Title: V-Day
Author: Kyoko_godaikun aka sentaikat
Pairing: JunDa, Jin/Ueda
Genre: Angst
Rating: PG


Kat-Tun had been six members strong when Ueda Tatsuya was dating Akanishi Jin. Taguchi Junnosuke had been there, as always simply watching at the side. Ueda was beautiful, wonderful. Junno was lucky to consider him a friend.

It was Valentines Day, a day that women gave their lovers chocolate. Ueda had always loved Valentines Day. Every year he had made the day special for his lover. Junno could remember how excited Ueda had been this time. He had worked hard picking out the chocolate for Jin. The two had been lovers for not quite a year. It would be their first valentines day together.

Ueda had worked so hard getting the present. He put it in a valentine candy box. Then he sat the box on Jin's dressing room table. His fingers traced the package.

Junno tried to fight down his jealousy. He had a one sided love for Ueda for a very long time. The problem was that Ueda didn't feel the same way as he did. Ueda was in love with Akanishi Jin. Junno could only do as a friend would do. Stay at Ueda's side and support him, even though it made him feel as if he heart was being pulled out of his chest.

Kat Tun was filming a special episode of the Shonnen Club. The rest of the group was on the set. That left Junno alone with Ueda.

Jin came into the dressing room. He sighed disgusted when he saw the present. "Is this from you?"

"Happy Valentines day," Ueda told his lover.

"I don't want your presents." With out opening the present, he threw it in the trash can.

"Jin-Chan," Ueda gasped.

"Donít' act so pure and innocent!" Jin snapped. "I'm tired of being second best! You always cry his name as we love!"

"I'm not with him!" Ueda insisted.

"Bull shit!" Jin thundered. "Itís over, do you understand me? Over!"

Jin left the room, slamming the door behind him.

"I'm sorry you had to see that," Ueda said weakly. He went into the rest room. Junno could hear sobbing coming from the room.

Junno's heart felt as if it would overflow. Ueda had just broken up with Jin, not only that, but Ueda had another lover. He didn't want or need Junno. But Junno couldn't just sit there and ignore the crying of the man he loved.

Instead he went into the bathroom. Ueda was sitting against the wall. Junno knelt beside him. Gathering Ueda into his arms, He held Ueda as he sobbed.

Ueda clung to him, if almost as if Junno meant something to him.

When he was finished crying, Ueda pulled away from him. Junno reached out and wiped the tears from his face.

"I wish I had a boy friend as nice as you," Ueda took his hand in his and kissed it.

"Some day you will." Junno promised.

"It can be now," Ueda kissed Junno's lips.

Junno sighed and gave into the kiss. Ueda's lips were even softer then Junno imagined.

*what am I doing?* Junno asked himself. He pulled away from Ueda. "This is wrong!"

"Donít' you like me?" Ueda asked his eyes full of pain.

"You're my friend." Junno said firmly. You're hurting right now."

"Will you love me just as a friend?" Ueda asked. "I need someone to hold me right now."

"No, we can't." Junno so wanted to say yes, but he knew it would be wrong from them in the long run.

Junno got to his feet and walked out of the room. Was it his imagination or did Ueda's sobs grow louder? As much as Junno loved Ueda he couldn't use him. That's all it would be if they had loved. Because Junno loved Ueda, more then anything. He loved him so much that he would give Ueda the time that he needed to mend his hurting heart.