Title: Ueda The Late Bloomer

Author: Kyoko_godaikun

Rating: Yaoi

Pairing; KoDa

Genre: Yaoi/crack

For: setos_puppy


Summary: Ueda is forced to take hormones for delayed onset puberty, which makes his body react in ways that confuse him.


There was something wrong with Ueda Tatsuya.When other boys had started liking girls and dating. Ueda hadn't. His friend Junno suggested he might be gay. But Ueda didn't like girls, he didn't like boys. Some people called him a space alien. His friends dated, but he didn't feel like dating. Dating was boring. He would rather write and play music.


When it got out that Ueda was twenty three and hadn't shaved yet.Johnny-sama had sent him to a specialist, who had diagnosed what was wrong with Ueda. He had delayed onset puberty. While Ueda's voice had changed, hair had grown in his armpits. Other bits of him hadn't developed. The reason for his condition had been because of an illness that had ground Ueda's puberty to a halt. The doctors said it would start back up on its own, but it never had.


The doctor had given Ueda hormone pills to be taken daily.Ueda hated the pills. They were making his body react in ways he wasn't used to. His testis had grown, and now had soft baby fine hair covering them.But the worst thing was that he could now get hard at the drop of a hat. So he could no longer dress in style. He had to wear big shirts that he could use to hide his embarisment.


"Have you taken your medicine?" His room mate Koki reminded him. He came into the kitchen they shared wearing only a towel wrapped around his muscular waist.


"It's not medicine, its hormones." Ueda said softly.


"Well, have you?" Koki poured himself some coffee and sat down at the kitchen table across from Ueda.


"I take them every day.' Ueda pretended to became engrossed in the script he was trying to learn. But it was hard. All he could think of was his friend sitting in front of him at the table. The way the muscles rippled down his stomach. He wanted Koki to kiss him, hold him, and touch his need.Ueda closed his eyes. *Stop it! Stop it!*


"What's wrong?" Koki asked concerned.


"You wouldn't understand." Ueda tried to stop what his body was doing. His penis was hard, throbbing, demanding attention.


It was embarrassing. Why did it have to be like this? Why couldn't Ueda be like before, when he didn't care for either men or women. He knew the doctor said it wasn't healthy to be the way he was before. But he wasn't the one that had a hard on all the time. He wasn't the one who suddenly wanted to be inside his room mate.


"Why don't we play video games or something?" Koki suggested.


"That means I have to stand up, right?" Ueda guessed.


"Well, it might be nice." Koki smiled. That was when Ueda realized that Koki had a very sexy smile.


Ueda pulled his big shirt over his erection, and then he got up and went into the living room.



Ueda's hard ons were now showing up all the time. When Ueda walked down the street, when he watched TV. Especially when he went to practices. Ueda had always loved rehearsals, but now he hated them. All those half-dressed guys. It didnít matter that Ueda had known most of them for years. Suddenly almost every one of them turned him on.It was very, very hard to rehearse with a constant erection.


"Hey Tat-Chan?" Jin said there was as lilt to his voice. They had stopped for a water break. "You need a shave."


"A shave?" Ueda repeated.


"You know your face?" Jin took out an electric shaver from his bag. "Go in the bathroom and shave."


"I shaved the other day," he tried to push the shaver back at Jin, but his friend wouldn't take it.


"You're beginning to get hairy. You're going to have to start doing it every day."


Ueda's eyes got large. "Doing it?"


"Shave you baka." Jin smiled. "Keep the shaver. I have another."


"Thanks." Ueda went into the rest room. He could hear grunts coming from one of the stalls.


"Oh Yu-Chan," Junno moaned.


His two band mates going at it like bunnies in the rest room had never bothered Ueda before. But that was before the hormones that Ueda took. He used to be able to ignore it. Now the sounds called to Ueda's ever growing body.


Ueda gripped the shaver and shaved his face. He had shaved three days ago.He didn't know why he needed to now.He really hated the way his body was changing. He always liked being under control. Now he wasn't.


But the noise of Maru and Junno really bothered Ueda. God they were loud lovers. Ueda could feel fire like ripples go down his back and end at his penis. He was so hard; it throbbed to the point of being painful.


Ueda realized he had to give himself release, before he came all over his clothes. He had done that too many times. Thankfully his friend Koki had taught him to masturbate.


Ueda went into the free stall. He quickly unfastened his jeans, and pulled out the thing that was demanding attention. He closed his eyes. Letting the feelings take him over. Pretending the sounds was coming from Koki loving him.


Junno's coming drove Ueda over the edge. He bit his lip hard so that he wouldnít' scream out Koki's name. His seed splashing the wall.


Ueda leaned against the wall of the stall. Trying to catch his breath. He felt so ashamed. Koki was his friend. Koki didn't like him. Koki was straight.


"Why, why, why does it have to be this way?" Ueda asked for the millionth time.





Ueda was acting weird. Koki knew about his delayed onset puberty. His friend had been diagnosed when he had turned twenty three and still had not shaved.


Ueda had been wearing very large shirts lately. He usually wore black sleeveless hoodie, with pockets. He shoved his hands in it, and then covered his erection. He had gotten them a lot lately, which meant that the pills were working. He had also begun to come without control. Koki had taught him to take care of it. That had been hard for Koki, who had always thought of Ueda as being very attractive. But that had given Ueda trust in Koki. Ueda now knew he could ask Koki just about anything sexual, and he wouldn't' laugh at him.


"Koki?" Ueda asked him as they sat together on the living room couch. "I need to ask you something."


"Sure, what?" Koki looked up from his game.


"How old were you when you started to like girls?" Ueda's lips were swollen. He had a tendency of biting is lips when he masturbated, which he seemed to do all of the time.


"Like girls," Koki repeated.


"Yeah, like girls." He shifted his shirt, covering himself more.


"I don't like girls." He told him. "I thought you knew, I'm gay."


"You mean, you like guys?"


"Yeah, I do." Koki looked into Ueda's eyes. "That's why I lived with Maru all those years. We were lovers."


"I think I'm gay." Ueda looked away from him. "Guys are really, really hot. I just look a them and I get hard."


"It's been bothering you." Koki reached out, touching Ueda.


"There's a guy I like. I think I'm in love with him." Ueda admitted. "But he's just a friend to me."


"He's your first love." Koki realized. He felt a bit of jealousy.


"He's so wonderful," Ueda admitted. "Why can't I stop thinking of him?"


"You should tell him your feelings, he might like you too." Koki suggested.


"No, he doesn't like me." Ueda said quickly.


"Tell him," Koki ordered. "If he does anything to you to hurt you. I'll beat him up."


Ueda nodded. Then he got up and ran into the bath room.


Koki followed, he wasn't sure why. He could hear the sounds of Ueda masturbating. Koki felt even more jealous. He wanted to take Ueda in his arms, to teach him the wonders of first love. But that privilege would be reserved for the one that Ueda loved.


Ueda screamed "Koki."


The name hit Koki like a hammer. He was Ueda's first love? He wanted to go to Ueda, to tell him what he heard. But he didn't want Ueda to feel embarrassed.


A few minutes passed. Ueda came back into the living room. He was pale, shaking.His lips were swollen and dark red from being bit.


"I think I need to move out." Ueda told him.


"Why?" Koki looked up to him from the game he was pretending to play.


Ueda blushed, a blush that went from his hair line through his body. "It would be for the best."




Ueda went to his bedroom. He found his suitcase and began to pack. The tears began to fall. He didn't want to leave. He wanted to stay at his apartment, with Koki. Wonderful, loving Koki. His very best friend. The one that he could trust with just about any question except for this.


He bit his bottom lip. He was getting hard again just thinking of Koki.


He had to leave, to protect his friend. There would soon be a time when he blurted out to Koki that he loved him. Then he would loose his best friend.


There was a tap at his door. Then Koki came in. "Need some help packing?"


"No," angrily he wiped his tears off his face.


"Why are you leaving?" Koki asked. "The truth, not some crap."


"The pills have begun to change me." Ueda admitted. "They are turning me into something I can't control. My penis, it keeps trying to rule my head."


"Yeah, that's happened to every man." Koki told him.


"Every man?" Ueda repeated. "But sometimes it hurts so much. It throbs. It makes me want someone who doesn't want me."


"The one you like is a very lucky man." Koki said very gently.


"Why do you say that?"


"He's you're first love." Koki told him. "There's nothing as special as a first love."


"He doesn't like me, not that way." Ueda told him.


Koki moved closer to Ueda. "Why are you afraid to tell the one you love?"


"Because He's so wonderful." Ueda paused. "How could anyone like that like me?"


"You're not too bad yourself." Koki reached out, touching Ueda's chin. "Perhaps the man you loved has been waiting for you to bloom."


"He's been waiting?" Ueda echoed.


"When I was a kid, my mom read me this story, Leo the Late Bloomer." Koki told him. "All this time, I waited for my Leo to bloom."


"Your Leo?"


"Stay here, donít' go anywhere!" Koki ran into the other room. He returned a few minutes later with a kid's book. He sat down on Ueda's bed and patted the space beside him. Ueda sat down beside him. Then Koki opened the book and read it to Ueda. It was about a little lion that couldn't read or do anything well. He developed much later then all of his friends. But when the time was right, he bloomed, and became greater then all of his friends.


"What has this got to do with love?" Ueda asked after Koki was finished reading.


"You are my Leo," Koki confessed. "I've waited at your side for years. Hoping that one day you would bloom."


"So what I'm feeling... it's normal?" Ueda asked.


"Yes, my love it's normal." Koki kissed him, the most wonderful feeling that Ueda had every felt before.


Ueda pulled away from him. "You're not teasing me?"


"I love you Tatsuya." Then Koki was kissing him again.




Koki had always told Ueda that his first time would be good if was with a good lover. It was very important for Ueda to find a good lover that first time. Just like Koki had taught him to please himself, Koki would be the one that taught him the wonders of love.


They lay on the bed together nude. Koki was so large, it frightened Ueda a bit. Would it hurt that first time? He was surprised when Koki brought out some lube, and slathered Ueda's fingers with it. Then his lover guided his fingers to his hole.


"You have to prepare me," Koki told him. "Put one finger in me.' When Ueda did, Koki moved closer to him, kissing him. "Now put in two more. Then when my body's used to them, spread your fingers."


"You want me to make love to you," Ueda realized as he loved Koki with his fingers.


"Isn't that what you want?"


"Yeeeeesssssss," Ueda hissed.


More lube was applied to Ueda's hardness. Then Koki pulled him on top of him. "Gently, you have to enter me gently."


Ueda did. Koki was so warm inside, so tight. "I want to move." He finally gasped.


"Then do it." Koki moved so that his legs straddled Ueda's body, pushing him even deeper inside of him.


Ueda began to thrust. The feeling so wonderful, so much better then anything else he had ever felt. Koki moved underneath him, trying to get Ueda even more inside him. Koki began to pump himself with one hand. The other scratched at Ueda's back.


It became too much for Ueda, and he came inside someone for the very first time. That drove Koki over the edge, and he too came. He screamed Tatsuya at the top of his lungs.


Ueda felt Koki move so that Ueda was laying beside him, taking him into his arms. "Itís all right, the next time will be much better."


"What do you mean?" Ueda tried to catch his breath. "That was so wonderful."


"I'm glad." Koki kissed him gently "I want to stay with you tonight,"


"I would like that," Ueda breathed.


Koki eased Ueda's head to his shoulder. Koki had been right; the first time was good if you had a good lover. Ueda realized he had the best lover, one that loved Ueda as much as Ueda loved him.


"Koki-Chan?" Ueda said right before he fell asleep.


"Yes Tatsuya?" Koki asked.


"I made it. I bloomed."  Ueda said as his eyes flickered shut.