MSR X-File Stories

Poison Part One:
Poison Part Two:
A Small Step:
It's No Picnic:

Forever Knight/Pros XO Stories

Hammer To Fall:
Death On Two Legs: Sequel to Hammer To Fall
A Winter's Tale: A Prequel to the first two stories

Katrinka's Muldertorture Stories

Kaunistama : Nice MSR, no torture
Welcome To My Nightmare: Mulder gets kidnapped by an old enemy
Love Bites: Scully helps Mulder get better
You Better You Bet: Prequel to the previous stories

Other Fandoms

A Megaranger Slash Story:
My Eyes Adored You: A Forever Knight Tracy/Nick Story
A Broken Mirror: At DSN/Fk crossover
A Slash Ranma/Mousse Story: Really it's meant to be bad!
A Really bad Once A Thief Story:
Before He Was Steele: A Pros/RS story
Before He Was Steele Part Two: