Junno was on the trip a life time, to take Ueda to his mother's house. Junno is still a dog; he's been a dog for such a very long time. He feels as if it he has been a dog longer then he's been human.

The walk is a long one. Junno is tired. But Junno keeps going. His limps as he carries his love. He does this because of his love. As he walks, he feels himself growing again. That no longer matters. All he cares about is Ueda.

Junno can no longer remember why Ueda is going to see his mother. But he will take him. Even if it takes a week, Junno will get Ueda to his mothers. Something tells him if he grows too much more, he will die. He doesn't want to die, but he has to save Ueda.

Junno feels Ueda holding onto his collar. It should hurt, the tugging from Ueda, but it doesn't. It also doesn't hurt to have Ueda on his back. It feels good to have his friend snuggled up against his back. Ueda's legs holding him tightly it reminds Junno of his quest. The reason he is doing all of this. For Ueda, only for Ueda.

What hurt is Junno's hips. He begins to limp again. His feet too have become callused. He needs to stop, to rest, but he can't. Ueda needs him.

They arrive at the sea. It's so vast, so wide. Even though Junno has grown, it looks huge. He stands there at the sea, looking out at it. There is a ferry service, but Junno is too large for the ferry.

"How are we going to cross it?" Ueda asked.

"I'm a lab. I can swim." Junno told him. "Just hold on."

Ueda holds on, Junno gets into the water and swims.

It doesn't hurt so much when Junno swims. The pain is almost all gone in the water. He feels as if he's free in the water. His tail he uses as a rudder. It takes a little effort to keep him so that Ueda is above the water.

"Tatsuya?" Junno asked. "You know how your mother lives on the seaside?"


"Can I swim you there?" Junno paused. "It doesn't hurt so much when I'm swimming."

"Sure, that's a good idea." Ueda snuggles against him.

While Junno is swimming, all he can think about is his Ueda, his Tatsuya. His world. He feels himself growing, it doesn't matter. Just like the stings of the jelly fish don't matter. Junno will get Ueda to his mother's house, if it's the last thing he could do. As a final act of love to Ueda.


Ueda watches the sun set as he rides on Junno's back. It is getting really dark. If they don’t' stop soon, they'll get lost.

"Swim to the side," Ueda tells Junno telepathically. Junno can no longer hear with his ears.

"Yes, I will." Junno barely makes it on land when he collapses on the rough sand. Junno is so very tired. He had grown even more. His beautiful black coat is now almost all grey. It is tinged with sores that were made by jelly fish.

"Do you want something to drink?" Ueda asks concerned.

"I am so thirsty." Junno admits to him.

Ueda looks around; he finds a child's wading pool. He pulls it to Junno. It takes him longer to find a hose, but with that, he is able to fill the wading pool.

Junno laps up the water with his tongue.

"Thank you," Junno says when he is finished.

"Why don't we rest here tonight?" Ueda suggests. Before Junno can say it's all right, he'll go on. Ueda quickly says. "I am so tired. I could really use a nap."

"If that's what you want."

Ueda reached out and stroked Junno's large snout. He can see his mother's house from where they were. He could walk there quickly, but Junno needs his rest.


Ueda woke up; he was sleeping on the sand, Junno's body acting almost like a tent. He got up and checked Junno. His friend's coat is now all grey. His breathing is hitched, labored. Junno was in a much worse condition that Ueda realized. Old age had finally caught up with Junno. He was dying.

Junno's eyes open a bit. "Is it time for us to go?"

"Why don't you rest here?" Ueda suggested gently.

"No, I must get you to your mothers." He tells Ueda. "Please, get on my back."

Ueda does as he asks. It takes a great effort for Junno to stand. His whole body shook with pain. Ueda could feel the pain through their telepathic bond. So old, Ueda could feel that Junno had realized it was his last mission. The last thing he would do with Ueda.

"Where is your mother's house?" Junno asks.

"It's right over there, the yellow house." Ueda could feel his heart break.

Junno drug himself to Ueda's mother's house. He collapsed in the back yard.

*I did as I promised, I got you here." Junno gasped. It was now getting hard for him to telepath.

Ueda climbed off of his friend. "Thanks for bringing me here."

'Tat-Chan, I think I'm dying,” Junno said very softly.

"No, you can't die." Ueda insisted, though he knew it was the truth.

"I'm not afraid to die." Junno telepathed. . "We had some good years together. The best ever. I just wish I could have been human with you, just one day."

"I wish that too," Ueda admitted.

"All these years, I just wanted to hold you. The way you used to when I was a puppy." Junno told him. "I guess I'm silly to have that wish."

"No, it isn't silly." Ueda paused. "I have to get my mother. She can help you."

"Yes, all right." Junno gasped. "I'll wait for you in heaven."

"I'm evil, I won't go to heaven." Ueda said sadly.

"No my love, you're not really evil." Junno insisted. "You will be in heaven with me."


Ueda ran as fast as he could to his mother's house. He didn't even stop to change his shoes. That could wait. He had to keep Junno from dying.

"Mother, there's something that's happened to my friend." Ueda said in a rush.

"Take off your shoes!" Ueda-san demanded, she was working at her desk.

"But mother! It's an emergency." Ueda countered.

"Take off your shoes," She repeated. "Even a member of the dark side knows how to act in this house!"

"Yes, mama." Ueda took off his shoes, putting on his slippers.

"Now, what's wrong?" Ueda-san asked gently.

"My friend is dying." Ueda told her. "I know he's dying. He's gotten so old. His only wish is to be human again, even for a minute, so I can hold him. But I can't even give him that wish."

"Tell me all about It." his mother said.

Ueda tried to explain the whole thing to his mother. But it was hard, his concern for Junno talking over almost everything.

Ueda's mother went to the window and looked out at the very large dog that was lying in her back yard. "Your right, he's a dog."

"Mother, that's not what I meant!" He tried to stay calm. He wasn't in the mood for her teasing.

"So who is this?" She asked.

"Taguchi Junnosuke."

"Oh, one of your group members. I remember him, really nice guy." She nodded. "He's huge. How did he get so big?"

"I don't know," Ueda confessed. "Everyday, he gets bigger and bigger. I can't control it."

"Of course you can't." She smiled. "How big was he when all this started, when he first was a puppy...?”

"He weighed a kilogram."

"Taguchi-kun didn't shrink or stay the same, he grew." She guessed.

"Obviously mother." He glanced at Junno. "He gets bigger and bigger every day."

"You want to get Junno small again?" She guessed. "Then he can be your puppy forever?"

"No! I just want him back, the real Junno." Ueda told her. "I can't figure out how to do it."

"Have you tried spells?"

"They won't work." Ueda said morosely.

"There's one thing you can try." his mother suggested. "Tell him you love him."

"That's it?"

She smiled. "That's it. Just tell him you love him more then anything. You have to give your heart to him. All of it. You can't hold anything back."

"He'll forget." Ueda reminded her.

"Perhaps he'll remember, perhaps he'll fall in love with you again, but you have to try." She insisted.


Ueda went back outside. Junno was lying on the ground. He was barely breathing. Dying, Ueda realizes that his friend is dying of old age. His whole body grey.

"Junno, it's me." Ueda telepathed. Junno can no longer hear.

"I got you to your mother," Junno gasped. "Are you happy?"

"Yes, my love." Tears poured down Ueda's face.

"I am dying," Junno said softly. "I wish I could have held you just once."

"I talked to my mother." Ueda told him. "She told me what I should do, how I could save you."

"Do you think it will work?" There was hope in Junno's mind.

"I think it will. But things will change once I do this." Ueda said softly. "If I do this, you will forget."

"I won't forget." Junno promised.

"You will its part of the spell." Ueda insisted. "Everyone I've ever turned into an animal has always forgotten. So I know you will too."

"Do you really want to reverse this?" Junno persisted.

"I have to. I have to think of you. Not me. It's best for you to be human. That's what you are meant to be."

"I won't forget you." Junno promised again.

Ueda sat on the ground. He began to stroke Junno's massive paw. Ueda knew that in these final minutes, Junno had the right to know everything.

"My mother told me the reason you began to grow." Ueda began. "Every time I loved you more, the more you grew."

"I thought it was because my heart grew bigger at loving you."

"I love you," Ueda sobbed. "I love you so very, very much. I never thought I would ever love anyone. But I love you."

"I love you too." Junno said softly.

"For now, you love me. But in a minute all that will be forgotten."

"If we are meant to be together, it won't be forgotten." Junno said wisely.

"I am so sorry I turned you into a puppy. I love you so much Junno. I think that the only thing I will regret is that you won’t' remember the time we spent together...” Ueda began to sob. "I can no longer be selfish. I have to think of you. Not just me. All I want to do is save your life. To give you a happy life. My feelings no longer matter."

Then Ueda kissed Junno very gently. He could feel Junno change, suddenly very suddenly, Junno became a human. A man covered in sores from his trip to Ueda's mother's house. He looked young again.

Junno's eyes centered on Ueda. Very weakly, Junno said. "Tat-Chan?"

Ueda took Junno into his arms, holding him gently. Junno's body nude, covered in the wounds from the trip. He has a grey streak in his hair. Junno's breathing is still very shallow.

Ueda leaned down; he pressed his lips to Junno's. Junno was dying; there was nothing Ueda can do to stop it.

: My wish, thank you." Then Junno's eyes flickered shut.

Ueda began to sob, he cradled Junno to him. It had all been too late to save his friend. The first person Ueda had ever loved.



Grief swept over Ueda's body. Ueda was holding the only man he ever loved. Junno had stopped breathing. His body so still. Junno had gotten his wish, to be able to have Ueda hold him, but now he had died.

Ueda cried, he couldn't help it. He had lost Junno. His friend was dead, before they could become lovers. Before anything wonderful could happen between them.

Ueda's evil side wanted revenge, but he fought it. Junno wouldn't want him to have revenge. Junno wouldn't want Ueda to make Komodo dragon stew out of Ryo.

He felt his mother pull him away from Junno. He was too upset to fight her. He watched as she checked Junno.

'I think I got here in time. He's only slightly dead." Ueda-san told her son. She closed her eyes and says a spell over him. "We need to get him to bed. So that he can rest."

"But he's dead!" Ueda insisted.

"He'll get better." Ueda-san chided.

"He’ll live?" Ueda asked his mother doubtfully.

"Of course he'll live!" She rolled her eyes. "Didn't I teach you the magic of love is stronger then the powers of evil?"

"The power of love?" Ueda repeated.

"Don't tell me, that half brother of yours had made you even forget the power of love." Ueda-san said unbelieving.

"You mean Gackt-sama?" Ueda guessed.

"I shouldn't have let your father take you." She told him.

"But I wanted to live with my father," Ueda pointed out. "My going to him was my choice."

"If you would have stayed with me. Your father wouldn't have turned you over to that Gackt" His mother pointed out. "He had to teach you the black arts. Didn't he?"

“The black arts are part of my heritage.” Ueda reminded her. “Just like the good is also a part of my heritage.”


Ueda's mother insisted on putting Junno in Ueda's bed. Ueda didn't like it, not one bit. They should have called the police, have someone take away Junno's body. But Ueda knew from experience not to argue with his mother. If she wants him to put his dead lover in his bed, he will.

Ueda was the one that put Junno in bed. Making sure that he was covered up. So that when they did decide to call the police they wouldn’t' see the sores on Junno's body from the jelly fish stings. They wouldn’t' see the open blisters on his hands and feet from the journey.

The tears came again. He picked up Junno's unmoving hand and kissed it. His friend still wore the bracelet, the one that had once been his collar. It was now on his wrist. Ueda would let Junno be buried with it.

Ueda wished that Junno was alive. It didn't matter to him if Junno could remember him or now. All he wanted was his friend to be alive.

He would be the one to protect his friend, until his mother's spells worked, if they worked. Ueda wasn't too sure that they would. How could someone raise someone else from the dead? And what did slightly dead mean? He had never heard of that term before.


Ueda was sitting in front of the small alter that he had created for Junno. It was white witches alter, because Junno had been a white witch. He prayed to his friend. Telling him exactly how much he loved him. While he did, a tear rolled down his cheek. He would have given anything to save Junno.

"Tatsuya, I need you to do something." Ueda's mother returned to the bedroom. She was carrying a tray.

'Yes, mother." Ueda got to his feet.

Ueda's mother handed him a bowl. "This is a healing potion. I want you to rub it on Taguchi-kun's body."

"Mother, I really don’t want to do it." Ueda admitted. He wasn't sure he could touch Junno, to feel his cold skin beneath his hands. He wanted to remember the warm, gentle friend. Not someone who was cold who would never warm up again.

"Why not?"

"You wouldn't understand." Ueda looked away from her.

"What's there to understand?" She countered. "You love him, he loves you."

"You mean he did." Ueda said sadly. "He's dead."

"He's only slightly dead." She reminds him. "It has to be you that do this."

"Why me?"

"Because you’re the one that loves him." His mother smiled.

"He wont' remember our love when he wakes." Ueda said sadly.

"If the same thing happened to you, what would he do?" She asked.

"He would take care of me." Ueda admitted.

"You have to believe in the magic of love." Ueda's mother told him. "The magic of love can over ride any spell."


Ueda set the tray on the bedside table. Then he gently uncovered Junno to the waist. The magic of love. That sounded crazy to Ueda. How could love be a form of magic?

He dipped the cloth into the potion. Junno still had injuries from the trip. He picked up one of Junno's hands. It was covered in blisters. The blisters he got from walking such a long way.

Ueda began to clean Junno very gently. He began to talk to Junno. He knew it wouldn't matter what he said. But Ueda had to say it.

"I'm going to miss those times we slept beside each other on my bed." he began. "I know you were a dog, but it was nice to have you at my side."

On and on he talked to the dead Junno. Cleaning him the entire time. Tears fell down Ueda's face. He knew it was as weakness, but he loved Junno anyway.

Then when Ueda finished cleaning, and the potion was all gone, he covered Junno back up. Tucking the one he loved in. hoping beyond hope that Junno would be all right.

Finally, Ueda decided to do something, something that Junno had wished for the entire time of their strange relationship. Ueda bent down, and kissed the unconscious Junno's lips very softly. He let his lips linger over them.

"I love you," He told his friend. "I know you won't remember, but that won't stop my love for you."

Suddenly, very suddenly Junno breathed. His chest falling up and down. Then another breath.

The potion had worked. Ueda found himself crying tears of joy. He had to get help.

"Mama!" Ueda ran into the hallway. "He breathed!"


Ueda ran and got his mother, who was working on another potion. As the small town's resident white witch, she was always in demand for her potions.

"Junno's breathing!" Ueda said excited. “Come quickly!”

Ueda's mother followed Ueda into his bedroom. She examined his friend. "This is good news.

"He's alive?" Ueda insisted. "He has to be alive!"

"Well, he's slightly alive. You still have to work on making him completely alive."

"Slightly alive?" Ueda echoed.

"Don't worry, I have a potion that will help," His mother tried to reassure.

"Why does white magic take so much effort?" Ueda sighed. "I mean with dark magic, we could have had this over and done a long time ago."

"Do you think that Taguchi-kun would like you using dark magic on him?" His mother said disapprovingly.

"I wouldn't tell him." Ueda said quickly.

"Tatsuya, what do you think would happen if he did find out?" She countered.

Ueda sighed. "Why on earth did you marry an evil sorcerer?"

"I loved him," She said simply. "But our marriage didn't last long, you know that."

"But if you hadn't married him, I might not have turned out so evil." Ueda pointed out.

"If I hadn't married him, you wouldn't have been born." She countered. "I know you're half dark, but that doesn't mean you have to use dark powers."

"Gackt said I had to use my dark powers." Ueda told her. “He says that I was born to be evil.”

"Gackt is just bitter that your father left his mother for me." Ueda-san said.

"Okay, then why did you keep father's family name since you remarried?" Ueda asked the question he had wondered about for years.

"Simple, I wanted to have the same last name as my son." She said. "I was only thinking of you."

"Thank you," Ueda told her.


Even though he was breathing, Junno couldn’t move. He felt like he was in a coma.

Junno knew he was in a bed, he could feel that. Everything seems like a dream to him. He wasn't too sure were he was. Just that he was alive. It's like a strange disjointed place. Almost like floating in water.

Junno had dreams, like all dreams he is human. He dreams of Ueda at his side.

First he saw Ueda mourning for him. He had a small alter set up for Junno. Junno saw with relief that it is a white witch alter. Photos were set up on it. One of him as a puppy, one as a human. He could feel Ueda's prayers.

Mourning? Junno realized he must have died, though he doesn't feel dead. He feels living. The big loyal dog. One that had only one wish, to be human again.

Junno could float to places, anywhere really. He went to the sea side and watches the children play. Then he returned to the house. He didn't want to get lost. He wasn't sure he would be able to find his body again. Something told him that he must know where his body is.

It's important to Junno to know where Ueda is. He found Ueda at the shrine. For the first time, Junno realized he saw himself. In the corner of the bedroom that Junno's body is resting. It isn't the body of the black lab; it's the body of a man.

He watched as Ueda prayed to him. His friend felt guilt for his death. Junno wanted to tell him that it isn't his fault. But he can't telepath to him. Ueda can't hear his words.

Later, Junno watched as Ueda takes care of his body. Ueda talked to him, like he was there, pouring out his feelings to Junno. Then he kissed his lips gently.

Junno found himself returning to his body. He didn't like the feeling of being in his body. It hurt, his whole body hurt as if Junno had been in a terrible accident.

Ueda cared for him. Again, Junno could hear Ueda talking. Junno tried to telepath, but Ueda can no longer hear him.

Then very suddenly, Junno was awake, but he couldn't talk. Ueda took care of him, out of love. The only thing Junno could do is lay there and let Ueda fuss over him.

Time didn't go fast for Junno anymore. It's was back to normal speed. Slowed down by every tear, ever kiss of Ueda's.

Junno could breathe. The breaths didn't hurt the way it did the last few weeks of being a dog. His body hurt like nothing he felt before. But it didn't matter to him,

Ueda was always at his side. Caring for Junno, who still couldn’t move. Cleaning him, talking to him. Being there for him. Never giving up on Junno.

The love Junno felt, so very much love. His friend loved him, loved him so much that he would have given his life for him.

Finally, Junno could feel his fingers, eyes arms. He had human arms and fingers, not dogs. Junno was human he realized. It isn't just a dream. He opened his eyes. Ueda was moving around the room. Then he stopped in a corner and knelt. He was praying at the shrine again.

Junno watched the man he loved. This time with his eyes. Not some where from near the ceiling.

Ueda finally got to his feet. He whipped a tear from his eyes. He turned to Junno, going to him. Junno watched him. Ueda hadn't noticed that Junno was looking at him.

Ueda picked up a bowl of potion. He set it on the bedside table. He began to pull down Junno's blankets. When he realized that Junno was watching him.

Junno's eyes settled on Ueda, and he said the first words he's been able to say in such a long time. "Tat-Chan."



Ueda was taking care of Junno. He had put the latest bowl of his mother's potion on the bed side table. That was when he realized that Junno was watching him.

"Tat-Chan," Junno gasped.

Ueda sat on the edge of the bed. His friend was alive. But at the same time, Ueda knew the truth, Junno wouldn't remember their love. So the happy time was mixed with a great sadness.

"It is you, isn't it Tat-Chan?" his friend asked confused.

"Yes, it's me." Ueda found himself smiling.

"How long have I been this way?" Junno looked around the room. "I mean being unconscious."

"Only a couple of days."

Junno raised his hand so he could look at it. It was covered in now healing blisters. He looked as if he hadn't seen the hand for awhile.

"I know you don’t' remember how you got here." Ueda said quickly.

"How I got here?" Junno repeated.

"As I was saying, you don't' remember how you got here." Ueda tried to explain.

"What do you mean, I don't remember?" Junno interrupted. "What did I forget?"

"It doesn't matter now." Ueda looked on the verge of tears. "I'm going to go get my mother. She probably has a potion for you or something."

Ueda ran out of the room, he had to get away from there. He knew he shouldn't have left, but he couldn't stay with Junno, not this way.

Ueda went to the beach and looked out to the sky. Junno was now human, Junno would live. But Junno would never, ever remember their love. It was over, and it hurt. Ueda found himself crying bitter tears. Heartbroken tears. Then he saw the giant paw print in the sand. It just made him cry harder.


Junno was very confused; he couldn't believe that Ueda had just run out of the room like that. He didn't even wait to listen to Junno. So instead Junno waited. He didn't really feel like getting up, not yet. His body still hurt.

Ueda-san came into the room to check on Junno. He chatted with her about his memories of being a dog. How puzzled he was at Ueda's' reaction. How Junno felt like an old man trapped in a young man's body. She was so nice, like her son. But she had to leave.

After a few minutes, he could hear arguing in the hallway. Ueda and his mother. If Ueda was tough, his mother was stronger. She was one of the few people who could beat up Ueda.

Just then, the door opened. Ueda's mother shoved him into the room. "The two of you need to talk!"

"There's nothing to say." Ueda shouted. "Why couldn't you just leave me alone?"

"There's a lot to say!" She snapped. "Now get yourself in there and listen to him!"

Ueda's mother slammed the door and locked it. Ueda pounded on the door, but she wouldn't open it. Then he tried the windows, but those too wouldn't open.

"So now we're stuck together." Junno said.

"She says I have to talk to you." Ueda went to the shrine, beginning to take it down. He was angry, more then angry.

"So that's it?" Junno asked. "The end of us being together."

"Who says we were ever together?" Ueda didnt' look at him. He took his things and shoved them into a drawer.

"I just have that feeling." Junno told him. "Of course, I understand why you wouldn’t' consider our relationship the same way I do. I feel as if we've been together for forty years. To you it's just a couple of months."

"How could we be together for forty years?" Ueda didn't look at him. "It's insane."

"You're right it is." Junno looked away from him. "All I wished for my entire time of being a dog was that I would be human again, to be with you. To hold you, to love you. But that's too much to expect, isn't it?"

"You remember," Ueda turned to him, a tear rolling down his cheek. He went to the bed, sitting on the edge, right beside Junno. "Do you remember anything else?"

"Maybe." Junno smiled. "I remember everything Tat-Chan. The way you fussed over me. The way you made me feel loved, the way I slept at your side every night.”

"I'm evil; I'm not supposed to love." Ueda pointed out.

"Who can control love?" Junno countered.

"But this feeling I feel. It's a weakness isn't it?" Ueda asked. Suddenly Ueda looked very, very afraid. A single tear rolled down his cheek.

Junno knew he was taking his life in his hands. But sat up in bed, and he touched Ueda on the cheek. His thumb wiping the tear away. "Love is a great strength."

"I could turn you into a komodo dragon for this."

'Then do it." Junno told him. "Make me a dragon for the rest of my life. That won't stop my love for you." Then Junno kissed his lips.

Ueda was crying as they kissed. His arms going around Junno's body. "How can you love me? I'm evil?"

"You're not always evil. There are good things that you do." Junno reminded him. "Like the way you treated me. You were so good to me."

"I'm not sure I can be good all the time," Ueda told him. "But I want to try."

"That's all we can do is try."

Ueda was crying again, and Junno could do only one thing to make him quiet. Kiss his lips. Ueda sighed and gave into the kiss.

Kissing Ueda was like breathing, it felt so natural to Junno. He had waited forty years for this one momement, to hold his friend in his arms.


Junno stopped with his kiss. It seemed strange to Ueda, always before the lover would pull Ueda to the bed and force him to be with him. But Junno was different. Ueda had learned that long ago. Still, Ueda felt hurt. Why wasn't he good enough to take?

"Junno...." Ueda asked hesitantly.

"Yes?" Junno smiled a smile that lit up the room.

Ueda looked away from him, tears stinging his eyes. "Never mind, just never mind."

"What is it?" Junno's face fell, suddenly he looked very concerned.

"What's wrong with me?" Ueda asked the question that had been bothering him.

"Nothing, you're wonderful." Again, Junno smiled this one more sensual.

"We kissed." Ueda reminded him.

"I know that," Junno reached out touching his cheek again. A move that was so loving. Then he kissed Ueda again. "I just love kissing you. You have the most wonderful lips."

"But the rest of me, why don't you want me?" Ueda demanded.

"Who says I don't want you?" Junno gave him a small kiss.

"You didn't force me to the bed." Ueda tried to explain. "You didn't take me."

"I don’t' do that." Junno said. "When I'm with someone its love. It's never force. I'm not evil."

"I don't understand." Ueda asked confused.

"Let me show you," Junno pulled Ueda down beside him. "Tat-Chan, what do you want from me? Really?"

"I want to be inside you." He looked away from Junno nervous.

'But you've never done that, have you?" Junno realized.

"I can't force you," Ueda admitted.

"Real love isn't force." Junno reached out, running his hand over Ueda's body. "Real love is two becoming one. Giving to each other the only thing they can give, themselves."

"You can trust me to do this to you?" Ueda asked.

"Of course I can," Junno's eyes were sincere.


Junno watched Ueda get off the bed. His friend seemed so much like a virgin. He watched as Ueda took off his clothes, and then slid under the covers. Almost embarrassed to show Junno his body.

"Have you ever been with someone when it wasn't forced?" Junno asked.

"Never," Ueda admitted. "Usually the men I'm with is much older then you. You're the first really young one I've been with."

"Much older then me?" Junno smiled. "I'm sixty one."

"You're right, you are." Ueda reached out, running a finger along Junno's cheek. "You've just had a facelift."

"I've had a whole body lit." Junno teased.

Ueda kissed Junno, the kiss so sweet, so innocent. So afraid. Junno could feel fear in the kiss.

"Tatsuya," he gasped telepathically.

Ueda's eyes opened, he pulled away from Junno. "How did you do that?"

"Our bond, from before." Junno telepathed. "It never went away."

"Our bond...."

"Nothing has changed, except that I'm human."

'Oh Junno, I have waited so long." Ueda kissed Junno, this time hungrily. Through their bond, Junno could feel the real reason for Ueda's fear. He was afraid that everything had changed.

But as they kissed, they knew that finally, their wishes had come true. After a while, Ueda pulled away from Junno, rolling over, taking something out of a drawer. Then coming back over to him.

"Can't do anything without lube, now can we?" He pressed the tube into Junno's hand.

Junno squirted some into his hand, and then he slathered it onto Ueda's cock. He had barely gotten it on, when Ueda was kissing him again. His new lover pulled him onto his back.

He felt Ueda nudge his legs apart. Junno tried to prepare himself; he knew that Ueda had never known gentle love.

He felt Ueda push into him hard with two fingers. It hurt. Junno tried to relax his body that made the pain lesson. But still, he gasped.

"Junno," Ueda telepathed. "You hurt...."

"It's all right," Junno promised. "That's why you have to prepare me. Use some lube."

Ueda took out his fingers, he lubed his fingers, and then he very slowly put them back inside of Junno.

'That's much better." Junno sighed. "Use another now."

Ueda loved him with his fingers, until Junno was ready. He didn't do anything until he was sure that Junno really wanted it. But it felt good to Junno, to have even this much of his lover inside of him. Junno suddenly wanted much more.

"It's time." Junno told him. "Make love to me."

Slowly teasingly slowly Ueda entered Junno. Then he paused for a moment, letting Junno open for him. "Oh god, you're so tight."

Ueda began to thrust, very slowly at first. Junno's body got used to having Ueda inside of him. His hands went to Ueda's shoulders, urging him on. His nails scraping at his lover's skin. Finally he lifted his legs, putting them around Ueda's waist.

Then fire went through him as Ueda hit that spot for the first time. Junno cried out, loudly.

"Harder, harder." Junno panted.

Ueda did as he was asked. He looked as sexy as he thrusted, so masculine.

Junno wasn't too sure when they became one. Making the magic that was beyond white, beyond dark. A magic created only by two bodies becoming one.

But the magic couldn't last long. Junno's cock, which has been trapped between their bodies, gave up its load. Emptying itself on his stomach. Junno screamed Tatsuya. His lover, a man of both good and evil.

He looked up to Ueda, his face glowing. The love magic transforming him into an unearthly creature. One that was only created for Junno. Then he too came, his voice screaming loudly.


Ueda sank down on the bed beside Junno. He felt his lover take him into his arms. He could feel Junno's racing heart.

"What just happened?" Ueda asked.

"We made love." Junno moved the hair out of Ueda's face.

Ueda took Junno's hand and looked at it. It was unblemished. "Your wounds, their all healed."

"It's the power of magic."

"What kind of magic could do all this?" Ueda asked. "What kind of magic could cure you?"

"It's the magic of love." Junno put both his arms around him. "It can do things that no other magic can do. It can even make someone remember being a dog."

"I do love you," Ueda told him.

"I love you too." Junno kissed Ueda very, very gently.

Just then, there was a knock at Ueda's door, and before he could tell his mom to go away, she came into the room, carrying a tray.

"Thought you two might be hungry." She told him.

"Mama!" Ueda said embarrassed.

"Well, after being resurrected, it's best to have a good meal." she put the tray on Junno's lap. "If Junno wants to share his food with you, he can."

"Mama!' Ueda repeated.

"Yes?" She glanced at Junno. "My son keeps forgetting I know my name."

"Thanks for the food," Junno told him.

"Anytime." She went to the door. "Don’t' worry, I wont' disturb you two again. But Tatsuya?"

"Yes mama?"

"Don't let this one go." She told him. "After everything he's done for you, I would say he's a keeper."

"Don't worry, I won't let him go." Ueda promised.

"Thanks for the food," Junno smiled.

Ueda watched his mother leave. "I don't believe the nerve of that woman."

"She's a lot like you Tatsuya," Junno picked up his chopsticks. "She is right, I am hungry."

Ueda picked up his and they began to eat. He looked into Junno’s eyes and promised himself that he wouldn’t ever let this one go. The one that made him complete.

Death cannot stop true love; all it can do is delay it for awhile.-Dread Pirate Roberts