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Wayword Son Part 1: A slash Power Ranger/Forever Knight Crossover
Wayword Son: Part 2
Wayword Son: part 3
Wayword Son: part 4
Wayword Son : part 5
Wayword Son : Part 6
Wayword Son: Part 7
Wayword Son : Part 8
Wayword Son: Part 9
Wayword Son: Part 10
Wayword Son: Part 11

Stories You Can Only Find Here! Some are Adult! So Please Don't Read If Under 21!

Bodie Language: Ray Doyle watchs Bodie
Substitute: Story about Bodie finding love again.
Chinese Eyes Part One: Sequel to Substitute
Chinese Eyes Part Two:
Chinese Eyes Part Three:
Chinese Eyes Part Four:
Chinese Eyes Part Five:
Behind Blue Eyes: Blakes Seven Vampire Story
The Real Me: Sequel to the Behind Blue Eyes
Xiaodan Universe!: Visit my new page devoted to the Xiaodan Blake's 7 Universe I created!