The Fandom That Dare Not Speak It's Name!

Here is Katrinka's secret stories. Nope, can't tell you what fandom it's in, but I hope you like them!

The Vaarslik Series!

Vaarslik Part One:
Vaarslik Part Two:
Vaarslik Part Three:
Vaarslik Part Four:
Suruma Part One: Second story in the Vaar series!
Suruma Part Two:
Suruma Part Three:
Love Bites: Third Story in the Vaar series
Love Bites Part Two:
Love Bites Part Three:
Art Of Lonliness Part One:
Art Of Lonliness Part two:
Art Of Lonliness Part Three:
Matter Of Trust Part One:
Matter of Trust Part Two:
Matter of Trust Part Three:
Learning To Trust Part One:
Learning To Trust Part Two:

Other Secret Stories!

24 Hours Can Change The Universe:
Brothers Of The S. By, D.J.B.: A silly story written in a *very* odd dialect

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Thank you so much for taking the time , to read my stories!

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