Title: Whipping Boy

Author: Kyoko_godaikun

Pairing: Akame, Jin/Junno, JunDa (Main pairing)

Rating: Yaoi

Genre: S&M

Note: Jin's evil in this. I adore Jin, It's just I think he makes a wonderful bad guy.

Note two: This story features members of the fetish community, if this offends you, please do not read.

Summary: Jin's left for America, leaving his two slaves behind. But the King of Pain has plans for Junno.


The day that Jin left for America was the happiest day in Junno's life. He hoped beyond hope that this was just a nice way of Jin leaving forever. He appeared at Jin's press conference. He couldn't keep the smile off his face. Jin was leaving, with him being gone, Junno was free.

For Junno and Jin were members of the fetish community. Jin the master, Junno the slave. But Jin had not been a good master, he had another slave. One that he loved most of all. He punished Junno often for not being that slave. For not loving him the way Kame did. Junno had been caught in a trap when he was sixteen and never let go.

Jin called Junno his whipping boy, and that's all he was. Jin had never loved Junno. Instead, he had Kame to love. Junno's life was something else. He existed only to be punished.

Junno loved being whipped, being punished by his master. But the punishments had gotten worse as Jin's relationship with Kame had hit the rocks. Junno’s existence, his life was tied to the affair between Kame and Jin. His body was covered in small sores, some of them infected.

Junno had a secret. He loved someone else. A dark brooding man who also knew how to mix pleasure and pain. But unlike Jin, Ueda only became someone's master for money. So Junno had to save his money up. Every spare yen went into a jar. Someday, he would have enough money to pay for Ueda.

Jin's slaves had to go with Jin to the airport to say good bye. Jin reached out, grabbing Junno's sore wrist. Junno winced in pain.

"I'm not going to be in America forever," Jin reminded him. "You will always be my whipping boy."

"Yes Master." Junno looked down at his feet.

"If only you were as good as Kame, I might not leave." He kissed Junno very gently. Then to remind him how much Jin really hated him, he pinched him hard.

Junno yelped in pain, and Jin smiled victoriously.

"Aren't you going to say something to me?" Jin demanded. "Say those words you dream I would say to you, whipping boy!"

"Good bye master." Junno stepped away from him. He didn't want to say the words to Jin ever again. Now Jin only got them by using needles. Hurting Junno to the point that he had to say them to take away the pain.

Kame went to Jin; this was the one that Jin loved. He was never punished, never hurt the way that Junno was. In a way that made Junno hate him, but still, Junno considered him a friend. He was the whipping boy to protect Kame, and he would do anything to make sure Kame didn't have to go through what he did.

"Take care." Jin told Kame.

"I'll try," Kame promised.

"I love you." Jin told Kame. Junno felt jealous for a second. Jin had never in their long relationship ever told him he loved him.

"I love you too master." Kame said.

They kissed this kiss more passionate. Kame was crying. He didn't want Jin to go.

Jin pulled away from him, he was crying too. Then Jin walked away not looking back.

They went to the window to see Jin get into the plane. Junno stood with Kame as they watched the plane take off. Kame was still crying. Junno found himself putting his arm around Kame's shoulder supporting his friend.

Kame's ketai rang, and he checked the messages. Then he passed it to Junno. Junno couldn't believe his eyes. "I'm giving both of my slaves you freedom when I'm in the states. But when I get back, you both will belong to me. Take care of each other. Jin."

The message made Kame cry heartbroken. Junno found himself taking Kame into his arms. Kame sobbed against his chest, clinging to him for support.

"What are we going to do without him?" Kame wailed.

"I don't know." Junno stroked his friend's hair.

Jin was gone, and Junno was free.


Junno went to the next rehearsal as if nothing had happened. They had a new routine, one that would probably take them hours to learn. Jin wasn't there, so Junno could concentrate on his work, instead of the disapproving glare of his boy friend.

"It's going to be strange without Jin," Ueda told Junno during a break.

"Yeah, I guess it is." Junno said.

"Miss him?" Ueda asked.

"Yeah, I guess I do." Junno looked down to the still healing wounds on his wrist. Their last time together had been something out of a nightmare. Jin had marked him in several places, just to remind him that he would never be free.

"What happened to your wrist?" Ueda asked gently. He looked at Junno's wrist. "You need to have that looked after."

"No, it will be all right." he winced in pain as Ueda touched it.

Just then, Ueda was called onto the dance floor. Kame moved so that he was sitting beside Junno.

"He's gone now, you know." Kame told him.

"Yes, I know."

"You're free now." Kame reminded him.

"What's freedom?" Junno looked at his hurt wrist. "He'll be back soon."

"Ueda likes you." Kame said gently.

"I wish," He said out loud. "Sorry, I didn't mean...."

"It's all right." Kame smiled sadly. "I want to be Jin's only one. I can't with you around."

"I don't get a choice." Junno reminded him. "If I'm not the whipping boy, you will be. I can't see you hurt."

"We both know that Jin might never come back." Kame said depressed. "You deserve to have happiness."

"They called Ueda the king of Pain. I just wonder if he'll be as bad as Jin is." Junno mused.

"You won't know unless you try." Kame walked to the other side of the room to get a drink.


Rehearsals continued. Junno kept watching Ueda. Handsome, wonderful Ueda. Junno was madly in love with Ueda. He wanted to ask Ueda out but knew Ueda only did it for money. All Junno wanted to do was be Ueda's slave. Even if it's only for a couple of days, that's would be enough. Because Junno loves Ueda more then anything.

Later on, during rehearsal Junno couldn't help but notice that Kame and Ueda were huddled in a corner. Kame took out his wallet and gave Ueda a stack of money. Ueda counted it, and then shoved it in his pocket. Junno couldn't believe it; he thought that Kame loved Jin. But here he was paying Ueda for sex. They kept glancing at Junno as they talked. Junno felt jealous, though he knew he would never own anyone, especially Ueda.

After a while, Ueda came up to Junno. "Are you doing anything tonight?"

"Thought I would play some games." Junno told him.

"Why don't we have dinner tonight?" Ueda suggested. "We're both glad the baka's gone. We could have some thing to eat, then some games."

"That would be nice," Junno smiled. "How much will it be?"

"I don't charge friends." Ueda smiled at him seductively. "Think of it as just a nice time to relax."

Junno couldn't help but smile and agree. He made arrangements to go to Ueda's apartment as soon rehearsal was over.


Rehearsal finally ended. It was almost eight o’clock. Ueda smiled at Junno and reminded him of their date. He went to Ueda's apartment. His friend had promised to make dinner for him.

"Sorry about the mess," Ueda apologized. "I didn't know I would have company."

"That's all right." Junno told him. He looked around to the spotless room.

"We're both dirty; we probably should have a shower." Ueda asked. "You want the first, or should I?"

"I'll go," Junno paused. "I don't have any clothes."

"You can borrow one of my robes." Ueda smiled. "I'll put your clothes into wash while you are showering."

"Thanks," He couldn't help but smile, he smiled a lot around Ueda.

Ueda followed him into the bathroom. This too looked ordinary.

"Where's all your bondage stuff?" Junno asked as he took off his clothes.

"In the bedroom, where they belong." Ueda told him. "Bondage is only a small part of my life."

"I thought it would dominate it, since you're the king of pain."

"That's just my side job." Ueda took his clothes. "Why don't you get clean?"

"All right." Junno agreed.

"I'll have your robe waiting when you get out."

"Thanks," Junno smiled.

Junno turned on the shower and got in. The let the warm water run over his body. The sores from his last time with Jin still hurt. Jin had begun to use needles on him the last days, piercing all parts of his body. Some of them had gotten infected. Still he tried to get himself clean, just in case he had the chance to be with the king of Pain.


Junno had found the robe after he got out of the shower. It was a dark blue silk. It was sheer, almost see through.

Ueda had excused himself and went into the bathroom. Junno sat down on the couch and picked up a magazine. He noticed the card on the table. He picked it up; it was for King of Pain and gave rates. So very expensive. Junno knew he would have to save quite a bit to earn what he wanted, a whole weekend with Ueda.

Ueda came out of the bathroom wearing a silk robe, this one even more sheer then the one Junno was wearing. It was ebony, and Junno thought Ueda looked gorgeous in it. With every step Ueda took, the thing shimmered, showing bits of his bare flesh. "If you can wait a minute, I'll fix us dinner."

"I can help," Junno volunteered.

"That sounds fun," Ueda smiled at him.

Junno is surprised to see how ordinary the apartment looks. He always thought the King of Pain would have chains hanging from the walls. But even the kitchen looked just like any other kitchen.

Ueda had him make the salad, while Ueda made some stir fry. Nothing really that big, just some chopped vegetables and shrimp. There was rice all ready in the rice cooker.

They eat dinner by candle light. It is all so romantic, so wonderful. Junno lightly dropped the hint that he wondered how it would be like to be with the King of Pain. If Ueda was as good as everyone said he was.

"I'm very expensive." Ueda reminded him. "Probably too much for you to afford."

Junno felt his heart break. Ueda had turned him down very gently. Instead of frowning, Junno smiled and tried to make light of it. Perhaps it would be better this way. But his heart told him he was lying.

"Do you miss Jin?" Ueda looked into Junno's eyes and he felt as if he was the most important person to Ueda. Almost as if Ueda really cared for him.

"No, I don't." Junno admitted.

"The two of you having troubles?"

"He's my master, I know I should be loyal it's just...."

"He didn't give you any freedom?" Ueda guessed.

"Slaves don't need freedom," Junno reminded him. "Our lives are to be spent serving our masters."

"Yet you gained your freedom." Ueda pointed out.

"I'm very lucky," Junno admitted. "Now I just have to find a master who loves me like I love him."

"Finding a good master is almost as hard as finding a good slave." Ueda decided to change the subject. "I have some special wine, would you like some?"

"Sure, sounds nice."

Ueda smiled at him and got up. He went to the cabinet and brought out a bottle of red wine. He poured two glasses. Then handed one to Junno.

The wine was sweet and fruity, and Junno found himself enjoying it. In a way, the wine reminded him of Ueda. He never noticed that Ueda didnt' drink his, and he accepted the second glass that was poured for him. As they talked, he drank it. Then Ueda poured him a third.

"Kame told me you want to be my slave," Ueda said seductively.

"Why did he tell you that?" Suddenly Junno felt very groggy.

"He gave me enough money for you to have one night with me." Ueda smiled. "That's a good friend, don't you think?"

"Why would he do that?" Junno no longer felt in control of his body.

"He wants you to be happy," Ueda removed the glass from Junno's hand. "He doesn't know that I would have given you a night for free. But money's money isn't it? So sorry, I have to drug you; it's my custom for my paying customers."

Junno couldn't answer, because everything went black.


Like all of his paid dates, Ueda carried the unconscious Junno to the bed. Junno had wondered how Ueda was like as a master, now he was going to find out.

Ueda gently took off Junno’s robe. That was when Ueda saw the scars for the first time. Scars so small, that unless you looked close up, you wouldn't see. Scars given to him by a master who had never really cared for his slaves feelings. No master would let his slave bleed, but Junno had obviously bled many times.

There were also infected wounds on Junno's skin. Pin-prick wounds. Wounds that made Ueda sick to his stomach. Junno had been pierced many times all over his body. The only piercing that had been kept in was in two places. Junno had nipple rings. The holes were stretched, extended. Ueda realized Junno had weights attached to them as part of his love play. There were also rings on his balls, these stretched even more.

Ueda decided there and then to free Junno from Jin's slavery. To rescue him from the evil that was Jin. No one had ever taught Jin what it was like to be a master, so he had never realized there was limitations. Like everything in life, Jin had been a baka in being a master.

Ueda decided that if Jin ever got back to Japan, he would have to teach Jin just how to be a good master, buy showing him. If he was lucky, he would be able to break Jin of his bad habits.

Ueda went into the bathroom; he grabbed the first aid kit and went back to Junno. Junno was mumbling in his sleep to his master, begging him not to use needles.

"Please don't pierce there again, please master." Junno sobbed in his sleep. "Don’t' apply the weights. It hurts master, it hurts! Stop, just stop hurting me!”

Ueda opened the first aid kit and took out some alcohol pads; he opened one and began to clean Junno's wounds. He tried to control his anger. He might be king of pain, but he would never have made any of his slaves hurt like this. Part of sadism was love for the slave. What Jin did to Junno wasn't love.

He put antibiotic ointment on Junno's worst wounds and bandaged them. Ueda debated in his mind for a few minutes if he should continue with this date. But he had been paid. Not only that, but Ueda really wanted to show Junno that being a slave included love.

Ueda found his most sheer blindfold to put on Junno. Then he found the handcuffs that had a cotton lining. He put them on gently, so loose that Junno’s hurt wrist wouldn’t suffer any pain.

"Where am I?" Junno asked as he woke up. "Please master, don't use the needles. I promise I'll be good. Don't hurt me."

Ueda ran his hand down Junno's bare bottom. Junno had such beautiful skin. Junno jerked away from him. He began to fight against his binds. Junno was terrified.

"Please master, don't hurt me. I'm sorry. I'll be better." Junno promised. "I know I'll never be as good as Kame, but I will try. Please master, no needles!"

Junno was quickly becoming hysterical. He tried to reach to his face to unmask himself. To see what was going to happen to him. He groaned in pain as the binds rubbed against his hurt wrist.

Ueda knew he had to stop Junno quickly before he hurt his wrists again. He took off the eye shade, letting Junno see his face. He ran his hand over Junno’s cheek.

"Junno, it's me, Ueda." Ueda told him. "Jin's in America. No one will hurt you with needles."

"I'm sorry Ueda." Tears rolled down his face. "For a moment, I thought you where Jin."

Did you master ask you before he used needles on you?"

"No, he didn't." Junno admitted. 'But a master doesn't have to ask to give pain."

"Did you use your safe word?" Ueda demanded. “If you were hurting this badly, you should have used it!”

"What's a safe word?" Junno said puzzled. “I couldn’t use a word to get him to stop. He was my master, he controlled my pain.”

This was even worse then Ueda thought; Jin was a master who had no safe word. No way for the slave to tell the master he’d have enough. "The partings on your balls, do you want them?"

"They where a gift from my master." Junno murmured.

"But did you want them?" Ueda persisted.

"No, they hurt so much." Junno confessed. "He started using weights on them from the day he gave them to me. They've never healed."

"Can I take them out?" Ueda asked. "It might hurt,"

"Pain turns me on," Junno reminded him. "I'd love it if you take them out."

Ueda washed his hands, and then he cleaned the first piercing. Ueda then unfastened the ring. Junno gasped in pain.

"If I do it fast, it will hurt more, but it will be quicker." Ueda told him.

"Get it over with." Junno said through gritted teeth.

Ueda pulled out the first one. Junno screamed in agony. Blood mixed with puss came out of the wound. Ueda quickly disinfected it, and applied an antibiotic.

"There’s three more..."

"Do it!" Junno ordered. "Their signs of my ownership by Jin, I want them out."

Ueda removed the other three rings. By then Junno was crying in pain. Ueda moved so that he was cuddling Junno. His friend snuggled against him, as best as he could consider that he was restrained. Ueda stroked his hair. It wasn’t much, but it seemed to make Junno feel better.

"Thank you master," Junno said when he was finished crying.


"I think I'm ready to love," Junno told Ueda after he had composed himself. "A good beating would do me a lot of good."

Ueda couldn't believe his ears. "After what happened to you, why do you want to be with me?"

"I think that you're different. You're a strong firm master, but you care about your slave." Junno turned his head away from Ueda. "At least that's what I hoped. That's why I saved my money. Just so that I can have a few hours with you."

"I do care," Ueda told him. "We will have a safe word. If I begin to hurt you beyond pleasure. I want you to use it."

"Yes, master."

"Since you are the slave, I want you to be the one that set it." Ueda insisted.

"Yes, master." Junno thought for a moment. "Rose will be our word."

"Why do you want to be punished?" Ueda had to know, if the reasons weren’t good, they wouldn’t be able to be together. He had a policy of not loving people with psychological problems.

"I love the way whips feel on my skin." Junno confessed. "It's such a turn on."

. 'Have you ever had anyone you loved love you back?"

"Never master."

Ueda realized that Junno needed to know the truth. "Kame paid me money to go out with you,"

"Oh I see," Junno closed his eyes. "I should have known all this was just work."

"No Junno, it isn't." Ueda told him. "It will never be just work for you. I plan to give him back his money when the weekend is done."

"But you'll still date me?" He asked.

"Of course I will. You're getting a weekend with me, no strings attached.” Ueda promised.

“Why would Kame pay for me to be with you?” Junno asked. “It doesn’t make sense.”

"You did know that Kame is in love with you?"

Junno couldn’t believe his ears. "He doesn't love me."

"As co-slaves the two of you have a weird relationship." Ueda told him. "But there is a part of him that loves you even more then he loves Jin."

"I always thought he saw me as a rival." Junno admitted.

"Far from it," Ueda reached over and untied Junno's hands. One of the cuffs was tinged in blood. "He wants you to have happiness."

"I underestimated him. Can I text him master?" Junno asked.

"I think that would be a good idea.”

Ueda watched as Junno went to the cabinet and picked up his cell phone. He quickly sent off a text message. A few moments later, his ketai beeped, and Junno read it. He smiled to himself. Then he showed the message to Ueda.

The message read. Ueda will be a good master for you. He's not the type that will hurt you beyond what you can endure. I paid for the whole weekend, so let yourself go. Have a good time. Love Kazuya.


This was one of the strangest dates Junno had ever had. He had woken tied up and bound expecting to be beaten. Then he had been let go by Ueda. He was terrified of Ueda, afraid that Ueda would hurt him the same way that Jin had. He must have displeased Ueda in some way. Masters didn't just let their slaves go. Not when they were ready to be beaten.

Ueda said the first night should be just resting together. He wanted Junno to make up his mind if he really wanted to be with Ueda. Junno knew he didn't' have much time with Ueda. He wanted Ueda badly. They only had one weekend together. Why did they have to waste it?

Ueda pulled out his Xbox 360. He hooked it up to the TV. "Let's play some games."

"Why are you doing this?" Junno asked. "I thought we were having a date."

"We are," Ueda told him. "But dates are more then just sex. Their chances to spend time together."

"I would like to spend time with you," Junno admitted.

"So what do you want to play?" Ueda pulled a game out of his cabinet. "I have halo 2."

"My favorite!" Junno couldn't help but smile.

Ueda put the game in the system, and then he sat down beside Junno. He picked up a controller. He handed it to Junno, and then he settled down to play.

Junno glanced at Ueda, who had put back on the see-through robe. He could feel a tingling in his midsection. Even playing video games, Ueda was hot.

"Do you want to play on a team?" Ueda asked. "That way I don't have to kill you."

"Yes master."

"Don't call me that," Ueda told him. "You are to only call me master in when we love."

"Yes master...I mean Ueda." Junno corrected. He shifted a bit, while his piercing were gone, the sores still hurt. The pain had gone from a sharp pain to a dull ache, enough to be a turn on.

He wanted to kiss Ueda. It would be so simple, to turn and take him in his arms and kiss him. To feel the taste of Ueda's flesh. Ueda was so close to him, so very close. But still so very far. Junno knew he couldn't just reach out and touch his friend. He was the slave. He had to be the one that waited. He just hoped that it wouldn't hurt with Ueda the way it did with Jin.

They played for several hours; Junno didn't know how Ueda had gotten so good at Halo 2. Junno had always thought that Ueda didn't even like games. But now he was playing as if he had been playing for a very long time. Not only that, he seemed to really like it.

Ueda went into the other room and got them some snacks. Junno loved pizza rolls, and Ueda made him a large bowl of them. He also brought in two cans of Junno’s favorite brand of beer. They munched on food as they played.

Junno became more comfortable around Ueda. He was no longer terrified of him. He realized that Ueda wasn't like Jin. That even if they were together, that Ueda would never make him bleed. Ueda taking the time to do something Junno wanted made Junno love him even more.

Junno’s new master cared for him. It was quite obvious to Junno. Perhaps it was only because Kame paid Ueda, but to Junno he hoped that maybe they could have something after the weekend.


Finally the two friends were finished playing Xbox. Both tired from the night spent enjoying each other’s company. They went to bed near dawn, Junno getting into Ueda's bed. They two of them cuddling. Junno still felt disappointed by what happened the night before. He also had a lot of fun, enough fun that it took over the disappointment. He felt like he meant something to Ueda.

"When you are whipped, do you ever feel pleasure?" Ueda asked Junno.

"Yes, of course I do." Junno confessed. "My other master, he always went too far...I just want a master who can beat me to the point that I want to stop. Then love me."

"Do you love me?"

"Yes, I do." Junno admitted.

Junno was surprised by Ueda's reaction. He moved so that he was very near Junno's face. He reached out, touching Junno. He couldn't help it, he shivered.

"I love you too." Then Ueda was kissing his lips.

The feel of Ueda's lips on his felt so good. So gentle. So unlike anything Junno had experienced. Ueda stretched out beside him, and the couple kissed. Ueda's body pressing against his. Junno's lips parted for a brief instant, and Ueda's tongue darted inside. Then Ueda loved him with his tongue. That too wasn't demanding, only loving.

Junno moved forwards, his body against Ueda's. This felt so right, so very good. Ueda was so loving. Not like ownership. This was the most wonderful feeling he ever felt. He became hard quickly. He wanted so much to be Ueda's slave, to belong entirely to him.

"This time, our first time, I want it like this." Ueda ran his hand down Junno's front, stopping at his robe tie, untying it. "No bondage, no whips. Just love."

"Of course master," Junno couldn't' say anything else, because Ueda was kissing his lips.

Love, Junno hadn't felt love before, just domination. He felt he really liked it. His hands went to Ueda's robe with a flick of his wrist, the robe was untied. Then their bare bodies crushed against each other.

Suddenly Junno was on his back, with Ueda between his legs. Ueda pulled something out of his pocket and coated his fingers with it. First one, then a second was inserted inside of him. Junno moaned as he felt Ueda's fingers. It felt so good inside him. Ueda began to made short, quick strokes with his fingers.

Junno liked the feel of Ueda's fingers. Then the fingers scraped his prostate. He gasped and tried to wiggle against the fingers. Ueda got the hint, and plunged them in hard again and again, until Junno was at the point that he would have agreed to anything Ueda asked.

"Are you ready for me?" Ueda asked.

"Yes master," Junno whimpered in disappointment when Ueda removed his fingers.

Soon the fingers had been replaced by something much harder. Junno felt fire go through his body as he was filled completely.

"Do you like that?" Ueda asked.

"Yes, master." Junno gasped as Ueda's hardness hit his prostate. "Please master, please move."

"Of course my slave." Ueda gave him a hard thrust.

Ueda was so gentle in bed, unlike his reputation. Every stroke seemed so loving to Junno. So gentle. Ueda wanted *him*, wanted to be inside of him. He wasn't just using him because he was someone else.

"I love you," Junno murmured. He wanted the moment to last forever. But soon everything was taken over by the feelings of passion. His body pushing up to meet every thrust of Ueda's. Ueda's hand went to Junno's cock, pumping it.

Then suddenly it became too much. Junno's world exploded. "Tatsuya!" He screamed before emptying himself onto his lover's belly.

He looked up to Ueda; his lover bit his lip, and then gasped. His thrusts became even harder, and then he too came.

As soon as Ueda finished, Junno moved to clean his new lover, the way he always did with Jin. But he was stopped by Ueda, who pulled him into his arms.

"Rest now," Ueda told him. "We have all weekend to explore."


They had fallen asleep after their round of loving. It felt so good to sleep at Ueda's side. Junno liked the feeling. He never wanted it to go away. He loved Ueda with all his heart. The feelings of Ueda loving him were the best he had ever felt in his life.

Junno was the first to wake. He moved around the bedroom, looking at Ueda's torture devices. The whips were the things that made his midsection tingle. He picked up a black one, so light, but made of leather. He knew it would hurt to be beaten by it. He put the whip down.

Junno had only one weekend with Ueda. Junno knew that when Monday came, that he would be alone again. The only thing he wanted was to be Ueda's slave. To feel the black whip kiss his skin again and again. He moved towards the bed. The handcuffs were still fastened to the bed. He lay on his stomach, and was able to fasten the handcuffs by himself. He loved Ueda's hand cuffs, so soft, but so firm. He could wear them forever.

Time passed, Junno wasn't sure how much. Waiting for his master to wake up, anticipating the pain was wonderful.

Ueda finally woke up, his eyes centered onto Junno. "What are you doing?"

"I prepared myself for my master," Junno told him.

Ueda pulled away from him and sat up. "Do you want me to untie you? We don't have to use bondage."

"No, I like it this way," Junno admitted. "Please master, love me with pain."

"What whip would you like me to use?" Ueda gestured to a display with his favorite whips. The display was like a sword display.

"The black one, I want you to use that one." Junno decided.

Ueda got off the bed; he went to the whip and picked it up.

Junno turned his head away; he liked it better when he couldn't see what was coming. The whip came down on his back, kissing the flesh. Waves of passion rolled over him.

"How did you like that?" Ueda asked.

"Please master, can I have some more."

Of course," Ueda began to beat him. The blows not too strong, not too hard. Just enough to make the passion well up in his body.

Every blow made Junno rub against the bed. The whip kissing his skin, feather light kiss that stung, but did not hurt too much. It was perfect, just like Junno had always wanted. His hardness began to throb, just the way it did soon before he came.

"Master, I need a cock ring," Junno panted. "I am near to coming, and I can't without your permission."

Ueda felt around Junno's body, Junno could feel Ueda wrap his fingers around his hardness. It took all of his will not to move into it. But he didn’t have permission.

Ueda went to a drawer and took a cock ring out. He went to Junno and bound his cock. Tight, but not too tight, not too tight to hurt. Not like Jin, who had taken pleasure in seeing Junno hurting to the point where there would be scars.

"Do you love your whip?" Ueda asked.

"Yes master," He groaned as his cheeks were spread, and the whip was rubbed against his tender spot. He realized what Ueda wanted to do, to love him with the whip.

"What if I told you would never be my only one?" The whip rubbed against his hole again, up, down scraping the hole.

"Answer me slave, the truth."

"If I know I am first in you heart, I won't care if you have others." Junno confessed.

Junno knew what would happen next, the whip would be shoved inside him. Just the way Jin had hurt him so many times in the past. Junno would tear, and the blood would be the lubricant to Jin's loving.

"Master please, don't do this to me." Junno begged. "Don't put the whip inside of me. Don't make me bleed."

"What's the safe word?" Ueda asked. "You just have to use it."

"Rose," Junno gasped.

"See? That's all you had to do. Now the whip will go away." The whip was removed from his hole. He could hear Ueda open a drawer then close it.

"Thank you master," Junno arched his back, like a cats. He felt free, even though his hands were bound. He felt like his world was soaring, just because he had a master who listened to his needs.

"Beating my slave has made me hot." Ueda climbed back on the bed. Then Junno felt Ueda's hands on him. Spreading his opening. Then he inserted one finger, then the other inside of him. The fingers as gentle as the whip had been. That was when Junno realized that Ueda wasn't going to make him bleed. That Ueda really cared for him.

"Are you ready?"

"Yes, master. Make love to me, please."

Junno moaned as Ueda slid into him. His new lover stilled himself for a moment. Then he began gentle strokes.

All Junno wanted to do was push back into his lover. But he was a slave meaning he couldn't move without permission. 'Please master, let me move."

"Of course you can move." There was a smile in Ueda's voice. "I hate making love to a corpse."

Junno sat up on his knees and began to arch back into Ueda. His friend was so very large, it was the first time he had ever felt completely full. He met every stroke of Ueda's as he shoved himself back onto his master. He held onto his hand cuffs for dear life. That was the only leverage he had.

"Oh god Junno, you're so tight." Ueda moaned. "You feel so warm, so right."

The only sound for the next few minutes was the sound of panting and moaning. The cock ring prevented Junno from coming, but this was better then he had ever felt with Jin. Suddenly Ueda was thrusting into him so hard that he knew he would be sore latter in the day.

'Ueda screamed hoarsely and slumped onto Junno's back. When he softened, he slid onto the bed. Junno sank down onto the bed beside his master. He was still hard, his cock throbbing.

He felt Ueda's hands on his bindings, taking them off.

"Turn over Junno." Ueda told him.

"Yes, master." Junno did as he was told. Exposing his aching hardness to his master. He was so close; just a few strokes would make him go over the edge. The precum was beaded at the end of his tip, rolling down the side.

"You've been a good slave Junno. It's time for your reward." With a deft flick, Ueda took the cock ring off.

Junno moved his hand to pleasure himself, like he always had with Jin. Instead, Ueda put lube on his penis, and pulled him close

. "It's time for the master to become the slave." Ueda whispered to him. "For a few minutes, you are the master my beloved Junno."

Junno realized what Ueda wanted from him when Ueda pulled Junno on top of him. It hit him like a brick, Ueda wanted to be topped. Junno had never topped anyone before. He was so afraid that he would do it wrong. That his master would be displeased.

"What's wrong?" Ueda asked.

"I don't know what to do." He confessed.

"I'll help you," Ueda told him. "Just relax."

Ueda took Junno's cock in his hand and guided him to his hole. Junno pushed in slowly. Ueda was so tight, very tight. Then He felt Ueda open like a flower. He had never felt this way before, the warmth that wrapped around his hardness, the tightness that felt perfect. He wanted to push in, to begin thrust, but he didn't have permission. So he waited, for his beloved master.

"Let yourself go Junno," Ueda commanded.

Junno did, thrusting over and over. He started slow, but quickly the thrusts became harder. Warmth, heat. He was finally being able to give to his lover, not just receive.

He felt Ueda's nails scraping at his back. Junno should have taken it slower. He should have been as gentle as Ueda had been. He should have cared for Ueda's aching hardness. He was so hot, he couldn't hold back.

Junno came, very hard. Screaming Ueda's name. He could hear Ueda spasm around him and come again. They had come at the same time. It was the most fantastic feeling ever.

Junno pulled out of Ueda. His lover leaned forwards and licked the sperm off of his chest. Lick after gentle lick. Even though Ueda was known as the King of Pain, he had such a gentle side. Junno's hand went to the back of Ueda's head, watching his master clean him.

"Why don't we take a nap?" Ueda suggested. Then he felt Ueda pull him into his arms.

Happy, Junno was very happy. He was with the man he loved, learning things about love then he ever had before in his life. Junno just wished that his relationship with Ueda would last more then just one weekend.



The weekend was over. Since their first time, Ueda and Junno had spent almost all of it in bed loving each other. Learning to trust each other, learning what love really was. Junno was such a wonderful lover, something that had been well worth the wait.

Ueda looked over to his lover Junno. He was sleeping, his hands still bound to the railings above his head. Ueda was surprised that his friend liked sleeping that way. In a way Ueda didn't want to wake up his friend. Ueda liked having Junno at his side.

Ueda reached out, touching Junno on the cheek. His friend's eyes opened slowly. "Good morning master."

"Good morning,"

"What are the plans for today?" Junno stretched, arching his back up. It was something so very natural that Junno did. It was something that always turned on Ueda. It made Ueda want to jump him.

"There are no plans for today,” Ueda unlocked the handcuffs. He tried to sound emotionless, as if it didn’t matter to him. But it did matter, and in a way it hurt.

"I don't understand did I do something to make you angry?" Junno asked.

"You did nothing." Ueda paused. "It's Monday morning. It's time for you to go."

Junno flinched and turned away from Ueda. Not before Ueda could see the tears that stung his lovers eyes.

"We better get all this cleaned up," Ueda told Junno. "Don't want staff to see it."

"Yes master...I mean Ueda-kun." Junno suddenly looked close to tears. He got out of bed. He put on his robe, and then he began to clean. The first thing he did was take the hand cuffs off the bed rails. He looked so depressed. Then he shoved the cuffs into his robe's pocket.

Ueda tried to chat with Junno, but Junno didnt' answer, instead concentrating on getting the room clean. Tears fell down Junno’s cheeks as he cleaned. So much like rain.

The weekend has been so wonderful. The best weekend that Ueda had ever spent with a man. Now Junno was trying to keep his pain inside of him. But still the tears came, and Junno wiped them off as he cleaned.

His friend had been so desperate to be loved. Junno was what Ueda had always been searching for. A loving, gentle slave who was willing to do anything his master asked of him.

What he had with Junno felt different then it had ever been with Ueda's customers. The way that Junno had screamed Ueda's name when he came. Junno loved him, really loved him. It was a great feeling.

"How much do I owe you?" Junno finally asked.

"Owe?" Ueda asked confused.

"I know you only take slaves who can pay you." Junno told him. "I've been saving my money for just one night. I'm not sure I have enough for the whole weekend. I know I don't have enough money for any more time together. So this will be our good byes."

Ueda looked into his eyes. "What you said to me, about love, did you mean it? Or was that just part of the game?"

"No Ueda-kun, what I said was from my heart." Junno looked away from him. "I do love you. But love doesn't really matter to you does it?"

"Don't say that," He reached out touching Junno.

"It's the truth!" Junno swatted his hand away. "I love you so much. Knowing that my only weekend with you is over hurts. I don't want this kind of pain." Angry he wiped his face. "Rose okay? There I used our secret word. I don't want to hurt anymore! The pain’s deep in my soul!"

"I'm sorry."

"Please just give me my clothes and let me go." There was pain in Junno's eyes. "Go back to your business; go back to King of Pain."


Ueda went to the balcony and got Junno's clothes. He picked them off of his clothes line and folded them very carefully. Every fold showed Ueda's love for Junno. Ueda had never had a customer who had cried simply because their weekend was over. But then Ueda realized that he everything he told himself for the weekend was a lie. He wasn’t the King of Pain around Junno. That he could never, ever hurt Junno the way that he did with his paying customers.

Ueda decided that he would have to close his business that he had called King of Pain. He had always believed that he was selling love. His beliefs were a lie. What he did when he worked as King of Pain wasn’t love.

Love wasn't something someone could pay money for. Love was what he had with Junno. Love was the way that Junno had arched into him, chanting his name. Love was the gentle kisses they shared in the afterglow.

By the time Ueda came back to the room, Junno was sitting on the bed, holding onto Ueda's pillow. He was sobbing heartbroken. Junno looked so lost, so lonely. All Ueda wanted to do was hold him in his arms, to make the pain in Junno’s heart go away.

Junno didn't want to go, and Ueda didn't want to let him. Ueda set his clothes down and then moved to hold Junno.

“Don’t touch me!” Junno fought against Ueda.

“I’ll touch you if I want to, because I love you.” Ueda took Junno into his arms. This time instead of fighting his friend almost melted into his arms. Ueda held Junno and stroked his hair as he cried.

Ueda realized that he would never let Junno go. He was a rare gem, too precious to give up. He decided that he would ask Junno if he wanted to make be with him always, that way he would never have to go home.

"Junno, stop crying. I want to ask you something."

"Yes master-I mean Ueda-Kun." Junno pulled away from him and wiped his eyes. "I am sorry you saw my weakness."

"If I asked you to stay, would you?"

"I can't afford for you to be my master." Junno whispered. "I help pay for my families house and expenses. There's not enough money for paying you."

"Serve me loyally, and you do not have to pay me." Ueda told him.

"Ueda?" Junno asked confused. "You own King of Pain. The only way you love is if you're paid to love."

'That's in the past beloved..."


"I want you to be my personal slave. You will be the one I come home to ever night." Ueda told him. "That would mean we live together."

"Do you really mean it? That you really want me to stay?" For the first time, there was hope in Junno's voice.

"I wouldn't lie to you." Ueda promised. "I want you at my side."

He thought over Ueda's words. Then he came to a decision. "Yes, I would like that."

“Then call me master,” Ueda smiled at him. “Because I am your master.”

“Yes, master.”

"About my business, King of Pain......."

"It's all right master." Junno interrupted. "I know that a good slave doesn't mind sharing his master."

"Is that what you want?" Ueda paused. "Not slave and master, but as lovers. Junno is that what you really want to do? Share me?"

"That's how you are," Junno looked away from him. "If I pretend that you want only me, I'll get hurt."

'But what if I want only you?" Ueda wiped the tears from Junno's face. "That I would gladly close King of Pain if it means I'll have you. Please Junno-Chan, believe me."

“I want to be your only one,” Junno confessed.

"I would too." Ueda pulled the hand cuffs out of Junno's robe pocket. "Why don't you let me prove it?"

"I would like that master." Junno took off his robe and lay on the bed. He put his hands over his head, and Ueda fastened them.


Junno belonged to Ueda. Totally and fully, not just for the weekend, but forever. When they loved it felt like love. There was nothing in the back of Junno's mind that reminded him that it wasn't real. It felt like Ueda

had hit him just a little bit more, had loved him just a little bit more. It was wonderful because it was the beginning of forever.

After wards, Junno and Ueda lay together in bed. They were now master and slave. A tie that went beyond love, beyond friendship. They exchanged gentle, sweet kisses as they lay together. Junno's hands still fastened above his head.

"When Jin gets back, I think we should give him a free weekend." Junno told him. "I know you've closed your business, but can we open it for just one weekend?"

"I don't give away free weekends." Ueda reminded him.

"I just think that Jin needs to learn how to treat a slave." Junno told him. "It's not because I love Jin, it's for Kame. To thank him for getting the two of us together."

"Well, we do have that money Kame gave us," Ueda decided. "We'll save that, for our fee. All right, when the baka comes back, we'll re open, for just one weekend. Until then King of Pain is closed!"

"I love you master," Junno told him.

'I love you too Junno," Ueda kissed Junno.

"Master, can I ask you something?" Junno said with a smile.

"Of course."

"I want to make a special collection, of the things you're only allowed to use on me." He pulled on the handcuffs. "Like these, can they be mine?"

"As long as you're mine, they belong to you." Ueda kissed Junno yet again.

Ueda pulled Junno to him, knowing that he had found the most perfect partner for him. One who loved him more then anything. One who understood his needs and wants. Who loved being his slave. For Junno loved Ueda more then anything, and he was very happy.


Five months later, several thousands of kilometers away from Tokyo, Akanishi Jin came home from language school. He had a stack of letters in his hand. He checked one. The envelope scarlet. He opened it. Inside was a photo of Junno bound and gagged, just the way that Jin loved it. There was also a pass inside of it.

This is good for one free weekend of service by the King of Pain. The king loves to be beaten as much as he loves beating his slaves. It's a gift from your loyal slave Junno. Please come home soon. Yours in bondage. Ueda Tatsuya.

Jin wasn't sure what Ueda was up to. But he knew that Junno loved him. Jin decided to work even harder to get back to Kat-Tun. To bring more torment to his lover Junno. Now with this pass, he would also be able to give pain and suffering to Ueda. Jin had no idea that he would be falling into a trap. That the one that would be suffering would only be himself.

Jin took out his ketai and messaged Junno, thanking him for his present. That he would be happy to return to Japan when the agency let him. Then he sent the message.

Jin didn't know that his returning to Japan would change his life for ever. In the end, he would thank Junno for doing this for him.