Title: White Day

Sequel to: V-Day
Author: Kyoko_godaikun aka sentaikat
Pairing: JunDa
Genre: love story
Rating: PG

Summary: A year after Jin's breaking up with Ueda. Junno gives Ueda a Valentines Day present, but everything doesn't go as planned.


A year passed since the day that Akanishi Jin had left Ueda Tatsuya. It had been a long year for Taguchi Junno. Jin had gone to America to study. That should have made it easier for Junno to tell Ueda his feelings.

Junno should have realized that nothing was easy as a member of Johnny's. Ueda had soon found the arms of someone else. Ueda had dated Maru for a while after going out with Jin. Then that too was over, and Junno was left to comfort Ueda yet again. Then it had been Koki, then Yamapi. A long string of boy friends, once a month Ueda changed boy friends. Every time Ueda insisted this was his one true love, but it had ended. Then he was on to the next boy friend.

Junno and Ueda were only friends. Ueda insisted almost every day that they were just friends. Almost as if he was convincing himself.

Finally, February 14th came, Valentines Day. This time, Junno decided that he would tell Ueda he cared for him. He would do it with chocolate. He had gone to the best chocolatair, trying to find exactly the types of truffles that Ueda loved.

When everyone was out of the dressing room, Junno took the package out of his bag. He placed it on Ueda's dressing room table. The table that had once belonged to Jin.

Soon Ueda came into the dressing room. His eyes grew big when he saw the present.

"Who got a present?" Ueda asked.

"Why don't you look at the label?" Junno suggested.

Ueda did, and then he squealed with delight when he saw his own name. "Who would give me chocolate?"

"It's from me," Junno told him. "I wanted you to know how much you mean to me."

"As a friend, right?" Ueda insisted. "We're just friends."

"If that's what you want," Junno tried to keep the disappointment out of his voice.

Ueda suddenly looked very disappointed. . "Thanks so much."

Just then the rest of the group came in. Koki and Maru went to their table without even looking at Ueda. They had just started a relationship, and Kame was a bit jealous of Ueda.

"Look! Junno gave me chocolate!" Ueda said excited. He passed out pieces to everyone.

"Does that mean he likes you?" Maru asked with a twinkle in his eye.

"Of course not silly, we're just friends." Ueda told him.

Junno flinched and looked away. He felt his heart breaking, Ueda didnt' have feelings for him.

"Thanks so much for being a friend." Ueda told him. "You're my best friend."

The words hurt Junno. He tried to mask his pain with a Joke. Everyone else groaned, but Ueda. The leader of Kat tun laughed at his joke. He always laughed. It was almost like Ueda loved him too, but Junno knew the truth. Ueda would always be just a friend.


After Valentines Day, Junno could no longer pretend to be just a friend with Ueda. Ueda's friend's rejection really hurt. It was like Junno had an open wound in his soul. He knew he had to spend time apart from Ueda for his soul to heal.

Junno spent many nights alone after that. He threw himself into practicing his dance. Doing anything that would keep him from thinking of Ueda.

Like most nights, he was in the Johnny's practice studio. Since idols worked odd hours, he wasn't suspected when he asked to work late. He had been dancing in the studio for quite a while when he realized that Maru was watching him.

"Can you take a break?" Maru asked.

"Sure," Junno stopped, he went to his bag and picked up his water, he took a large drink.

"Why are you practicing so late at night?" Maru asked concerned.

"I'm still not perfect," Junno told him.

"You've got to be kidding," Maru said. "You're the best dancer of the group."

"Dancing keeps me thinking of things I don't want to think about." Junno confessed.

"Like what?" Maru asked. "Why are you so depressed?"

'You wouldn't understand," Maru picked up his towel.

"You and Ueda having problems?" Maru guessed.

"There is no me and Ueda." Junno told him truthfully. "I am simply a friend to him."

"But he's not just a friend to you, isn't he?" Maru countered.

"No, he's not." Junno admitted. "I have a one sided love for him."

"You should tell him." Maru said. "He'd be so excited to find out."

"I did tell him," Junno tried to keep the pain out of his voice. "I gave him chocolates on valentines day. But nothing happened."

"Why didn't you tell him they were more then a friendship gift?" Maru asked.

"It wouldn't have mattered." Junno admitted. "Every day he tells me that I'm just a friend to him. I wish he would stop. I mean I understand I'm nothing to him."

"Sometimes love, even if it's one sided can make your life better." Maru told him.

"You have one sided love," Junno guessed.

"He doesnít' feel the same about me." Maru told him. "We dated for a while, but he broke up with me."

Junno realized he had been selfish thinking of his own pain. "Maru, I'm sorry."

"It's all right," Maru told him. "He does love someone. I just hope some how he can get together with his best friend. The one he really loves."

"You know, I'm done practicing for today." Junno said. "Why don't we go out and get a drink?"

"Sure," Maru smiled. "But only as friends."


Talking to Maru about his one sided love for Ueda actually made Junno feels better. It felt good to talk to someone who was going through the same situation that Junno was. Maru really seemed to understand what Junno was going through. Junno was never really close to Maru before, but now with their mutual pain, they became close friends.

It was White Day, March 14. Junno had the evening off. That was unusual for a member of Kat tun, they were almost always working. Maru had called and told him that the dance studio's floor was being repolished, so it wasn't open. Maru asked if he could stop by about nine, they could play video games.

The door bell rang. Junno answered it, expecting to see Maru. Instead he found Ueda. He was holding a present wrapped in white. Junno felt his heart sink. Ueda must be stopping by before he gave his gift to someone.

"Ueda, what are you doing here?" Junno asked.

"Maru wanted me to stop by and tell you he can't come tonight," Ueda told him. "Can I come in?"


Ueda came into his apartment. Stopping only to put on slippers.

"It's White Day," Ueda told him.

"Yes, it is." Junno agreed.

"This is for you," Ueda held the present out with both hands.

Junno took it. "You don't have to give this to me."

"Oh but Junnosuke, I do." Ueda told him. "Please, sit down and open it."

Junno went to the couch. He sat down. Ueda sat down next to him. With trembling fingers Junno opened the box.

It was a heart made out of white chocolate. In icing, it said. "To Junnosuke, from Tatsuya."

"I don't understand." Junno said.

"I am giving you my heart," Ueda told him.

"Your heart?" Junno repeated.

"Why didnít you tell me that your present was more then just a friendship gift?" Ueda asked.

"Maru told you my secret, didn't he?" Junno looked away from him. "I didn't want you to know, not this way."

"When I opened your present, I wanted to tell you my feelings." Ueda told him. "But I thought you only thought of me as a friend, so I couldn't."

"I don't understand." Junno said confused.

"Do you want to know the real reason Jin and I had so many problems?"

"Because Jin's an idiot."

"That too," Ueda agreed. "But it's also because he knew the truth. I didn't love him. I was using him."

"Youíve dated a lot since then," Junno pointed out.

"You're right, I have." Ueda agreed. "I tried to find someone else, since I thought the one I love wasn't interested in me."

"The one you love?"

"I love you," Ueda told him.

"Me?" he couldn't believe his ears. "You love me?"

"I've loved you for a very long time." Ueda confessed. "Such a very long time. But I knew you didn't' love me. That's why I kept telling you that we were only friends. I had to try and convince myself."

"Do you still love me?"

"Yes, I do."

"I love you too," Junno confessed.

"We should have told each other the truth," Ueda moved even closer to Junno. "Then we could have been happy."

"There's still time for us to be happy." Junno put his package down. Then he put his arms around Ueda. His friend seemed to melt into them. He kissed Ueda. The love he had, once one sided, was now two sided. Ueda's lips were soft, warm. Ueda sighed and opened himself to the kiss.

Taguchi Junnosuke and Ueda Tatsuya would always remember White Day. They would celebrate it every year as their anniversary. Because that was the day they became lovers.