Ueda from their mind share.

Ueda carried Junno into the studio. He was going to appear on Shonnen club, sharing Maru's dressing room. People fussed over the small puppy, Ueda proudly telling everyone that it was his dog.

Ueda took a cushion from the chair and placed it on the small couch. Then he set Junno down on it. "There you go, nice and comfy."

Junno sat on the cushion. It feels good, thanks."

"Oh look, you're latest dog." Ryo said coming into the room. He reached out to pet Junno, but instead, grabbed his ear and twisted it hard. It hurt, and Junno cried out in pain. "Have you been hurting him the way Gackt-sama told you to?" Another turn, this one harder.

"Leave him alone!" Ueda told Ryo. He rushed to Junno's side, picking him up, pulling him away from Ryo.

"You know the law, turning him into a dog is only the first part of the punishment." Ryo reminded him. "The other part is torture."

"I can't torture him." Ueda admitted.

"Then give him to me, and I'll fulfill the law." Ryo grabbed Junno out of his hands. Then again he began to pull on Junno's' ear, so hard that he felt blood drip down his face.

Junno closed his eyes and chanted a protection spell. Of course it was hard doing that as a dog.

Ueda raised a hand and chanted a spell in a language that Junno didn't understand. Then he went to Ryo and took Junno out of his hands.

Ryo almost zombie like walked out of the room. Ueda shut and locked it. Then he set Junno down on the table.

Finally Ueda said something Junno never expected from him. "I'm so sorry."

Ueda found cloths, and began to tend to Junno's wounds. Ueda's hands as very gentle as he took care of Junno.

"You're not responsible for how Ryo behaves." Junno reminded him.

"Yes I am." Ueda said softly. "Part of the law states I am supposed to hurt you. But I can't."

"What law is that?" Junno had never heard of any law that mandated hurting someone.

"The dark law." Ueda said simply.

"What happens if you don't follow the law?"

"Gackt-sama will hurt me." Tears began to fall down his face. "I don't care what the law says, I can't hurt you."

"What makes me different then the other animals?" Junno asked. "You were able to hurt them."

"That's because what I did to them was to punish them." More tears fell. "But what happened to you was an accident. You've done nothing wrong."

That was when Junno realized that Ueda was just as much of a prisoner as he was. Instead of a dog, Ueda was evil and didn't' really want to be. Junno wanted to kiss Ueda badly, but he couldn't because he was a dog. Instead, he licked the tears off of Ueda's face.


Ueda had asked Kame to dog sit Junno. Ueda had been called to Gackt-sama's place. Junno didn't ask what Gackt-sama wanted; he knew that it was better if he didn't know. He didn't want to think of Ueda being with Gackt-sama. Though he knew that was what was happening. Gackt-Sama used sex spells. When he did, he always called a follower to be his aid.

Kame was hanging out in the bedroom since the living room didn't have electricity. He had turned something on TV. Kame had no idea that Ueda was turning people into dogs. Instead, he believed the cover story that Ueda had thought up. He was a foster parent for dogs.

There was something wrong with Kame, Junno could sense it. There was a fresh bandage on his wrist. No one really talked about the problems Kame was going through. The sickness that had taken over his mind. The pain that was so deep that no one could help.

Junno got up on the bed with Kame. He curled up beside Kame, putting his head on kame's knee.

"You are so nice, just like the real Junno." Kame began to pet Junno.

They watched TV together. Kame petting him most of the time. Kame seemed so happy when he was able to pet Junno. Kame had a dog, but he lived with his parents. They had decided that he was too ill to have a pet.

Junno decided that he would give Kame a dog when was able to be human again.


Ueda returned near dawn. He found Kame sleeping on his bed, Junno curled up near him. He felt a pang of jealousy. Junno was his boy friend; he shouldn't be curled up anywhere near Kame.

Then Ueda stopped himself. He had thought of Junno as a boy friend, not a dog. Not a little puppy that would stay at his side forever.

Uedaís whole body hurt. He had been punished by Gackt-sama; enduring the tortures that Gackt-sama wanted him to do to Junno. He had become the whipping boy. All he had to do to make the pain stop was to promise that he would hurt Junno.

Ueda swore that would never happen. He would never hurt Junno. So instead, he had been hurt almost to the point that he had given in. But he hadnít, his feelings for Junno gave him strength.

"Every thing has a price." Gackt reminded him over and over. "This punishment is so that you can have your freedom, or else you can torture Junno like an evil one."

Ueda endured, so that he could pay the price for his freedom. By the end of the night, Gackt told him his services were no longer needed. Ueda was free.

Ueda undressed and went to the bed. Then he reached out and petted the sleeping Junno. His friend opened his eyes a bit.

"I'm home,"

"Welcome home." Junno said in his mind.

Ueda got under the blankets, careful not to disturb the sleeping Kame. Junno moved closer to Ueda, his body very close to his.

"The next time, I'm going to turn Ryo into an iguana." Ueda promised. "Then I'm going to stick him in the freezer and let him die."

"What did he do?"

"He told on me." Ueda sighed. "I got trouble with Gackt sama."

"I'm sorry,"

"I'm not," Ueda said softly. "He has given me my freedom. I no longer have to serve him."

"Can you explain something to me, about when you do evil?" Junno asked the question he had been wondering about.

"I do evil to someone who is evil to me. I do good to someone who is good to me." Ueda said. "Itís like the balance of nature."

"I see," Junno said though he couldnít' see at all.

"I can't hurt you." a tear rolled down his cheek.

"Don't cry Uebo," Junno told him. "I'll be with you always."

Junno moved closer and licked Ueda's face. The licks were so loving. .Why did they feel like kisses, and not dogs licks? It was almost if Junno loved him, but Ueda knew that was silly. Junno was good, Ueda was evil. They weren't anything alike. Why did Gackt say that they were destined to be together? Junno licked him even harder. Ueda reached out, and petted the little dog. The one that grew more and more every day. The little dog that Ueda had fallen in love with.



Junno had been a dog for so long. The memories of being in Kat-Tun seemed so far away. Junno knew that there was some time distortion as a dog. It would stay daylight for a week, then the night a week too. Months passed with Junno this way. Then the months turned to years. Junno had a new life. He was Ueda's loyal dog. He had learned so much from his friend, how his friend wasn't very evil at all.

Junno's body began to ache. His back hips began to hurt. His hearing too had begun to go. He was getting older, while Ueda, his wonderful Ueda stayed the same age, as if he was immortal.

"Today's the day that we're going to be on Music station." Ueda told him as he got ready.

"Take me with you," Junno begged.

"I can't," Ueda sighed. "I really wish I could but the studio doesn't allow dogs."

"You can sneak me." Junno suggested.

"You're too big to sneak." Ueda knelt on the ground; he hugged Junno around his neck.

"I wish I could hold you in my arms." Junno told him softly. "Just once I want to feel your lips pressed on mine."

"I do too," Ueda's arms got tighter.

"It will never happen," Junno said sadly. "I am just a dog. You're human."

"What if I turn you back?"

"If you could, you would have by now." Junno licked Ueda, the only way that he could kiss him. It was horrible for Junno this way, being so much in love with Ueda. But he could do nothing, absolutely nothing. So instead, he gave Ueda the only thing he could, his undying love.


More time passed. Junno got a nick name from the other members of Kat-Tun, the ever growing dog. Junno was now a large dog. He couldnít' sleep on the pillow anymore. Instead, he slept stretched out beside Ueda on the bed. The last time Ueda had weighed him, he weighed 55 kilograms. He was a huge dog.

Ueda didnt' mind Junno's size. He would pet and caress Junno. His fingers getting lost in the deep doggie brown eyes. There was something going behind those eyes, the sadness that sometimes reflected in them.

Still Junno grew and grew. He now weighed more then Ueda did. He was now bigger then a dog. But still he looked like a dog, and he had begun to act like one.

Ueda came home late, after a Music station appearance. Junno is waiting for him, as always. The bracelet that Ueda had once put around his neck had grown with Junno, it was still his collar. But there was now a tinge of grey in Junno's muzzle, a cloud in one of his eyes.

"Thanks for leaving the TV on for me." Junno told him.

"Did you stay up to see Music Station?"

"Yeah, I watched it." Junno said depressed. "I used to always love appearing on Music Station."

"You will again,"

"Don't lie to me." Junno told him. "I won't ever be on Music Station again. I want to perform. I miss being on stage at your side." Junno paused. "Gomen, I didn't want you to know."

"You'll perform again," Ueda promised.

"It's been so long." Junno said. "Even if I turned back to human, the fans might not remember me."

'How long do you think you've been a puppy?"

"It's been years, perhaps ten." Junno said softly. "I've lost track of time. But it's been too long for me to return. Such a long time."

'But do you want to return?" Ueda persisted.

"I'm sorry I complained. I don't mind being a dog. I like being at your side this way." Junno said quickly. He put his head on Ueda's knee.

Junno was lying, Ueda could feel it. The first time that Junno had lied to him. But he was lying to make Ueda feel better. Ueda could feel the truth from Junno without Junno telling him. Junno desperately wanted to be a man again. He craved holding Ueda, to touch him, to kiss him. To be Ueda's lover. But so much time has passed for Junno. For Ueda their relationship had been only a few weeks old. For Junno their relationship had been a long one, over a decade.

That's when it hit Ueda. Junno was now a dog. He would live a dogs life span, which was much shorter then a humans. There would come a time very soon, when Junno would die of old age, and Ueda would still be alive.

"Do you know how long you've been a dog?" Ueda repeated.

"It's been so long, I told you, I'm not sure."

"It's been a month." Ueda said sadly. "Only a month."

"Why does it feel longer?"

"Because you're living a dogís life." Ueda stroked Junno's head. "Their life span is shorter, so days seem longer to them."

"If I'm at your side, it won't matter to me." Junno vowed.

"I will find a spell Junno." Ueda promised. "I'll make you human again."


More time passed, three more weeks. Ueda spent all his spare time trying to find spells to reverse the spell on Junno. He knew that his friend would forget once the spell had been reversed. That the closeness they had would be gone. They would go back to not being friends. Ueda's feelings no longer mattered.

Days passed, and Junno got even bigger. The quest to make Junno human was increasing his growth. Junno was getting very, very, very big. Ueda took Junno to the park for a walk. Junno was about the size of a horse. Ueda of course had to put a distortion spell on Junno, so that everyone would see him normal sized. He couldn't put a spell on Junno's hair. His nuzzle was almost all grey. He was beginning to have troubles getting around. He was also loosing his hearing. Junno was getting old.

Junno didn't say anything to Ueda, but his friend could tell Junno was beginning to have problems. It now seemed like they had been together twenty five years to Junno. Time was flowing over his friend like a rushing stream. If Ueda couldn't reverse the spell soon, he knew he might loose him.

"Can we take a break?" Junno had begun to limp in pain.

"Sure, we've walked for a while." Ueda sat down on a park bench.

It took several moments for Junno to get situated. Sitting down seemed to be harder then it should for him. Finally, he was able to sit down beside the bench. Ueda reached out and petted him.

Just then Nishikido Ryo walked into sight. Ueda's ex-lover had dived deeply in the dark side to the point that there was no good in him. He enjoyed hurting innocent creatures.

"Oh look, the old dog." Ryo mocked.

"Junno's not old." Ueda defended.

"Gackt-sama didn't tell you did he?" Ryo countered. "He didn't tell you the whole truth of the animal spell, did he?"

"Tell me what?"

"The bigger Junno gets, the more time speeds up for him." Ryo smiled sadistically. "If he gets much bigger, he will die soon of old age."

"Why are you telling me this?" Ueda asked impatiently.

"Because it wont' hurt so much for me to kill him." Ryo took out a wand, a dark black one that had been given to him by Gackt.

Ueda leapt to his feet, he stood between Junno and Ryo. "Leave Junno alone!"

"He's going to die anyway," Ryo sneered. "Why not now?"

Ueda could hear Junno saying a spell behind him. Junno's spells hadn't helped much, not since he had turned into a dog. Ueda realized Junno wasn't saying a spell to protect himself, instead the spell was for Ueda. Love; there was so much love from Junno. Even when his life was at risk, the love was there.

"I won't let you hurt him!"

"What are you going to do to stop me?" Ryo reached out his hand, and suddenly Junno fell to the ground crying in pain. His paws trying to remove something from his neck.

"Junno, what's wrong?" Ueda asked concerned.

"I'm being choked!" Junno telepathed. Then suddenly Junno slumped to the ground, unmoving.

"He's going to die, and there's nothing you can do." Ryo gloated. "Unless you kill me. But you can't. You're not evil any more."

"I'm not am I?" Ueda countered. He raised his hands and said the transformation spell. He hated Ryo, for all of his evilness. Junno was close to death. All that mattered to Ueda was to save Junno. He made the curse complicated, with the only way that Ryo would be saved if someone fell in love with him. Then Ueda stretched out his hand. Beams shot from his fingers. When the beams stopped, a full sized Komodo dragon stood in front of him.

Ueda rushed to Junno's side, he said a brief restoration spell. Junno looked up to Ueda. He was now the size of a large van. The grey now covered his entire face. "Are you all right?"

"I'm fine, what about you?"

"I'll live," Ueda reached out, touching his friend.

"What about Ryo?"

"He's a Komodo dragon." Ueda glared at Ryo.

"Call someone; tell them to take him to the zoo." Junno said. "No matter how evil he is, he doesn't need to be out where someone could kill him."

"He tried to kill you," Ueda reminded him.

"Yes, I know. But this is different isn't it?" Junno said. "A zoo would be a perfect jail for him."

Ueda called Maru, who said that he would take care of it. Then Ueda looked at Junno. "We need to go to my mother's house. She's a good witch. I think she can help us."

"Then letís go." Junno decided.

"How? You're so large."

"Climb on my back, I'll carry you." Junno got down as low to the ground as he could.

Ueda was able to climb onto his back. He held onto the bracelet that he had given Junno as a collar, the one that had grown with him as time had passed.

Junno begins to walk away. Ueda can hear emergency vehicles in the back ground. He says a brief spell so no one will see them.

"Why are you doing this for me?" Ueda asked. "You're getting so old, why are you trying to help me? You should rest."

"I have to help you." Junno said softly. "I'm in love with you."

Ueda didn't answer, though he felt the same way for Junno. But evil sorcerers didn't tell people they loved them. So instead, he held onto Junno's collar as tight as he could. Tears ran down his face. Junno was dying of old age. Ueda had to rescue him. But by doing so, it would make Junno forget everything that had happened as a dog. By saving Junno's' life, he would loose him. But for Ueda there was no choice. He loved Junno more then himself.